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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Fazli Rabbi

Address: Department of Project and Regional Planning
Senckenberg str. 3 D-35390
Justus Liebig University Germany
Tel: 00496419937313 Mobil: 004917623839018
E.mail: rabbi.fazli
Date of birth 01-03- 1974
Sex: Male
Nationality: Pakistan
Marital status: Married, two children
Countries Visited: Abu-Dhabi, Dubai, France, Germany, Italy, Saudia
Arabia, Switzerland, Qatar, USA
Languages: English (Fluent) German (communication level), Urdu
(advanced), Arabic (Reading, writing), Pashto (Native)

Ph.D. 2004- 2008 Agricultural Economics, Justus-Liebig University

Giessen, Germany. Thesis submitted to Examination
committee. (Hons) 1999-2001 Rural Development, Institute of Development Studies,
Pakistan. Performance: (Grade “A” CGPA=3.83/4.00,
87.15 %) (First class)
Major courses: [Microeconomic theory],
[Macroeconomic theory], [Development Economics],
[social science research methods], [Quantitative
methods Project planning and Monitoring], etc. (Hons) 1995-1998 Agricultural University, Peshawar, Pakistan.
Performance: (Grade “A” CGPA=3.74/4.00, 85.85 %)
(First class)
Major courses: [Statictics-1],[Statistics-11],[Statictistic-
iv],[Agriculture program and implementation ],[Maths-
401],[English Grammar ],[Introduction to rural
sociology],[Introduction to computer science] [English-
technical writing] ],[Mathematics-M301],],[Agriculture
Economics AgEc301],[Mathematics-M311] etc. 1991-1994 Government Post Graduate Jehanzeb College, Saidu
Sharif Swat, North West Frontier Province (NWFP),
Pakistan. Performance: (Marks obtained: 798/110),
Grade “A” 72.54 % (First class)
Major courses studied: [ Physics], [ Mathematics],:
[ Chemistry], [ biology],[ English as foreign Language]
SSC (Science) 1990-1991 Secondary School Certificate examination,
Government Higher Secondary School, Kabal, District
Swat North West frontier Province (NWFP) Pakistan.
Performance: (Marks obtained: 612/850, Grade “A”
72.00 % (First class) Major course studied: [ Physics], [
Mathematics], [ Chemistry],: [ biology], [ English as
foreign Language]



Problem Identification and Research Proposal Writing
April 2004- 2008
Developing Methodological Framework, Research
PhD Research Fellow Methodology, Acting as Principal Investigator
Project and Regional Designing Data collection tools (Questionnaire)
Planning Justus Liebig Field Research, Testing Questionnaires, Interviewing
University Giessen Germany Households and Community Leaders, Secondary
Data Collection and entry, Compiling. Application of
Econometric Models and Statistical Techniques
Presentations of Results and Findings in Weekend
seminars and International Conferences
Policy recommendations and dissertation writing.
Data collection on Socioeconomic, and Farming
August, 2002-September,
2003 Practices of Farmers. Interviews with Community
Members on Local Fauna and Flora. Assessing
Agriculture Specialist Farmers needs through Surveys.
Qarshi Herb Center, Hattar, Data Compilation and Management and Statistical
NWFP Pakistan Analysis and Report Writing and Recommendations
to Local NGOs and Extension Agencies.
Monitoring compulsory grading of Agricultural and
December, 2001- August
Livestock commodities before Export
Agriculture commodities Research
Grading and Marketing Inspection and Quality Certification
Inspector Marketing Research on the Prevailing situations,
Agriculture and Livestock identifying Problems and Recommendations for
products Marketing and improvement
Grading Department Collection, Compiling, and Analysis of whole sale
Government of Pakistan M.T. prices, with various Frequencies and Markets
Khan Road Karachi, Recommendations for Agricultural Produce Policy at
Pakistan National Level
Focus on Meat, Horticultural Products and Frozen
Fish Products
Responsible for Designing of Questionnaires for the
Survey on “Marketing Channels and Associated
Research Officer Natural Problems of Onion Growers”
Resource Management Supervision of Data Collection
Dir Area Support Project Interviewing Farmers and Business men
financed by International Data collection on management of natural resources.
Fund for Agriculture Agriculture system, tenure arrangements,
Development (IFAD), District management of grazing lands, livestock and pastures
Dir, NWFP, Pakistan and irrigation water
Data collection on Farmers Socioeconomic, exp
livelihoods diversification. Data Analysis and Report
Writing and Recommendation for project


1995-1999 Merit scholarship awarded by NWFP Agricultural University Peshawar

Graduate Talent Award, awarded by University Grants Commission
Government of Pakistan
PhD Scholarship for Doctoral Studies in Agriculture Economics
2004- 2008
awarded by German Academic Exchange (DAAD), Bonn Germany
Honored with a Conference Grant by the Royal Economic society,
July, 2007 Heriot-watt University Edinburgh (UK), for attending the USSEE
conference in New York, USA, July, 2007
Honored with a Conference Grants by Justus Liebig University
August, 2007 Giessen Germany for participation in United Stated Society of
Ecological Conference in New York, United States
Honored with a Travel Grant by H. Wilhelm Schaumann Stiftung,
August, 2008 Kollaustr. 105, D- 22453 Hamburg for Participation and Presentation
in Second Sustainability Conference in Basel Switzerland,


