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Dear Sir / Madam,


We are pleased to introduce to your school of our newly developed computer software product aptly named THE SCHOOL ACCOUNTING PACKAGE. The School Accounting Package has been carefully designed, written and developed to cater for all the administrative and accounting requirements and needs of any school. The package consists of various modules and this current package which is our Release 3 Version 3 consists of eight modules namely: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Registration Promotion, Graduation and Transfer to & from the School Billings & Payments Budgeting General Accounting Stock Control Assets Register Financial Accounting

To acquaint you with the facilities / functions offered in each module, we now detail below informations about each module. 1. REGISTRATION MODULE

This module which can be referred to as the MAIN module handles the registration of all school activities such as School name, Students data, Staffs data, Parents data, School Incomes & Expenditures, Third Parties etc. 2. PROMOTION, GRADUATION AND TRANSFER TO & FROM THE SCHOOL At the end of every session, it is expected that students in a class promote to the next class, final year students graduate and at times we have students who either transfer to the school or leave for another school. This module keeps track of all functions stated above thereby helping in managerial decisions.



This module prepares Term bills for all old students and new entrants. It handles payments such as: School fees, Transport, PTA fees, School uniform, workbooks/ Exercise books etc. made by students. This module also monitors students that owe and on what item. It sets up control for commodities to be released by Stock Control after payments have been made. 4. BUDGET MODULE

It is common to set up monthly budget to control spending. This modules helps in setting up the budget and marches it with actual spending, it produces various reports that enable you to monitor the budget and the actual. 5. GENERAL ACCOUNTING

This module deals with typical accounting functions such as: Vouchers (Payments, Receipts, Lodgement & Withdrawals) Journal Vouchers Ledgers Trial Balance Updating Loans Pensions Staff Savings LPO & Supply etc It can produce various reports that can aid managerial decisions. It also helps to ensure that money is not lost 6. STOCK CONTROL

This module takes care of all stock items in the school. It traces the movement of various items being sold such as: School Uniform, Workbooks, and Exercise Books etc. It also establishes a re-order level to ensure that the school does not suddenly run out of any given item. 7. ASSET REGISTER

This module maintains the school assets, it keeps information such as: date of purchase of assets, type of assets, location of assets, history of assets, appreciation and depreciation of asset. It helps the school keep track of their assets.



This module is responsible for the preparation of financial accounts. It helps to determine the Profit & Loss accounts, Balance sheet, Appreciation and Depreciation of assets at the end of the year which will aid in managerial decisions. We would be pleased to demonstrate this package in your school / institution at your convenience with the hope that it will meet your requirements and consequently your purchasing of the package. We would also be willing to expand the package to incorporate suggestions as to how the package can meet your needs. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship. Yours Faithfully, Adelani O. Adams MANAGING DIRECTOR.