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Note: 1. Answer any five full question selecting atleast two questions from each part
2. Answer all objective types questions only in first and second writing pages.
3. Objective types questions should not be repeated.
1.a. I. If the momentum of a particle is increased to four times, the de-Broglie
wavelength is
A) become twice B) become fourtimes C) become one-fourth D)become half
II Black body radiation spectrum, maximum intensity is shifting towards
A) shorter wavelength B)longer wavelength C) no change D) none of these
III Group velocity of wave is equal to
A) Vphase B)Vparticle C) Velocity of light D) none of these
IV de-Broglie wavelength of an electron accelerated by a potential of 60v is
A) 1.85Å B) 1.58Å C) 1.589Å D) 1.57Å
b. Describe Davission –Germer experiment to prove the dual nature of matter waves.
c. Explain Phase velocity and Group Velocity. Derive de-Broglie wavelength using
Group velocity. (4+8+8)

2,a. I The product of uncertainty between energy and time is

A) ≥ h/2π B) ≥h/4π C) h/2π D) ≤ h/4π
II According to Max Born approximation,│ψ│ represents
A) Energy density B) Particle density C) Probability density D) Charge density
III The first permitted energy level is called
A) Excited energy level B) Zero point energy C) Ground level D) none of these
IV The wave function associated with a material particle is
A) Finite B) continuous C) Single valued D) all the above
b. Set up time independent one dimensional Schrodinger wave equation
c. What are eigen values and eigen function.
d. Compute the first three perm;itted energy values for an electron in a box of width
4Å (4+6+6+4)

3.a. I In a metal, if the temperature is increased then resistivity

A) Increases B) decreases C) remains same D) none of these
II The T > 0K probability of occupancy of Fermi level is
A) 75% B) 90% C) 100% D) 50%
III The electron mobility in metals is given by
A) vd/V B) vd/E C) vd/L D) vd/τ
IV The Fermi factor for E = Ef at any temperature is
A) 1 B) 1/2 C)0 D)2
b. Define drift velocity, mobility and relaxation time for free electron, derive the
expression for conductivity in metals.
c. The Fermi level in Silver is 5.5eV. What is the energies for which the
probabilities of occupancy at 300K one 0.99 and 0.01 (4+10+6)

4.a. I If two electric charges are q and L is the distance between them. The dipole
moment of the system is
A) q/L B) qL C) L/q D) q/L2
II Electronic Polarization
A) Increases with temperature B) Decreases with temperature
C) Independent of temperature D) none of these
III In the inverse piezo electric effect
A) Ultrasonic waves produced B) electromagnetic waves are produced
C) Microwaves are produced D) none of the above
IV The polarization that occurs in the frequency range 1012Hz is
A) Ionic B) Electronic C) Orientation D) none of these
b. Derive the equation for internal field in the case of solid and liquid dielectric.
c. Derive Clausius-Mossouti equation for three dimensional cubic. (4+8+8)


5.a. I Emission of a photon by an excited atom due to interaction of external energy is

A) Spontaneous emission B) Stimulated emission
C) Induced absorption D) Light amplification
II In He-Ne laser the ratio of He-Ne gas molecules in the order
A) 1:10 B) 10:1 C) 1:1 D) 1:2
III The life time of an atom in a metastable state is of the order of
A) a few seconds B)unlimited C)a nano second D)few milliseconds
IV Pumping process used in diode laser is
A) Optical pumping B) Forward bias C) electrical discharge D) none of these
b. With help of energy level diagram, describe the construction and working of
He-Ne laser.
c. Explain the principle of Holography and mention its applications.
d. A laser beam with power 1mW lost for 10ns, if the number of photons emitted per
second is 3.941 X 107, calculate the wavelength of laser. (4+6+6+4)

6.a.I Numerical aperture optical fiber depends on

A) diameter of fiber B) acceptance angle C) critical angle D) none of these
II Factional index change of optical fiber for R.I of core and cladding are 1.563 and
1.498 respectively is
A) 0.00415 B) 0.0415 C) 0.043 D) 0.004
III Super conductors are
A) Diamagnetic B) paramagnetic C) ferromagnetic D) Antiferromagnetic
IV The quantum magnetic flux is given by
A) 2h/e B)h/2e C)h/2π e D)2π h/e
b. Derive an expression for numerical aperture in an optical fiber.
c. Give a brief account of SQUID

d. An optical signal has lost 85% of its power after traversing 500m in fiber. What
is the loss in a fiber. (4+6+6+4)

7.a.I A crystal of hexagonal lattice is

A) a ≠ b≠ c B)a = b = c C)a ≠ b = c D) a = b≠ c
II Inter atomic distance between Na and Cl is
A) 2.81Å B) 5.62Å C) 6.62Å D) 5.51Å
III All types of Bravais lattices observed in
A) Rhombohedral B) Orthorhombic C) Triclinic D) Monoclinic
IV For every rotation by angle θ in Bragg’s spectrometer, detector turns by an angle
A) θ B) 3θ C) 4θ D) 2θ
b. Derive expression for interplanar spacing in-terms of Miller indices
c. Explain the crystal structure of NaCl
d. The minimum order of Bragg’s reflection occurs at angle 20o in the plane [212].
Find the wavelength of X-ray if lattice constant is 3.615 Å (4+6+6+4)

8.a.I The state of matter around the nano size is known as

A) Solid state B) liquid state C) Plasma state D) Mesoscopic state
II Carbon nano tubes are made up of
A) Graphite sheet B) Graphene sheet C) Honey comb D) Plastic
III The bulk material reduced in three directions is known as
A)quantum dot B)quantum wire C) Film D)quantum particle
IV Ultrasonic waves are produced by
A) Electromagnetic induction B) magnetostriction method
C) Piezoelectric D) inverse piezoelectric
b. What are nano materials? Write a note on Carbon nano tubes
c. What are scaling laws? Give electromagnetic scaling laws for both steady state
and time varying state. (4+6+10)