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Parshat Vayeishev December 20, 2008 23 Kislev, 5769


A Weekly Discussion about the Fundamentals of Jewish Prayer By Rabbi Brahm Weinberg – Rabbinic Intern
Artscroll, 198
Hertz, 141 This inspiring article level of kavana would be to Tosafot (Brachot 13a), think
about tefillah is also be focused on the that shma is no different than
Haftorah sponsored by David and meaning of the mitzvah. any other mitzvah and simply
Artscroll, 1142 Diane Rein in memory of The Shulchan requires a recognition that you
Hertz, 152 Diane’s mother, Aruch, the Code of Jewish are reading it to fulfill your
Mevorchim Chodesh Helene M. Fink z”l. Law rules that in regard to Torah obligation.
Tevet, Molad 12/27 most mitzvoth of the Torah The Rashba, Rabbi
4:10:16 pm Issue # 25 – Kriat Shma we must have just the very Solomon ben Aderet, as well
Rosh Chodesh (Part V) basic level of kavana to as other students of Rabbenu
Shabbat & Sunday
fulfill our obligation. In Yona (Brachot 13a) were
In last week’s contrast, for the first two probably the first to explicitly
Tefilla Digest article we lines of the shma, we are put forth such an argument for
Candle lighting 4:11 pm began to discuss the very required to not only recite it dual kavana in the 13th century
Mincha 4:15 pm important idea of with the intent to fulfill our in Spain although it is possible
“mitzvoth tzrichot mitzvah but also to have an that the Rambam holds like
Hashkama 8:00 am
Minyan kavana” of the intention even greater level of kavana this as well.
or kavana necessary which is not required in They single out the
Parsha Shiur 8:30 am
when performing Torah other realms: One must be shma as a unique mitzvah that
Youth 8:30 am commandments. aware that through the requires a greater level of
Main Minyan 9:00 am We explained declaration of the shma we concentration and kavana in
Beit Midrash 9:15 am that there are two levels are accepting upon ourselves order to be fulfilled. The
of kavana that a person the yoke of Heaven – recitation of the shma requires
Gemorah Shiur 3:30 pm
could have when kabalat ol malchut an unqualified surrender to G-
Mincha 4:05 pm performing a mitzvah: shamayim. One must say the d as a higher power and
Shabbat Ends 5:20 pm The most basic level of words of the shma declaring recognition that G-d is the
Sunday, 7:30 am
kavana would be for us G-d to be the King with an Master of the Universe.
December 21 8:30 am have the intent to understanding of what it is The source of this
perform the mitzvah act that you are saying and what argument between the
Mon. thru Fri. 6:35 am
Chanukah in order to fulfill our it means to you (SA 63). Medieval commentators is an
obligation towards G-d The earlier ambiguous statement of the
Second Shacharit
Minyan (Daily) 7:45 am
without having any idea commentaries do not all Gemara in Brachot (13a)
what the mitzvah is all agree with this notion of the which discusses a fascinating
Mincha (week of 4:20 pm about, or what feelings dual kavana required for the real-life situation: The Mishna
December 21 )
and thoughts it is meant reading of the shma. Some, says that if a person was
Late Ma’ariv 8:15 pm to evoke. The greater such as Rashi and the reading the words of the Torah
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Mincha 4:20 pm
Evelyn Stein laws of chanukah
26 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, NY 11023 (516) 487-6100 Shabbat Announcements, Vayieishev 5769

and happened to get up to the section of the shma reasons we cannot always understand, G-d simply wants
right around the time of day when the mitzvah to that act to be performed regardless of what kinds of
recite the shma kicked in (either just after sunrise in emotions it evokes within you. As long as you do what
the morning or just after dark at night), if the person you are supposed to, and you do it for the sake of
“directed his heart to read” then the person fulfilled fulfilling the mitzvah, you have fulfilled your obligation.
the requirement to read the shma. The Talmud Subjective mitzvoth are ones whose purpose is to
concludes, based on this statement of the Mishna, that reach an internal feeling. G-d commands us to feel
mitzvoth require some level of intention, kavana. something, to experience something, to think something,
What the Talmud is essentially saying is that to transform our inner beings in some way. These
even if a person were reciting the actual words of the mitzvoth have two components to them: They have the
shma at the exact right time of day that person would ultimate and essential aspect of the inner feeling, but they
still not be fulfilling the mitzvah unless the person also have the external performance like any other
knew what he or she was doing, unless he or she had objective mitzvah. The Torah understood that it is hard
his or her “heart directed to read,” unless he or she to just pop in to an emotional sate and so it gave us some
had kavana the mitzvah would not be fulfilled even help. The Torah attached a physical act to these mitzvoth
though the act of reading the words was performed. in order to help us reach the emotional state and in order
It is hard to know what “directs his heart to to concretize the mitzvah in some way.
read” means: Does it mean that the person intended The shma and tefilla (the amidah prayer) are
to read it in order to fulfill the mitzvah, or does it some of the only mitzvoth that belong to the subjective
mean that through reciting the words he or she was category. The purpose of the shma is really to reach the
focusing on G-d and the meaning of the mitzvah? inner feeling or intellectual realization of “kabbalat ol
As we mentioned earlier, the law seems to malchut shamayim” of accepting G-d as the King (this
side with those who read the Gemara as saying that concept will be explained further in next week’s Tefilla
“directs his heart to read” implies a greater level of article). Thus, the act itself of reading the shma is really
kavana necessary for the shma. secondary. The real fulfillment of the mitzvah happens
We must ask a very basic question: Why is it when you reach that inner state of being.
that, according to this interpretation, the shma Thus, it follows that with regard to the mitzvah
requires more kavana than other mitzvoth? of the shma it would be impossible to fulfill the mitzvah
While there are many interesting answers to with the basic level of kavana required by other mitzvoth.
this question, I would like to begin with the If all you did was read the words of the shma for the sake
explanation put forward by Rabbi Joseph B. of fulfilling the mitzvah you would have never really
Soloveitchik, known as “The Rav.” reached the essence of the mitzvah. You would have
The Rav explains (This theory of his is quoted performed the act of the mitzvah, the concretization of
in many different places because it is a principle that the mitzvah, the first step of the mitzvah, but not the
he seems to have used in many contexts. For the mitzvah itself.
purposes of this article I will be referring to Worship Therefore you are required to have the added
of the Heart) that there are two types of mitzvoth that kavana of focusing on G-d and the meaning of accepting
exist in the Torah: Subjective mitzvoth and Objective His rule and His kingship so that you reach that inner
mitzvoth. feeling and understanding which is the true fulfillment of
Objective mitzvoth are ones whose purpose is this unique mitzvah of shma.
simply to perform an act. Once you have done the act
then objectively you have fulfilled the mitzvah. For Thought to Ponder
Great Neck Synagogue
26 Old Mill Road, Great Neck, New York 11023
Begin thinking about what “kabbalat ol malchut
516-487-6100 shamayim” “accepting the yoke of Heaven” is all about.
In next week’s Tefilla Digest article we will go in to
Dale Polakoff, Rabbi
greater detail about what that means.
Shalom Axelrod, Assistant Rabbi
Brahm Weinberg, Rabbinic Intern
Dr. Ephraim Wolf ,z”l, Rabbi Emeritus
Zeev Kron, Cantor
Eleazer Schulman, z”l, Cantor Emeritus
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