Regardless of whereever they net out on the funnel, most marketers agree identifying which among the exploding number of opportunities to influence the purchase decision will produce the highest return on investment has become a critical and often frustratingly complex process. Most also agree that they need to understand which shoppers to target, when, in which channels, and with what messages and media in order to: • Create a real competitive advantage along the pathto-purchase • Generate the most incremental sales and profits at the point-of-purchase • Foster loyalty and advocacy from the “store forward” Answering those questions with less rigorous insights that aren’t applicable across an organization or particularly useful to key strategic decisions makes it extremely difficult for marketers to focus their business teams and integrate shopper marketing efforts with overall brand strategy. Highly effective marketers take a big picture, comprehensive approach to shopper research. They understand that in the digital age, capitalizing on the biggest opportunities to move shoppers towards their brand and drive sales in different channels requires exceedingly executable knowledge of how to most effectively reach and engage buyers. In short, they take the Copernicus approach to shopper insights research and strategy development.

Seven Questions Highly Effective Marketers Can Answer About the Shopper Insights They Use to Guide Strategy and Planning Decisions 1. Can we identify the most profitable group(s) of 2. What do our insights reveal about the path to purchase 3. 4. 5.
for our target shoppers? How does the target shop in our category? What are the key branded touchpoints and what’s their impact on consideration/purchase? At which points is our target most receptive to our brand? What are the critical forms of communication and key messages at each stage? Do our insights enrich our understanding of specific shopping occasions at our different retail partners and channels? How does this help our sales force and account-specific planning? Do they identify the most valuable users of our website and/or other company-owned points of distribution? Do they help us integrate with the overall brand strategy? Are they actionable across our business teams? shoppers to target for our brand?


Apply Big Picture Shopper Insights All Along the Path to Purchase

The Copernican Approach to Shopper Insights Research and Strategy Development

The ultimate end-goal

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of all of our shopper insights research and consulting work is to develop and execute a transformational shopper marketing strategy. Toward that end, we often begin with a shopper segmentation exercise to identify the most profitable target(s). Using our Target Optimization Process™, we take a comprehensive approach to assessing category shoppers in terms of potential profitability to your brand. Our measures include financial (e.g., current spending in the category in dollars, current brand share) and, very importantly, non-financial measures (e.g., distinctive needs) to give you a more complete evaluation of the ROI of different segments.

Debate about the size, shape, direction, and

even the very existence of a purchase funnel has raged on for a few years now as marketers work hard to figure out how best to get shoppers in their category to think about, talk about, buy, and maybe even love, their brands. The managing director of U.S. sales and service at Google, Jim Lecinski, for example, maintains, “the funnel is now more like a neuron, with branches that let shoppers move forward and backward through the process until they’re ready to make a decision.”

COPERNICUS is a research-driven marketing consulting firm in the business of transforming companies.

The effort to improve sales at a brand’s ecommerce website or company-owned point of distribution benefits immensely from a better understanding of the shoppers in that channel. one that will generate impressive sales returns. To assist sales and business teams with retailer. and more. SELECT SHOPPER INSIGHTS TOOLS & SERVICES “at a glance” SEGMENTATION employs proprietary technology which evaluates every respondent in a survey.Bowen@copernicusmarketing. MEDIA-SAVVY On top of our own expertise in traditional and non-traditional media exposure and engagement. actionable guidance that forms the foundation of a transformational shopper marketing strategy.and channel-specific planning and relationship building. Kraft. we’re an Aegis Media Company.com/shopper-insights www. OBSESSED WITH USABILITY AND ACTIONABILITY We design all of our studies guided by a multi-item “actionability checklist.copernicusmarketing. the corporate parent of traditional and digital media power brands such as Carat. and agencies also ensures we deliver relevant insights and executable recommendations.” Our familiarity working across large consumer organizations with different marketing functional areas. digital. Boston. we also provide a shopping occasion segmentation. We delve into a shopper’s trip motivations and provide a typology of the different occasions by retailer/channel. In addition to profiling the off-line and on-line media habits of target shoppers in our segmentation work. and consequently every shopper. THE END RESULT of all of our shopper insights work is clear.copernicusmarketing. 23rd Floor.Our segmentation work includes a thorough exploration of retail partners and channels of distribution. write Ami. Hershey’s. Past and present consumer clients include Benjamin Moore. size. Our research isolates the different stages and the key touchpoints where your brand has the biggest opportunity to influence consideration and purchase. and Isobar. MA 02116 . in terms of potential profitability. loyalty. SHOPPER TARGET characteristics most predictive of in-market response and profitability to a brand. and profile shopper types to empower web designers and developers and channel managers to concentrate on meeting the needs of the most valuable users of a channel. merchandising. and advocacy. sales. SHOPPING OCCASIONS & CHANNELS classifies consumer buying occasions and provides a richly-descriptive typology for the channels they use. and Under Armour. and mobile.com/shopper-journey-pov Marketing Consulting and Research 200 Clarendon Street. iPospect. Nestlé. Our sister firms make sure we stay on the forefront of all things media. Inventory Impatient Managers Buyers Impulsive Browsers Bargain Hunters the difference contact AMI BOWEN call (617) 449-4179 EXPERIENCED We have completed more than 200 segmentations for consumer and retail clients. we investigate all the stages of their path to purchase. with a particular focus on understanding perceptions of your brand in different retail channels. social. SHOPPER OPTIMIZATION PROCESS™ identifies the JOURNEY charts the target shopper’s path to purchase to identify which touchpoints will have the greatest effect on sales. We identify.com learn more engage www. ON-LINE SHOPPER TYPOLOGIES segments and prioritizes users of an ecommerce channel to provide guidance on web design. We probe further for the most compelling key messages at each critical touchpoint to provide full guidance on communications strategy.

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