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ACL Access Control List
AIF Audio Interchange Format
AID Advertiser ID
AIP Association of Internet Professionals
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AJAX Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
API Application Program Interface
ARP Address Resolution Protocol
American Standard Code for Information
ACE Accredited System Engineer
ASF Advanced Streaming Format
ASIN Standard Item Number
Active Server Pages or Application Service
ASPN Apple Solution Professionals Network
ATM Asychronous Transfer Mode

B2B Business to Business
B2C Business to Consumer
BBS Bulletin Board System
bin Binary
bps Bits Per Second
BLOB Binary Large Object
BLOG Web Log
BSD Berkley Software Distribution

CAD Computer Aided Design
CAT-5 Category 5
CCA Citrix Certified Administrator
CCDA Cisco Certified Design Associate
CCDP Cisco Certified Design Professional
CCEA Citrix Certified Enterprise Administrator
CCI Citrix Certified Instructor
CCIP Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional
CCNP Cisco Certified Network Professional
CCNA Cisco Certified Network Administrator
CERN European Particle Physics Laboratory
CFML Cold Fusion Markup Language
CCSP Citrix Certified Sales Professional
CCIE Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
CGI Common Gateway Interface
Challenge Handshake Authentication
CHMOD Change Mode

CHTML Compact HTML Certified Information System Security CISSP Professional CIW Certified Internet Webmaster CMS Content Management System CNA Certified Novell Administrator CNE Certified Novell Engineer COM Component Object Model Common Object Request Broker CORBA Architecture CPA Cost Per Action CPM Cost Per Thousand Impressions CPC Cost Per Click CPU Central Processing Unit CRM Customer Relationship Management CSU Channel Service Unit CSV Comma Separated Value Microsoft Certified Technical Education CTEC Center CTO Chief Technology Officer CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator CWNI Certified Wireless Network Integrator CWNE Certified Wireless Networking Expert CWNP Certified Wireless Network Professional CYMK Cyan Magenta Yellow Black CWP Certified Web Professional CWSP Certified Wireless Security Professional D  DB Database DBA Database Administrator DBMS Database Management System DCOM Distributed Component Object Model DDE Dynamic Data Exchange DDS Digital Data Storage DIR Directory DIVX Digital Video Express DLC Data Link Control DMOZ Directory Mozilla DNS Domain Name Service DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHTML Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language DSU Data Service Unit DTD Document Type Definition DLL Dynamic Link Library DOM Document Object Model DRM Digital Restrictions Management DSL Digital Subscriber Line E  .

European Computer Manufacturer's ECMA Association EOF End of File F  FAQ Frequently Asked Questions FAT File Allocation Table FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface FFA Free For All FSF Free Software Foundation FTP File Transfer Protocol G  Gbps Giga Bits Per Second GBps Giga Bytes Per Second GHz Gigahertz GIF Graphics Interchange Format GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program GML Generalized Markup Language GPL GNU Public License GREP Global Regular Expression Print GUI Graphical User Interface H  HCL Hardware Compatibility List HDML Handheld Device Markup Language HSB Hue Saturation Brightness HTI Home Technology Integrator HTML Hyper Text Markup Language HTTP HTTP HWG HTML Writers Guild I  IAB Internet Architecture Board IANA Assigned Numbers Authority Internet Corp for Assigned Names ICANN and Numbers Internet Certification Institute ICII International Institute of Electrical and Electronic IEEE Engineers IETF Internet Engineering Task Force IIS Internet Information Server IMAP Internet Messaging Access Protocol IPC Interprocess Communication IPX Internetnetwork Packet Exchange IRTF Internet Research Task Force ISAPI Internet Server API .

