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Integrating Active Matrices

Activate the matrix that your soul designed for you before you were born. This is an original cause healing process that moves most forms of energies and restores your original template. Learn how you can benefit when you become your original imprint and activate your true potential. The "Matrix" healing method uses 5 places as focal points for matrices. Each individual's needs are different and the order of the technique varies from person to person. Once you learn the places and the holds, you will have access to a wide spectrum of combinations that work with the original matrices to integrate the experiences, lessons, knowledge and gifts. Your original template then contains this life's information and creates a foundation that reaches forward to embrace potential into reality.

Soul Matrix
The Soul Matrix brings the plans for your life lessons and the information from previous lessons to your subconscious. It is affected not by what you do; it responds to what you integrate. The Soul Matrix is responsible for deep knowledge and wisdom that is used in your life. It usually comes into play with the forces of healing.

Destiny Matrix
The Destiny Matrix holds the possibilities that follow your perceptions and your thoughts. It bases your reality on the amount of choices of which you are aware. This matrix makes the energy flow with ease or creates struggle and pain.

Karmic Matrix
Karmic Matrices are held in check by our awareness of cause and effect. When we choose not to follow the laws we know, a wake up call is given that will activate the lesson or gift that brings us to an awareness of self that is complementary to our lesson. This matrix can be changed by action in the physical plane unlike the other matrices.

Experience Matrix
An experience only becomes complete after we have handled the illusion around it. Emotions, ego and judgment hold these experiences in our body. To move the event into our matrix we must be clear and clean with all aspects. This matrix helps form disease so that we seek to become clear in our bodies.

Energy Matrix
As we move through life, we participate in ways that change our energies. Some styles take energy from us and others give energy to us. There are ways of using our vital energy that take years off the end of our life. Learn to use the Energy Matrix to store healing energies to use in future healings.