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Question 1
For thousands of years, people believed that angels and demons controls human's actions and thoughts. Due to the discovery of modern psychology, this was not the case. The human mind is not controlled by an unknown forces, but rather functions through the use of memories. Sigmund Freud explained that the human mind is a mechanical, logical, and rational machine. In theory, the human mind can be study and even fixed. Most humans start off with savage thoughts and actions known as the ID. Others start off with moral actions and thoughts, known as the superego, but through many years of influences and learning, the mind evolves into a mixture of both. The humans mind act this way subconsciously. Freud managed to uncover the four ways to control and fix it. First was the dream analysis, dreams aren't random thoughts but have meaning. All of Freud's analysis were connected to human sexuality. Freud explained that humans beings are animals too and must reproduce to survive as a species. Second was the relation with our parents, Freud discovered that boys will fight for the love and affection of their mothers, known as the Oedipus complex, while girls fight for their father, known as the Electra complex, but this was not entirely proved true. Third was talk therapy, where the human mind can be altered and changed through an one on one discussion, attempting to bring the subconscious thoughts into the conscious level. Last was a more radical form of change. Psycho therapy required drugs and electro shock and is only saved for the more disruptive mind. All four changed people's view on their own behavior, giving them have the ability to change their thoughts and ways. But one of Freud's student, Carl Jung, though otherwise. Carl Jung was an Austrian psychologist that disagreed with some of Freud's theory. He questioned the sexual desire problems of the Oedipus and Electra Complex. Jung explain that it was biology that affects our mind. The drive to

Pavlov paid special attention to the phenomenon of "psychic secretion". Ivan Pavlov discover the conditioned reflexes. instead of resorting to subjective methods as had hitherto been necessary. A series of these experiments caused Pavlov to reject the subjective interpretation of psychic salivary. Question 2 . family's values and influences around you. This discovery of the function of conditioned reflexes made it possible to study all psychic activity objectively. was involved in day to day activities. though not a permanent but a temporary or conditioned one. Pavlov ended this research and concluded that even a reflex. Jung proved that the different cultures and influences can change a person's perspective and action on daily life activities. Rather than depending on the bible to answer all questions of the world. Jung explained that there were three factors that affects the human behavior. Both Freud and Pavlov proved that the human mind can be altered and changed. In his study of the reflex regulation of the activity of the digestive glands. Jung also questioned the dream therapy and argued that dreams does not have reason but are random and that the human mind cannot be altered or changed. The experiences one has faced when growing up. It was now possible to investigate by experimental means the most complex interrelations between an organism and its external environment. Another psychologist. By employing the method of establishing fistulas in the ducts of the salivary glands.reproduce plays a big role in altering the human's thoughts and action. Pavlov was able to carry out experiments on the nature of these glands. and the country or nation you are from. which is caused by food stimuli at a distance from the animal.interest. These theories and rescreach went against the churches stories and beliefs but gave way to real science and allowed any to prove things through long logic and reasons. Giving us a chance to follow our self .

but women got pay only a third of what man got pay. Although many fail. not herself.Throughout history females have been their husband's property. Also they believed that women were prone to feelings. Finally they agreed that women were weaker and less able to perform hard and long tasks. There were two types of reforms. ringing in new members and ideas to the cause. The Misogynist wanted to limited women's rights because they believed that women had nurturing instincts and should care for her family. The nonviolent way was that women formed unions where they most dominated to bargain with the employers and the government to change the laws. Women had little chance to have access to a higher education which lead to a high illiteracy rate. one was the violent way and the other was the nonviolent way. they gain the respect and attention of the public. They organized riots. Many unions and reforms were created to fix the unjust laws. but some were more radical. Not only that. and survive on their own. Their goal were to draw attention to women's suffrage through more violent acts. Many religious people believed that man was created first and that females were . Women wanted them to be equal to man. buy and sell property. Making them care for everyone but themselves. the doctrine of covertures restricted women's choices in virtually every aspect of their lives until the beginning of the 20th century. but also couldn't spend the earnings because all income belonged to the alpha male. A married woman could not make contracts. doing everything in their power to keep their voice of the cause to the people and the government. In American and England. Some went out to protest how unfair the laws being passed were. Their jobs were limited to prostitution and being a wife and mother. Emmeline Pankhurst formed the "Women's Social and Political Union" in 1903. sue or be sued or draft wills. Only in the past two centuries had this institution broken down in the world's most developed regions. property damage and even led hunger strikes to remind the public of their beliefs and cause. making them unable to work.

