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Seasoned telecom professional with 8 years of rich experience in the areas of Sales/Pre Sales, Business Analysis, Consulting, Wireless Technologies (2G/3G/4G) Diverse global experience of working with telecom service provider, technology and consulting organizations across different geographies Adapt at carrying out various analysis for strategy making and business development Proactively identifying & resolving problems and handling complex assignments/projects with defined timelines. An effective communicator with excellent customer relationship management skills and strong analytical, leadership, decision-making, problem solving & organizational abilities. Awareness of telecom industry’s different business models, trends, challenges, technology evolution path and regulatory environment

Since Oct 2011: Ericsson India Pvt Ltd., Gurgaon as Specialist in Business Analyst and Business Development role Brief Profile Description: The main role in this profile is to assist in business development of end-to-end wireless solutions, by packaging various wireless Ericsson products. There is engagement/consulting with Service provider on new products and solutions, business strategy and new opportunities. Responsible for positioning Mobile solutions (GSM/3G,4G) and associated products and services that are most appropriate for the customers (service providers) Responsible for ensuring that the business and technical requirements are adequately captured and documented and the proposed solution in inline with the requirements. To do the customer interfacing, presentations and discussions with customer senior management To work on business cases related to new opportunities To provide the value based argumentation, TCO calculations during the negotiation phase To support the regulatory function for influencing the introduction of new technologies and on various technical issues to Regulatory bodies Past Job Profile: Worked with Nokia Siemens Networks as Customer Solution Specialist in Global Pre Sales team since December 2009 in Noida to September 2011. Brief Profile Description: This is a Pre Sales profile in the Global Pre Sales team, which provides pre sales support to regional sales team on RFPs/RFIs on GSM (2G), UMTS/HSPA (3G) and LTE (4G) technologies. This is an end to end profile which involves solution from Radio Access, Circuit core, Packet core, Transport network and OSS/BSS perspective. Roles and Responsibilities: Involved in the bidding cycle of RFP/RFI by playing the role of Technical Solution Lead, which acts as a single point of contact for all wireless technical solutions. Responsible to prepare end to end (E2E) solution preparation involving multiple domains, driving the solution in the team with inter-related departments like product teams, pricing and contract management. To participate in new LTE (4G) new opportunities across multi geographies and to present Nokia Siemens Networks’ technical solution to the customers and underline the technical, financial and commercial benefits of the offered solution To work as Technical Solution Lead for new opportunities with telecom service providers To prepare technical solution for the whole bid, which involves solutions on Radio Access, Circuit core, Packet core, Microwave, SDH and IP backbone as part of end to end solutions. To build and present standard or customized technical solution to the customers and underline the technical, financial and commercial benefits. Good understanding of COTS products and eTOM model.

Augere and Tikona Wireless – India. To analyze RFPs and RFIs and correspondingly prepare technical and commercial proposal as a response. Coverage planning is done by the complete study and analysis of Link Budget Complete Traffic analysis is done to meet the growing traffic requirements either by enhancing the existing site resources or by planning a capacity site. To build an atmosphere of knowledge sharing for everyone’s learning in the team and to be a team player always first. To take care of client’s cultural sensitivity with utmost care and respect. Ericsson India Pvt Ltd: Worked with Ericsson as Network Consultant in Design and Planning domain since Dec 2006 to March 2008 in Chandigarh. Experience of team handling for Proposal preparation. Have experience of developing models for offshore business models for OSS/BSS domain To do research and study on different companies across geographies to identify new business opportunities with them. Chairing of calls & face to face interaction with internal stake holders and end customers for Technical presentation. Telstra and NBN – Australia Infosys Technologies Limited: Worked with Infosys Technologies Limited as Associate Consultant in Telecom domain consulting since March 2008 to October 2009 in Chandigarh Brief Profile Description: This is a consulting and pre sales based which includes exploring new business opportunities in new emerging market and to work on more business with existing clients in OSS/BSS domain. Verizon – USA. System Analysis. Bharti Airtel.To interact with regional sales team to work on the strategy of the bid/case. Chairing of calls & face to face interaction with internal stake holders and end customers for Technical presentation. Support Business Development teams for their customer presentations and preparing LTE business case. Alignment with Product Line and R&D for new requirement in terms of hardware and software features. Many of the Solution Design/Pre Sales projects were for British Telecom (BT) Roles and Responsibilities: To build and present standard or customized OSS/BSS solutions to the customers and underline the technical. Market research and market analysis on the new technologies. understand the technical and business challenges for their roll out and in this way to help customers build customer their migrations path from legacy networks leading to network transformation. Main Job Responsibilities: GSM Radio Network Planning: Responsible for new sites planning. infill city coverage as well as capacity sites and also planning for new towns as per customer’s requirement and thus leading team of engineers for the surveys for new sites and their optimization. To keep update on the next generations technologies. Worked on many assignments from Nokia Siemens Networks’ global business development team based out of Munich. financial and commercial benefits. . Have experience of working with global telecom service providers across different geographies. This profile calls for rich experience in wireless telecom domain form technical and commercial point of view so as to be competitive in this flat world. Requirements gathering and Functional Mapping of Business Requirements which involves communicating with different business stakeholders of the client and different internal technical teams. Reliance Industries. Gap analysis and providing support during project implementation. Germany on many global opportunities. identifying new challenges for the service providers and the ever changing consumer behaviour in different geographies. During negotiations. SingTel – Singapore. POC and other demos. To understand the overall scope of the RFP from end to end solution point of view and correspondingly prepare a WinPlan for the given case. to prepare value argumentations for the proposed solution and present these to the customer highlighting the key benefits of offered solution To do the SWOT analysis and Win-Loss analysis for the bid. Major Projects Undertaken: Shaw Telecom – Canada. POC and other demos.

