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RAV OVADIA YO O OSEF (born 1920 )


Rav Ov vadia Yosef was born in B w Baghdad on Se eptember 23, 1920. In 192 he 24 immigr rated to Yerus shalayim with his family. h As a te eenager, he stu udied at the P Porat Yosef Y Yeshiva. He w in the top class was taught by the Rosh Yeshiva, Rab Ezra Attiy (1885-1970 a gadol from the Y bbi ya 0) m Sephar Jewish world. rdic Rav At ttiya made sur that the yo re oung Ovadia w would stay in yeshiva. One day, e he stop pped coming to yeshiva. Ra Attiya wen to his home to find out w t av nt e what happened. The Yosef family was sh f hockingly poo R Ovadia Yosef's father said that he needed his s or. a e son to help him in his store The next morning, the fa m e. ather came to his store and found Rav A d Attiya there w an with apron on. He volunteer to work fo free as long as R Ovadi could retur to yeshiva. Your son's red or g ia rn learning is more impor rtant than my time!" Rav Ovadiah Yose was allowed to return to yeshiva. O ef d When R Ovadia was 17, Rav Addia asked him to teach a nigh class in a Persian shul in the Bukah 1 a t htly l haran Quarter. The people wh came were local workers. They were used to learn T ho e e rning a little h halacha. Rav Ovadiah Yosef wrote that he would study each halacha until h understood it very well. He taught th Y t h he d he halacha ac ccording to Rav Yosef Kar the author of the Shulch Aruch. T R ro, r han There he began a life long n mission to restore the glory of Jew tradition to try to hav e all the Seph o wish hardic Jews in Israel follow the n w halacha ac ccording to Rav Yosef Kar R ro. At the age of 20, he wa given semi e as icha to be a Rav. In 1947,R Ovadia Y R Rav Yosef went to Egypt to be a o Rebbe in the yeshiva and to be the head of the Be Din and as h eis ssistant Chief Rabbi of Eg f gypt. After sev veral years, he returned to Is r srael. He beca a Dayan in the Yerush ame i halayim Beis D then a hi Din, igher level Be eis Din in Ye erushalayim before becomi the Chief Sephardic Ra b ing abbi of Tel A Aviv and finall of Israel. ly Rav Ovad has publi diah ished many se eforim includ ding his impor rtant set of ha alacha sefarim yabia omer m r Rabbi Shl lomo Zalman Auerbach wr in the int rote troduction to t second vo the olume that Ra OvadiaYos is av sef "one of th greatest To he orah scholars which have ri w isen in Israel in recent gen nerations. At the time, he w was only in his thirties. The sefarim ha answers to many halac ese ave t chic questions people have asked him. I is s e It considered very specia because he included almost every sou al urce regarding a topic in his teshuva. g Rav Yose has worked very hard to help Sephard Jews in Isr by found ef d dic rael ding yeshivos. He also is th . he daas torah for the Shas Party in the Israeli Knesse h s I et. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef cu urrently lives in the Jerusal neighbor lem rhood of Har N Rabbi O Nof. Ovadia Yosef has eleven chi ildren and nu umerous grand and great gr d randchildren. Despite hi age, Rav Yosef is still very active in leading the S is Y v Sephardic Jew communi in Israel. H wish ity He gives wee ekly drashos and helps lead the Shas pol a d litical party w which is part o the Israeli g of government.

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