PGDM (2nd Semester




Q1. Define Marketing? Q2. Positioning? Q3. Segmentation? Q4. What is Marketing Mix? Q5. What is Brand? Q6. Marketing Intelligence System? Q7. Define Marketing Management? Q8. Marketing Research System? Q9. Packaging? Q10. Penetration Price? Q11. Push strategy? Q12. What is SBU? Q13. Meaning of SWOT? Q14. What is advertising? Q15. What is marketing Myopia? Q16. Pull Strategy? Q17. E-Commerce?

Meaning of Exchange? Q28. By Product Pricing? Q34. Functions of Marketing Management? . Objectives of Marketing? Q26. Societal Marketing Concept? Q29. Features of Services? Q30. Component of Marketing Information System? Q40. Relationship Marketing? Q19. Functions of Wholesalers? Q41. Mega Marketing? Q23. Differentiate b/w marketing and selling? Q20. Strategic Planning? Q22. What is Marketing Information System? Q25. Penetration pricing? Q35. Personal selling? Q32. Product concept? Q27. Production Concept? Q37. What is Marketing Planning? Q21.Q18. Objectives of Advertising? Q31. Product Life Cycle? Q38. Brand Locality? Q36. What is Consumer Behavior? Q24. Target Market? Q33. Function of Retailers? Q42. Reference Group? Q39.

Counter-Marketing? Q46. Define Services? Q48. Sales Promotion? Q56. Psychological Pricing? Q52. What is the scope for Finance Management? . Product Diversification? Q49. Public Relation? Q60. What is marketing channel? Q53. Objectives of packaging? Q50. Features of Services? FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (PGDM-202) Q1. Demerits of Personal Selling? Q59. Differentiate between Advertising and Publicity? Q57. Merits of Personal Selling? Q58.Q43. Benefits of Market Segmentation? Q44. What is Marketing Environment? Q45. Differentiate between services and goods? Q47. Elements of Promotional Mix? Q54. price Skimming Approach? Q51. Merits of Advertising? Q55. What do you mean by financial decisions? Q2.

B. What is term financing? . What do you mean by capital rationing decisions? Q10. Process? Q5. What is the need of ploughing back of profits? Q23. Write different steps of C. Define Payback period method? Q7. Name the various types of preference shares? Q20. disadvantages of payback period method? Q13. Write a short note on No Par Stock? Q18. What do you by Self-financing? Q24.? Q6. What do you understand by retained earnings? Q22.B. Define IRR? Q9. Difference between NPV and IRR? Q14. Distinguish between a share and a debenture? Q19. Define Accept. Give any three advantages of Public deposits? Q26. Define Net present value method? Q8.? Q4. Write a short note on Convertible debentures? Q21. Advantages of Payback period method. Reject decisions? Q11. Define mutually exclusive project decisions? Q12.Q3. Write a short note on the nature of public deposits in the corporate sector? Q25. Give advantages of Preference shares as a Source of finance? Q17. Name various methods of C. What are two forms of corporate securities? Q15. What is capital budgeting? What is importance for C. What are the characteristics of equality shares? Q16.B.

Q27. Write a short note on the importance of Capital Structure? Q36. Name various factors influencing the size of receivables? Q47. What is cash budget? Q44. What are cash inflows? Q43. Write a very short note on leasing versus hire purchase? Q33. Write a short note on lease financing? Q30. Name various theories of Capital Structure? Q38. What is the nature of Cash? Q41. Compare operating lease with financial lease? Q31. Give 3 objectives of holding inventories? . What is venture capital? Q29. What is sale and lease back? Q34. What do you mean by inventatory? Q50. Discuss the need of specified financial institutions? Q28. Write a note on factoring? Q49. What are the essentials of sound Capital Mix? Q39. What is Capital gearing? Q40. What do you mean by receivable? Q46. Distinguish between a deposit float and bank float? Q45. What is aging Schedule? Q48. Define Capital Structure? Q35. What is direct leasing? Q32. What is Optimal Capital Structure? Q37. Name various motives for holding cash? Q42.

