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Issue 9 — Volume 10

NEWSLETTER December 18 2008

From the Principal’s Desk

As another year draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy break
but most importantly I would like to thank the community for the support they provide the teachers and
students of Reece High School. Education truly is a partnership and I feel as though we have achieved that goal
although it must always be at the front of our thinking.

2008 has been a fabulous year and we have achieved many great things winning including a number of very
significant awards and grants. They are important because they support us in all the extra things that we do
beyond the basics. They can make the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary.

I have included the Perfect Board for 2009 and would like to congratulation the successful candidates and wish
them well. I would especially like to congratulate Luis Fantarella and Chelsea Nichols who were elected head
prefects and in assembly today demonstrated why they were chosen for that role by their peers.

Glen Spencer Sophie Smith Matthew Thompson -Purton Kim Richards Joel Lawler
Bradie Leonard Chelsea Nicholls Tim Kariotis Jamie Hughes Caitlyn Walker
Trent Coleman Rhys Evans Luis Fantarella Aiden Stalker Alex Grant
Tama Rakei Marc Simonds Trystan Lehman Danielle Hooper Amy-Lee Baldock
Taylor Jackson Nikola Snell Abbie Smith Madeline Cole

This year, as with other years we have dealt with both the intended and the unintended. We can never predict
staff wellness, staff promotions and changing circumstances in people’s lives – we are a people business and that
means it is unpredictable. I would like to thank Josie Emery and Lara Watchman who replaced Ms Cukier. I
would also like to thank Mr. Garan Lewis who came for a very brief time when Mrs Brostrom was ill, covered
her LSL and returned again in term three. Mr Darren Moakes has been busy covering everyone’s class – LSL, SL,
ML whatever we needed. I would like to welcome Sarah Blenkhorn to our team. Sarah came as an intern,
provided relief for Mrs Lehman and will stay on with us in 2009. We must also farewell Mr David Cole who is
retiring from teaching after more than a decade at Reece and long career at The Don College. Mr Bird is taking
LSL at the beginning of 2009, Ms Knight is taking leave to travel and will return in 2010 and Mrs Van Essen is
already on maternity leave and Mrs Johnston who is soon to have her baby.

All the best and thank you one and all for the role you have played in making this a great school.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their support of Reece High School,
families for supporting their children and being part of education journey with us and the students who are this
community, who are the reason why we are here. Have a good break, reflect on 2008 and be very clear about
what you want and need to achieve in 2009. We can only provide the opportunities, you have to take them.
Thank you.
Mrs Vertigan’s Speech at Leaver’s Assembly
Every year I try to focus on something unique about the group that sits before me for the final time and trawl
through my memories to find special events, moments or something that will act as a trigger and become the
theme of this speech.

My attachment to this group is a little bit different to previous years because I am both a principal and a parent
and I am standing on the stage rather than sitting in the audience and that very special relationship has given me a
unique insight into many of the people in this grade. I have watched them grow from anxious and excitable
children who thought it was really funny to call out hello mum as I walked passed to very mature young adults
who are not afraid to express an opinion, take a chance or dare to be different and of course I am told, at home if
I happen to get it wrong.

So let’s focus in on the group, as you would have seen from the slideshow at the beginning they have grown, they
have developed style and they have a real presence. If we go back to grade 7 there were several students who did
not come from our feeder primary schools but it didn’t take Bob long to find a way to become known- he
somersaulted when ever he had a chance, Declan let out a very loud belch in music, Fletch appeared in grade 8
with a stunning Mohawk, Amy lost her plaits and changed her focus from hair to shoes, now Beck was tiny in
grade 7 and she is still tiny but is she a tower of strength, a great worker, more than capable of standing up for
herself. Mitch, our great mathematician, was often challenged by the way teachers taught maths, Mr. Armitstead
made him write down every step and Mrs Johnston said mathematicians write as little as possible because they
are lazy, even two weeks ago Mitch decided he would challenge Mrs J about the gradient in a maths problem,
Lesson learned Mitch is that it is never too late to learn the importance of making sure you read the question!
Along the way there are people who have moved on, like Corey, who loathed getting out of bed and every day I
would look out my window to see him trying to sneak into class, There were the girls who like to share each
other’s clothes but forgot to give them back and then world war 3 would erupt, thank goodness they are no
longer all the same size and then there were those students who could tell the tallest of tales. What about all
those boys who used to write wonderful love poems for Amelia and now it is the girls would write love poems to
Nick about his buffed body if they had the time afterall he is our resident iron man. Not only is this group very
academic, they are also very a sporty group - there is footy crew Brady and Sam who push themselves to the
max in sport and have more injuries than they have goals, the soccer crew, our great netballers and then there
was Jodie was never afraid to take on the boys in sport and from time to time was the winner. Of course there
are stories I should never tell and I won’t.. well not today anyway.

