Finding Our Way HOME to Heaven on Earth

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This dissertation is dedicated first to my husband, George Kline, M.D. who encouraged me to begin and supported me to the finish.

And, second, it is dedicated to all those doing the inner work required to find their way HOME to heaven on earth.

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Table of Contents …………………………………………..……………………….….…….…. ii

Chapter I: Introduction …………………………….…………………………….…… …….. 1 Where are we? How did we get here? How do we get back HOME? Dorothy Finds Her Way Back HOME Finding Our Way HOME

Chapter II: Review of Literature…………………………………….…….……………..…. 8 A Journey Toward Wholeness Returning HOME Many Paths Light the Way HOME Preparation of the Physical – Strengthen the Body Preparation of the Mental – Clear the Mind of Accumulated Beliefs Preparation of the Emotional – Bring to Resolution Unintegrated Feelings Opening the Heart Arriving HOME

Chapter III: Methods ……………………………………….……………….…….… …..… 22

Chapter IV: Findings …………………………………………….……………..….… …... 23

Our Vehicle for the Journey – A Strong Physical Body …………………… ...23 The Pathway of Awareness: Preparing the Physical for HOME The Egoic Persona Self-Mastery of the Physical Strong Bones and Muscles

Healthy Endocrine and Immune Systems Anchoring Presence in the Physical Body

Our Navigation System for the Journey – A Clear Mind ……………………….33 The Pathway of Awareness: Preparing the Mental for HOME The Egoic Mind Self-Mastery of the Mental Ho’Oponopono Technology The Work of Byron Katie The Process by Robert Scheinfeld

Our Fuel for the Journey – The Emotion of Love ……………………………………. 43 The Pathway of Awareness: Preparing the Emotional for HOME The Inauthentic Persona Self-Mastery of the Emotional Michael Brown Edwin Carl Smith

Wholeness Is Who We Are ……………………………………………………..…………… 51 The Pathway of Awareness: An Open Heart Heart Awareness Love-Centered Living Six Heart Virtues

Chapter V: Discussion …………………………………………………………………….… 60 The New Paradigm Arriving HOME

Chapter VI: Summary and Conclusions. ……………………………………………..... 68

Bibliography …………………………………………………………………………...………... 72


Chapter I – Introduction
“A radical change is occurring in our collective consciousness today. More and more of us all over the world are awakening and experiencing… a deeper presence and purpose, a greater sense of joy and a newfound selflessness and compassion.” Hubbard (1998)

Where are we? How did we get here? How do we get back HOME? These are the questions this paper explores.

Where are we? We are awareness (explorers, adventurers) in a vehicle called a physical body which we park at different addresses while we have an experience we call life. We have a navigation system, the mind, which takes us wherever our attention is focused. We have the capacity to feel, which is the fuel we use to create our experiences. Our territory is a three dimensional, time-based world which quantum physics has proven is an illusory world projected outward that we forget is not real. Many who have ejected from the illusion report a different reality and a different context. They inform us of a new paradigm that is emerging for humanity to discern.

How did we get here? Every physical vehicle pops out of the belly of a woman in miniature form. Over time it grows and expands in all directions to a size that matches its biological blueprint. If it is an illusory world that we pop into, where did we originate? Certainly we come from a place invisible to the one we are in now – a place we know but do not remember. In this paper, the place from which we originate, I refer to as HOME, although, it is known by many names: Spirit, wholeness, paradise, nirvana, the kingdom of heaven, a new earth, ascension, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness. We are a spiritual Being having a physical experience. When we detach, who we are as a spiritual Being, whole and perfect, from the experience we are having in the projected, time-based world that we find ourselves moving through, we remember it is a journey we chose to embark upon – a journey we call the Evolution of Man.

How do we get back HOME? Many spiritual masters and yogis have found their way back HOME. They share their experiences with us in their satsangs and writings. Some describe it as waking up from a dream; others describe it as vibrationally rising to an enlightened state of consciousness. These wayshowers point the way through their dialogues and writings, but few have been able to follow in their footsteps. “Do as I do and you’ll arrive” is the guidance offered. Many try but few succeed.

However, now we have arrived at a point in our evolution as a species where finding our way HOME is possible for anyone. We are discovering it is not a destination – an outward journey -- rather it is an awakening, a paradigm shift that allows us to view everything from a more evolved state of consciousness, a higher dimension. It is a shift from a doer, who is focused on doing things, to a being, who is not doing anything but is simply being with what shows up and enjoying life.

Dorothy Finds Her Way Back HOME It is amazing to realize that L. Frank Baum gave us a roadmap for getting HOME at the beginning of the twentieth century-- but few if any made that interpretation. So the story, The Wizard of Oz, was told as a children’s fairy tale. At the beginning of the story, a young girl named Dorothy is knocked unconscious during a terrible tornado. When she awakens, she is in a strange land of unfamiliar places and strange people. Dorothy imagines a fantasy adventure in the land of Oz that is real to her as she searches to find her way back home to her family. On her journey, she is given the opportunity to develop the virtues of gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and courage. She is given the opportunity to face her fears, express her anger and work through her grief, for the journey HOME is a difficult one. Dorothy’s journey is a metaphor for our own spiritual journey --- finding our way back HOME to Love.

Early on in her adventure in Oz, Dorothy takes possession of ruby slippers (a symbol for awareness) from the “wicked witch of the east” but she does not know they are

her way HOME. She finds that out only after she completes her journey in Oz. At the end of her adventure, Glenda, the good witch, instructs Dorothy to step into the ruby slippers, click her heels three times, and say, “[T]here’s no place like home.” Like magic, Dorothy wakes up to find herself in her bed back home in Kansas surrounded by love expressed in familiar faces. Dorothy’s journey through Oz is a metaphor for our spiritual evolution that strengthens our character and evolves our soul.

Finding Our Way HOME We are going to explore the pathway of evolution, where we are along the pathway and what we must accomplish to be prepared, for the global shift towards a higher state of consciousness, which is the defining hallmark of the 21st century. Michael Brown speaks of it as The Pathway of Awareness in his latest book Alchemy of the

Heart. Following this Pathway of Awareness is like putting ourselves on the yellow
brick road of Oz and then stepping into the ruby slippers and clicking our heels three times to return HOME.

Dorothy, and her dog Toto, were joined by three traveling companions: a scarecrow with intelligence, a lion with courage and a tin man with compassion. We also can choose traveling companions to accompany us as we search for our way HOME as many leaders of the global shift suggest. John O’Donohue tells us we must be ready before we can even begin. “When we are ready…the door of the heart becomes the gate of heaven.” O’Donohue (1997:87) The door to our heart remains closed until we are ready to mature into selfless, responsible adults. Mary O’Malley suggests we travel with curiosity. Edwin Carl Smith recommends we travel with the willingness to embrace what shows up and accept it. A Course In Miracles offers that we be quick to forgive and slow to judge. The Lyricus Teaching Order tells us we must live a love-centered life, always expressing the finer qualities of love: appreciation, compassion, humility, understanding and valor.

We think of a journey as being linear and stretched out over time. But in his book of celtic wisdom, Anam Cara, John O’Donohue speaks of a spiritual journey as being “only a quarter inch long and many miles deep”. This reference implies that our spiritual journey is inward not outward. This going within to bring ourselves into “rhythm with our deeper nature and presence” hints that the journey HOME is done solo. “You do not have to go away outside yourself to come into real conversation with your soul and with the mysteries of the spiritual world. The eternal is at home within you.….The awakening of the human spirit is a homecoming.” O’Donohue (1997:90) “We are still trying to do collectively what can only be accomplished

individually.” Brown (2008:93)

Michael Brown teaches that The Pathway of Awareness that we followed to get us into our three dimensional world originated in our Spirit HOME. It flows first into our emotions, then into our mind and finally into our physical body. So to return HOME, we follow the same pathway in reverse. “…[W]e all tread The Pathway of Awareness in exactly the same manner when we seek assistance from a higher power. We reverse it.” Brown (2008:108) We start with bringing our awareness into our physical body. Then we clear our mind of thoughts so our awareness has clarity. Then awareness flows into our emotions so we can integrate our fear, anger and grief into our wholeness. Then our heart will open. When we can keep our heart open and allow love to flow freely to it and from it, we will find ourselves HOME.

The physical body that we enjoy today was millions of years in development. It is designed to self-regulate, self-repair and regenerate itself. It is complete now. It is designed to function effortlessly and precisely if not interfered with. It is the vehicle for the soul to use as it cohabitates with Mother Nature on planet earth. It is our responsibility to keep our vehicle strong, functional and available for the soul to inhabit. For those who have achieved the necessary maturity required, Spirit is

descending into the physical body and inhabiting every cell that is open to receive. This will come as a surprise to many religious followers, because “the church” teaches that Spirit leaves our physical body and ascends into heaven. But our

evolution, as it turns out, is not about leaving the planet, our beloved Mother Earth, it is about anchoring “heaven on earth” and being fully present to partake of the beauty and abundance that is already here but not yet seen nor experienced by all. There is a hidden reality but our awareness must shift for us to see it. Then, as Jesus said, we will be “in the world but not of the world”. The masters tell us to bring our awareness into our body and into the present moment. They tell us to be fully present “as a field of awareness, of alert Presence”. Tolle (2005:269)

Our mind is our navigation tool.

Energy follows thought. Thought can take us

anywhere we intend. “In any given moment, we are wherever our attention is focused.” Brown (2008:111) For thousands of years the mind has been used to navigate back and forth between past and future in a limited world of three dimensions. It takes us into our past, our stories, our his-story. It takes us into a future of many possibilities. For generations, as a species, we have used thought to manipulate, sedate and control life. We have gotten so good at it that the tool is using us instead of the other way around. We get lost in our stories and believe they are real. “Thought is an exquisite tool……... for discerning reality, not reality itself.” O’Malley, 1998

So we find that our spiritual journey HOME is individual and is really an awakening. When the heart shuts down and becomes closed by traumatic life experiences, it causes physical illness and weakness, mental confusion and dysfunction and a life of hardship and heartache. It is all our uncomfortable feelings of fear, anger, and grief submerged beneath the level of our awareness that keeps our hearts closed. It is not until we open our hearts and trust enough to leave them open, that we join with others in union and embrace the family of ONE. But how do we get our hearts to remain open when the world is so violent, cruel and hurtful? We each make the choice when we are ready to do the emotional work that is required to open the heart and live from love, forgiveness and understanding.