What is financial leverage? Q60. Define Operations Management? Q2. What is comprite cost? Q56. Define job shop type of manufacturing system? Q11. Define process design? Q9. Define Product Life Cycle? Q6. What are the various phases in the product development process? Q7. Define product design? Q4. Name various tools of inventatory management? Q52. Define continuous process? Q10. What is VED analysis? Q55. What are the various characteristics of a good design? Q5.Explain danger level of inventories? Q53. What are the various product development techniques? Q8. What are the limitations of financial leverage? PRODUCTION AND MATERIAL MANAGEMENT (PGDM-204) Q1.Q51. What are the various functions of Operations Management? Q3. Write a short note on cost of retained earnings? Q58. What is computer-aided design? . What is concurrent engineering? Q12. Name various method of computing cost of equities? Q57.

Define production planning and control? Q31. Explain the various types of capacity? Q30. List the advantages of a plant layout? Q22. Define productivity? Q35. What are the various factors affecting plant location? Q19. Define product layout? Q25. Explain the process of capacity planning? Q29. What do you mean by facility layout? Q21. What are the various types of layout? Q23. What are the main factors that affect capacity planning? Q28. Explain in detail the process layout? Q24. Explain the concept of work study? Q34. What are the various techniques of location analysis? Q20. Discuss the importance of facility location? Q17. What is project production? Q16. Define product-process mix? Q15. What are the main functions of production planning and control? Q33. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of an urban site? Q18. Explain in detail the project layout? Q26. What are the duties of production manager? Q14. List the various objectives of method study? .Q13. What are the various objectives of production planning and control? Q32. Define capacity planning? Q27.

What do you mean by Hybrid Topology? 28. What do you mean by Tree Topology? 25. What do you mean by Ring Topology? 24. 10. 16. Computers in Scientific use. 41. Explain the various features of Tree Topology? 32. What do mean by Files? Information technology. Explain the disadvantages of Tree Topology? 38. 19. Information Systems. 6. Explain the disadvantages of Ring Topology? 36. Computer Networks. Protocols. What are the various types of Network Topologies? 22. What do you mean by Star Topology? 23. IP addresses. Explain the disadvantages of Star Topology? 35. Explain the features on MS-Access. 3. Application of IT in Education. 42. 8. Explain the various features of Ring Topology? 30.MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS (PGDM-205) 1. 12. Explain the disadvantages of Bus Topology? 37. Explain the various features of Mesh Topology? 33. 13. What do you mean by Bus Topology? 26. How can you add data in a table in MS-Access? What do mean by database? Explain the meaning of Tables. Electronic Web. Explain the various features of hybrid Topology? 34. 21. What do you mean by Mesh Topology? 27. Group Communication. Explain the various features of Bus Topology? 31. 18. 14. What is networking? . Network Applications. 9. 5. Explain the various features of Star Topology? 29. Explain the disadvantages of Hybrid Topology? 40. Explain the disadvantages of Mesh Topology? 39. Uses of Computers in Education. 17. Ethernet. Software and data. Features of Reports. 7. What are the various types of Networks? 20. 2. 4. 11. Fields and Data types? Reports. 15. Meaning of Communication.

52. Why do we maintain Networking in Systems? 51. 56. Distinguish between Star and Ring Topology. What are Human Resources? Q8. Define HRM? Q2. Recruitment? Q9. Distinguish between Star and Mesh Topology. Strategic role of HRM? Q4. 50. 44. Range of Computer Applications in Decision Support Systems. 46. How is HRM different from PM? Q7. Range of Computer Applications in Inventory. Personnel Policies? Q5. Decision Support Systems.43. 58. TCP/IP. Distinguish between Save and Save As. Operative functions of HRM? Q6. 49. 57. 54. FAX. Information Services. 48. Meaning of Forms in MS-Access. 55. Range of Computer Applications in Railways. 59. Distinguish between Star and Tree Topology. 53. Distinguish between Bus and Ring Topology. HRM Vs HRD? Q3. Socialization of employees? . 45. Range of Computer Applications in Weather Forecasting. Distinguish between Tree and Ring Topology. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (PGDM-203) Q1. Distinguish between Hybrid and Ring Topology. Uses of Computers in Maths. Selection? Q10. 47. 60.