HFCL Infotel Ltd: Worked in RF Department with HFCL Infotel Ltd. Transmission (Microwave) Planning for all the network ensuring redundant path in case of link failure from one end. Transmission planning and Dimensioning for the future network expansion keeping in the view the rollout of the network. tilt changes and by fine tuning the parameters like those for handovers. Growth and Degrowth of CDMA carriers as per the requirements using the RC/V forms. CW Test and correspondingly done the Model tuning for the propagation model by K values as per the different clutter requirements Network Design: Based on traffic reports. Post processing of drive test log files and to provide optimizing solutions by azimuth. Planning for GSM Coverage for Punjab Circle. Involved in a special project for Data throughput increase in EDGE and GPRS and also to improve Data KPI’s. plan for Gb Link to SGSN to support for GPRS and EDGE requirements. Responsible for all RF surveys for coverage as well as capacity sites Drive test and optimization of new as well as existing sites. study for A-bis interface resource. thus identifying for the potential areas for the network growth along with the Marketing and Sales team. RF Surveys of all sites of Punjab network. follow GIS based approach using Census data through MapInfo Queries. Design for data requirements. To see for future requirement of Optical Fiber and STMs based on network growth. Providing all site database to OMCR regarding new site integration. PN Offset Planning and Neighbor List Planning. For Huawei CDMA 2001x Project: RF Coverage and Capacity planning for whole Punjab network. Plan for new BSCs which are required for Microwave connectivity. Commissioning and Integration of the BTS. Drive Test and Optimization based on the Post Processing of drive test data. Hutchison Essar: Worked as Network Planning Engineer with Hutchison Essar South Ltd (now Vodafone) from July 2005 to Dec 2006. Spectrum Clearance Test for whole Punjab. Mohali as GET from 01 June 2004 till June 2005. power control.. Providing all possible troubleshooting of WLL faults to all regions either by visiting the affected site or by helping through central OMP. Analysis of RF reports on daily basis and accordingly to plan for any change in the network. Analysis for A interface resource. Frequency planning for all the sites which includes the BSIC as well as HSN assignment. Primary responsibilities: Site Planning for RF coverage as well as sites for capacity addition. and timing advance. Network Swapping from Lucent to Huawei. Plan for necessary capacity in case when customer has to launch some new market plans thus expecting in increase in Erlangs. For Lucent Network: Operation & maintenance of all cell sites & provide central backend support for CDMA Cell sites (Modecll-2 and Modcell 3) and Application Processors (Lucent) for Punjab and Chandigarh from central OMP. Notable Highlights Received Best Performer of the year – 2010 in Nokia Siemens Networks . thus planning for new Transcoders based on running Erlangs and utilization of the BSCs.Dimensioning for future rollout as per customer’s targets and thus finalizing the BOQ for the ordering of the necessary hardware ranging from BSC ordering. GIS Analysis. LAC Planning and BSC boundary planning so as to ensure paging success rate under good range. VSWR measurements and cable loss measurements using Site master Power Calibration of the BTS using Power meter. To BSC utilizations under check and also plan for necessary sites migrations from one BSC to other BSC’s. different types of BTS ordering and also antenna ordering. thus planning for new BSCs for new sites as well as for the traffic requirement of the existing ones. which includes RF.

English and Hindi References: Available on request Date: 29-April-2012 Place: New Delhi. India (NISHANT KAYASTHA) . CBSE Board 70% 72% 70% PERSONAL DOSSIER Date of Birth : Sex : Marital Status: Passport Number: 02April1982 Male Married G9236522 Languages known: Spoken. (Electronics and Telecom Engg).English. Germany. Kangra (H. India. SCHOLASTICS Pursuing MBA in Sales and Marketing from Symbiosis Management Institute 2000-2004 B.C DAV College Kangra . North Maharashtra University (Third topper) 1999 1997 H. Hindi and Punjabi Written. Received training for Radio Network Planning and Optimization from HUAWEI Technologies in Shenzhen.P) during June 2003.E. which helped me to understand the basics of telecommunication especially switching and operation of GSM networks. Received training for Radio Network Planning and Optimization and Network Core Planning from Ericsson. Gurgaon. Received practical training at BSNL exchange.S. Mohali in Network & Surveillance Dept.C S.Received Bravo and Platinum awards in Infosys Technologies Awarded with ‘I Made a Difference’ award in Hutchison Essar Received many appreciations from customers and senior management Led many opportunities from concept phase to actual sales TRAINING SCHEDULES Received training from Ericsson on LTE Radio network planning and initial tuning from Ericsson Academy.S. Received training on LTE (FDD and TDD) from Nokia Siemens Networks Academy at Munich. HP Board GAV Public School. where made extensive study on the Operation & Maintenance and Switching of CDMA networks. Underwent on the Job training at HFCL Infotel Ltd. China in the month of April 2005.

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