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Chiller Control

ABB Drives Your Centrifugal Chiller

Saving Energy is Good Business!
Centrifugal Chiller Drives from 200 to 6000 HP, 380VAC 4160VAC.
ABB Drives and Power Products.

ABB Centrifugal Chiller Motor Control.

A typical commercial HVAC system has 50% of the installed motor horsepower located in the pump and fan systems. ABB has been the leader applying Variable Frequency Drives to these HVAC applications for years (Chilled water pumps, cooling towers, and air handlers). We are now pleased to announce that we have a product that will allow you to save energy on the remaining 50% of the installed building horsepower. The compressor motor of Centrifugal Chiller accounts for up to 50% of the installed motor horsepower in your HVAC system. If your chiller is not fully loaded 100% of the time, you could be wasting a considerable amount of energy. Ask your ABB Representative about this exciting offering today.

Lower Energy Costs Reduces peak Demand Charges Retrofit, or new installations of all major centrifugal chillers 200 - 6000 ton chillers Increases Chiller Life Soft Start of compressor motor Reduces Chiller Maintenance Tighter chilled water temp control, +/- 0.1 F Improved Motor Protection The ABB Centrifugal Chiller Control combines a microprocessor controlled adjustable speed drive with a dedicated chiller capacity controller. The chiller drive monitors the chilled water supply, return temperature, and lube oil temperature, as well as the speed and load conditions of the chiller. It then provides an optimum blend of compressor motor speed and inlet guide vane positioning. The result: Lower electrical costs, and reduced maintenance.

Benefits cont.
Power Outage protection Real Time Surge Protection Eliminates need for Hot Gas Bypass Eliminates need for Power Factor Correction Capacitors

Typical 1200 Ton Centrifugal Chiller Efficiency

% Load 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30

KW 815.1 725.4 652.1 579.3 505.5 431.5 367.1 292.8

KW with VFD 837.9 705.9 595.5 484.4 375.5 293.0 220.7 154.9

KW Savings -22.8 19.5 56.6 94.9 130 138.5 146.4 137.9

Integrated vane and speed control Advanced motor control DTC Auto tuning Alphanumeric display for controls. Soft surge protection with DTC Printer Port for Data Logging Time tested algorithm


Chiller Application Analysis

Please complete the following questionnaire listed below so that ABB can estimate the energy savings that you can expect by installing an ABB Chiller control Drive. Fax this information to 760-599-4361

Any Centrifugal Chiller with a load profile that averages less than 80% of capacity is an excellent candidate for the ABB Chiller Control Drive. The payback period via energy savings can be as low as one year, depending on utility rates.

Name of Company__________________________________ Contact Name_____________________________________ Phone Number_______________ Fax Number___________________ Email___________________________________ Chiller Manufacturer: Trane, Carrier, York, Other____________________ Model Number____________________________________ Manufacture Date (model Year)_______________________ Motor (KW)__________________ Full Load Amps ___________________ Voltage_____________________________ Operating Hours Hr/yr ______________ Avg electrical rate(cents/KWH)__________ Full Load Efficiency___________ Annual Operating profile: % Load 20% 30% Operating Time (%)








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