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Product Info - SiS661FX

Integrated Mirage™ Graphics Chipset for Pentium® 4

SiS661FX implements a well-designed format that enables Pentium® 4 Front-Side-Bus, DDR RAM and AGP
8X to achieve the optimal performance. The powerful chipset also provides superior image qualities that
totally redefine the top-of-the-line graphic standard of the integrated chipsets.

Moreover, by adopting SiS's revolutionary HyperStreaming™ Technology and the intellectual data-processing
module, SiS661FX offers the best performance for the Intel® platform and the most efficient resource
distribution. The data transmission can be processed either synchronously or by batch to fully exploit the
incomparable power of the Intel® processors.

SiS661FX supports the latest 800MHz Front-Side-Bus clock, proving a 6.4GB/s transferring bandwidth,
stable high-speed computing function and multiple RAM formats such DDR400/333/266. Immerging SiS'
Ultra-AGPII™ Technology and the outstanding graphic core, SiS661FX is able to achieve a VGA Throughput
of 3.2GB/s with DDR400, significantly transcending the former 2.1GB/s standard speed provided by AGP 8X.
SiS661FX's superb ECLK and 1600x1200 high resolution can support UXGA TFT-LCD output and perfectly
perform high quality images for 3D games.

Key Features
Host Interface
- Supports Intel® Pentium 4 Hyper-Threading processor
- FSB 800MHz w/ 2X Address and 4X Data Rate
- 12 Outstanding Transactions support
- Quasi-Synchronous/Asynchronous Host/DRAM Timing support
- Supports 2M/4M/8M/16M TSEG SMRAM
- Supports Dynamic Bus Inversion.

DRAM Controller


0 Controller and 3 OHCI USB 1.Supports Up to 3 un-buffered DIMMs DDR333/266 .Bi-Directional 16 bit Data Bus at 533MHz Operating Frequency Integrated Serial Host Controller .2GB/s Data Transfer Rate .2GB/s with DDR400 .One EHCI USB 2.DDR400/DDR333/DDR266 Support .Up to 200 MHz ECLK SiS Ultra-AGPII™ Technology w/ up to 3.Support 1.Up to 1GB per DIMM with 512Mb tech.NTSC/PAL TV-OUT .LCD-CRT or CRT-TV Built-in high performance 333MHz RAMDAC Graphics support mode .CRT highest resolution mode: 2048x1536x32@75NI .5 and AGP 2.0 Specification with transfer rate 150MB/s .Supports Up to 2 un-buffered DIMMs DDR400 .AGP 8X equivalent bandwidth for 3D/2D/Video Advanced Hardware Acceleration for DVD playback Dual 12-bit DDR Digital Interface for Digital LCD/TV-OUT support .1 Controllers 2/5 .AGP 8X/4X Mode Support .Provides 2 independent ports for SATA.Fast Write Support .LCD highest resolution mode: 1600x1200x32@ 60NI .5V interface only DX9 S/W Compliant High performance 256Bit 3D/128Bit 2D Graphic Engine .1 Host Controller .2 pixel rendering pipelines and 4 texture units per cycle (2P4T) . compliant with Serial ATA 1.0/1.Proprietary Interconnect between SiS north bridge and SiS964 .Support RAID 0.Bi-Directional 16-bit Data Bus at 533MHz Operating Frequency SiS964 MuTIOL® 1G Media I/O SiS MuTIOL® 1G Delivering 1GB/s Bandwidth .Successor of Ultra-AGPII™ Technology and double the bandwidth up to 3.Proprietary Interconnect between SiS661FX and SiS964 . .0 Compliant . AGP 3.LCD Monitor .Dynamic Clock Enable (CKE) control placing the Memory into Suspend to DRAM state.TV highest resolution mode: 1024x768x32@60NI SiS MuTIOL® 1G Delivering 1GB/s Bandwidth . 1 and JBOD USB 2.Dual view function support for LCD-TV..

0 S/W compliant. Dual-Core Support Supports Intel® Dual-Core CPU and Pentium® 4 FSB 800MHz CPU with Hyper-Threading technology..0b and APM 1.0 Specification.2.Supports 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet with External PHY Supports 6 Channels AC'97 Rev. Single Channel Memory Architecture Single channel DDR memory architecture.3 Audio and V. Offers the maximum 3. compliant with Serial ATA 1. 1.2 Compliant Dual IDE Channels with ATA 133/100 Supports Up to 6 PCI Masters LPC 1.2GB/s (DDR400). SATA & RAID functions Provides 2 independent SATA ports. Microsoft DirectX 7.0/1.1GB/s. and JBOD configuration. 3/5 . Support Maximum AGP interface bandwidth 2. AGP 8X Graphics Interface Makes system performance upgrade and facilitation. and supports RAID 0. That can improve whole system performance.1 Interface Integrated Keyboard/PS2 Mouse Controller Features & Benefits Features Benefits HyperStreaming Technology It makes streams of chipset data flow all over the paths efficiently. SiS Mirage™ Graphic Engine Powered by SiS Mirage™ Graphics Engine.0 H/W and Microsoft DirectX 9. smoothly and intelligently.1 Ports .Supports USB 2.0 High-Speed Device @480 Mb/s Transfer Rates Fast Ethernet Controller with MII Interface .90 Software Modem Advanced Power Management:ACPI 1.Supports Total 8 USB 2. Backwards compatible with AGP 4X.

4/5 .0 Meets the requirement for increasing plug and play USB devices. Increasing data/file transfer rate.Fast Ethernet Supports 10/100Mb Fast Ethernet. LAN. modem. It is compatible to PCI with minimum design changes. and audio for greater flexibility. AC'97 Audio Controller Hollywood 3D stereo enriches audio surrounding with up to six channels. HomePNA. USB2. ACR card support Allows multiple configurations on a single card to extend USB. ATA133 enhancement Fastest storage support.

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