$SSOHV New \ork continues to
pack light ·olume in McIntosh, Lmpires,
Rome`s, and Red Delicious. All ·arieties are
steady to higher with smaller íruit being
the shortest as New \ork is almost Fnished
packing. \ashington Red Delicious
continues to peak on 88,100`s and ha·e
higher color. Lower grade red apple
a·ailability will be tight and the market is
stronger. Golden Delicious are also peaking
on 88,100`s and the higher grades. Lower
grade Golden a·ailability is also down.
Granny-Smiths are peaking on the higher
grades and the 88,100`s as well. Lower
grade Granny-Smiths are also ·ery limited.
Galas are peaking on 88`s and smaller and
the higher grades but remain ·ery limited.
luji`s are ·ery limited right now and the
market is higher on all sizes. Cameos, Pink
Lady`s, Jonagolds, Braeburns and the other
·arietals are Fnished íor the season.
$VSDUDJXV 1his market is
acti·e. Supplies out oí Mexico are ·ery
light. Production írom Peru shows light
a·ailability as well. Domestic grass is
being har·ested in the BakersFeld region.
Demand exceeds supplies. \ith the
Mother`s Day pull occurring this week,
expect supplies to be ·ery tight throughout
the week.
$YRFDGR Great demand
continues to dri·e the a·ocado market.
Mexican supplies are decent, and growers
limiting har·est to spread their har·est
through the springtime. Maturity and na·or
are excellent. Caliíornia íruit har·est
continues at a steady pace with impro·ing
maturity, na·or and oil content.
Green bell market is unsettled, continuing
light supplies oí íancy large sized green
bell pepper keeping that market higher.
Adequate supplies on choice and small
íruit. Some growers winding down
on production as older Felds play out.
Colored bell pricing is ·ery unsettled.
Lxtreme Demand exceeds on all colored
bells markets lighter supplies and will
continue until other districts in Baja
Caliíornia begin to come online. Nogales
will continue to with colored bells but,
supplies are gradually becoming lighter
as some growers wind down. (DVWHUQ
\ith rain persisting in much oí
llorida o·er the weekend, pepper will
start to tighten up again o·er the next
se·eral days. Georgia is still 2-3 weeks
írom har·esting so look íor pepper to be
limited in a·ailability until then. lowe·er,
with the market out west remaining low,
demand should be oíí, keeping prices
írom becoming too high.
%URFFROL 1his market is steady.
Supplies continue to be ample out oí
Salinas and Santa Maria. Most shippers
continue to make oííers on large size
orders so promote as much as possible.
Demand is expected to pick up at the end
oí the week, but íor now, this market is
&DXOLÁRZHU 1his market is
steady. 1he main sizing is coming in the nine
counts. Good weather condition has allowed
pricing to be ·ery competiti·e. Lxpect pricing
to be ·ery competiti·e throughout the week.
Demand continues to be on the light side.
&HOHU\ 1his market is a little
stronger. Supplies ha·e become lighter
on large sizing, particularly in the 18s and
24 sizes. Many suppliers continue to deal
with seeder, and yields are down. Supplies
continue to ·ary amongst diííerent suppliers
and this has created a pricing gap oí two
to three dollars. Oxnard is the main area oí
production on this commodity. Santa Maria
also has light production.
&LWUXV/HPRQV Central Valley crop is
done with their har·est and the Ventura crop
har·est is going at íull production. Demand
is exceeding supplies on 140 and smaller.
2UDQJHV 1he Na·els production and
supplies are light. lar·est has not caught
up with demand yet írom rains a week ago.
Size cur·e is peaking on 56`s, ¯2`s. Smaller
sizes, 88`s, 113`s, 138`s are demand exceed on
supplies. 1here are a íew Valencia oranges
being packed, but ·ery limited on them.