Another word for HOME is “wholeness” for HOME contains All-That-Is. Wholeness is accepting all realities and becoming one with them without judgment. Nothing is excluded or rejected. In our individual experience, wholeness is the integration of our physical body (the vehicle), mental body (navigational tool) and emotional body (the fuel). Evolution has prepared our vehicle; it is ready to receive Spirit fully. Evolution has prepared our mind; it is clear when Spirit is present. Evolution is currently preparing our hearts. For us to live together on the planet in peace and harmony, we must be willing to drop our fear and rejection of those that are different and open our hearts to love our neighbor and ourselves. Then we can have heaven on earth. “It is our purpose and destiny to bring a new dimension into this world by living in conscious oneness with the totality and conscious alignment with universal intelligence.” Tolle (2005:278)


Chapter II – Review of Literature
A Journey Toward Wholeness Just as Dorothy wanted to leave the strange world of Oz and return home to those who loved her, we also want to find our way out of our projected dream reality of chaos and confusion and return HOME to love and wholeness. But returning HOME is quite a challenge as Dorothy found out. There are many paths that turn out to be distractions, dead-ends or just lead us in circles.

Our journey toward wholeness takes us through many dimensions of consciousness. The first one we encounter in our projected dream reality is the third dimension – a dimension of survival. Food, shelter and safety are the focus. Many people live their entire lives in this dimension of consciousness, never evolving beyond their suffering and dysfunction.

But when the issue of survival is handled, one is able to move into the fourth dimension of consciousness, which is about self-improvement. There the focus is on fixing, changing, and improving all aspects of life – home, career, health, relationships. Bigger is better than smaller, higher is better than lower, healthy is better than sick, and sharing life with a partner is more fun than being alone. This is also a dimension of suffering and dysfunction, but we seek and find tools that change our beliefs, ease our pain and heal our wounded hearts. The more in acceptance of what is, the less we suffer. The more we enjoy what we do, the less we suffer. The more enthusiastic we are about life, the less we suffer. Eckhart Tolle counsels, “If you are not in the state of either acceptance, enjoyment or enthusiasm, look closely and you will find that you are creating suffering for yourself and others.” Tolle (2005:295)

In the fifth dimension, there is nothing to fix, change or improve. There is no more suffering. Nothing is hidden. All is known for we are all aware. There is full

acceptance of what shows up. In the vibration of the fifth dimension, we live life

from our wholeness in peace -- internally as well as externally. Enthusiasm and joy is in abundance individually and collectively for we live in community loving each other and loving ourselves with open hearts. It is truly a heavenly state to love everything as it is and love everyone just as they are. “When I want what I have, thought and action aren’t separate; they move as one, without conflict. …Everything I need is always supplied, and I don’t have to do anything for it. There is nothing more exciting than loving what is.” Katie (2007:278)

Returning HOME It’s all about evolution. We have nothing to say about it. Man would like to think he has some control over what happens, but there is a greater presence in charge of man’s evolution than is possible to conceive. Whether the cause is considered to be universal forces or spiritual directors, humanity is in the midst of an evolutionary shift to a more expanded vibration of consciousness. “The landscape of creation is being renovated, so to speak, to allow for a chain reaction of consciousness that will sweep this planet and carry it and its creatures to new vibratory fields.” WingMakers (2008:session 1, PDF)

WingMakers is a body of knowledge preparing mankind for its ascension into a dimensionally larger world. WingMakers predicts that during the later part of the 21st century, a global portal will be made available to those who are ready to enter the higher frequencies of consciousness. Right now, 2008, there are not enough individuals on the planet to join together as one heart, as one collective intelligence, to elevate the dimensional frequency of humanity, but WingMakers predicts, in a few more generations, there will be. “Before there can be a collective awakening, there must be an established and sufficient core of people who are functioning on the higher frequencies of awareness. Globally, this might be between ten and twelve million people. This core…will join together through the universal field of

consciousness and blend their hearts as one. And in this unification, the fear-based radiations of those who linger in the lower frequencies will be subdued and calmed and a new sense of trust and hope will emerge. And as messy as the human

condition may become, these ten million islands will rise as a new continent of consciousness, one whose human circuitry is prepared to live a love-centered life quite independent of the external view and events…This continent is the collective entity..….operating as one collective intelligence….” WingMakers (2008:session 1, PDF)

Planet earth is an amazing place from the standpoint that it allows many states of consciousness, each a different dimensional frequency, to exist simultaneously. The dominant dimension of consciousness on Earth is the third dimension often referred to as 3D. Some live an entire life never evolving past this dimension even though all the dimensions are available to us. Every individual on the planet can choose to live from fear, the third dimension, or live from love, a more expanded dimension. “Live a love-centered life and follow earth’s ascendancy or live a fear-based life and remain in the third dimensional frequency grid.” WingMakers (2008:section 1, PDF)

Every soul entering the planet via a womb is completely dependent on others for their survival and guidance as they manage their life in a baby body. When we complete childhood, we move into the adolescent phase of our development. This is a transitional phase because while we are no longer a child, we are still a long way from being a conscious, responsible, mature adult. It takes life experience and an expanded perception for one to evolve beyond the immature behavior and attitudes of the adolescent. We must give up our victim/victor mentality, give up our prejudices and preferences, give up our blaming and complaining.

Individually and collectively, our transition into a dimensionally larger world is bringing us into our wholeness. We evolve into mature, spiritually aware, adults when we are ready to accept full responsibility for all our thoughts, words, actions and attitudes and their consequences. Until we can truly love without condition, we are not ready to enter the higher vibrational realms of consciousness, the place we call heaven. Only those who are willing to open their hearts and embrace their wholeness will participate in the upcoming shift. “All others will see illusions and be

forced to live in the shadows of the real experience.” WingMakers (2008:section 1, PDF)

Evolution is moving us toward healing our separateness so we can return HOME to oneness. All the teachings on the planet imply that the dimensionally larger world, we are evolving toward, will require us to be at peace within ourselves so we can live in peace with those around us. Then everyone can enjoy the beauty and abundance of our planet, Mother Earth. Therefore, those practices and teachings that assist us in letting go of our fear, anger and grief and invite us to engage in forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude, are viable paths leading HOME. Whether we commit to a single path or a combination of paths, our intent, devotion and mastery prepares us for our ascension.

Many Paths Light the Way HOME This paper mentions only a few of many paths that can lead us HOME. You may have already found a path you are devoted to. Or you may be looking for one that you resonate with. If you are looking, beware of the ego who likes to jump from one path to another, thinking one is better than another, judging, analyzing and calculating. Too many paths and not enough devotion can result in disappointment, like a cat chasing its tail going nowhere.

In his book Alchemy of the Heart, Michael Brown talks about awareness following a specific pathway from HOME to our awareness here on earth. “Our awareness travels along an intentional energetic pathway to enter our experience of life upon earth… The pathway runs from the emotional, to the mental, to the physical.” Brown (2008:13) Brown tells us that when we reverse this pathway, bringing

awareness first into the physical, then into the mental, emotional, and finally the heart, we will reach HOME. He suggests it is part of our evolutionary unfoldment.

Bringing awareness into the heart is key to being able to live with an open heart. “We are still trying to do mentally and physically what only the heart can

accomplish.” Brown (2008:93) We cannot arrive HOME with a closed heart for the frequency of HOME is love, which inspires an open heart.

Our journey HOME is an individual one for each of us must do our own work to open our heart. We must create a strong physical body for the spirit to descend into. We must identify and let go of a lifetime of third dimensional beliefs that we must evolve beyond. We have to retrieve all the parts of ourselves we have disowned in order to be whole. We must integrate those feelings we have excommunicated so our hearts will open and remain open. “Evolution occurs as we complete or love all of our unloved moments.” Smith (2004:81)

We are born with our hearts open. We come directly from HOME. Our nature is to love. If we are unfortunate enough to be born into a dysfunctional family, (and most of us are) or worse no family, there is a good chance we will experience judgment, disapproval, abandonment, trauma, and/or abuse of some kind during our first seven years of life. Since a baby/little child does not have the mental capacity to integrate what it feels, those feelings of fear, anger, grief “remain unintegrated and frozen in time”. Brown (2008:115) Each time a feeling goes unintegrated the heart closes a little more. By the time a child reaches puberty, bit-by-bit their heart has closed and the self, who was fully in the body at birth, has retreated into the head.

Now awareness, anchored in the head, lives life from a story in the mind instead of being present in the body. Awareness flits back and forth from past experiences to future possibilities, and spends very little time in the present moment. This predicament is supported by the belief that you can’t get to heaven until you die anyway so do the best you can with life and wait. That theory no longer works given the evolutionary shift that is upon us. “It’s not true that you go to hell or to heaven after you die… Heaven or hell is here and now. You don’t need to wait to die. If you take responsibility for your own life, for your own actions, then your future is in your hands, and you can live in heaven while the body is alive.” Ruiz (1999:183) Heaven is not a destination we are going to after death. Heaven is a

state of consciousness we are bringing to earth. Once we wrap our mind around the idea that we can create heaven on earth, we have to participate in that creation, otherwise we will not be allowed in.

Preparation of the Physical – Strengthen the Body At the physical level, we need a strong body to hold the higher frequencies. Every cell of our body has consciousness or it could not do its job. We must love our body, communicate with our cells and give them what they need. We must be attentive, alert and aware of its need for nutrition, exercise, rest, sunshine, appreciation and love. For optimal function it needs a healthy endocrine system and immune system. When we bring our awareness into our body, we can be present with life as it unfolds moment to moment. “Spontaneity and living instinctually is all connected to a love-centered life because only then can you live in the moment.” WingMakers (2008:session 2, PDF)

So how do we bring our awareness into our physical body?