What is Job Description and Job Specification? Q13. Knowledge Workers? Q32. Role of HRM as change agent? Q18. Sensitivity Training . Define Job Analysis? Q12. What is outsourcing? Q14. Learning Organizations? Q31. Define Downsizing? Q15. Assesment Center? Q26. Source of Recruitment? Q19. What are Exit Interviews? Q28. What is Human resource planning? Q17. Who is Whistle Blower? Q24.Q11. Job Enrichment Vs Job enlargement? Q33. What is Attrition? Q23. Training Vs Development? Q30. What is Job Rotation? Q34. Placement and Induction? Q22. Application Bank? Q27. What is halo Effect? Q25. Importance of HRM? Q16. What is Panel Interview? Q29. Transfer and Promotion? Q20. Discharge and Dismissal? Q21.

What is BARS? Q44. 360 degree Feedback system? Q42. What is HIRS? Q50.Q35. Performance Appraisal? Q41. Potential Appraisal? Q43. What are ESOPs? Q47. Minimum Wage $ Living Wage? Q45. Define Plateauing? Q39. What is Glass Ceiling? . What is a Career Planning and Career Counseling? Q37. Job Evaluation? Q40. What is a Career? Q36. Quality of Work Life? Q48. Human Resource Accounting? Q51. Quality Circles? Q49. What is Empowerment? Q53. What is Burnout? Q54. What is Mentoring? Q55. Head Hunters? Q56. What is a Succession Planning? Q38. What are Fringe Benefits? Q46. What is Collective Bargaining? Q57. Human Resource Audit? Q52. Workers Participation? Q58.

What is Articles of Association? Q14. What is the difference between public and private company? Q8. What are the privileges given to the private company? Q7. What is Offshoring? Q60. What is the difference between share warrant and share certificate? Q20. Give any 4 features of a Company? Q3. What do you mean by prospectus? Q16. What do you mean by share warrant? Q19. What is capital clause? Q13. CORPORATE AND LEGAL ENVIRONMENT (PGDM-206) Q1. What are the types of shares? Q17. What is the difference between company and partnership? Q5. What are the kinds of companies? Q6. Define Company? Q2. What is Annual General Meeting? . What are the foreign companies? Q9. What is the liability of a promoter towards the company? Q11. What do you mean by separate legal entity? Q4.Q59. What is a share certificate? Q18. What is the meaning of Memorandum of Association? Q12. Job Satisfaction. Who is a promoter? Q10. What is the difference between Memorandum and Articles of Association? Q15.

What are the objects of Security and Exchange? Q30.Q21. What are the objects of Central Consumer Protection Council? Q34. List of 8 functions of SEBI? Q31. What are the objects of State Consumer Protection Council? Q35. Define appropriate laboratory? Q26. What are the objectives of Consumer Protection Act 1986? Q25. What is Doctrine of ultra vires? Q33. What are the duties of the Director? Q38. What is certificate of incorporation? Q32. What are the requisites of valid meeting? Q24. What are the modes of winding up? Q44. What are the various kinds of meetings? Q28. What are the kinds of Share Capital? Q42. What is the difference between stock/shares/? Q36. What are the kind of resolutions? Q39. What are class meetings? Q23. What are the various kinds of preference shares? Q37. What are the duties of the chairman in the company? Q29. What is statutory meeting? . What do you mean by winding up? Q40. Define meetings? Q27. What is defunct Company? Q41. What is Extraordinary General Meeting? Q22. What are Sweat Equity Shares? Q43.

What are the documents to be filled with registrar? Q51. What is the legal effect of articles of Association betweena) b) Members and the company. What is the difference between transfer of share and transmission of share? Q58. In what circumstances can a company reduce its share capital? Q57. What are the contents of memorandum? Q50. How are the meetings classified? Q60. Members inter-se Q55. When and how the Memorandum of Association can be altered? Q54. State the comparison between members and creditors voluntary winding up? .” Do you agree with this definition of a company? Q52. Write a note on one man company? Q53. What are holding and subsidiary companies? Q49. What are the government companies? Q47. What are bonus shares? Q59.Q45. “ A company is an artificial person created by law with a perceptual and a common seal. What do you understand by “Rule of Golden legacy”? Q56. What are the objects of National Protection Council? Q46.

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