Fazli Rabbi (2003). “Evaluation of Different Rose Cultivars under the Agro-climatic
Conditions of Hatter Haripure NWFP. Sarhad Journal of Agriculture 2004, Vol.20 No.1
Fazli Rabbi, Mohammad Ayaz and Khali-ur-Rehman (2001). “Performance of Exotic
and Local Strawberry Cultivars under the Agro-climatic Conditions of Mingora Swat.
Sarhad Journal of Agriculture, 2001, Vol.17 No.1 ISSN 1016-4383).
Khalid Hussain, Mahammad Rafiq and Fazli Rabbi (2003) “Effect of different
Concentrations of IAA on the Growth and Yield of Nigella Sativa. Sarhad Journal of
Agriculture.2003. Vol.19 (4)PP-505-506
Fazli. Rabbi Siegfried Bauer and Tarig Muhammad Gibreel (2007). Forest ownership
Conflict among local communities and state and its implications for biodiversity
conservation in northern Pakistan: Some feasible solutions for management and
conservation of forest resources. Presented at 7th international conference of the
European society for ecological economics held on 5-8 the June 2007, at UFZ-center
for environmental research Leipzig, Germany.

Fazli.Rabbi Siegfried Bauer (2007). How Sustainable Use and Successful Forest
Policies can be realized in Less favored Environments? Forest Use Pattern, Economic
Reliance and its Role in Community Welfare in Northern Pakistan. Presented as poster
Communication at the 4th Biennial Conference of the United States Society for
Ecological Economics (USSEE) held on 23rd to 27th June 2007 at Pace University
campus, New York United States of America.

Fazli. Rabbi, Siegfried Bauer and Tarig Mohammad Gibreel (2007). Ecological
Degradation and Local Community Reliance on Forests: Insights for Sustainable
Resource Use and Forest Conservation. Poster Presented at 7th International

Conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics Held on 5-8 the June
2007, at UFZ-center for Environmental Research Leipzig, Germany.

Fazli Rabbi and Siegfried Bauer (2007). Conservation of Biodiversity and Habitat
Destruction: Do Economic Incentives Based Policies Work? Conservation of Ibex
(capra sibirica hemalyyanus) and Mrkhor in Arkari valley Chitral, Pakistan. Poster for
the Summit on “Evolutionary Change in Human-altered Environments” Held at
University of California Los Angeles, USA (Feb, 8-10 2007).
Fazli Rabbi (2007). Remittances and their Socio-economic Role in Emigrant’s
Households. Evidence from Northern Pakistan. Published in Farming and Rural
Systems Economics. ” Issues and challenges in rural development. Vol.87.pp.117-130.
Margraf Publishers Germany. ISBN.978-3-8236-1503-3, ISSN: 1616-9808.
Tarig Gibreel, Sigfried Bauer and Fazli Rabbi (2007). Targeting the challenges of Gum
Arabic agro Forestry System disappearance through Incentive based System under
rapid Commercialization. Factors affecting Farmers Land use Options in Gum belt of
Western Sudan. Paper Presented at IUFRO all dividions-5 Conference “Forest
Products and Environment-A Productive Symbiosis” Held October 29-November 2,
Taipei, Taiwan.
Tarig gibreel, Workneh Nagatu, Adam E.Ahamad, Siegfried Bauer and Fazli Rabbi
(2007). Association between Commercialization and Household Food Crop Production
in Traditional sub-sector of the Dry-land Agriculture in Sudan. Poster presented at 7th
International conference of the European Society for Ecological Economics held on 5-8
the June 2007, at UFZ-center for Environmental Research Leipzig, Germany.
Fazli Rabbi, Siegfried Bauer and Jumba Idalinya (2008) Contribution of Forests to
Rural Inequality reduction: Present Scope and Future Options for Rural Development
and Sustainable Use of Forests. Accepted for Presentation at 2nd International
Sustainability Conference 2008 21 - 22 August, 2008 in Basel, Switzerland.
Amar Iqbal Anwar, Rolf Hasse and Fazli Rabbi (2008). Location Determinants of
Indian Outward Foreign Direct Investment: How Multinationals Choose their
Investment destinations? Accepted to be Presented at Emerging Multinationals’:
Outward Foreign Direct Investment from Emerging and Developing Economies to be
held on 9-10 October, 2008 at Copenhagen Business School Denmark.