“Transformation is

through the body, not away from it.” Tolle (1999:95) Eckhart Tolle speaks about
using the breath to bring more consciousness into the body. “Being aware of your breathing takes attention away from thinking and creates space…. Breathing isn’t really something that you do but something that you witness as it happens. Breathing happens by itself. The intelligence within the body is doing it. All you have to do is watch it happening.” Tolle (2005:244-5)

Michael Brown offers us the Connected Breath to bring our awareness back into our physical body. “Consciously connecting our breathing is a powerful not-doing because it enables our awareness to commence exiting the time-based illusions of the mental plane and reenter the presence of the physical body.” Brown (2008:121)

Preparation of the Mental – Clear the Mind of Accumulated Beliefs When we are born our mind is empty of beliefs. We are born connected to Divine Mind, Cosmic Intelligence. We accumulate beliefs as we live our life. We

unconsciously adopt the beliefs of our parents and the beliefs of our environment. We are taught what to believe when we attend schools, universities, religious activities, and workplaces. Our beliefs are influenced by our race, culture, skin color and geography. Then, when we finally have the ability to choose our beliefs, we are not aware of the beliefs we have accumulated growing up. We are unaware that they compose the fabric of our thinking. So we must bring awareness to what we believe and how our beliefs are affecting our feelings, behaviors, actions and attitudes. It is not our life experiences that make us suffer; it is our beliefs about our life experiences that cause our suffering. “The only time you suffer is when you believe a thought that argues with reality. You are the cause of your own suffering— but only all of it.” Katie (2007:158) HOME is not built upon beliefs. HOME is a

spacious field of energy and without the burden of beliefs we are free to create. Preparation for HOME is to undo our accumulated beliefs and clear our mind. “The clear mind is absolutely still. … It makes sense of everything and rests in its unceasing awareness.” Katie (2007:133)

Robert Scheinfeld points the way HOME with a methodology that tells the truth about who we really are and identifies where we have given our power away or hidden it from ourselves. He shows us how to find our power and reclaim it. Each time we do, we expand our awareness. His process asks us to identify the beliefs we have attached to, that cause our feelings of discomfort, and to stop feeding them. We unconsciously keep our discomforts alive with our attention, and that is where our power resides. When we realize that is what we are doing, we can pull the plug and “bust the belief”. Each time we dissolve a belief, we reclaim more of our power. Each time we tell the truth about who we really are, we expand our awareness of the truth that we are “the Power and Presence of God.” Scheinfeld 2006

Byron Katie questions the validity of beliefs with what she calls inquiry. She asks four specific questions to uncover the beliefs behind a story so they can be seen. “…what people can see, through inquiry, is their own truth…. You can take the four

questions and find yourself. The questions are the path back to your self. They don’t care what the story is. They just wait for you to answer them.” Katie (2007:114) “When you know how to question your thoughts, there’s no resistance. You look forward to your worst nightmare, because it turns out to be nothing but an illusion, and the four questions of The Work provide you with the technology to go inside and realize (it’s an illusion).” Katie (2007:191)

Ho’Oponopono is a healing method that comes to us from the Hawaiian culture. It is a cleaning tool of four short phrases containing the highest vibrational frequencies of love, forgiveness and appreciation. When the mind is focused on “I love you - I’m sorry - Please forgive me - Thank you”, the beliefs that do not resonate with that vibration dissolve. The mind becomes clear.

Preparation of the Emotional – Bring to Resolution Unintegrated Feelings Michael Brown teaches us how to “digest our unintegrated emotions”. He invites us to identify where a feeling of discomfort is in our body. He calls this discomfort an

emotional signature. Then he instructs us to put aside our agendas and simply sit
with it in silence and stillness. Feel the feeling but do nothing about it. Put attention on the feeling and allow it to be. When we are willing to feel our uncomfortable feelings of fear, anger, grief, etc., watching, observing, without condition, with no other reason than to just be, there is a consequence. It is “the first step to awakening the authentic resonance of unconditional love.” Brown 2008. This unconditional love resolves the discomfort, maybe not immediately, but at some point in this practice, the emotion gets “digested” and becomes nourishment for the soul. “As beingness ripens through the digestion of the required nutrition – through conscious, unconditional containment of the felt resonance of our fear, anger, and grief-- we bear the fruits of greater and greater presence within every facet of our life experience.” Brown 2008

In A Course in Miracles, we are told that we entered this world by falling asleep. The world we live in is a dream. When we awaken from our dream, we will find

ourselves HOME. Each time our perception shifts into a higher state of

consciousness, it is like waking up from a dream of lower consciousness. One of the ways to facilitate our waking up is through the high vibration of forgiveness.

The Lyricus Teaching Order, through their spokesperson, James, says, “The only way that humanity will open up to the higher dimensions is when individually, person by person, the entire species begins to see that Truth is alive and well within themselves; it is lifeless and irrelevant outside themselves.” WingMakers

(2008:section 1, PDF) The truth is that we are the very expression of love and we can choose to live a love-centered life by daily practicing the virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor. “The six heart virtues create the vibrational climate in your local environment that brings forward your Higher Self as an agent of Spirit.” WingMakers (2008:section 1, PDF) Certainly, when we think of heaven on earth, we think of living in a community where these virtues are practiced by everyone. We would understand one another. We would feel safe with one another. We would feel appreciated. To prepare ourselves to live in a love-centered community, we must be consistent and disciplined with our practice, as we entrain our mind-body to live with an open heart and express the virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor. Then, we will have earned our place in a heavenly community. Then, we will have transitioned into the higher dimensions of planet Earth.

Opening the Heart Byron Katie gives us advice on how to open our hearts: “…when the mind is closed, the heart is closed; when the mind is open, the heart is open. So if you want to open your heart, question your thinking.” Katie (2007:26)

Michael A. Singer tells us the kinds of experiences that close the heart. “You are either trying to push energies away because they bother you, or you are trying to keep energies close because you like them. In both cases, you are not letting them pass, and you are wasting precious energy by blocking the flow through resisting

and clinging. The alternative is to enjoy life…. experience the gift of life instead of fighting with it.” Singer (2007:56) Then he tells us how to keep the heart open. “The heart is the place through which energy flows to sustain you…. It is the beautiful experience of love that pours through your whole being.…allow the experiences of life to come in and pass through your being. If old energies come back up because you were unable to process them before, let go of them now. It’s that easy…… Just like the physical body purges bacteria and other foreign matter, the natural flow of your energy will purge the stored patterns from your heart. Your reward is a permanently open heart.” Singer (2001:57)

The immature adolescent is stuck in the drama of his story. But evolution urges him to grow beyond his self-absorption, to mature into a responsible adult. This process of maturing can be seen in the spiritual seeker that is searching for HOME. Although the search may begin with a closed heart, a confused mind and maybe even a weak body, the innate desire to return HOME will propel him to do whatever it takes to gain wholeness and live with an open heart. “….[T]he human body is born complete in one moment, the birth of the human heart is an ongoing process. It is being birthed in every experience of your life.” O’Donohue (1997:6)

Arriving HOME “The litmus test for self-realization is a constant state of gratitude…. When you live your life from that place of gratitude, you’ve come home.” Katie (2007:27)

Finding HOME is an inward journey not an outward journey. John O’Donohue speaks of solitude as a pathway HOME. He is a beautiful poet who spent nineteen years as a Catholic priest. His writings express many insights gleaned from going inward. “When you come into your solitude, you come into companionship with everything and everyone…. When you come patiently and silently home to yourself, you come into unity and into belonging…. We need to return to the solitude within, to find again the dream that lies at the hearth of the soul.” O’Donohue (1997:98, 125)

Eckhart Tolle begins his book, The Power of Now, with a great story in the same vein. “A beggar had been sitting by the side of the road for thirty years. One day a stranger walked by.

Spare some change? mumbled the beggar. I have nothing to give you, said the stranger. Then he asked: What's that you're sitting on? Nothing, replied the beggar. Just an old box. I've been sitting on it for as long as I can remember. Ever look inside? asked the stranger. No, said the beggar. What's the point, there's nothing in there. Have a look inside, insisted the stranger.
The beggar, reluctantly, managed to pry open the lid. With astonishment, disbelief, and elation, he saw that the box was filled with gold. I am that stranger who has nothing to give you and who is telling you to look inside. Not inside any box, as in the parable, but somewhere even closer: inside yourself.” Tolle (1999:9)


Chapter III – Methods – N/A


Chapter IV - Findings
So if we are searching for our way HOME to heaven, we must not be there. If we are not there, where are we? Are we in hell, a nightmare, an illusion, a dream? Yes, all of those would qualify as definitions of the state of consciousness we are born into and most of us still live in. We experience a weak body, a confused mind and a closed heart. So does that mean that if we strengthen our body, clear our mind of false beliefs and imagined stories and open our heart, we would we find ourselves HOME? That is the report we receive from many who have found their way HOME, including the ones quoted in this dissertation: Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Robert Scheinfeld, Michael Brown, and John O’Donohue.

Our Vehicle for the Journey -- A Strong Physical Body “The human body is beautiful. It is such a privilege to be embodied… Your body is the only home that you have in this universe. It is in and through your body that your soul becomes visible and real for you. Your body is the home of your soul on earth.” O’Donohue (1998:45)

The Pathway of Awareness: Preparing the Physical for HOME Michael Brown was sitting on a beach in Mexico, engrossed in a magnificent sunset, when he received a profound insight. “It was as if pieces of a broken mechanism effortlessly clicked into place and started humming in perfect precision. I saw The Pathway of Awareness – not only as a representation of the journey into our human experience – but also as the journey required to consciously return us into authenticity, integrity, and intimacy.” Brown 2008

In his book, Alchemy of the Heart, Brown details his insight. The Pathway of Awareness starts in the spiritual - what I refer to as HOME and what Brown calls the vibrational - and moves into the emotional, then into the mental and finally into the physical. “…the journey we take along The Pathway of Awareness as we enter our

experience upon this earth moves from vibrational (womb) to emotional (childhood) to mental (teenage) to physical (adult).” Brown (2008:37)

Brown speaks of this pathway being very visible if you track the entrance of an infant into this world. Sometime during the nine-month pregnancy, awareness

enters the fetus. However, after the birth, a baby has no awareness of its physical or mental aspect. Its full awareness is in its emotions. When it feels good, it sleeps and gurgles. When is feels uncomfortable, it cries. It gains mental awareness when it learns to use its emotions to communicate its needs. It cries when it is hungry. It cries when it needs a clean diaper. Awareness finally comes into the physical body, when the baby learns to hold its head up, turn its body, reach out and grab something. Brown shows this Pathway of Awareness repeating throughout our life, until we are motivated to find our way HOME. Then, Brown suggests, we must travel the Pathway of Awareness in reverse. “We are consciously retracing the energetic steps we took along The Pathway of Awareness, consequently, the energetic flow of our journey from this point onward … is from physical to mental to emotional, with the intent to enter an experiential conversation with the vibrational.” Brown (2008:126)

In the evolutionary cycle, the motivation to return HOME doesn’t come until we complete our adolescent phase and are ready to take on the responsibilities of an adult. Then, instead of wanting our aches and pains to just go away, we use them as starting points for getting to the cause of our discomfort and healing it. First, a pain or discomfort in our physical body gets our attention. Then our mind (mental) tells a story about how it got there. Following the Pathway of Awareness, we next come to the (emotional) unintegrated emotions of fear, anger, grief, which are the cause of our suffering. As we become aware of those hidden emotions and allow ourselves to feel them, they integrate into our heart and it begins to open. When our heart opens, our love is released. “There is within each of us, at the soul level, an enriching fountain of love…. a wellspring of love within the heart.” O’Donohue

(1997:26) Love is the key that unlocks the gates of heaven and is how we find our way back HOME.

