The company's strength comes from its highly qualified and motivated employees who manage profit-center based divisions.INTRODUCTION Advanced Micronic Devices Ltd. the company provides opportunities for its employees to participate in the growth of the company. Software Technology parks. With its extended network of strategic business associates and distributors. AMDL became a public limited company in 1994. With a participative and collaborative environment. It was incorporated in 1984 by a set of ambitious entrepreneurs with extensive experience in Healthcare and Information Technology. MNCs and Super-Specialty Hospitals. a leading developer and manufacturer of medical equipment and interventional products. after which its shares were listed on Circuits (India) Ltd. AMDL has offices in every major Indian metro. acquired a majority stake in AMDL. Defense establishments. AMDL basically manufacture and sells technology services and . Its customer base includes major Corporate. the company has been able to provide products and services to its major customers in the Indian subcontinent. The company's commitment to technology and support has been its areas of strength and the reason for its customers to choose AMDL as a vendor of choice. (AMDL) is a Bangalore-based company in the business of medical equipment distribution and technology services.

. Quinton. Advanced Micronic Devices Limited’s (AMDL) Healthcare division – AMDL Health is a leading provider of medical equipment and advanced cardiac diagnostic products in India. The products to be sold are under the brands of Cardiac Science. Burdick.distributes medical equipment in India. and Power heart.

Innovation in the company Advanced Micronic Devices Limited healthcare division AMDL Health. but initially the focus will be on launching and expanding sales in India. AMDL hopes to deploy the product from the first quarter [April-June] next fiscal year. Sen said the company is in talks with several hospitals for a pilot launch of the product. the eTraq TM Application allows medical practitioner’s to use a BlackBerry PlayBook toremotely access multiple patients’ physiological parameters collected through eTraq TM Transport Monitors. Revenue in the first half of the fiscal was down 19% from a year ago to Rs 24. especially from the government. Developed by i2iTelesolutions. in the JanMarch quarter will boost full year sales. the company's CEO.43 crore. The eTraq application allows medical practitioners to use a BlackBerry Playbook to remotely access multiple patients' psychological parameters. Sen though is hopeful that a pickup in orders. AMDL will first pilot the product and then based on the results will decide a strategy if and when to launch it on other platforms. Africa and Latin America. Sen said that the company would look at launching eTraq in emerging markets like Eastern Europe. . the company is open to launching it on other operating platforms. AMDL reported revenue of Rs 72 crore in 2010-11. today announced the launch of eTraq TM for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet. said ArindamSen. a leading provider of medical equipment and devices and a group company of Opto Circuits (India) Ltd. Though the product is currently only available on the BlackBerry.

doctors can access local patient monitors connected to the hospital’s Central Monitoring System (CMS). It archives the data for compliance analysis and monitors the incoming data for anomalies and displays alarm messages. Through the BlackBerry PlayBook and eTraq Application. Opto Circuits was up over 5% at Rs 205.30 on BSE on Friday. where a patient’s condition can be analysed by the physician ahead of arrival at the emergency facility . light-weight unit that provides 5-parameter monitoring. AMDL Health is the first Indian company to introduce such a solution and bring out the unique functionality of eTraq Transport Monitor.AMDL shares closed down 3% at Rs 26.15. The CMS receives data from local patient monitors and can display a patient’s vital information in real time to care providers. The solution is also used by ambulance services. a portable.

. which are expected to drive growth in the future. The key product portfolio encompasses medical equipment for the cardiology segment and others such as vital signs patient monitors. 393. streamlining of sales and marketing processes and rationalization of costs. automated external defibrillators and vascular diagnostic equipment. At present this segment contributes 54% of the total revenue and with the strategic re-alignment of the portfolio AMDL is equipped to cater to the intensive care and cardiac units of hospitals. we are confident that all these measures will enhance the growth prospects of our Company. Going forward.How change and knowledge management has been implemented in the company In the Healthcare Division we undertook a strategic re-alignment of our product portfolio.46 million for FY 2010-11. respiratory and anesthetic care monitors. This will also be the focus area for the Company in addition to the Tier II and Tier III Cities. whereby we focussed only on the products of our group companies. With a hospital industry growth rate of 25-30% we are confident of good growth in this segment in line with strategic realignment of our product portfolio with primary focus on products of group companies. AMDL’s presence in Indian Healthcare is augmented with products in diagnostic cardiology and critical care. we reported revenues of Rs. In this division.

Today AMDL holds a remarkable position in the field of IT and Healthcare solutions and this achievement is the result of committed approach and execution of tasks by the highly resourceful employees.Conclusion AMDL has always adopted a positive approach towards ever changing technology and believes that innovative technology and skilled manpower can conceive amazing outputs. State & Central Government Hospitals & Research Institutes. Defence Establishments. This commitment and support has inspired confidence among the client and this is the sole reason that AMDL is the vendor of choice to provide solutions for their related needs. Nursing Homes. and all this has attributed to enhance the quality of products and services offered to its clients. AMDL is fully geared to meet the rapidly changing and intensely growing challenges in today’s business environment. With sophisticated technology. highly committed manpower and the cordial relationship shared with Industry leaders. Super-Specialty Hospitals. AMDL’s customer base includes major Corporates. . Private & Public sector Hospitals. individual doctors spread across the country. Software Technology Parks.