/HWWXFH/HDI 1he leaí market
is steady. Demand o·erall is light to start
the week. Romaine hearts are not cupping
properly and yields are down with all
suppliers. 1here is Lpidermal Peel and Blister
showing up in romaine, red leaí, and green
leaí due to past cold temperatures. Green
leaí is the lightest in a·ailability oí all the
May 3rd, 2012
leaí items. Supplies out oí Santa Maria
are expected to be light in a·ailability
throughout this week,FHEHUJ 1he
lettuce market has soítened. Supplies ha·e
increased partly due to a lack oí demand to
begin the week. Lettuce carton weights are
a·eraging 34-38 4s in Salinas depending on
the supplier. Santa Maria has production
also a·ailable, with weights similar to
Salinas`s lettuce. Good weather has allowed
better a·ailability oí this commodity. 1he
holiday pull should begin by 1hursday or
lriday oí this week.
American melons are Fnishing up quickly
there will be some hit and miss a·ailability
in llorida íor another week or two.
Mexican íruit is crossing into Nogales in
a light way with good quality. +RQH\GHZ

Oííshore dews are Fnishing up in
llorida will limited a·ailability. Mexican
íruit continues to cross o·er into Nogales
will íair quality íruit.
2QLRQV Idaho,Oregon &
\ashington are still shipping a íew yellows
but only light ·olume as most suppliers are
Fnishing up. Colossal and larger yellows
remain limited in the northwest. 1he
quality oí the northwest yellows coming
írom cold-storage has been good. 1exas
yellows are steady and most packers are
still hea·y to mediums and jumbos. Larger
yellows are limited in 1exas but supplies
will impro·e by the end oí the week.
Some 1exas suppliers will transition to the
\inter-garden area this week. Caliíornia
yellows are also starting oíí small but they
will ha·e better size by lriday. Red onions
are tight in all districts! 1he northwest still
has a íew but they are almost Fnished.
1exas has some reds but they are still
packing more mediums and are limited
and stronger on jumbos. Caliíornia light
·olume oí reds and they also ha·e more
mediums than jumbos. \hite onions are
steady to higher in all districts due to light
3RWDWRHV 1he Idaho market
continues to sag due to light demand.
Many suppliers are Fnishing their
norkotahs this week though so expect a
slightly smaller size proFle. Number-two`s
are steady due to stronger demand. Idaho
is still peaking on 80,90,100 counts.
\ashington potatoes are also steady
to lower and they are still peaking on
80`s. Some \ashington shippers are still
oííering ·olume discounts on cartons.
Colorado cartons are steady to lower as
well. Colorado`s peak size ,s, has ·aried
by lot and shipper. 1he russet quality has
been excellent in all areas. BakersFeld
is packing all colors oí new-crop desert
potatoes and they ha·e good supplies
a·ailable. North Dakota is Fnished packing
íor the season. Idaho is still packing a íew
storage reds and golds and they continue
to peak on A-size but their supplies is
also limited. llorida continues packing all
colors and the market is higher on most
sizes and ·arieties. Most llorida packers
are still hea·y to A-size in all colors and
are limited on B`s and smaller.
market on mature greens has more
or less completed the transition írom
Immokalee,Naples to the Palmetto,
Ruskin district in llorida, and ·olume
írom this new area is gearing up. Quality is
excellent and prices are low. lowe·er, the
crop is at least 2 weeks ahead oí schedule,
which could portend an end to this deal
by mid-to-late May, which could cause an
interesting situation ií the next district to
start-Quincy,1allahassee, lL-is not
ready to begin. Look íor strengthening
markets starting in early-to-mid May.
:HVWHUQ Quality is still íairly good
on Roma and round tomatoes shipping
out oí McAllen, 1X and Nogales, AZ,
thus these areas are still able to distribute
to most areas west oí the Mississippi Ri·er
on a regular basis and keep their toehold in
the market. L·en though prices ha·e not
inched much abo·e the minimum, look
íor ·olume to remain steady íor a couple
weeks yet, then start to dwindle starting in
early May.

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