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External Communication challenges

Courtisane VZW
In about 300 words analyse the external communication challenges facing an organisation that you know of and summarise how you would improve its communications Sophie Bonnewijn 26-6-2011

The question of management and associated tools in cultural and not- for- profit organisation has been a delicate issue of recent years. Cultural businesses have to increasingly compete for an audience. Consequently, positive advertisement combined with management strategies would benefit them greatly. The usage of these tools would also improve the organisation Courtisane vzw. This notfor- profit organisation stages music festivals for a general public, as is stated in their Mission and Vision statement. A SWOT analysis shows however that this company primarily attracts a cultural incrowd, which consists of a more professional public. Because they work with a one size fits all principle, they attract a niche public and less of a diverse, new audience and subsequently lose sponsors. Because of the sharp profiling done by Courtisane vzw, none of their focus groups feel very related with the organisation. Courtisane vzw has to minimize the gap between the faithful incrowd visitors and the new, potential visitors. They have to focus on the occasional as well as on the heavy user of their brand. This can be accomplished by using the right communication tools and a marketing communications mix that consist of advertising, public relations, personal sales efforts and sales promotions. Taking in account the AIDO principle can also be of some assistance here. Attention/ Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action, the four stages that an audience has to experience before they decide to chose between certain options of offered entertainment. This can also be improved by using direct response marketing through e- marketing and mailings combined with brochures and pamphlets. A focus on monitoring and involving the public by asking their opinions can give a clearer picture of what is expected by the public and can help attract a new potential audience. Also by working more client based, by working with a client/ audience database and linked sales promotions and feedback, this would not only benefit the client fidelity but would also improve the feelings of connection between the organisation and their clients. The more general public can be reached through the usage of paid and free publicity, since after all the media is the message. This can be accomplished through sources such as printed media like newspapers and magazines, or through audiovisual media such as radio and television, or e- communication, mouthto- mouth advertising, teaser trailers, virtual media, networking and personal selling. De Brabander G., Desmet A., Van Winkel K., (1999), The Muses invite?! Marketing in the cultural sector, Ministry of the Flemish Society, Brussels Van den Brink, K. (2003), Communication management, Academic Service, Schoonhoven