This group is unique because they are truly connected to each other, sure they have their spats but they always
support each other in their pursuit of excellence and achievement. They don’t chop down tall poppies rather they
provide the fertilizer for the poppies to grow taller. In the words of Mrs J they are champions, true champions in
sport, science, maths, music and creativity on a state, national and international level. They are ready for each
new challenge, they take every opportunity that is offered them and from that they grow. They are proud of each
other and they are proud of their school and community. In the last year they have helped to put Reece High
upfront and central in the minds of politicians, educators and community members…not by being flashy but by
using their voice, by being present., active participants not pedestrians.

Change and challenge have been a big part of their educational journey and although some people see change as a
bad thing, it is a fact of life in the 21st century, you can let it be done to you or you can take control and shape it
and that is exactly what this group has done. Through student voice and student leadership they have shaped the
present at Reece High, they have contributed to shaping our future and the future of students in other schools in
Tasmania, Australia and the world beyond. They understand the power of their contribution and the adage; don’t
talk about us without us!
I heard a parent express a concern that these students have been used as guinea pigs by the Department of
Education. I dispute that, I see them as trail blazers, resilient individuals ready to take on the world and if anyone
is the guinea pig in this story, it is us, as they practice what they learned, clarified what they believed and
challenged us to do it better in the nicest possible way. Each experience has given them strength and of all the
groups that have passed through Reece High since I became the principal I have absolutely no doubt that some of
these people, some of the names that we will remember long beyond this day, will be up in lights for great
achievements…as what and for what I can only guess. This group came together by chance, are friends by choice,
and leaders in the making.
Leavers Rap
Good time and bad times your life has just begun
Happiness and sadness your life has just begun

You rocked up in grade 7 feeling kind of shy. A guy like Addison Davis was only 3 foot
high. There’s a lot of you to talk about and I’ll do my best I try. In this song I’d make you
laugh and if you want to cry.

Will Rundle win the Brownlow? Declan I’m not so sure, he wants to be sponsored by
Titleist or designing ships from the shore.

There’s a few who like computers, blokes like Blake DEAN, but there’s Simpson,
Braden + Baldock who will chase the halo dream.

There’s a couple of chicks I call hotties that sometimes fill my dreams. Like Amelia,
Janna want a mention, but I am the rapper MC.

Good time and bad times your life has just begun
Happiness and sadness your life has just begun

Your high school days are over, future lies ahead; I might say something about you so
remember what I said.

Budgie won’t be president but Mitch Sutton might be. Turtles in the Olympics for
national futsal team.

We will still remember the naughty boys because once I was one of those, I’ll name a
few cause it will make you laugh,
Let’s see how this goes.
Tonka, Crowden, Woods, and can’t forget McCarthy. get a job, make some coin it will
be a bloody good to see.

Good time and bad times your life has just begun
Happiness and sadness your life has just begun

Stubbs rate his biceps and he can run a bit I a swear, I never thought Bec would have his
measure with her long golden hair
Bec likes to scrapbook and she won the school a prize, but stretch is simply a good
bloke of a completely different size

Karlee giggles a ridiculous amount like Hannah and plasticine, Amy French well she
loves a wig, like Annelise loves to sing.

