DX 350

Tower WiMAX Indoor IAD Modem

The World’s Leading WiMAX Integrated Access Device

Version 02.01

WiMAX Indoor IAD Modem DX is part of Greenpacket’s portfolio of next generation Wave 2 compliant WiMAX Modems for residential and enterprise users. Up to 15x leap in speeds and 10x extension of the WiFi coverage. .Reduces the number of "coverage holes" for a an uninterrupted connectivity experience throughout WiMAX coverage zones.World’s first WiMAX + WiFi ( b/g/n )modem. DX is packaged with a high speed wireless LAN access point that enables multiple WiFi-enabled devices to enjoy a stable wireless WiMAX connectivity anytime within indoor perimeters. . coverage and bandwidth capacity even in diffcult environments to deliver unparalleled user experience. radiates and receives WiMAX signals from ay direction for greater flexibility in modem placement. crisp and clear VoIP experience and high-speed web browsing. 2Rx with Two 25dBM Tx power .Intelligently and automatically selects best antenna to improve signal strength for better uplink performance.16e WiMAX Wave 2 Compliant Supports IEEE 802. Home and SOHO users Multi – User VoIP Capabilities Key Features • • • • • • • • • IEEE 802. .4G speeds for an enhanced quad-play experience delivering faster file transfers. It is a WiMAX Integrated Access Device (IAD) that features a blend of aesthetics.Reduce service hassle and allow users to quickly and easily get connected online. . . data and voice access ports. users and data flow. .Advanced WiMAX feature support that delivers the best portable and mobile experience on a globally certified and recognized broadband standard. high gain antennas with omni directional performance to offer best-in-class performance.Flexible and convenient way to manage devices remotely.11 b/g/n TDD SOFDMA MIMO Matrix A and B Operates within 3. 2Rx with Two 25dBm Tx power Over-the-air Firmware Upgrade Smart QoS for VoIP Packets Benefits IEEE 802. Creating ultimate mobility and convenien through Next-Gerneration WiFi performance for Next-gerneration applications.11b/g/n .11n Access Point 2 LAN Ports (RJ-45) & 2 VoIP Ports (RJ-11) IP Router with Security 5 Classes of QoS Support Supports TR069/OMA-DM (Optional) Dual Omni Antenna 2Tx.Ability to assign priority levels to multiple criteria such as applications. HD video experiences. . * Subject to field conditions. 10MHz Channel Bandwidth Up to 28dBm Transmission Power 5dBi Antenna Gain Up to 30Mbps Throughput* • • • • • • • • • 802. 7.16e WiMAX Wave 2Compliant Supports IEEE 802. uninterrupted multi-player online gaming sessions.Omni antenna with 5dBi gain. reduced network re-connects and dropped packets for a consistent service coverage.Above industry average high transmission power to combat technological uplink performance limitations resulting in greater range performance. multi-port flexbility to enable carrier-class data & voice service for home and SOHD users. .3GHz to 3. securely and effciently. . TDD SOFDMA MIMO A&B MIMO Matrix A & B Up to 28dBm Transmission Power 5dBi Antenna Gain Up to 30Mbps Throughput* 2 LAN Ports ( RJ-45) & 2 VoIP Ports (RJ-11) 5 Classes of QoS Support TR 069 360° Supports TR069 Dual Omni Antenna 2Tx. to a guaranteed level of performance. . Over-the-air Firmware Upgrade .Essential multi-user.6GHz Frequency Range 5.Robust performance to combat interference and allows scalable asymmetric downlink/uplink bandwith utilization. .Enhances indoor penetration.

0 . 3/4.Non-real-time Polling Service (nrtPS) .11n: 64QAM.Yes .IPv6 CS . . QPSK. 16QAM.Technical Specification Physical Layer Standard Data Rate Frequency Range Channel Bandwidth Adaptive Modulation .38 G168 Echo cancelling Voice activity detection Comfort noise generation IP TOS Fax Voice Processing QoS WiFi Standard Antenna Gain Modulation IEEE 802.AC 100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz 0.IEEE 802.729 (a / b) G.5dB 802.Yes . DC 12V / 2A .Yes .RoHS compliant 95 .11g: 64QAM.11b: CCK.SSL v2/3 / TLS 1.20+ Mbps at 64QAM .EAP client TLS and TTLS .OTA (Over-the-air) software upgrade Networking DNS NAT DHCP Firewall Management Interface .2m m 17 1. CLI.11b/g/n Standard. HTML) .6GHz .11b/g/n (WiFi) .IEEE 802.2mm x 171.PUSC with dedicated pilots .723.16QAM 1/2.End-to-end PKMv2 . DBPSK 802. BPSK 64/128-bit WEP.802.2mm QoS 802.64QAM 1/2.Average 5dB higher receive sensitivity than RCT WiMAX Forum specifications .11b/g/n .AMC 2X3 with sounding .726 G.11b: 16. 5/6 Maximum RF Transmit Power Antenna Type Receive Sensitivity MIMO Beamforming .3 / Ethernet CS QoS Scheduler Options .Up to 30Mbps (DL).000 @ 40°C .1x Product Measurements Security Transmitted Power 195.1Q VLAN CS .Matrix A/B . DQPSK.16e-2005 (WiMAX) Wave 2 .11n: 13dBm ± 1.Unsolicited Grants (UGS) .85% non-condensing (Operating) .Integrated Omni Antenna (5dBi) .Web browser access.509 certificate VoIP Caller ID Voice Enhancement DTMF Codec Yes Yes Yes G711 (a-Law & u-Law) Optional: G.Real-time Polling Service (rtPS) .195.5dBm ± 1.POTS (RJ-11) x 2 .8A. 3/4 .Robust header compression Security Options . 9m m * Product specifications are subject to change without prior notice.ARQ and HARQ .25 dBm x 2 Transmit with UL MIMO Management Protocols Local Configuration Management Software Maintenance . 2/3.10/100 Base-T (RJ-45) x 2 MAC Layer Convergence Sub-layer Service .5.Enterprise).2mm . Telnet Interface Multimedia Basic Package VoIP Gateway Package WiFi AP .UPnP Remote Configuration and .3GHz to 3.1 iLBC Fax & Modem Pass through T. SSHv2) . BPSK 802.3/ Ethernet CS .IEEE 802. QPSK.3.IPv4 & IPv6 over IEEE 802.HTTP / HTTPs / FTP / TFTP client . 7.QPSK 1/2. 3/4 .9mm x 95.Extended Real-time Polling Service (ertPS) . 6Mbps(UL) .Best Effort (BE) Radio Optimization .Payload header suppression .450g .11g: 13dBm ± 1. HTTPs.10% .Advanced Scheduling Algorithm with full QoS support .< 24W .Web GUI (HTTP. WPA/WPA2 (Personal.UL sounding . 16QAM.-20°C ~ 55°C (Storage) .Authentication based on X.5dB 802.IEEE 802.5dB (20MHz only) WMM Electrical & Mechanical Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight MTBF Power Supply Power Consumption Temperature Humidity Material .SNMP v2c . 802. 10MHz .TR069 . WiFi Compliant 2dBi (Peak) 802.Yes .300.CLI (Telnet.AMC 2x3 with dedicated pilots .IPv4 CS .0°C ~ 45°C (Operating) .

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