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TANFLOC Organic Vegetable

Cationic coagulant / Flocculant for Wastewater Plant Poultry Slaughterhouse

CHALLENGE / OPPORTUNITY A poultry slaughterhouse located in the south of Brazil, with a slaughter capacity of 150,000 birds per day was using 19,600 kg/month of aluminium sulphate and 12,600 kg/month of ash in the flotation system of its WWT with satisfactory cost and performance results. However, diluting these products (powder) and preparing many batches per day proved difficult. Another problem caused by the use of a metallic salt coagulant/flocculant in the flotation system was the great variation of the pH value of the treated effluent due to water alkalinity consumption requiring the use of alkalinizing agents. After performing a series of laboratory tests, T a n f l o c started to be used in a successful attempt to improve COD, G&O and cost reduction and optimize manpower.

Located in southern Brazil, Tanac is the worlds largest producer of mimosa vegetable extracts.

Tanac combines quality products and services with environmental preservation at all stages of the tannin production process.

Channelling strengths to reach common targets permanently involves all the members of the Tanac team. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, FSC an NSF certifications are the result of team work.


A quality product range developed to satisfy the needs of the companys clients and guarantee best results together with prompt delivery and permanent technical assistance: this is Tanacs profile.


WASTEWATER CHARACTERISTICS Out-flow 50 70 m/h COD 2.912 mg/l G&O 178 mg/l

TANFLOC Organic Vegetable

Cationic coagulant/Flocculant for Wastewater Plant Poultry Slaughterhouse T a n f l oc
The Tanfloc product range is essentially natural in origin and competitive when compared to products traditionally employed in water treatment with the additional advantage of being totally biodegradable allowing complete digestion at the various biological stages of the process. Thanks to their versatility, Tanfloc products have effective action on several types of water as well as various sorts of industrial effluent. They are usually employed in drinking water treatment and in the treatment of effluents from several sectors including the petrochemical, ceramic, food, sugar, metal and cellulose industries, oil refineries, mining and domestic sewage.


Coagulant Al2(SO4)3 Dosage Phisical aspect Polymer Alkalinizer 600 ppm Dry solid ------Soda ash

270 ppm Liquid 2 ppm


TREATMENT METALLIC COD 1.029 mg/l 576 mg/l G&O 70 mg/l 20 mg/l




BENEFITS DERIVING FROM THE APPLICATION OF TANFLOC Reducing handling of 32,200 kg/month of powder chemical
products; 80,2% COD reduction; 88,7% G&O reduction; Rationalised manpower use; Generation of organic sludge for unrestricted use in farming land; Use of a biodegradable product compatible with the subsequent secondary treatment (activated sludge); Operator health and safety improvement by eliminating/reducing handling of chemical products; Eliminating the use of alkalinizing agents.

Tanfloc is compatible with most products on the market and may be used in combination with such products.

Products Al2(SO4)3 Soda ash Manpower 3 US$ 3X / m

Tanfloc works with minimal interference with the environment and offers various economic advantages.

T a n floc l oPolymer c Manpower

US$ X / m

Costs :

Total Cost Reduction:

40.7 %