Participated in workshop on “Care and Management of wildlife, organized by Pakistan
Society for the conservation of wild life, Karachi. January 29, 2002. (Hotel Avari tower).
Participated in “International workshop on health challenges of 21st century and
traditional medicines of SAARC region”.
Participated in “one day Workshop on Medicinal and Culinary Plants” at Pakistan
Forest Institute Peshawar organized by IUCN and Pakistan forest Institute.
Module on “Umweltökonomie und Politik” (BP-59) offered by Institut für Agrarpolitik
und Marktforschung Universität Gießen 1 Semester course, 2005.
Module 5102F “Ecology and Agro-ecosystems” arranged by Institute for Plant
Production and Agroeclogy in the Tropics and Subtropics”, Universität Hohenheim.
One semester course, 2004.

Module MKA 04 “Eu-Agrar und Ernährungspolitik“ in Institut für Agrarpolitik und
Marktforschung Universität Gießen. One Semester course, 2005.
Participated in workshop in “Economic Modeling with GAMS: Basics and Application
in Agriculture Economics Research in the Department of project and Regional planning
the University of Giessen, Germany.
Attended course in “Research Methods Econometrics in Agricultural Economics”
in the department of project and regional planning, Universität Gießen Germany, 9-16
May, 2005.
Attended Attended course in “Advanced Econometrics and Economic Modeling” in
the Department of Project and Regional planning, Universität Gießen Germany, 20-22
March, 2006.
Participated in certificate program “ Household Behavior: Theory and Applications
”Under the Program promotionskolleg Agrarökonomik arranged by Leibniz-Institut für
Agrarentwicklung in Mittle-und Osteuropa (IAMO), Theodor-Straße 2,06120 Halle,
Attended a Short Course on SPSS at the Computer Center (Hochschulrechenzentrum)
of the Universität Gießen Germany, 21-25 February 2005- Explorative Data Analysis,
Parametric and Non-parametric tests: ANOVA,T-tests, Kruskal Wallis Test etc.
Attended a Short course on SPSS at the Computer center (Hochschulrechenzentrum)
of the Universität Gießen Germany, 13-15 February 2006- Linear and multiple
regressions, correlations, Chi-square Tests, Qualitative Response Models: Logistic
Regression, Probit regression etc.
Attended a short SPSS Course at the Computer Center (Hochschulrechenzentrum) of
the Universität Gießen Germany, 18-21 April 2006 (Germany). Tobit-regression,
Possion Regressions, zero-inflated posion Regression.
Attended a short course on SAS at the Computer Center (Hochschulrechenzentrum) of
the Universität Gießen Germany, 12-14 June 2006. Tobit regression etc.
Successfully completed German language Course of the PhD. Program “Agriculture
Economics and related sciences at the University of Honehenheim (395 units).
Seminar Paper on “Economics of Different Irrigation Techniques under Different
Natural and Economic Conditions (WS.2003/2004).
Participated in two Days Worhshop on “ Zukunft Wasser-Wasser als
Entwicklungsressource und Wasser als friedenfaktor-berufliche Chancen für
Rückkehrer im Bereich Wasser Management „ Held in Göttingen at Arbeitkreis
Afrikanisch-asiatischer Akademikerinnen und Akademiker Nov.5-7 2004.
Participated in Deutscher Tropen Tag“ 2004 at Humboldt Universität Zu Berlin,Oct.5-7
2004.Rural Poverty Reduction through Research for Development and Transformation
October 5 - 7, 2004, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Agricultural and Horticultural
Attended seminar on “The importance of Law for Development and the Transformation
to Market economies, held at the department of project and Regional planning,
university of Giessen Germany, June 14, 2006.
Participated in conference on Agricultural Research for Development, Prosperity and
Poverty in a Globalized World. Challenges for Agricultural Research 2006, Bonn

- Royal Economic Society England
- American Society of Agronomy USA, C 305170
- International Society for Ecological Economics (ISEE), ID: 38514, Code: 926916
- International Society for Environmental Information Sciences
4246 Albert Street, Suite 413 Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 3R9, Canada ,
-The ecological society of America
1707, H street New suite 400 Washington, DC 20006-3915, United state Ph: 202833-
8773 Fax: 202-833—8775 E: mail: Membership ID: 131305


4 STATA 8.0
5 Microsoft Word (97, 2000, XP, 2007)
6 MS.Excel, Paint
7 Microsoft Power Point ,Internet, E.mails


1 Good Experience of Report Writing
2 Experience in Editing and Compilation of Scientific Data
3 Experience in Record Keeping Office Management
4 Preparation of Meeting Agendas

1 Professor.Dr.Siegfried Bauer
Project and Regional Planning Senckenberg Str.3 D-35390, Justus Liebig
University Giessen
Germany Ph: 00496419937310 Fax: 00496419937319
2 2. Professor Dr. Khül
Institut für Betriebslehre der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft,University of
Giessen Germany.
Tel: 00496419937271
Fax: 00496419937279
3 3. Dr. Khalil-Ur-Rehman, Agricultural Officer
Agriculture Research station Mingora Swat-Pakistan