If our vehicle, which is our physical body, is strong, it can hold the light of awareness needed to lift us into expanded states of consciousness. If our navigation system, which is our mind, is clear, it receives insights from the heart and is guided by spirit where to be at all times. If our emotions, which are the fuel for our journey HOME, can flow through an open heart without stopping, we have all the energy we need to hold a state of consciousness that can realize a heaven on earth existence.

When our heart is open, it allows love without condition to flow from it and to it, connecting us to the whole. “Love is the threshold where divine and human presence ebb and flow into each other.” O’Donohue (1997:15) Heaven is a reality we find ourselves in when our mind is clear and our heart is open. Ask anyone who has just met the “love of their life” -- their feet do not even touch the ground they are so elated. Their heart is wide open. Their mind is clear. Love is infusing every cell of their body. They are bursting with joy!

Hopefully, one or more of the paths leading HOME explored in this paper will serve those still trying to find their way. First, we shall look at how to prepare a strong physical body so it can hold more awareness. Second, we shall look at specific techniques that when practiced result in mental clarity. Third, we shall look at how to integrate the low density emotions that separate us from each other. When they are identified, observed, accepted and integrated our hearts open like a flower blooming and love expresses through us naturally. With body-mind-emotion

integration achieved, we are ready to manifest heaven on earth.

The Egoic Persona When we put ego in charge of our physical body, its entire focus is on external appearance. It is obsessed with looking good, showing off or getting approval. This is expressed by the bodybuilder who spends years building and sculpting an external

body to compete with other fit bodies in competitions of weight lifting, wrestling, boxing. It is seen in professional athletes who train in sports of endurance and physical strength. Often actors are asked to beef-up or reduce their physical

appearance; they sculpt their bodies to fit the role. External appearance is everything to women who model for a career or compete in beauty pageants.

If the body is weakened, due to illness or disease, the ego turns its focus inward and begins working with the internal environment of the physical body. Then the ego’s goal is to rebuild healthy function and save the physical body. Especially if the genetic lineage contains death from stroke, heart disease, cancer, diabetes or other inherited death sentence. When discomfort/pain shows up in the physical body, ego wants it to disappear. It is not interested in cause; it is only interested in getting the pain to stop. So ego runs. It runs to the doctor, surgeon, dentist, chiropractor, medicine man, shaman, healer, drugs, herbs, allopathic, homeopathic; it wants anything that will “sedate and control” (Brown 2008) the discomfort/pain.

On the other hand, a life-threatening disease can be the very thing that initiates our journey HOME. Sometimes we get caught up in a life we don’t really like or that we have outgrown. We feel trapped, no way out, so we unconsciously create a disease which in turn motivates us to change our habits and our lifestyle. When our life depends on it, we stop and connect with the greater part of ourselves through prayer or meditation for guidance and direction. The purpose of a disease, from the perspective of the soul, is to interrupt and disrupt. It can bring families together that were estranged, open hearts that were closed, cause lifestyle changes that serve our journey HOME. Often people declare that the healing of their disease forced them to get in touch with who they really are and what is really important to them. Whatever disruption that causes us to be more loving, more appreciative, more grateful is a pathway HOME. Dis-ease can be the very catalyst for a rite of passage from immature adolescent to responsible adult.

Self-Mastery of the Physical Just as an Olympic athlete prepares physically, mentally, and emotionally to compete for a gold medal, so must we as individuals prepare ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally to make the evolutionary shift that humanity is being called to make. Since the journey HOME is filled with infinite distractions that keep us wandering but not progressing, discipline and consistency are vital for our journey. They are what will assist us in evolving to the next stage of consciousness where we enter the “gates of heaven” and live in the “new earth” as one family. “The

foundation for a new earth is a new heaven—the awakened consciousness…. Awakening is the realization of Presence.” Tolle (2005:308)

In 2000, Tom Hanks starred in a movie called Cast Away, a brilliant analogy to what it takes to find our way HOME. Tom Hanks plays, Chuck Noland, a Federal Express engineer who is on a plane that crashes in the Pacific Ocean. He is pronounced lost at sea and his family and friends attend his funeral. Chuck is washed onto a small island miles from the crash site. He is the only survivor but no one can find him. Early on he attempts to swim beyond the breakers, but they are too high and too dangerous to pass through. They seem to form an impenetrable wall to keep Chuck on the island. Fear of further injury or possible death keeps Chuck from trying again. He survives on coconuts and fish. Then one day, the benevolent ocean washes ashore a partial tin box. Chuck comes up with an idea for escape. By tying logs together from the island, he fashions himself a raft. He uses the tin as a sail. He successfully maneuvers past the wall of breakers to freedom. He saves himself. What a great story of the perseverance of the human spirit to overcome every obstacle to get HOME.

The island is a symbol for our belief structure that keeps us trapped in our illusion. The breakers are a symbol of our fear, anger and grief that keep us trapped in a fear-based reality. One day, in right timing for our individual evolution, we get an idea, have an experience or an ah-h-h moment. We get something that becomes our raft to freedom. We, like Chuck, must also save ourselves.

Oh, did I mention, Tom Hank’s character built a lean, strong, physical body during the four years he was living on the island. Another consequence of his isolation was a completely renovated perspective on what is important and what is not. His spirit took over his body; his ego was no longer in a position of authority over his life. “Wherever you are in terms of your local universe (your present focus of attention and energy), remember you are the presence of God in Spirit… your local universe is a portal through which the consciousness of Spirit can enter into your human domain.” WingMakers (2008:session 2, PDF)

Strong Bones and Muscles Individuals must find their exercise of choice to build a strong vehicle for their journey HOME. Our bones and muscles are our structure. They must be strong to support our physical body. When we can appreciate the magnificent complexity of our body to function without any input from us, we can receive more light into our cells. Our cells absorb more light when our bones and muscles and strong and when our organs and glands are healthy. The more light we carry in our cellular structure, the higher we ascend in consciousness and the more grounded our awareness is in our physical body.

Healthy Endocrine and Immune Systems Abusing the physical body with overeating, wrong food choices, sleep deprivation, ingesting toxic substances, and so on, all contribute to a weakening of our cellular structure and body function. The endocrine system is critical for health for it produces and regulates all our hormones. Feeling good, feeling bad, filled with

energy or feeling drained often has to do with the function of our endocrine system. If we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy endocrine system for our journey HOME, we will give it the attention it requires to function optimally.

The body responds to directions from the mind. Here is a very simple visualization that cleans each gland of the endocrine system. Start with the pineal gland in the center of the head. These are the directions for cleaning:

Ask and intend to connect to your Spirit Self, Expanded Self, God. Clear your mind of all chatter. Put your full attention on the gland you are cleaning. Be still. • • Begin with the pineal gland in the center of the head. To clean the gland, shower it with the Ho’Oponopono phrase: “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” Repeat the Ho’Oponopono phrase four times or more until the gland feels cleansed. • Then say to the gland: “Normalize, harmonize, balance. Produce everything that you should in the proper amounts with nothing extra and nothing left out.” • • Fill the gland with light and appreciation. See it glow from the attention. Move on to clean the next endocrine gland, which is the pituitary (in front of the pineal). Repeat the cleaning sequence. Then move to the thyroid (throat area), thymus (chest area behind the heart), pancreas (regulates blood sugar; left mid-section), adrenals (fight or flight hormones that sit on top of kidneys), ovaries or testes (sex hormones; groin area). • When we place our consciousness on each gland, it receives the fullness of our attention. A healthy endocrine system, that we love and appreciate, supports our physical body for the journey HOME. Clean it as often as intuitively guided.

• •

The same cleaning visualization can be done to support a healthy immune system. The immune system is the body’s filter; it filters out the particles in the blood and lymph that are toxic. The immune system is made up of the tonsils, adenoids, thymus gland, spleen, lymph nodes and tissue, stem cells, white blood cells, antibodies, and lymphokines. When we place our consciousness on each part

involved in keeping us healthy, it receives the fullness of our attention. A healthy immune system that we love and appreciate supports our physical body for the journey HOME.

Anchoring Presence in the Physical Body “All presence depends on consciousness. Where there is a depth of awareness, there is a reverence for presence. Where consciousness is dulled, distant or blind, the presence grows faint and vanishes. Consequently, awareness is one of the greatest gifts….” O’Donohue (1997:15-6) Eckhart Tolle says Presence can only be experienced in the now moment. “The art of Presence is to be rooted with your attention in the inner energy field of the body…every cell feels alive… the body loves your attention.” Tolle (1999:45)

The most immediate way to bring awareness into our body is to focus on our breath. Without changing the way we normally breath, we put full attention on the inhale and exhale. It doesn’t matter whether we breathe through our nose or mouth. What matters is that we breathe normally without any large gaps or pauses between breaths. What we are doing should not be noticeable to anyone. Michael Brown calls this “consciously connected breathing”. “Consciously connecting our breathing is a powerful not-doing because it enables our awareness to commence exiting the timebased illusions of the mental plane and reenter the presence of the physical body.” Brown (2008:121) The beauty of this is its simplicity. We can do it anywhere

anytime and it does not interrupt whatever we might be doing.

We cannot have our awareness in our head and in our body at the same time. When we are in our head, we are in the past or in the future. When we direct our awareness into our body, we are intentionally increasing our awareness of Presence. When we remember to put our awareness on our breath, we bring ourselves into the now moment. “Being aware of your breath forces you into the present

moment—the key to all inner transformation. Whenever you are conscious of the breath, you are absolutely present.” Tolle (2005:246) When our awareness is in our body, we have an opportunity to experience who we really are. “So to inhabit the

body is to feel the body from within, to feel the life inside the body and thereby
come to know that you are beyond the outer form. But that is only the beginning of

an inward journey that will take you ever more deeply into a realm of great stillness and peace, yet also of great power and vibrant life.” Tolle (1999:92)

Our Navigation System for the Journey – A Clear Mind “By itself nothing has existence. The potential becomes actual by thinking. The body and its affairs exist in the mind.” Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

“Consciousness is a dynamic field of awareness that has the ability to either narrowly focus or broadly expand.” Singer (2007:128) For example, awareness can focus in tight and get a narrow perspective or it can also pull way back and get a wide perspective. In the latter position, we can see so much more, including how everything and everyone is connected. Much is excluded in the close up view, but that is the view humanity has been stuck in for eons. Close up all we can really see is ourselves. This is the perspective of the adolescent. No one is taken into consideration because no one outside of self even comes into view. The ability to navigate our awareness from tight and narrow to wide and expansive is what allows us to evolve from selfish, self-serving adolescent to mature, responsible, loving adult. “Our mental body at its highest frequency (is) a tool for navigation.” Brown (2008:132) The more expansive our view becomes, the closer to HOME we get.

