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TRAINING/ PROJECT REPORT Prepared by : Kanu Narang Roll Number: 253043 B.E. (5 Sem. Mech.) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT It was great experience undergoing my 6 weeks training at J.C.B. INDIA Ltd. I got a chance to learn to and experience ethos and environment of multinational company. I wish to express my deep sense of gratitude to Mr. Anil Kadyan and Mr. Vishal Awasthi who through their benevolent guidance has enabled me to accomplish my project. They have been great source of inspiration to me all the way. Without their keen interest, incessant, encouragement and invaluable suggestions, this report could not have retained its present shape with zeal and enthusiasm. I would like to extend my thanks to all the staff member who have been very helpful throughout my training in supplying with all the necessary information. I would also express my thanks to J.C.B. INDIA Ltd., for accepting me as a summer trainee in such an esteemed organization. CERTIFICATION I certify that Mr. Kanu Narang has undergone 6 weeks training from June 25 2007 to July 31% 2007 at J.C.B INDIA Ltd. He worked under me with full enthusiasm on the ongoing project of the company named PROJECT-100. Thanking you, Your’s faithfully, For JCB India Ltd. -\b a Mv. ANIL KADYAN (AH. Protects 2.4.0)