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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Preview

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is the story of an 'odd' couple played by 'Shahrukh Khan' and
'Anushka Sharma' who find true love in the backdrop of a dance competition called
"Dancing Jodi".

Surinder Sahni (Shahrukh Khan) , a man working for Punjab Power, who falls in love
with Taani (Anushka Sharma) the flamboyant, fun-loving, vivacious girl for whom
the whole world is her canvas and she paints her own life with the colours of
rainbow all until unforeseen circumstances changes it all and brings them

They get married and lead a not-so happy life due to huge age difference between
Surinder and Taani. Taani, meanwhile, wants to participate in a reality dance show
called "Dancing Jodi," which is the main backdrop of the movie. The dance contest
showcases couples of all races, colours, backgrounds and sexual preferences. Taani
wants to take part for the show, but she is not able to due to her husband's lack
of fashion statement.

Later on when Surinder finds out about his wife's wish to participate in the
reality dance show, he undergoes a major change. Taani keeps falling in love with
her changed husband

‫' البطال حق الفلم‬Shahrukh Khan' and 'Anushka Sharma' ‫ و‬shahrukh khan ‫لعب دور‬

surinder sahni ‫ حصل حبه ف‬anshka sharma ‫ اللي لعبت دور‬Taani

‫ لن‬, ‫كانت بايه من البدايه‬. ‫ تزوجو وصارت من بينهم احداث حلوه‬Taani ‫ماتفكر انا تبه يعن‬

‫ بالعربي الب كان من طرف واحد اهيه كانت تب الرقص ونوع الرقص اسه‬Dancing Jodi ‫وهاي‬

‫ و‬. ‫ اللي الفلم يتكلم عنه يعن اثني يرقصون ويدشون ف مسابقه‬Taani ‫واهيه ماحبته ان يكون‬

‫وطريقة حياته تتلف عن حياتا‬. ‫ مع ريلها وترقص معاه لن ستايله مايساعد‬.

‫ ولن يبها فسوى الستحيل علشانا وقدر ان يدش معاها ف الرقص‬.

‫اشلون دش معاها ف الرقص مابقول‬

‫اللي يب يعرف شلون روحوا الست وشوفوه‬

‫ اغاني الفلم‬:
1. Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai

2. Haule Haule

3.Dance Pe Chance

4. Phir Milenge Chalte Chalte

5. Dancing Jodi

‫ُ اللي يب الغنيه كامله‬


‫ترى طلبيه سألوني عنها‬

‫فيديو‬+: ‫وهاي اغنية الفلم‬

Haule Haule