The Pathway of Awareness: Preparing the Mental for HOME According to Michael Brown’s revelation, we live life in cycles of seven. During our first seven years, age one to seven, our awareness is located in our emotional body. Uncomplicated emotions surface quickly, are felt fully and then dissipate, like weather passing through a region. When we are young, our heart is open allowing us to feel our hurts as they arise. We cry easily and move on quickly.

As children, we are emotional creatures of joy, spontaneously yelling, screaming, laughing, crying, and expressing ourselves with sound and movement. But when our childlike friskiness is disapproved of, we learn to be “well behaved boys or girls” to get the approval, appreciation, and attention of our caretakers. Gradually the

discipline of our authority figures to be quiet and suppress our abundant energy results in our behavior shifting from “presence to pretence”. Brown (2008:60) We learn it is unacceptable and not safe to be our true selves. This learning process causes complex emotions that we are too young to integrate, like fear, anger, grief, to get frozen in time at the age they occur. These emotions remain unintegrated, buried and forgotten, yet they affect our lives as adults. This is how we lose touch with our spiritual nature and forget our true selves. This is how we learn to be inauthentic and identify with our egoic persona completely. This is how we forget HOME where we are one with God. We will revisit these unintegrated emotions later when we discuss how to prepare our emotional body for HOME.

When we reach school age, we are sent to an educational facility. In the school environment, our focus shifts from what we are feeling in our emotional body to what we are thinking in our mental body. We transform from a being who feels to a doer who thinks. Our feelings are judged, by “those who ought to know”, so we become masters at suppressing them. We quickly learn that when we express our true feelings, we get punished. We are taught to follow the rules, to give those in charge what they want and to conform in order to survive. This is when we learn to be inauthentic in order to get the love we need. Because we are unique and do not naturally conform to an arbitrary model, we learn to say what is expected of us instead of what we actually feel. We are taught to say “I am sorry”, when we aren’t. We are asked to go places we don’t want to go. We are forced to do things we don’t want to do -- all in the name of being a “good boy or girl”.

If we have the good fortune of being born into a family that accepts us as we are and is mature enough to love us without condition, we will be able to keep our heart open and allow every feeling that arises to pass through us. However, most of us are not that fortunate. Many of us are born into dysfunctional families who put conditions on the love they give us. It is more likely that we are abused and traumatized growing up. We will feel pain and discomfort, but we will not have the mental maturity to integrate the pain, consequently, during our first seven years,

our heart gradually closes and the integration of the more complex feelings of fear, anger and grief is postponed.

The Egoic Mind From the perception of an ego, the mind is for thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and figuring things out. It analyzes, compares and critiques. It puts everything into a structure and organizes it. The ego uses the mind to navigate between the past (reflecting, regretting) and the future (worrying, planning). It dialogues incessantly about what if scenarios, what ought to happen, what didn’t happen; consequently, thoughts fly back and forth from past to future and future to past never quite landing in the now. There is one thing the mind cannot do and that is be in the present moment. When we become aware of this, we can clear the mind and use it as it was originally intended, to be present in the moment and to navigate the many dimensions of the multi-universe.

The egoic mind is always whispering its preferences in our ear, “I like this; I don’t like that; I want this; I don’t want that”. Because it’s goal is separation not union, it has preferences. It is constantly choosing one thing over another or one person over another. Preferences keep us stuck in the tight, narrow perspective. For us to grow to our potential, we must surrender our preferences and allow our heart to lead us instead of our thinking. “Things go their own sweet way, whether you let them or not. The rose blooms without your approval and dies without your consent….The world runs perfectly. It’s all done without you. It’s all done for you, whether or not you interfere….Life continually pours forth its gifts and lives itself out in its own sweet way. All you need to do is notice. That’s true mastery.” Katie (2007:141)

The egoic mind is a bottom feeder when it comes to choosing thoughts. It chooses thoughts from the lower frequencies: fear, anger, grief, disappointment, hate, shame, revenge, jealousy, blame, irritation, frustration and impatience. The egoic mind tries to separate the good guys from the bad guys, but in reality, good and bad are judgments; all beings are whole. Those who identify with the egoic mind are

still asleep. Those who are consciously participating in the evolutionary shift are conscious and awake. There is a third group who are partially awake “but are manipulated by outside influences to remain with the sleeping masses”. WingMakers (2008:session 2, PDF) A compassionate analogy of this is the fish who innocently swims into a shallow tide pool and gets trapped. The fish is not changed in any way, but its ability to fully express as a fish that swims in the greater ocean is stifled.

Self-Mastery of the Mental Outside the limited awareness of the egoic mind is a vast multi-universe to explore. Our infinite mind is designed to take us anywhere we want to go in that vast multiuniverse. There is no thinking involved. Mind knows what, how, where and when. “There is a perfection beyond what the unquestioned mind can know. You can count on it to take you wherever you need to be, whenever you need to be there, and always exactly on time.” Katie (2007:135)

But when the mind is taken over, so to speak, by the egoic persona, it is not used for navigating the vast multi-universe; it is used for judging, thinking, doing, and particularly controlling circumstances and people. When the mind is filled with thoughts (Byron Katie reports ten thousand thoughts a minute) it causes confusion; then the mind ends up only navigating between the past and the future listening to an endless stream of dialogue most of which is of no value and a huge waste of time. Who’s listening? The egoic mind is listening. As long as the mind is producing an endless stream of thoughts that judge, criticize, condemn, and advise, we are lost in the illusion of three-dimensional duality. “Your mind is one with God’s.

Denying this and thinking otherwise has held your ego together, but has literally split your mind.” Schucman (1975/1992:63)

So how do we restore a split mind to wholeness? How do we eliminate confusion and restore mental clarity? We implement tools specifically designed to restore a clear mind. The Hawaiian’s offer us a very effective tool called Ho’Oponopono Technology. Byron Katie shows us how to question our thoughts with The Work.

Robert Scheinfeld shows us how to “bust our beliefs” and reclaim our power with The Process. One, or all, of these when practiced with consistency, will give us mastery of our mental body. When our mind is clear, we have the insight and knowing that we are whole and connected to the One Divine Mind. “All is one. All is equal. All is divine. All is immortal.” Lyricus (2007)

Ho’Oponopono Technology Ho’Oponopono is a cleaning tool given to us by the Hawaiians. Loosely translated, Ho’Oponopono means “to set things right”. They say that everything we perceive is a projection of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs outward into a holographic, illusionary world. The illusion is not real. But we, as consciousness, are real. Therefore, we are responsible for everything in our world so we can “set things right” because we are responsible for putting them there in the first place. Vitale (2007)

Ho’Oponopono is very simple. It is four phrases spoken out loud. The four phrases are: “I love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” Every time you repeat these four phrases over and over, like a mantra, you are taking 100% responsibility for erasing your projection. Experiment with this tool on mind chatter. When you become aware that you are in your head listening to thoughts about the past or future, immediately begin repeating the four Ho’Oponopono phrases. The vibration of love, forgiveness and appreciation will instantly stop the mind-chatter and bring you into the now moment. Mind chatter is like a virus. When the chatter activates worry or fear, the adrenal glands release excess cortisone into the blood stream. This puts stress on our nervous system and weakens our body. Repeating the Ho’Oponopono phrases will relax the body and clear the mind. Use the Ho’Oponopono cleaning tool with any condition or circumstance you wish to change, fix or improve.

The Work of Byron Katie Byron Katie discovered inquiry in 1986; she popularized the rhyme: “Judge your

neighbor. Write it down. Ask four questions. Turn it around.” She named her inquiry The Work. It is a very simple way of questioning the validity of your thoughts. With pen and paper in hand, write down the dialogue in your head -- your story. Get all the thoughts causing you a problem on paper. Then, one by one, question each thought with these four questions: Is it true? Can I absolutely know that it’s true?

How do I react when I believe that thought? Who would I be without that thought?
Katie says, “…[N]o thought is true. … You either believe your thoughts or you don’t; there’s no other choice. ….With inquiry, we don’t just notice our thoughts, we see that they don’t match reality, we realize exactly what their effects are, we get a glimpse of what we would be if we didn’t believe them. And we experience their opposites as being at least equally valid. An open mind is the beginning of freedom.” Katie (2007:180)

Inquiry shines a light on wrong thinking, false beliefs, unreal stories and returns you to mental clarity. “When the mind has seen that it doesn’t know what it was so sure of, it begins to unravel, the knots relax and begin to untie themselves.” Katie (2007:205) The turn-around allows you to see that you are responsible for creating the story you believe to be true. You get to see that whatever you are accusing someone else of doing you are guilty of doing yourself. “The only thing you’re

responsible for is your own truth in the moment, and inquiry brings you to that.” Katie (2007:192)

When you face every thought with understanding, you discover the truth. It’s your thoughts that cause your suffering, not reality. “Life is simple. Everything happens

for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too
soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it – it’s just easier if you do… When you know how to question your thoughts, there’s no resistance. You look forward to your worst nightmare, because it turns out to be nothing but an illusion, and the four questions of The Work provide you with the technology to go inside and realize that. You don’t have to grope in the dark to find your way to freedom (HOME). You can just sit down and give it to yourself, anytime you want.” Katie (2007:191) No

amount of proof will make a belief-- a story-- real. Beliefs are all made up. There is no reality to them. Question every thought arising in the spaciousness of awareness.

The Process by Robert Scheinfeld In 2004, Robert Scheinfeld created The Process. It was his “yellow brick road out of Oz” -- his pathway HOME. He offered it to the world in his book, Busting Loose

From the Money Game, published in 2006. Scheinfeld acknowledges that we are
God and everything we have and see is our creation. As the book title implies, Scheinfeld describes our life experience as a game, which we created. We designed it to be played in two phases. In Phase One, we convince ourselves that we are not God, and we do a masterful job of convincing ourselves of that lie. We believe we are victims and victors. We struggle and suffer. We were so masterful at forgetting who we really are and forgetting that we created this game for our enjoyment, that we got stuck in our own illusion.

