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May 8, 20 012 Dear Repr resentative: On behalf of the millio of membe represented by our orga f ons ers d anizations, we write urging you to suppo e g ort efforts to cut Washingt tons outsized and outdated role in Ame d d erican agricul lture. Farm busi inesses are a testament to t skill, inge t the enuity, and pe ersistence of A Americans. W While many se ectors continue t feel the eff to fects of the rec cession, Ame erican agricult ture is one of the few brigh spots in the f ht e economy. Net farm inc come is at $98 billion, near doubling b 8 rly between 2001 and 2011. Farm businesses 1 exported n nearly $140 billion worth o products, e b of exceeding imp ports of agric cultural produ by more t ucts than $37 billion. And its es stimated that o out of every 12 jobs is connected to agriculture. one s o With the F Farm Bill reauthorization i progress, C in Congress mus take this opp st portunity to r reassess unnecessa and complicated federa policies tha manipulate market decisions in this cr ary al at ritical and vib brant componen of our econ nt nomy. ve eduction in federal spendin on agricult ng ture agreed to in the House e We believ the nearly $30 billion re Budget Re esolution sho ould be the mi inimum reduc ction in the Fa Bill. Elim arm minating direc payments, a the ct as resolution suggests, is long overdue Making mea n e. aningful refor to the lar rms rgest Washing gton-based su upport for agricu ulture, federally subsidized crop insuran is also a m d nce, must. The Con ngressional B Budget Office estimates this program which prov vided $2.2 mi illion in subsi idies for just o agricultur producers one ral n cost an n insurance premiums in 2011will c more tha $90 billion over the next ten years. Also, we b believe Cong gress must not create any n potentially budget-busting entitleme programs that t new ent would inc crease Washin ngtons role in farm busine decisions, such as effor to put taxp n ess rts payers on the hook for shallo losses in annual farm business reve ow n enue. And Co ongress should not use the Farm Bill to undo d the respon nsible cuts to biofuels prog grams the Hou achieved in last years minibus appr use ropriations bi ill.

Americas agricultural economy is strong. This strength and the glaring weakness of the federal budget $15 trillion in debt and trillion dollar deficits projected for the next decademake it essential that Washingtons role in agricultural policy be reformed. The House of Representatives must lead a full and open legislative debate on Farm Bill reauthorization. For more information, please contact Joshua Sewell of Taxpayers for Common Sense at 202-546-8500 x116, or Sincerely, American Commitment Americans for Prosperity Americans for Tax Reform Council for Citizens Against Government Waste Competitive Enterprise Institute FreedomWorks The Heartland Institute Heritage Action for America National Taxpayers Union Taxpayers for Common Sense Taxpayers Protection Alliance