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Book and examples of citation of it worldwide Book Conservation of living nature and resources: problems, trends, and prospects

. 1991 pp. xi + 271 pp ISBN 3-540-52096-1 Record Number 19921964581

In short: This work examines the problems arising from the deterioration of the environment and covers the issues of conservation at the molecular-genetic, the ontogenetic, the species-population and the ecosystem levels. The book offers suggestions concerning changes in practice in agriculture, industry and recreation.

The deterioration of the environment has become one of the most serious problems of the twentieth century. The 12 chapters in this book: (1) the dangerous extent of human impact on the biosphere; (2) molecular genetic level; (3) problems at the ontogenetic level; (4) problems at the species-population level; (5) problems at the ecosystem level; (6) economic problems; (7) organizational and legal problems of the protection of living nature; (8) problems of prognostication; (9) protection of living nature and its connection with other global problems; (10) need for ecologization of society's activities; (11) ways of preserving living nature; and (12) scientific foundations and theory of living nature protection within the system of biological science, analyse the problems of conservation and suggest ways of helping to solve them.
The book is being used in the library of Harvard University, Library of Congress, many of U.S. and U.K. universities, the other best universities of Europe and other parts of the world On the book: Review of the books Dr by S.A.Ostroumov:

Examples of citation of the book:

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O GROZEV, C ROSENZWEIG - Climatic Change, 36, 1997 -

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Hartshorn G. S. A Russian "Silent Spring". - BioScience, 1992, Vol. 42, No. 7, p. 559-560. In Libraries. Worldwide. Harvard University, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, the other best and most prestigious universities of America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia have and use these scientific books (environmental, biological sciences) in their libraries:;; [Books in Libraries: USA, Europe, Australia];

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Key words:
conservation / environment / environmental degradation / environmental management / environmental protection / exhaustion / fauna / flora / natural history / natural resources / nature conservation / protection / quality / society / species diversity / wildlife / wildlife conservation / nature / overexploitation, S.A.Ostroumov, A.V.Yablokov, Moscow State University