Torren has been like a vampire draining all our blood, but she’s alright if I say myself,
but Bounds mo’ was a dud.

Alexiou, Allford, Ansell and the next is an Applebee,

Augostin, Auweema, Aylett and another 163.
Now I have given a few a mention, but this rapping ain’t easy
So I’ll take a rest to save some breath for the grand finale.

Good time and bad times your life has just begun
Happiness and sadness your life has just begun
Mitchell Sutton from Reece High School has been selected as a Finalist in the 2009
BHP Billiton Science Awards for his project The Thylacine’s Return?

The BHP Billiton Science Awards are Australia’s most prestigious student science
awards. They reward students who have undertaken practical research projects
which demonstrate innovative investigative approaches using scientific methods.

The BHP Billiton Science Awards are a partnership between BHP Billiton, the
world’s largest diversified resources company, CSIRO, Australia’s premier scientific
research organisation and the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA).

Entries of the highest standard were chosen by each state and territory and
forwarded for selection as finalists. This places Mitchell in the top 16 finalists in
Australia and in the running for one of the major awards.

As part of the prize Mitchell is invited to attend an all expenses paid BHP Billiton
Science Camp in Melbourne from 14-17 February 2009 run by CSIRO, and will also
attend the presentation Awards Ceremony on 17 February 2009 at the
Scienceworks Museum where the winners of the Student Awards will be

The sixteen finalists will receive cash prizes and the overall winner will receive
$2000 and the chance to compete in the International Science and Engineering Fair
in Reno, Nevada in the USA.

The School Improvement Board (North West)

Academic Achievement Award
Bryce Roney, Nick Bound, Victoria Jordan and Mitchell Sutton

These students who have received the Academic Achievement Award have reached
Standard 15 (the highest level) in Literacy , Numeracy and one other Curriculum
Grade 10 Leavers Awards

Presentation of Major Prizes

Dame Enid Lyons Memorial Award - Outstanding all-round achievement - Torren Woolley

Eric Reece Memorial Award - Outstanding all-round achievement - Addison Davis

City Of Devonport Lions Club Awards – Academic and sporting achievement and service to
the School - Nicholas Bound and Tamara Nicholls
School Association Awards – Best academic results - Victoria Jordan and Mitchell Sutton
Rex Batt Memorial Award – Achievement in studies and sport - Victoria Jordan
Tascot Carpets Award – Outstanding merit - Connor Lizotte
Peter Viney Leadership Award – Significant contribution to school leadership - Rebekkah
Hector McFie Memorial Award – Student of good character, exemplary behaviour and who
shows consideration for others - Declan Vertigan
Australian Defence Force Leadership and Teamwork Award – Leadership, teamwork and
contribution to the community - Brandon Goss

Rotary Club Devonport South East Award – High endeavour - Bryce Roney
University of Tasmania Bursary – Springboard to Higher Education - Jessica Jackson
Riawunna Springboard—To college & Higher Education - Erika Philpott
Devonport Masonic Lodge Award – Exemplary behaviour - Courtney Jago
Commonwealth Bank Award – Most improved - Blake Dean
Punnilerpanner Award – To recognise an indigenous student for citizenship and endeavour -
Chloe Woods
Minister for Education’s Pride in Our School Award - Positive contributions to the Reece
High School Community - Larissa Hodgetts
Optomeyes - Achievement in Science - Mitchell Sutton
Optomeyes - Achievement in the Arts - Lauren Burke
Michael Johnson Memorial Award - Excellence in MDT - Richard Mundy
Ability Employment - Melissa Aylett
Morses Coaches Music Award - Addison Davis
HWB - Excel Fitness Award - Courtney Jago
RHS Catering Hospitality Award - Brandon Goss