A Course In Miracles describes our predicament as falling asleep and dreaming a
dream from which we are trying to wake up. “You have chosen a sleep in which you have had bad dreams, but the sleep is not real and God calls you to awake…. When you wake you will see the truth around you and in you, and you will no longer believe in dreams because they will have no reality for you.” Schucman (1975/1992:101) Scheinfeld shows us how to wake up to the truth of who we really are as extensions of God. “Who you really are is an Infinite Being who’s in a constant state of joyfulness, peace and unconditional love for everything and everyone. As such, it’s impossible for the Real You to have discomfort of any kind. It’s impossible for the Real You to feel fear, anxiety, embarrassment, shame, anger, or anything else you’d label as a negative emotion. The only way you can appear to feel discomfort is if you create a pattern in The Field, add an enormous amount of power to it, pop the illusion of it into your hologram and convince yourself it’s real.” Scheinfeld (2006:97) Phase One is about giving all our power away so we can experience limitation and restriction. “The Human Game is all about exploring what

would happen if you limit and restrict unlimited power.” Scheinfeld (2007:40)

Phase Two is about remembering who we really are and reclaiming our power. The Process is based on the understanding that who we really are is “the Power and Presence of God… There is nothing outside of me. All that I see is me and I am in full appreciation of all that I have created.” Scheinfeld (2007:103) We have hidden our power in our beliefs. Which ones? The ones that cause our discomfort. When we allow ourselves to feel the intensity of our discomfort (instead of running away from it like we did in Phase One), when we acknowledge that the pain we feel is our own power trapped in our mind and body, then we can “bust the belief” and reclaim our power. For our power and our discomfort are one and the same. When we consciously reclaim our power, the belief, which is just a pattern from the field of consciousness, dissolves back into the field. When we reclaim our power, our

awareness expands. When our awareness expands, our fears lessen and our joy increases. Our hearts open and we meet everything with appreciation.

So the Ho’Oponopono phrases, The Process and The Work are tools for clearing the mind of beliefs that cause our suffering. When used often and consistently, any one of these tools can clear the mind of its beliefs. Then the mind will be free to be used as a navigation system for exploring the multi-universe. “Navigation… is the noblest use of our mental body.” Brown (2007:137)

Our Fuel for the Journey – The Emotion of Love Michael Brown speaks of humanity being at a turning point in its evolution. “We are in the midst of a planetary rite of passage, which is inviting us into the authentic embrace of personal responsibility….. As a species…we have arrived at the doorway to the consciousness of creativity…the art of mastering the interior...Though it may appear complicated to the mental body, it only takes one conscious and deliberate step to pass through this portal in order to take the evolutionary leap toward which our entire species is now being thrust. Stepping consciously through this portal is the heart of the matter. It requires felt-perception.” Brown (2008:93-4)

The Pathway of Awareness: Preparing the Emotional for HOME What Michael Brown means by “felt-perception” is to recognize our unintegrated feelings from childhood as they come into our awareness and feel them. That is how we take responsibility for them. What the ego does with uncomfortable

feelings is run from them using any distraction it can find so as to NOT feel them. It sedates uncomfortable feelings with things like drugs, alcohol, food, sex, television and sports. “By the time we turn twenty-one and officially enter the adult world, we have almost zero emotional body awareness. We now only use our emotional body for drama… We perceive our life experience as something that is happening to us, and as something we have to overcome. We have become a victim and a victor. …What we cannot perceive is that by this point in our experience, our emotional body is in great discomfort. It is no longer an energy-in-motion body. It is now mostly an energy-not-in-motion body.” Brown (2008:63) This greatly reduces our aliveness, our spontaneity and joy which animates us when we are young children.

The Inauthentic Persona In terms of evolution, humanity is in its adolescent phase of development. We identify with our ego, the inauthentic persona, as to who we are. We experience life as a drama. We still want to be told what to do. We are still very dependent for our survival and happiness on sources outside ourselves. We are not quite ready to be self-reliant or responsible for ourselves.

The inauthentic persona lives in fear – fear of being attacked or disabled, fear of losing its possessions or position, fear of dying and disappearing. Since the inauthentic persona is filled with fear, it is the fear-based emotions that are predominate in their life experience. Fear-based emotions include anger, hate, shame, blame, guilt, grief, depression, despair, revenge, jealousy, insecurity, unworthiness, discouragement, disappointment, worry, doubt, unhappiness,

powerlessness and many others.

When we live from our inauthentic persona, we are unhappy, stressed, never satisfied and never at peace. The cause for this is what Michael Brown calls, “unintegrated emotions” which we accumulate during our first seven years of life. Fear-based emotions that we do not know how to process, as a baby and young child, we store in our hearts. By the time we reach our twenties, our hearts are so filled with fear, anger, grief, and our pain is so great, that we shut down our feeling body and close our hearts. We disappear into a role during adolescence and

completely forget who we really are. We retreat into a fear-based inauthentic persona. “Usually people are completely unaware of the roles they play. They are those roles.” Tolle (2005:85)

These unintegrated emotions, that we are not conscious of, motivate our actions, attitudes and behaviors. It is these unintegrated emotions that cause our suffering. Ego’s favorite role is that of victim or victor. Ego’s favorite pastime is judging, complaining, criticizing and blaming. We forget we are all one and our apparent separation is an illusion. When we believe the lie -- that we are separate from each other -- we find enemies to fight with; we go to war with each other. We find enemies within our own family, neighborhood, country and we find enemies to go to war with in other parts of the world. Our unhappiness can span from minor disagreements to actual physical destruction of people, cities, and countries. This lack of awareness causes the inauthentic persona to perceive the world happening to it instead of through it, therefore, it feels it must defend itself against what it perceives to be an enemy.

When we identify with our inauthentic persona, thinking that is who we are, we take everything personal. We get our feelings hurt. We get mad or unhappy when we don’t get what we think we want. We want to be taken care of by the system, be it the government (a replacement for the parent), a welfare program or the prison system. We do not want to be accountable for our choices or actions. We want to put the blame for our misfortunes onto someone else. We grieve over our losses --

death of a family member, loss of a love relationship, loss of a favorite possession, loss of a job or career, loss of a home, loss of money.

We feel guilty for the thoughts, actions and behaviors we find unacceptable in ourselves and in others. We feel punishment is the answer. In truth, our only sin is that of believing our projection is real. It isn’t. In truth, we are extensions of God co-creating each of our experiences. That realization will become clear when the unintegrated emotions of fear, anger and grief are integrated into our hearts and we awaken to who we really are – extensions of love without condition. Then we will consciously create heaven on earth.

Self-Mastery of the Emotional Our physical body is prepared for our journey HOME by bringing awareness into it and making it strong enough to hold the light of consciousness. Our mental body is prepared for our journey HOME by clearing our mind of all the false beliefs and stories we are attached to that are only projections from our imagination. Bringing our awareness to our emotional body, where all our feelings of discomfort are stored, brings us to the last and most difficult part of our preparation for HOME. Our emotions are the fuel for our vehicle. The emotions we most need cycling

through our physical body are those of the highest vibration. This will require us to transmute our fear-based emotions, which are low frequency, into love-based emotions, which are high frequency.

As with self-mastery of the physical and mental, self-mastery of the emotional requires maturity. Adolescents are addicted to the emotional highs and lows created by a life filled with drama. When the drama becomes too painful and the struggle exhausting, it is right timing for the next step in our spiritual growth. We are ready when we find ourselves becoming self-reliant, accountable, responsible, more loving and forgiving. We want peace more than we want drama.

To prepare our emotional body, we have to be willing to go where our inauthentic persona was not willing to go -- into our fear-based feelings. When we are ready to face our fears and feel our discomforts, we are ready to master the emotional. There are many techniques, modalities, and disciplines to assist us. They show up in our awareness in right timing. Each one is part of our spiritual evolution; otherwise, we would not become aware of it. Some are done with a skilled practitioner; others are pursed solo.

We have explored two techniques already. There is The Work of Byron Katie. “Who would you be without your story?” Katie (2007) All stories begin with an unintegrated feeling based in fear, anger or grief. Behind every feeling of discomfort is a mental belief. To end the suffering, undo the belief. When the story unravels, the emotion attached to it also dissolves. “Without a belief, there’s no separation… Without a belief, you are all things.” Katie (2007:188)

We also looked at The Process by Robert Scheinfeld. When we stop focusing on how to fix, change or improve our circumstances and put our focus on the discomfort we are feeling in our body, the discomfort subsides along with all the thoughts attached to it. “Just feel the energy of the discomfort as much as you’ll allow yourself to. No thinking, no logic, no intellect, no judgment, no labeling. Just feel it…..[O]pen up to The Truth and Power of who you really are…. really feel it. I call this feeling the

Infinite Energy.” Scheinfeld (2006:101-4)

Michael Brown Next we are going to explore Michael Brown’s non-doing approach to preparing the emotional body for HOME. Michael Brown teaches us how to feel, digest and integrate those emotions that cause us pain. There are no beliefs to bust. There is no reclaiming power. There are no questions to ask. There is no “doing” at all. There is simply the willingness to be fully present in the body and sit quietly with the feelings of discomfort as they arise.

Identify where the feeling is in your physical body and “be with it”, as you would be with a bird in a tree. Be watchful, attentive, curious, present, but do nothing. There is no goal, no expectation of a result, no trying to understand why, no trying to cure, heal or change the feeling. This is non-doing. If a little child came running to you in tears from the uncomfortable feeling arising from a bump or scrap, there is not much you could do other than comfort the child. Without trying to change, fix or improve the situation, you would simply be with the child without condition and allow the energy to move on its own. Because a little child still has an open heart, the discomfort moves in and out of its emotional body without getting stuck. Soon the child is smiling again and running off to play. There is an attitude of kindness, appreciation and caring that the child feels. You can offer this same attitude to yourself while sitting with your own painful feelings.

Brown suggests sitting every day with your feelings of discomfort and doing nothing. “Everyday we are to set aside time (no more than 15 minutes) in which we bring to bear resonance of being upon that about which we can do nothing. Everyday (discipline), we are to set aside time to digest the nutrition of not-doing required to nourish an experiential encounter with being.” Brown (2008) Over time, the soul digests the emotions. When they are digested they integrate into the wholeness of who we are and they are no longer felt as separate feelings of discomfort or pain.

Anyone who has sat still in an attempt to meditate knows that the egoic mind does not stay silent for long. It soon begins interrupting with its need to know: Is anything happening? How long will it take? Am I doing it right? What is the point? Notice the mind’s interruption but continue to do nothing. Think of it as bubbles escaping from a scuba diver’s mask as the diver descends deeper into the ocean. Remain in the physical body with the feeling. Do not get distracted by the mind. Being with the feelings without condition is the alchemy that transforms the feelings of fear, anger and grief, the source of our suffering, into an experience of peace.

