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La Casa y el Mobiliario

Cuaderno de ejercicios

Encontrar las respuestas en la pgina 26.


Llene los espacios en blanco.

Kara My name's Kara.

Melanie Nice to meet Kara Nice to meet you, Are Melanie Kara Who

. My name

studying English?

, 1 studied English last semester.

your teacher?

Melanie Mr. Barton. Kara Melanie Yes, he he a good teacher?

1 thought he was a very good teacher.

Kara Melanie Yes, 1 Kara Melanie Yes. 1 did. 1 to the radio in English. 1 Kara You you learn a lot?

. 1 practiced a lot.
you practice every day? TV and the newspaper in English! a good student.

Melanie Sometimes. Sometimes, 1 played with my friends al1 day or Kara That sounds like me! on the phone al1 night.

n Final 5

Llene el crculo correspondiente a la respuesta correcta.

1. O O O O O She -her sister on Sunday. a) calling b) didn't c) to call d) didn't to call e) didn't call

2. We soccer last Saturday afiernoon. 0 a) P I ~ Y O b) played O c) plays O d) did not O e) did 3. O O O O O


6. Do they play soccer 3:00 or 4:00? O a) when O b) or O c) at O d) from O e) any

7. He -to school this morning. O a) to run O b) run O c) walking O d) didn't O e ) ran

11. There's - talking in the bedroom. O a) anyone O b) someone O c) something O d) nothing O e) nowhere 12. Are there - cookies in the bag? O a) any O b) one O c) anything O d) something O e)a 13. My apartment is close to school so it's very O a) small O b) convenient O c) old O d) efficiency O e) rainy 14.1 BD/l BAIJUrn O a) one bedroom, one bathroom, furnished O b) parking included O c) no kitchen or dining room O d) one bedroom, one bathroom, no furniture O e) one bed, one bathtub, furniture 15. An apartment without a separate bedroom is called O a) some studio O b) a townhouse O c) some efficiency O d) a studio apartment O e) the yard

b) Who c) What d) Did e) Does

you te11 your daughter a story?

4. O O O O O

She is very sick a) tomorrow b) yesterday c) last night d) today e) at 8:00

8. They have a beautzful sofa in their O a) bathrooms O b) living room O c) bathroom O d) kitchen O e) yard
9. She -dinner every night in the dining room. O a) watches O b) cooks O c) eats O d) buys O e) was

5. We usually eat lunch noon until 12:30. O a) when O b) or O c) from O d) to O e) until

10.Please put the - in the bathroom. O a) bedroom O b) night stand O c) studio O d) towels O e ) coffee table

5 La Casa y el Mobiliario
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