R. R. Burke Memorial Awards Torren Woolley and Addison Davis

Prefect Certificates
Torren Woolley Addison Davis Joe Howe Jessica Jackson
Rebekkah Rundle Benjamin Saunders Sam Walker Sam Rundle
Mitchell Sutton Toni-Lee Saunders-Locke Tamara Nicholls Nathan Turale
Scott Blackwell Connor Lizotte Victoria Jordan Amy French
Nicholas Bound Declan Vertigan Dylan Bantick
Full Colour Awards
Numeracy Declan Vertigan Numeracy Amy Boulter
Numeracy Bryce Roney Literacy Amy French
Sports Torren Woolley Sports Jodie Knight
HWB Courtney Jago HWB Joe Howe
HWB Jessie Howe HWB Tamara Nicholls
HWB Toni-Lee Saunders-Locke
Academic Mitchell Sutton Performing Arts Mitchell Sutton
Integrated Connor Lizotte HWB Connor Lizotte
Numeracy Nicholas Bound Literacy Nicholas Bound
Academic Nicholas Bound
HWB Victoria Jordan Numeracy Victoria Jordan
Academic Victoria Jordan
Performing Arts Addison Davis Integrated Addison Davis
HWB Addison Davis Sports Addison Davis
Academic Addison Davis

Half Colour Awards

Performing Art Jessica Jackson Literacy Alaynah Havard

Performing Arts Annelise Radford Literacy Toni-Lee Saunders-
Performing Arts Ebony Greeves Dance Candice Gracie
Performing Arts Connor Lizotte HWB Larissa Hodgetts
Technology Renee Gaffney HWB Sam Rundle
Technology Brandon Goss HWB Rebekkah Rundle
Technology Stephanie Sheehan HWB Janna Lucadou-Wells
Technology Rhianna Dargavel Literacy Kieran Braden
Numeracy Michael Davis Technology Kieran Braden
Numeracy Sarah Shaw Literacy Jessie Howe
Numeracy Courtney Jago Numeracy Jessie Howe
Integrated Jacinta Saunders Integrated Jessie Howe
Literacy Hannah McDermott Academic Jessie Howe

Merit Certificates Academic Certificates

Scott Mason Daynah Smith Torren Woolley Addison Davis

Alexandria Beattie Lauren Burk Mitchell Sutton Victoria Jordan
Kieran Braden Nathan Turale Bryce Roney Amy Boulter
Jacinta Saunders Thomas Lee Tamara Nicholls Amy French
Rhys Hensen Jamie Murfet Toni-Lee Saunders-Locke
Dana Augostin
Grade 7, 8, 9 Assembly Awards
Principal’s Award (outstanding achievement in grade 7) Reece High School
Recipient of award: Kiara Daly
Principal’s Award (outstanding achievement in grade 8) Reece High School
Recipient of award: Mieke Lizotte
Principal’s Award (outstanding achievement in grade 9) Reece High School
Recipient of award: Luis Fantarella

Junior School Colour Certificates Grade 9 Half Colours

Vanessa Ash: Arts Daniel McCoy: Service
Bianca Bown: Service
Lauren Clarke: Technology
James Sharman-Harris: Service
Kate Leiper: Technology
Annabelle Kenzie: Service
Lisa McPhee: Technology
Madison Bramich: Technology
Bianca Bown: Technology
Rhea Vonstieglitz: Technology
Scott Newman: Service Danalea Connell: Technology
Rebecca Cardenzana: Arts Timothy Kariotis: Technology
Rebecca Cardenzna: Technology Abbie Smith: Integrated
Mieke Lizotte: Literacy Aiden Stalker: Integrated

Mieke Lizotte: Numeracy Chelsea Nichols: Integrated

Hilary Rees: Literacy Lucy Knowles: Integrated

Elyse King: Integrated
Hilary Rees: Numeracy
Madeline Cole: Integrated
Mitch Walker: Literacy
Cynthia-Lee Bowman: Numeracy
Mitch walker: Numeracy
Denieka-Lee Brunssen: Numeracy
Denieka-Lee Brunssen: Service
Sophie Smith: Integrated
Junior School Academic Colours
Sophie Smith: Academic
Luis Fantarella: Numeracy
Danieka Coleman
Luis Fantarella: Integrated
Hilary Rees
Luis Fantarella: Academic
Kate Leiper

