Living Archaeology Weekend Teacher Workshop -orHow To Make the Most of Your 2012 LAW Experience Monday, July

9, 2012 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Lodge Dining Room Natural Bridge State Park Slade, Kentucky The archaeologists and educators of the Living Archaeology Steering Committee ha ve designed this daylong workshop to help first timers and seasoned participants make the most of their 2012 Living Archaeology Weekend (LAW) experience. Teachers who attend will receive priority scheduling for their classes at LAW 20 12. Arrangements are being made for PD credit. Participants will receive a CD with a ll LAW educational materials. Miguelâ s Pizza will provide lunch. During this workshop, participants will learn about the history and prehistory o f the Red River Gorge and engage in hands-on learning by doing selected lessons developed especially for LAW. A seasoned veteran LAW teacher will share how he has made LAWâ s outdoor learning experience a part of his class curriculum. Previous attendees will offer their ideas for improving the learning opportunities LAW pr ovides. Time also will be set aside for Q&A about the 2012 demonstrators and sit e logistics. After attending this workshop, participants will 1. understand LAWâ s educational mission and goals; 2. use the resources in the LAW teacher resource packet and the demonstrations a t the event to support Kentucky Core Content in their classroom; and 3. plan how to best operationalize the on-site learning experience for their stu dents. Participants are encouraged to bring any lessons they have developed for their L AW visit to share with the other workshop participants. If anyone has artifacts they use in the classroom that are in need of identification, we encourage you to bring them, too. Workshop attendance is limited to 20 teachers. The workshop costs $55.00 per per son, but through the support of our generous sponsors, the workshop fee has been waived for the first 10 people who sign up. Contact Tressa Brown by June 15, 2012 at or 1-502-564-7005 e xt. 125. Have a great rest of the school year and we hope you'll plan on joining us on Se ptember 21 and 22 at LAW 2012. Mark your calendars!! For more information you can visit our website at www.livingarchaeologyweekend.o rg. Living Archaeology Weekend Mission Living Archaeology Weekend is a free, annual public outreach program that offers local school children and a national general audience a variety of educational activities in archaeology and the lifeways of American Indians and pioneers del ivered along the picturesque banks of Gladie Creek in eastern Kentucky. Living Archaeology Weekend Objective

The objective of Living Archaeology Weekend is to provide school children and th e general public with diverse, high-quality, multi-sensory educational opportuni ties in American Indian and pioneer technologies and other lifeways, archaeologi cal interpretation, and archaeological site preservation. Living Archaeology Weekend Program Goals Living Archaeology Weekend programs will promote in the public an appreciation f or cultural diversity and cultural accomplishments, focusing on the rich America n Indian heritage of Kentucky spanning 11,500 years and continuing to the presen t, as well as the lifeways of historic period settlers in Kentucky. Living Archaeology Weekend programs will inform the public about the past as it is known through archaeology, including but not limited to archaeological site t ypes in Kentucky, the culture history of Kentucky, and reconstruction of traditi onal American Indian and pioneer lifeways (technology, subsistence, settlement, healing practices, artistic expression, and belief systems) in Kentucky Living Archaeology Weekend programs will foster in the public respect for cultur al resources and promote public stewardship of the archaeological record. Living Archaeology Weekend Educational Goals Native peoples who lived in the Red River Gorge had needs similar to ours: food, clothing, and shelter, as well as families, government, trade, art, and beliefs . They accomplished great things! Historic period settlers used new but parallel technologies to address similar n eeds, as they developed farms, industries, and communities in the Red River Gorg e. We all have a responsibility to preserve the places in the Red River Gorge where these past people left behind the traces of their ways of life. Living Archaeology Weekend is an award-winning, nationally recognized program pr esented by the U.S.D.A. Forest Service, Daniel Boone National Forest in conjunct ion with the Kentucky Organization of Professional Archaeologists and the Kentuc ky Archaeological Survey (the latter of which is jointly administered by the Ken tucky Heritage Council and the University of Kentucky Department of Anthropology ).

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