Wolfville School Science Fair 2012

Wolfville School’s library was overflowing with displays of creative scientific research and experiments during the 2012 Science Fair.

We were proud to have more than 70 students present over 50 projects at our annual Science Fair. Read on for the names of the participating students and their project ideas. Look to the end of the article for photos of just a few examples of their work.
(* indicates students who have been selected to represent Wolfville School at the AVRSB Regional Science Fair.)

Charlie Killam – PM Float or Sink? Connor Skjei – P1CG Film Canister Rocket Maya Vaz Gibson – P1CG Bubbles Rachel MacDonald – 2A What Do You See?

Lilla Stirling – PM Which Water Freezes First? Ellington Hughes – P/1 CG Rainbow Milk *Emma Knein – 1/2LA No Fridge! *Zoe Anderson Gillis – 3A Sinking or Floating

Larissa Wilks & Jane Ponikvar – 3B & 3A Wind Work Emma Rushton & Mackenna Laceby – 3B Let There Be Light Aidan Ravincroft – 3A Floating Eggs Anna Miller – 3B What Changes the Strength of a Magnet? Malvika Jha – 3B Float and Sink *Sydney Cummins – 3B Jelly Beans (Are Sight and Taste Related?) Jeremy McNeil & Dawson Oldham – 4M Power aid/coffee/water plant growth Lauren Rushton & Reece Laceby – 4B/5B In the Jungle the Cat Grass Jungle Jacob Rhude – 5B Camera Obscura Eve Miller & Anna Joy Aylward-Burgess – 5B Optical Illusions Lindsay Hogan – 5B Yeast Balloon Eloise Callaghan – 5B Stains *Kaela Biro & Nicole Grass – 5B/4B Fantastic Eco-plastic

Grace Law & Erin Webb – 3A Well Polished Matvey Semenenko – 3B Pop Rocks and Cola = Lethal Combination Alex MacDonald – 3B See It and Remember It Mae Ru Sanford – 3B Snack Time Ben Crouse – 3B What Can Stop Bacteria From Growing? Aiden Skjei – 3B How To Make Rock Candy Michelle Song – 4B Extracting Onion DNA Josh Cummins – 4B May the Force Be With You *Toby Gow & Carter Richard – 4B How the Cookie Crumbles Marley Oomen-White & Mia Fagan – 4B/4M Mould *Callan Colton – 5B Vampire Power Gabriel Shannon – 5B Potatoes *Arianna Young & Dayna Darton – 5M Plant Liquids

Kitara Benjamin – 5B Hot Air Balloon Timothy Estey & Timmy Schofield – 5M/4M Optical Illusion Rebecca Connors & Keltie Carey – 5M Liquid Layers Brandy Forrest & Emma He – 4M Water Filter *Trevor Townsend & Alex Ponikvar – 5M Ethylene Experiments *Shwetabh Jha – 5M Lurking Bacteria Caelum Benjamin – 4M Electricity Conductors Emma Fyfe & Lauren Kruszewski – 4M Opaque Nandita Suresh – 6L Closed Circuits Gabriel Ravenscroft – 6P Lightning

Lydia Wilks- 5B Crystal Growing *Jamie Smith & Ellie May O’Driscoll – 4B Rub-a-Dub-Dub Brandy Forrest & Emma He – 4M Water Filter Brian Young & Ronan St. Clair – 4M Optical Illusions – Penny in Water Keifer Brandt & Zack Young – 4M Sodium Reduced Taste *Anton Zamlynny – 5B Chips Olivia Camps-Dugas & Ella Fleming – 5M Water Filters Jayne Denton & Ben Fleckenstein – 4M Exercise and Heart Rate Justine Blatt-Janmatt & Christine Theriault – Are You Blind? 6L/6P

We have checked and double-checked to try and make sure that no student has been left off the list. If you know of a student whose name is missing, please let us know at the office. Thanks

Check out these examples of our students’ great work.

Congratulations to all students for your excellent work in the field of science!

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