Mitch Walker
Mieke Lizotte

Lisa McPhee

Grade 9 Full Colours

Lucy Knowles: Literacy Cody Williams: Service Timothy Kariotis: Service
Presentation of Major Awards

Grade 7
Punnilerpanner Award – to assist an indigenous student in their education - Recipient of award: Briana
Xcel Achievement in HWB Award - Recipient of award: Mitchell Jones
Achievement in Numeracy Award - Recipient of award: Dylan Meldrum
Achievement in Literacy Award - Recipient of award: Maisee Bowerman
Most Improved Award—Recipient of award: Rebekah Brown
Spreyton Primary School Outstanding Citizenship Award - Recipient of award: Keara Nichols
Jeremy Rockliff Realising Potential Award (a student realising his/her potential) - Recipient of award: Sophie
Nichols & Ebony Rundle
Bryan Green Outstanding Merit Award - Laurie Parker

Grade 8
Punnilerpanner Award – to assist an indigenous student in their education - Kayden Lucas
Xcel Achievement in HWB Award - Benjamin Ollington
Achievement in Numeracy Award - Hilary Rees
Achievement in Literacy Award - Lochsley Wilson
Outstanding Citizenship or Service Award - Scott Newman
Most Improved Award - Sean Chappell
Jeremy Rockliff Realising Potential Award (a student realising his/her potential) - Bianca Bown
The Brenton Best Top All-rounder Award - Lisa McPhee
Norma Jamieson Outstanding Merit Award - Hilary Rees

Grade 9
Punnilerpanner Award – to assist an indigenous student in their education - Caitlyn Walker
Xcel Achievement in HWB Award - Recipient of award: Madeline Cole
Achievement in Science Award - Recipient of award: Denieka-Lee Brunssen
Achievement in Numeracy Award - Sophie Smith
Achievement in Literacy Award - Lucy Knowles
Barratts Achievement in Music Award - Luis Fantarella
Achievement in Visual Arts Award - Lucy Knowles
Matpine Achievement in Design and Technology Award - Chris Smith
Achievement in Hospitality Award - Danalea Connell
St John’s 125 Year Commemoration Award - Brendan Denby
Chris Richards Memorial Mentor Award (Grade 7 or 8) – Jacob Rose
The Stephen Kons Most Improved Award - Kenneth Davis
Brett Whiteley Outstanding Citizenship - Abbie Smith
Jeremy Rockliff Realising Potential Award (a student realising his/her potential) - Timothy Kariotis
Sid Sidebottom Top All-rounder Award - Chelsea Nichols
Nick Sherry Outstanding Merit Award - Sophie Smith
Norma Jamieson award for Top Academic Results - Sophie Smith
Academic Certificates

Grade 7
Jaylen Beveridge Dayna Baldock Nicholas Corcoran
Dylan Meldrum Cameron Beattie Maisee Bowerman
Levi Brodel Caitlyn Hooper Zara Osborn
Caleb Parker Bliss Sleat Trisha Peper
Leah Woodberry Alex Neville
Grade 8
Lauren Clarke Olivia Stolp Vanessa Ash
Danieka Coleman Elias Benardout Kate Leiper
Mieke Lizotte Benjamin Ollington Hilary Rees
Mitch Walker Lisa McPhee Aiden Morse
Grade 9 Alissa Nutting
Lucy Knowles Luis Fantarella Aiden Stalker
Madeline Cole Elyse King Chelsea Nichols
Abbie Smith Denieka-Lee Brunssen Trent Coleman

