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Political Awareness Issue
Socialist Defined: First, we evidence the following definitions:
• so·cial·ist, n. Abbr. soc. 1. An advocate of socialism. 2. Often Socialist. A
member of a political party or group that advocates socialism. --so·cial·ist
adj. 1. Of, promoting, or practicing socialism. 2. Socialist. Of, belonging
to, or constituting a socialist party or political group. 1

• so·cial·ism, n. 1.a. A social system in which the means of producing and

distributing goods are owned collectively and political power is exercised
by the whole community. b. The theory or practice of those who support
such a social system. 2. The building of the material base for communism
under the dictatorship of the proletariat in Marxist-Leninist theory.1

Now, the true characteristics of the Creature: 2

1) A socialist is a person who likes to tell other people what to do. Such a
person believes he knows better than all others, thus such a person likes to
impose his will on other people and works diligently to achieve his goals.
He uses others as tools to achieve the goals he desires; in most cases such a
person uses the emotions of people to get his way and will lie, cheat and
steal to impose his unjust will and prejudices. All such actions generally
encompass some form of objective to be achieved by such a person.
A person of the above socialist variety is inherently an oppressor.
2) A socialist is a person that likes to take from society to benefit
himself. Such a person really does not have the fortitude to work hard
for what he desires and wants others to provide it for him. As such a
person is of a weak minority; he must group with others and harass his
society to obtain what he wants to make-up for what he is too shiftless
to work for. Thus as a rule, such a person is willing to take from
people he does not even know and is a burden to society.
This particular variety of socialist is generally used as a tool by the faction that is of the
dictatorial variety. Accordingly, the nature of the relationship is reciprocal—that is to
say—one will use the other to achieve or receive what the other desires.

1 American Heritage Dictionary

2 CREATURE, n. 1. Something created. 2.a. A living being, especially an animal. b. A human
being. 3. One dependent on or subservient to another; a tool. American Heritage Dictionary
An example of a socialist is Adolf Hitler. Another was Nathan Meeker. After the Civil
War (so-called), Meeker was sent to Colorado by the federal government to “civilize” the
Ute Indians. 3 He told the Ute Indians they had to establish commercial style agriculture.
He made them do it with the help—actually force—of the United States Military.
It is believed you know what happened to Hitler. In somewhat of a parallel, Meeker had
found himself one day with a stake driven into his mouth to keep him quiet. Are you
surprised? Consequently, neither socialist had dictated to anyone ever again.

“Our task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those
who would resist us have been totally disarmed.”
—Sarah Brady, Handgun Control Incorporated (HCI)

Hmmmm.... wonder why they want the guns?

Authored by the People’s Awareness Coalition
POB 313 – Kieler, Wisconsin
PAC may be reached via email at:

3 Plank 8 of the Communist Manifesto of 1848 sets forth: Equal obligation of all to work. Also,
the Manifesto states the establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

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