ISBN International Standard Book Number ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network ISO International Standards Organization ISOC Internet Society ISP Internet Service Provider IT Information Technology International Telecomunications ITU Union International Webmasters IWA Association J  J2EE Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition JAR Java Archive JDBC Java Database Connectivity JIT Just In Time JDK Java Development Kit JPEG Joint Photographics Expert Group JSP Java Server Page JVM Java Virtual Machine K  Kbps Kilo Bits Per Second KBps Kilo Bytes Per Second KDE K Desktop Environment L  LAMP Linux Apache MySQL PHP Lightweight Directory Access LDAP Protocol LILO Last In Last Out LSI Latent Semantic Indexing M  MAC Media Access Control Mbps Mega Bits Per Second MBps Mega Bytes Per Second Microsoft Certified Application MCAD Developer Microsoft Certified Database MCDBA Administrator Microsoft Certified Systems MCSD Developer MCP Microsoft Certified Professional Microsoft Certified Systems MCSE Engineer MFA Made for AdSense MIB Management Information Base .

Multipurpose Internet Mail MIME Extensions MMC Microsoft Management Console MOUS Microsoft Office User Specialist MP3 MPEG Layer 3 MPEG Moving Picture Experts Group N  NAP Network Access Point National Center for Supercomputing NCSA Applications NIC Network Interface Card NTFS NT File System O  OCS Open Content Syndication ODBC Open Database Connectivity ODP Open Directory Project OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OLE Object Linking and Embedding OOP Object Oriented Programming OPML Outline Processor Markup Language OS Operating System OSI Open System Interconnection OSPF Open Shortest Path First P  PAD Portable Application Description PDA Personal Digital Assistant PDF Portable Document Format Practical Extraction and Report PERL Language PGP Pretty Good Privacy PHP Hypertext Preprocessor PID Publisher ID PNG Portable Network Graphics POP Post Office Protocol PPC Pay Per Click PPP Point to Point Protocol PPTP Point to Point Tunneling Protocol PR Page Rank Q  QOS Quality of Service R  .

Blue RHCE Red Hat Certified Engineer RHCP Red Hat Certified Professional RIP Routing Information Protocol RMON Remote Monitoring ROI Return on Investment RON Run of Network ROS Run of Site RSS Rich Site Summary RTF Rich Text Format S  SAP Service Advertising Protocol SAX Simple API for XML Security Certified Network SCNA Architect Security Certified Network SCNP Professional SCP Security Certified Program SDK Software Development Kit SED Stream Editor Standard Generalized Markup SGML Language SEM Search Engine Marketing SEO Search Engine Optimization SERP Search Engine Results Page SID Security Identifier SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol Synchronized Multimedia SMIL Integration Language SMP Simple Management Protocol SMS Systems Management Server SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SNA Systems Network Architecture Simple Network Management SNMP Protocol SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol SPX Sequenced Packet Exchange SQL Structure Query Language SSH Secure Shell SSI Server Side Include SSL Secure Sockets Layer SVG Scalable Vector Graphics T  . Redundant Array of Independent RAID Disks RAS Remote Access Server Relational Database Management RDBMS System RDF Resource Decription Framework RFC Request For Comments RGB Red. Green.

Discovery and UDDI Integration UDP User Datagram Protocol UI User Interface UML Unified Modeling Language Universal Mobile Telecommunications UMTS System URL Uniform Resource Locator V  Very Easy Rodent Oriented Ntwk Index to Veronica Comp. Archives VM Virtual Machine VLAN Virtual LAN VPN Virtual Private Network VRML Virtual Reality Markup Language VTAM Virtual Telecommunications Access Method W  W3C World Wide Web Consortium WAIS Wide Area Information Server WAN Wide Area Network WAP Wireless Application Protocol WBT Web-based Training WECA Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance WEP Wired Equivalency Privacy WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization WLAN Wireless Lan Wi-Fi Wireless Fidelity WM Webmaster WML Wireless Markup Language WSDL Web Services Description Language WWW World Wide Web WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get X  XBRL Extensible Business Reporting Language XHTML Extensible Hyper Text Markup Language . Transmission Control TCP/IP Protocol/Internet Protocol TFTP Trivial File Transfer Protocol TLD Top Level Domain TOS Terms of Service TTL Time To Live U  Unsolicited Commercial E-Mail UCE (spam) Universal Description.

Xlink XML Linking Language XLS Extensible Stylesheet Language Extensible Stylesheet Language XSLT Transformations XML Extensible Markup Language XQL XML Query Language XSD XML Schema Definition XUL Extensible User Interface Language Y  Y2K Year 2000 .