Merit Certificates

Grade 7
Carissa Mason Zara Osborn Caleb Parker
Mikayla Keep Tonaya Lee Lisa Gleeson
Ebony Rundle Paige Kenzie Tayla Chick
Alex Neville Storm Manskie Damien Bowman
Mitchell Jones Jemma Hugen
Grade 8
Christopher Wray Olivia Stolp Benjamin Kirkwood
Amanda Kent Rebecca Blackwell Kaitlyn Thomas
Thomas Brooke Danieka Coleman Sarah Baird
Alaina Taylor Rebecca Cardenzana Benjamin Ollington
Kayla Castles Stephen Davis-Cook
Grade 9
Nikola Snell Brady Lillico Jesse Connors
Kim Richards Kenneth Davis Tamara Goss
Aiden Stalker Paige Norris Carlie Howlett
Kendra Dowling Jamie Hughes Ethan Barron
Aaron Smith Jason Morice
Levies/Stationery Collection
Uniform Sales 2009
The following days and times will apply for levy payments and stationery collection (including students who
have been approved for student assistance).
Levy Payments/Uniform Sales - cash, cheque or eftpos.
(Uniform sales will only be available to those making levy payments)

Thursday 29th January 7.30 am to 11.30 am

Friday 30th January 10.30 am to 2.00 pm
Monday 2nd February 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Student Assistance Scheme Stationery Collection/Uniform Sales

(Uniform Sales will only be available to those on STAS)
As the Department of Education is inundated with late STAS applications/
declarations, which delays the processing/approval and generation of lists to
schools, it has been necessary to organize a later date for collection of stationery
for those who have applied for STAS.

Tuesday 3rd February 1.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Wednesday 4th February 7.30 am to 2.30 pm

GRADE 10 $335.00

GRADE 7 – 9 1st CHILD - $320.00 2nd CHILD - $305.00 3rd CHILD - $290.00

If Levy payment is received in full (for all siblings) on Stationery Day or before the 10th February 2009
a $20.00 discount applies to the 1st CHILD only.

A pre-packed box of stationery will be given to each student including STAS approved students when full or
part payment of levies has been made.

If parents would like to use time payment, full costs will be involved, and no discount will apply. An agree-
ment will be signed whereby parents will make regular payments ie weekly, fortnightly or monthly and where
FULL payment is expected by the end of Term 1, 2008 (Friday 29th May 2008).


A $15.00 key locker charge will apply to all Grade 9/10 (except Grades 9A and 9D) students for their per-
sonal workstations. This charge is payable on Levy Payment / Stationery Day or on the first day of school ie
Tuesday 10th February 2009. The key will be provided on the 1st day of school by their Principal Teacher. At
the end of the year students will be refunded $15.00 upon return of their key.
Student Assistance covers the cost of levies and stationery for low income earners. If you applied for STAS in 2008
and you intend to apply again in 2009 you should receive a letter from the Department of Education that will ask you
to complete a declaration confirming information about your children and that you still meet the Taxable Income
Means Test for the STAS 2009 scheme. You will need to complete and sign the declaration and return it promptly to
the Department of Education – to make it easy you will receive a Reply Paid Envelope. This letter should be received
before the end of November 2008. If you have not received a letter please contact the Department of Education on
1800 816 057

If you are applying for STAS for the first time you will need to complete a STAS Form and provide documentation
giving proof of the family’s combined taxable income. Application forms are available from the school office, Service
Tasmania or Centrelink. Only ONE form is required to list all your children (attending school) and this should be
lodged at one of your children’s school

UNIFORM SHOP SALES (cash / cheque / eftpos)

The uniform shop will operate in conjunction with the Levy and Stationery collection dates. Uniform sales
can also made from commencement of Term 1 (from Tuesday 10th February 2009) Monday to Friday be-
tween 8.30am and 4.30pm. Items available include summer dresses, winter skirts, blue short sleeve shirts,
woollen jumpers, cargo shorts, spray jackets, sport tops and rugby tops. Payment of school uniforms can
be made by cash, cheque or eftpos.

Note: Time Payment IS NOT available for Uniform Sales.

All parents will be asked to check/update their child’s details (staff available to assist, outside the admini-
stration building) prior to visiting the office to make levy payments/stationery collection/uniform pur-


As our first requested day does not occur until term 2 (the mandated day for Moderation is May 4), we
will not survey parents until early in the new year.

Sheree Vertigan – PRINCIPAL

School resumes :


Have a safe and

happy holiday

Reece High School, Middle Road, Devonport Tas 7310
Ph (03) 6420 8100 Fax (03) 6420 8199 Email:

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