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ON A Comparative study of customer satisfaction level regarding the LCD of LG and SONY in bareilly city

Under the Guidance of Mr .Mayank Sharma {Lecturer } Submitted By Dori Singh MBA IV Sem Roll No10016716

b. Company certificate
I Dori Singh here by declare that project Entitled Comparative Study Of Customer Satisafiction Level Regarding LCD LG and SONY In Bareilly City is the outcome of my research work. No part of this research has been submitted earlier to any institution or University for theaward of any other Degree/Diploma.The sources of material, data used in this study have been acknolowleged.Date: - 05/03/2012 Dori Singh (Researcher)Place: - Bareilly


It is indeed of great moment to pleasure to express my senses of per found gratitude & indebtness to all the people who have been instrumental in making my tanning a rich experience. I got the opportunity to do a challenging project in LG and SONY LCD in bareilly city The project is the important part of our study and gives us a real practical exposure to the corporate world and it is almost impossible to do the same without the guidance of peoples in and around us. Similarly while doing the topic the Comparative Study Customer Satisafction Level Regarding LCD LG And SONY as a dissertation trainee I took many my projects in help. It gives me immense pleasure to acknowledge LG ELECTRONICS INDIA Ltd., which has been nice enough to give me a chance to do my dissertation project providing me wonderful support through out my training period and afterward. DORI SINGH 1001670016 Rakshpal Bahadur Management Bareilly Roll.No.

I will take pleasure in declaring that the dissertation project work that is undertaken by me is an original and authentic work done by me. This dissertation project is being submitted by me for the partial fulfillment for award of Master in Business Administration from Bhubaneswar Institute of Management & Information Technology under BPUT. DORI SINGH ROLL.No. 1001670016


Executive summary

Indian Consumer durables market used to be dominated by few domestic players like godrej Voltas allwyn and kalvinater. But post liberalization much foreign company have entered into Indian market dethroning the Indian player and dominating Indian market the major categories in the market CTV, REFRIGRATOR, AIR CONDTIONERS AND WASHING MACHINE India being the second largest growing economy with huge consumer class has resulted in consumer durables as the fastest growing industries in India LG, SAMSUNG the two Korean companies has been maintaining the lead in the industries with LG being leader in almost all the categories. The rural market is growing faster than the urban market, although the penetration level is much lower .The CTV segment is expected to the largest contributing segment to the overall growth the industry. The rising income levels double-income families and consumer awareness are the main growth drivers of the industries. Consumer durables major LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd (LGEIL) will invest nearly Rs 500 crore in India this year in research and development, brand-building and other marketing initiatives. The company, having a turnover of Rs 9,500 crore and market share of 26 per cent, is investing Rs 360 crore on brand-building and other marketing initiatives and around Rs 140 crore on research and development, besides launching new platforms in information technology and related areas, LGs innovative 211 campaign to provide quality after-sales service, will also be expanded from the existing 22 to 40 cities by next month, The campaign, for which IT infrastructure has been set up, includes the companys response to customer complaint within two hours. The fixing time for complaints varies from one hour to a maximum of 24 hours.

Index/ Contents Chapter Number, Chapter Title and Page Numbers

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Introduction Chapter 1 Rationale of the study, sector profile in brief


b. Industry/ Sector Profile Chapter 2 Industry size, growth trends, majorplayers and their market shares, government support and policies etc.


c. Company and Product Profile Chapter 3


d. Literature Survey Chapter 4 project related literature relevant books, journals, articles etc


e. Objectives and Scope of the project (Elaborately) Chapter 5


f. Research Methodology Chapter 6


i. Objectives (briefly)


ii. Type of Research


iii. Sampling Universe, sample frame, sample unit, technique of


iv. Data Collection Techniques/ Tools


v. Analysis Techniques Statistical tools and techniques used


vi. Limitations


g. Data Analysis and Interpretation Chapter 7 Presentation of tables and graphs prepared from the data collected in the following order


i. Table


ii. Graph/ chart


iii. interpretation


h. Observations and findings Chapter 8


i. Conclusions Chapter 9


j. Suggestions/ Recommendations Chapter 10


a. References


b. Annexure Questionnaire, Documents/ Statements, List of contacts/ respondents


c. Glossary