Women were now given more job opportunities. Allowing them to take care of themselves. known as the Theological stage. Comte called it the Tabla Rosa. Gave way to a higher enrolment in higher education allowing women to participate in reforming the world. A flapper wore very short and sexual clothes. that science will be able to answer all of our questions in our world. everyone believe in polytheism and that the Gods were the center of life. along with man. not because of God but rather because of nature. most nation finally granted women's right and suffrage after World War One. rather than taking care of family members and others. The Positive stage allowed scientist to follow a method to get the most accurate and logical conclusion. argued to the world in Newtonian. Everything happens because of God. to make this land better for the future Question 3 10. but it will also work here on Earth.interest and most importantly women were granted an independent income. It gave way to two different types of girls. Not only would it be perfect in space. It later gave way to Positivism. Auguste Comte. During the Metaphysical stage. but were known as the good girls because they were very worried and careful about their choices.000 thousand years ago. resulting in freedom and independent. allowing them to follow their self . Comte also argued that our social behavior depends entirely to our past experiences and influences around the world. Although both sides fought against each others for thousands of years. Tabla Rosa let people understand that they were in control of their lives. Flappers and Vamps. While a Vamp didn't care about right and wrong. a blank page that is meant to be filled in overtime. Many women served to impede the spread of natural rights around the world. Many .created to merely entertain man. Both just wanted to have fun in this new fair world. everything happen for a natural reason. Finally the positive stage paved way in explaining and answering all questions through logic and reason. a French philosopher.

but it also went against the many religious teachings. For thousands of years. Darwin also proved microevolution.gave ways to new technology and advances we use today. According to the Catholic Bible. Mendel proved that Macroevolution. and it lacked the hard and provable evidence to satisfied the many scientists. Darwin's theory resulted in everyone around the world to choice on one side. Darwin explained that our moral nature depends on the many influences and environment. where the changes within a species will result in a common ancestor. he discovered the process of natural selection. evolution in politics. Through Mendel's research. a Bohemian monk. discovered that genetics can change over time. Mendel's theory of genetics wasn't accepted until 1920 and 1930s. Origin of Species (1859). doctors can now create new and better medicine that can kill all pathogen . With the funding of the Spanish king. Jean Baptiste discovered that the earth was changing and moving every single second. Thomas Haxley proved that only the strongest nation will survive and that any country that is more advance and powerful could dominate the other. Charles Darwin set sail on a five year exhibition to the Galapagos islands to prove his theory of evolution. It made people reconsidered how humans got here on earth. man originated from Adam and Eve. It later paved way to Social Darwinism. The many churches felt offended by Darwin's theory of evolution because it went against the stories of the bible and many country made teaching evolution illegal. The story was only based on the stories and teachings. Gregory Mendel. Charles was able to research the many variation of Finch birds. In his book. This movement help shaped our culture and beliefs. Where only the best adapted to the environment could survive. mutation. humans have been painstakingly trying to answer the origin of man. Although through many years of research. was a big factor in variation in the area. Baptiste explain that characteristics are influenced and changed by the environment. Darwin later published the "Descent of Man" where evolution applied to humans.

Conclusion All of the technology. Women rights allowed women to work side by side with men. Science gave us a method where we can use to find the most correct and accurate conclusion. and new advances in science laid the foundation to our modern society. Bohr paved the foundation of the Periodic Table. Many religion believed that humans came from thousands of years of reproduction of Adam and Eve. airplanes. the changes felt threatened. It went against the story of Adam and Eve. Bringing knowledge and logic into this new world. Jung. Making life free and easier for the entire world. Teaching us the fundamental problems of the human mind. and Pavlov both changed how we view on our behavior. yet again by the churches. Planck proved other wised. All of these discovers made the cities and nation we take for granted every day. Ultimately changing our view of the universe. . Freud. Before everyone thought that the universe was just limited to our social system. Niels Bohr argued about the atoms to the world. telephone. women's rights. Cars.Using biology. Live and countless amounts of money will be saved. All three agreed that our mind can be altered and fixed through the subconscious mind. Max Planck discovered the magic of Quantion Physics known as energy pockets. geology and physics to answer our many questions about the universe. Giving us the ability to bring our subconscious mind to the conscious mind and be able to control our thoughts and actions. and other invention all changed our perspective of life. he explain that we lived on just one little galaxy along with other large galaxies. Mendel made human rethink about passing on a genetic disease to their young and rendering them hopeless and useless to society. While doctors are saving the lives of countless amount of people. Allowing scientist to accurately measure and compare the new element they find over time. Bohr explain that the atom had smaller particles within the atom.before they all mutate.

Giving them a change to share their knowledge and abilities to the world.Women rights allowed women to have more job opportunities and have a independent income. Maybe sciences is another form of language of God. Scientist can now answer question through logic and reason. Allowing us to live an easier life and for once. This waged war on religions because it went against the stories and teaching of the old testaments. but most importantly women were now able to vote. The philosophy of Positivism paved way an every lasting road of logic and reason. Allowing them to follow their self . rather than worrying about other families and friends. scientist cannot answer where human did come from.interest and care for themselves. . but the what the public didn't consider was what if God made all of this. rather than believe the story of the bible. Making people choice which one is correct. enjoy life. All three created us and the many advances we all take for granted every day.

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