With this practice of non-doing, Brown claims we become more present in our life. Our aliveness returns, as does the joy of our youth. We perceive the world through the “eye of being” not the “eyes of doing”. This transition from doing to being brings us a realization that God is not “a being”, a noun. We realize God as “being”, a verb. “Whenever we are being without condition… God is flowing within our midst as the consciousness weaving throughout every thread of the fabric we call the moment.” Brown (2008)

Edwin Carl Smith Edwin Carl Smith also suggests a non-doing strategy in his book Relentless Love. He counsels us to be aware of what shows up in every moment and set an intention to love it. Relax and do nothing. This changes the energy. Then share yourself with others. He has another name for a feeling of discomfort. He calls it an impulse. “Impulses appear in the moment of attention, when you appear. To avoid acting out neurotic impulses… notice (them). …Once the impulses come to awareness, relax and so convert their energy. …. Slow down and live each moment. Give yourself time to notice the difference between love and impulse. Relax. Let evolution rage within you. Do not externalize your life drama. As evolution internalizes, the outward drama subsides. Eventually, your life must be shared with others, but only after you learn how to not to involve others in your drama….” Smith (2004:80)

Wholeness Is Who We Are “Once we consciously engage our life experience from a physical, mental and emotional point of view, we enter into wholeness or integration.” Brown (2008:27)

The Pathway of Awareness: An Open Heart Brown’s Pathway of Awareness suggests that we are born with open hearts. Coming from love, all we know is love. We have no fear and no defenses. But if the world we are born into is not loving – it is harsh and traumatic—we create defenses and

learn to be afraid. Over time, our heart gradually closes from our inability to integrate the complex emotions of fear, anger and grief in our early years.

In the e-Book, Living From the Heart, written by the Lyricus Teaching Order, the author points out that over the past 2,000 years, humanity has made astounding progress in the fields of “technology, science, economics, medicine and most any other category of human endeavor”. However, in the area of learning to manage our emotions, very little has changed “since the dawn of civilization.” Lyricus (2007:3) That is an astounding realization! It suggests that emotionally, we are still very primitive. Without the ability to manage our emotions, we are truly victims of our lower density feelings, which perpetuate war and hatred on this planet. We cannot escape the “hell” we have created and establish “heaven on earth” without mastering our emotions. We must transmute all our emotions into a frequency of love and live with open hearts.

Heart Awareness Opening the heart has multiple meanings depending on the perspective. For a heart surgeon, “opening the heart” means cutting into a physical heart with a knife to fix a malfunction. For a spiritual seeker, a heart opening is a shift of perception or an ahh-h moment. For those of us who want to live from our heart, we must master our emotions by integrating those that we have separated from our wholeness. Fear, anger, grief and other low-density emotions cause us to instinctively pull our energy in and close our heart. We “close our heart” to defend and protect ourselves. When we feel safe, we let down our defenses. When we feel we are loved without

condition, we relax and open our hearts. Only when our hearts are open, are we the “…finely tuned instrument that both receives and transmits the radiations of the higher frequencies from First Source… bringing a more complete awareness of the multi-dimensional world in which we live.” WingMakers (2008:session 1, PDF)

Heart awareness is the ability to feel the consequences of our thoughts, words and deeds before we speak or act on our thoughts. If those feelings are hurtful, we

immediately feel it. “When…we intend to hurt someone, we feel hurt before even acting upon this intent” Brown (2008:30) When we shut down our heart awareness, we can no longer feel the consequences in our own body before we act. Therefore, we can perpetrate heinous acts upon the earth, animals and people without feeling a thing.

We would learn to keep our heart open if we had a heart awareness monitor we could attach to our body. We have heart monitors that measure the beats of the physical heart. It is used during exercise as a biofeedback device. It monitors how slow and how fast we work our heart when we exercise. A heart awareness monitor would be silent when the emotional heart is open but it would beep loudly when the wearer began to close their heart. One would quickly learn, through this

biofeedback device, to discern the feelings that keep the heart open and the feelings that cause it to close. Heaven already exists on earth, but we do not have access to that perception when we live with our hearts closed. Without heart awareness, we cannot feel the love and peace that exists all around us.

Love-Centered Living In ancient times, the heart was regarded as the “seat of the soul”. Lyricus (2007:8) It was the gateway between the dense energies of matter and the finer energies of spirit. That has not changed. We are transmitters and receivers of energy. We are surrounded by a spacious field of presence; we are that spacious field of presence. That field of presence is Love, God, First Source, All-That-Is. As extensions of that field of presence, we were created to transmit and receive Love. As our identity shifts from the inauthentic persona of the human ego to our authentic Self, so do our emotions upgrade to the higher density ones. living from the center of Divine Love. Living from the heart means

Love is the most powerful coherent energy on the planet. We are told by Lyricus that there is an actual energy grid of love surrounding our physical body. It is expressed in our three-dimensional reality through the virtues of appreciation,

compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor. Lyricus (2007:4) When we express these virtues in our daily life, this grid is strengthened and a coherent field is created around us. Imagine an energetic hologram of love extending a few feet from our physical body in all directions. That coherent field “touches and intersects with others through the principles of quantum entanglement, resonance, coherence and non-locality.” Lyricus (2007:4)

If we imagine these six virtues surrounding us, here is where we would place them. We place APPRECIATION just above our head and COMPASSION just below our feet. We place FORGIVENESS just off our right shoulder and UNDERSTANDING just off our right hip. We place HUMILITY just off our left shoulder and VALOR just off our left hip. DIVINE LOVE is in the center of the circle which is where we place

ourselves. The more we use the six virtues, the stronger and more coherent the grid becomes. The grid weakens when we consistently express the lower densities of wholeness. We can think of the six heart virtues as six musical notes. When all six are expressed simultaneously, it strikes a single chord of Divine Love – “the highest vibration contained within the quantum field that a human can receive and transmit.” Lyricus (2007:5)

Besides forming a coherent grid around us, the six heart virtues become an etheric antenna for transmitting the higher frequencies of Divine Love. This antenna is very sensitive to our emotional state. “When our hearts are relaxed, loving, understanding, appreciative and trusting, the etheric antenna becomes receptive like a flower opening its petals to the sun. If our heart is anxious, troubled, angry or tumultuous, the same antenna passes into disorder similar to the way a sensitive plant closes its petals at sunset and its fine-grain connection to the higher frequency radiations of First Source are cut off or diminished.” WingMakers (2008:session 1, PDF)

Six Heart Virtues The Lyricus Teaching Order informs us that if we want to live a love-centered life we must remember to consistently express the virtues of love to everyone and everything in our three-dimensional reality. “As you do this you become a conductor of your emotional system and you become the Presence of God in your world.” WingMakers (2008:session 2, PDF) Commitment and devotion to expressing the six heart virtues is a commitment to live from the heart. Each day we are confronted with situations, relationships, and problems to solve. If we identify with our inauthentic persona, the ego perspective, our emotions flare, we are thrown out of balance and we lose our peace. If we identify with our authentic nature, our selfempowered, spiritually vibrant, loving self, we remain coherent and in balance. It is a discipline to remember the six virtues and express them when confronted with daily challenges. When these aspects of love from the field of presence appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding and valor - are expressed through our emotional-mental-physical body, they manifest into the world of form and create heaven on earth.

Here is a jingle I present for your memorization to help you remember the six heart virtues. “Ego stand down; humility rules. Compassion step up; kindness rules. With a clear mind, I understand. With an open heart, I forgive. With valor, I speak the truth. I appreciate what is as it is. What flows to me flows through me. My word is law.” With practice, your expression of these high density emotions will become automatic.

Appreciation - Our heart fills with appreciation, when we shift our awareness from what we do not have, to what we do have. Appreciation expresses mastery over the denser emotions of complaining, ingratitude and selfish. The heart opens when it is filled with appreciation. Our spirits are lifted. There is much to be grateful for when we expand our awareness to include the big picture. Appreciation promotes joy.

Compassion – This virtue is not embraced by the self-centered, immature, adolescent. One has to be mature to have concern about another’s well-being. The compassionate heart desires to relieve suffering in all forms—suffering of individuals, suffering of entire groups of people, suffering of animals, suffering of Mother Earth, even our own suffering caused by our false beliefs. Compassion recognizes when the other is separated from their light and dwelling in darkness and suffering. Compassion promotes joy.

Forgiveness – Our willingness to forgive expresses mastery over the denser emotions of revenge, hate, and blame. To extend forgiveness to those who have wronged us or taken our loved ones from us requires a responsible attitude. Don Miguel Ruiz tells us forgiveness is an act of self-love. Ruiz (1999:170) A Course In

Miracles tells us forgiveness is a pathway to awakening out of our dream. Schucman
(1975/1992) The heart opens when forgiveness is honest. Forgiveness promotes joy.

Humility – There is a self-righteousness and arrogance that typifies the adolescent. Awareness of who we are, as equal expressions of Divine Love, allows the selfrighteousness and arrogance to drop away and in its place humility emerges. Humility is an acknowledgement of equality – no one higher than another, no one lower than another. All manifestations of form are equal expressions of love. It is a complete surrender to what is, as it is – with no desire for it to be different. To an ego, humility is weakness. But to the self-empowered adult, humility is strength. Humility expresses mastery over arrogance, self-centeredness and the need to be right. The heart opens when we surrender our denser emotions and become humble. Humility promotes joy.

Understanding – We have acquired understanding when we realize that who we really are is consciousness expanding and that the three-dimensional reality of time and space is a dream, an illusion of our own creating. The adolescent has a limited perspective of the way things are, even though the adolescent thinks s/he knows it

all! Understanding comes with maturity -- accepting things the way they are,

without needing to fix, change or improve what is. The more maturity and life experience one has the more one sees of the big picture. Understanding has depth and levels and does not get stuck in a position. When the heart is open, there is understanding of how another feels. Understanding promotes joy. “Love allows understanding to dawn, and understanding is precious. Where you are understood, you are at home. Understanding nourishes belonging. When you really feel understood, you feel free to release yourself into the trust and shelter of the other person’s soul.” O’Donohue (1997:14)

Valor – Valor is the courage to carry on even though defeated. Valor is the strength to intervene when an injustice is being committed, especially to one who is defenseless, like an elder, an animal or a child. Valor may mean withholding or restraining oneself when the impulse is to attack. Valor is having the courage to speak the truth even when the consequences are known. Valor expresses mastery over fear, anger, and grief. Valor promotes joy.

