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Basic Theory Layer of connective tissue derived from embryonic mesoderm with a few exceptions such as the connective tissue of the nervous system called neuroglia derived from embryonic ectoderm. Characteristic of the connective tissue are cellular components that have little if compared with its intracellular substance. Connective tissue or connective tissue responsible for providing and maintaining the body shape. Because it has a mechanical function. They consist of a matrix that serves to connect and bind to cells and organs and ultimately provide support to the body. In contrast to other tissues (epithelium, nerve and muscle). Serves mainly connective tissue cells via an extra component. In the connective tissue, fat tissue but marked by the number of cells exceeds the extra matrix cells. Extra-cell matrix varies, both the composition and physical properties. This variation was the cause of the presence of a large difference in consistency between the various connective tissue. Connective tissue fibers, which are made of protein, consisting of three types of fiber had collagen, elastic fibers, and reticular fibers. Had collagen fibers (collagenous fibers) made of collagen, which is probably the most abundant protein in the animal kingdom. Had collagen fibers are not elastic and does not tear easily when pulled follow in length. Elastic fibers (elastic fibers) is made of long strands of protein called elastic. Elastic fibers giving out a rubber-like properties that complement the strength of the collagen fibers had not elastic. Reticular fibers (reticular fibers) is very thin fibers and branching. Composed of collagen fibers connected to the air and collagen fibers form a tightly woven webbing that connects to the network of connective tissue next to them. Rawan tidak memiliki tidak memiliki darah dan saraf. Dikenal ada tiga jenis rawan, yaitu rawan hialin, rawan elastin, dan rawan serabut. Perbedaan ketiga jenis rawan tersebut terletak pada jenis dan jumlah serabut jaringan ikat yang terdapat di dalam matriksnya. Rawan hialin memiliki perikondrium. Rawan elastin dijumpai pada daun telinga, juga memiliki perikondrium. Pada rawan serabut tidak memiliki perikondrium. Tulang memiliki pembuluh darah dan saraf sendiri. Secara umum dikelompokkan menjadi dua yaitu tulang kompak dan tulang bunga karang. Pada tulang kompak, di sebelah luarnya diliputi oleh periosteum, dan di sebelah dalamnya oleh endosteum yang berbatasan dengan sum-sum tulang. Purpose This Practicum to observe the types of connective tissue. Work Procedures Observation Result Discussion Conclusion