Chinese AP Syllabus 2011-2012 Mrs. Shuen Room: 3208 Email: jshuen@dvhigh.

net Phone: (925) 479-6400

DOUGHERTY VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL GOALS 1. 2. 3. 4. All students have the opportunity to access the full curriculum, extra-curricular activities, and community support. Actively apply and strengthen strategies that foster respect and value diversity in a safe, clean, and caring environment. Staff will support students with special needs through collaboration, consistent communication, and professional development for all staff. Implement consistent practices that provide a welcoming and responsive environment for students, staff, parents, and community.

EXPECTED SCHOOL WIDE LEARNING RESULTS (ESLR’S) At Dougherty Valley High School, we believe students will: • • •

Be able to communicate effectively. Think critically and support ideas through problem solving. Stand for integrity, honesty, and ethical treatment of all people. Be partners in the learning process and take responsibility for themselves and their learning. World Language Department Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Foreign Languages at Dougherty Valley High School is to prepare students for citizenship in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual global community. The Department promotes proficiency in languages, knowledge of cultures and literatures, and students' active engagement in cultural and linguistic exchanges. The department encourages community outreach, and actively supports clubs and other organizations related to world languages. 1

reading. and writing skills). There should have no writing on your text book except your name. Required Materials: You will need to bring to class everyday: a black pen/pencil. Course Objective: This course is designed to provide students with varied opportunities to further develop their proficiencies across the three communicative modes: interpersonal (speaking. listening. a microphone. reading writing. The textbook and workbook are Integrated Chinese by Cheng & Tsui. In the beginning of each class. cultures. This course has rich Chinese culture and history information. Jia You by Cengage. It is your responsibility to check what your homework is. students have a warm-up exercise to review the material we learned the day before and to prepare for the learning of new material. speaking. workbook. California State and the San Ramon Valley Unified District Standards and Benchmarks for foreign language instruction. Homework Policy: All of your assignments will be posted on Schoolloop. and a notebook. and communities) as outlined in the Standards for Foreign Language Learning for the 21st Century.Course Description: Chinese AP is equivalent to a 2nd year college level Chinese course. Students are suggested to have recording equipment. comparisons. listening. and supplementary materials chosen by the teacher. presentations. connections. projects. Students need to write the warm-up answers in a note book. You are suggested to have a 2” binder to keep all returned materials: homework. Students are expected to have recording homework done at home or in our school’s language lab. please make sure no adhesives should directly touch the textbook itself. etc. a red pen. Students are expected to speak Chinese exclusively in class. Homework is due at the beginning of the class on the day it is 2 . and Chinese language comprehension skills. and the five goal areas (communication. interpretive (listing and reading skills). The Chinese characters learned in this course are both traditional and simplified Chinese characters. textbook. Your text book is expected to be covered at all times. This course follows the guidelines of American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. and presentational (speaking and writing skills). Some quizzes. grammatical structures. pop quizzes and test questions will be from the warm-up exercises. You are required to have a notebook exclusively for Chinese and take notes on every class. Students will continue to develop their Chinese pronunciation. at home to help doing their homework efficiently. If you use adhesives for book covering.

due. calculators.5% 3 .5%-77.5% Dougherty Valley High School believes all students will achieve the highest level of mastery on the state standard formative assessments.5% C+=77. Students receive support based on the specific standards missed and have an opportunity to be reassessed to improve their grade up to 65%. Staff will access Turnitin.73.5% D+ = 67.5%-79.5% C=73. The purpose of the policy is to create and maintain an ethical academic atmosphere in which strong behavioral consequences will be enforced.5%-93. and the homework.5% D=63. Homework will be checked for effort and completion. Examples include. Teachers address cheating and plagiarism in their course policies.5% .5% D-=59.5% F = Below 59. participating in class.5%-87.5% . Should there be any homework/quiz/test discrepancy between class announcement and Schoolloop posting.5% B-=79.5%-89.5% B=83. BENCHMARKS QUIZZES CLASS Work Class Participation HOMEWORK PROJECTS/PRESENTATIONS FINAL EXAMS 25% 10% 10% 10% 15% 20% 10% The Dougherty Valley High School-wide grade scales are as follows: A=93. Late homework will receive a zero to review plagiarism information taken from websites. Academic Integrity: Honest behavior is an expectation at DVHS. written tests. oral work. projects. but are not limited to: • • Copying from another student Using unauthorized materials/resources (cell phones. the Schoolloop posting prevails.5%-100% B+=87.67. Counselors will be notified of the incident and it may be disclosed on a student’s college application.5% .5%-83. Grades: The grade is determined by speaking as much as Chinese as possible.5% C-=69. Students who achieve below 65% of the standards have an opportunity to attend departmental Mastery Workshops. etc. quizzes.) A-=89. presentation.5% -63.

• Be in your seats and ready to work when the bell rings. • Have a positive attitude and enjoy the new language and cultures you are learning. • Cell phones should not be on or visible during class. complete assignments on time. • No food or drinks in classroom. large sections or paraphrased material without acknowledgement Buying or selling essays or assignments Submitting whole or part of computer-generated documents or materials with or without minor modifications as one’s own Class Expectations and Success Code: Learning Chinese will be exciting. • Speak Chinese as much as possible in class. 4 . • Be willing to take a risk and try something new • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. it is a tardy. textbook. workbooks and a notebook. and fun! To be successful. • Use all your in-class time productively. students must: • Be prepared to class daily: having a black pen/pencil. • Follow School wide rules as outlined in DVHS Student Handbook.• • • • • • Submitting an essay written in whole or in part by someone else as one’s own Preparing an essay or assignment for submission by another student Copying an assignment or essay or allowing one’s assignment or essay to be copied by someone else Using direct quotations. • Ask for help before you fall behind. Water is allowed. Mistakes help you achieve success. • Participate actively in class. • Listen attentively to the teacher and to others. • Show respect and courtesy to other students and the teacher. • Stay on your seat until the dismissal bell rings. rewarding. Otherwise. and study for quizzes and tests. • No MP3 players. a read pen.

and will support my child to abide by the Chinese class syllabus and all the rules. understood. ____________________________________ _________________________ Parent’s signature Date ____________________________________ _________________________ Parent’s printed name Contact Numbers ******************************************************************* Video Viewing Permission Form During the school year. students may view course-related videos rated PG-13 and below (PG-13. Shuen. You may also want to review the Student Handbook for further guidance regarding school and district policies/guidelines. reviewed. expectations set within. expectations set within. ******************************************************************* Period: __________ 5 . please notify Ms. reviewed. and G). and promise to abide by the Chinese class syllabus and all the rules. ____________________________________ _________________________ Student’s signature Date I have received. If you or they have any questions. my child has permission to view videos rated PG-13 and below.Please re-read these policies and share them with your parents. Name: _______________________________ Questions I have about the Chinese class syllabus are … _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ I have received. policies. PG. policies. my child does not have permission to view these videos. _______ Yes. Please indicate if your child has permission to view videos rated PG13 and below. _______ No. understood.

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