Here is an example of how one might express all six virtues on an ordinary day: You are in the kitchen fixing yourself a snack. You are holding a utensil with food on it. It flies out of your hand and lands on the floor, making a bit of a mess. An act of

valor is to restrain from allowing profane expletives to fly out of your mouth, which
would lower your vibration. You understand that life happens. You relax into humility not allowing arrogance to devour you. You forgive yourself for the mess. You forgive the utensil for flying out of your hand. You have compassion for yourself and the situation. You appreciate that you are affluent enough to have a kitchen, a utensil and something to eat. Without leaving heaven, you pick up the utensil, clean up the mess and get back to enjoying your snack. You remain balanced, whole, coherent and in your joy!

Having mastered the six heart virtues by expressing them automatically, you are living in the fifth dimension. You have arrived HOME.


Chapter V – Discussion
If we were raised by mature, responsible adults and loved unconditionally throughout our childhood and adolescent years, we would develop naturally into responsible adults and be able to pass our maturity on to the next generation. But that is not the current condition of humanity. We have not progressed beyond adolescence; in fact, we have been stuck in an adolescent phase for eons. That is why most of humanity still functions in the lower densities of consciousness.

The adolescent perspective still lives day to day in fear, anger and grief, defending and protecting. The heart is closed to anyone outside our comfort zone and we perpetuate this separation from “others” with all kinds of non-loving behaviors and attitudes such as hate, greed, lies, war and plots of revenge. We see everything as a choice between two extremes: right or wrong, good or evil, success or failure. We eagerly go to war to defend our choice.

The adult perspective sees right and wrong, good and evil, success and failure as all part of a whole. As fully developed adults, we see how everything is connected to wholeness, which contains all levels of consciousness from the most dense to the most light.

As co-creators with God, we are really very powerful creators. It is our misuse of power that makes the world we create unstable and unsustainable. We unknowingly create the world we currently live in from the lower densities of consciousness, which just perpetuates our differences and separateness. When we falsely believe we can control life by separating ourselves from the lower densities and making them bad and wrong, we end up completely out of control and at the mercy of life. And we cannot figure out why!

With maturity brings responsibility for how to use our power. Although powerful enough to move mountains, maturity gives us the wisdom to know that the

mountains are already in their right place. Therefore, we can be trusted in the kingdom of heaven because we agree the mountains are fine where they are. And heaven will welcome us for we will be kind, loving, joyful and peaceful. We will be able to restrain ourselves and act appropriately without causing harm. In one of his lectures, Michael Brown makes a beautiful statement, “Where there is love, there is no law.” What he means is that we do not need laws telling us how to behave if we are being guided from within by love. We can feel the consequences of our actions before we act, when our hearts are open.

Finding our way HOME is the journey of becoming functional, loving, mature adults. It is a maturing process that has its own timetable; the egoic persona has no say in this process; it is the domain of the soul. For most of us, our major life lessons begin after we leave our parents home to make our own way in the world. It is the experiences of life that we encounter that mature us; that teach us to love; that heal us of the pain of being separated from each other and from HOME.

Is HOME a destination or a journey? Many of our religions teach that heaven is a destination but Michael Brown says no: “…the experience we are having right now is the destination of our heart’s quest… There is no point of arrival. The result of this realization is that we let go of destination-consciousness and instead embrace journey-consciousness. Our destination becomes experiencing the fullness of the journey of life in the moment it is unfolding.” Brown (2008:182) There is nowhere to go; we are already there; it is the now moment, we just have to awaken to realize it. “Though it may appear complicated to the mental body, it only takes one

conscious and deliberate step to pass through this portal in order to take the evolutionary leap toward which our entire species is now being thrust.” Brown (2008:94)

Does the ego die at the moment of ascension? Many of our religions teach that it does. But the current thinking of the quantum physicists is that everything is

energy. Nothing dies. It just changes form. The more current view suggests that our

ascension in consciousness will give the ego a new role instead of death. “The seeker of truth must demand or feel a sense of reconnection with their higher Self, the animating spirit that flows within it and then act upon it. … The human instrument must come into alignment and reposition the ego-personality to its rightful place, adjusted in the knowledge of its role as a facilitator of Spirit within the human domain. …. It’s the sense of empowered co-creativity with one’s higher Self and its unalterable connection to the fields of Spirit that make possible its eternal connection to individuality and oneness.” WingMakers (2008:session 2, PDF) Oneness and wholeness is about merging and integrating all that is. excluded. Nothing is

The New Paradigm “Just imagine if all humans could start being truthful with themselves, start forgiving everyone, and start loving everyone. If all humans loved in this way, they would no longer be selfish; they would be open to give and receive, and they would no longer judge each other. …Now we are talking about a completely different Dream of the Planet. It doesn’t look like the planet Earth. This is what Jesus called “Heaven on Earth,” Buddha called “Nirvana,” and Moses called “The Promised Land.” It is a place where all of us can live in love because we put our attention on love. We choose to love.” Ruiz (1999:179) This is not a task for the hurt, angry, defensive, rebellious adolescent. This task of awakening to who we really are is for the mature, responsible, man and woman who is called to embrace the higher vibrations and is willing to do whatever it takes to live from there. “When you recognize the

unconsciousness in you, that which makes the recognition possible is the arising consciousness, is awakening.” Tolle (2005:265)

The old paradigm is three-dimensional. It is ego-based, fear-based, time-based. It is a projection of our beliefs, a dream we are waking up from. The new paradigm is multi-dimensional. It is spirit-based, love-based; eternity-based. We are fully present in the now. We are awake, aware and conscious of all that is. We live from our

hearts in community. We have a love for all life and experience pure joy. By being in acceptance of what is, we have no complaints, no worries, no fears and no death.

You have to complete your spiritual journey and arrive at the “gates of heaven” before you will be given the keys to enter. You can’t get into heaven with fear. You can’t get into heaven with anger. You can’t get into heaven with grief. If you were handed the keys to the Kingdom right now could you honestly say, “I am empty of all fear, anger, grief, hate, resentment and the need to be right. I only allow myself to express appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor.”? The keys to the Kingdom are withheld until all the emotions of the lower densities are digested and integrated into the heart. Until then, the heart cannot remain open, which it must do in order to give and receive love.

A new paradigm is being created by those who have gone through their rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood. Those who are preparing for the shift are simultaneously creating the shift. These are the people who are waking up from their projected dream and transforming our world into a world of love and peace. In the new paradigm, that we are creating, our individual bodies are strong, healthy and eternal, not weak and vulnerable to disease, old age and death.

In the new paradigm, our mind is clear, empty and silent when not in use. It is available to problem solve or navigate the many dimensions of the universe. This concept is illustrated in a movie called Jumper, which explores the navigation skill of teleporting. The hero puts his attention on where he wants to be and swoosh, he arrives there instantaneously – in the next room, across town, in another country. We can have great fun being where we want to be using our navigational system as it was designed to be used.

In the new paradigm, the emotions from the higher densities of wholeness fuel mature, responsible behaviors and attitudes. Our passion sparks our creativity, what we love to do, and our aliveness. We are mature enough to feel the full continuum

of feelings from lowest to highest without getting stuck in one of them. “What comes to me flows through me.” Lyricus Teaching Order (2007)

Arriving HOME When we mature into the “awareness of perfect Oneness”, we are HOME. “The Kingdom of Heaven is the dwelling place of the Son of God, who left not his Father and dwells not apart from Him. Heaven is not a place nor a condition. It is merely an awareness of perfect Oneness and the knowledge that there is nothing else.” Schucman (1975/1992:384)

This beautiful blessing written by the Celtic poet, John O’Donohue, reflects a maturing of the individual who has done the required preparation and is now ready to enter the Kingdom. “May you recognize in your life the presence, power and light of your soul. May you realize that you are never alone, that your soul in its brightness and belonging connects you intimately with the rhythm of the universe. May you have respect for your own individuality and difference. May you realize that the shape of your soul is unique, that you have a special destiny here, that behind the façade of your life there is something beautiful, good, and eternal happening. May you learn to see yourself with the same delight, pride, and expectation with which God sees you in every moment.” O’Donohue (1997:125)

For a few individuals, the arrival is sudden. Eckhart Tolle recounts his experience in his book The Power of Now. He is in so much emotional pain that one night his ego simply lets go; he spontaneously enters the void, and then falls unconscious. When he wakes the next day, he has entered an enlightened state of consciousness; the place I refer to as HOME. “There is no pain; the heart opens and loves everything it sees.” Tolle (1999:2)

For the rest of us, finding our way HOME is an unfolding. It is likened to the petals of a flower opening imperceptibly each day from the warmth of the sun. “You want

your sense of identity to be rooted in the unified field of consciousness which is the shared property of all. If you can bring your identity to this perspective and sustain it in the face of life’s resistance, then you will have left the old paradigm (and arrived HOME). The eternal being that lives in your heart will provide the guidance you need.” WingMakers (2008:session 1, PDF)

It is an awesome thought to contemplate the possibility that we are a single cell in a huge organism that is actively ascending. But that is the postulation of WingMakers. “Within the hearts and minds of ordinary people is the vision of what is to be. …The deepest motives of the human heart are not found in words, but rather behaviors and energetic transmissions to share love and light to all creatures. These are the muscles and limbs of the great Sculptor or collective Being whose vision and purpose is stored within each of us…. Your identity is a cell in an evolving, ascending planetary organism. This organism lives and moves in the currents of love that fill the universe as light and sound frequencies from the highest to the lowest order.” WingMakers (2008:session 2, PDF)


Chapter VI – Summary and Conclusions
“There is a prime coherence that makes possible the gradual appearance of the bridge between Creator and creation. As this bridge materializes in the coming years, it will widen so more and more people can cross it and feel the vibrational influences of their Creator – moment by moment – whenever they choose to touch Him. It’s like the lifting of a fog that separates one identity from another. Despite all the evidence to the contrary, the future of humankind is as bright as a star and even more enduring.” WingMakers (2008, session 2, PDF)

Evolution is bringing us all HOME. In the quote above, the “Creator” is love; “creation” is love expressed in and through All-That-Is. The “bridge” is the transition from being stuck in a world of low-density vibrational influences (fear, anger, grief) to living a love-centered life in the higher dimensions of consciousness. This evolutionary transition is happening in the 21st century. We become active participants when we realize what is happening. We are waking up to what we have forgotten. We are waking up to our connection to the whole. Some of us are already HOME. Some are enroute. Some will sleep through the whole process and be the last to awaken. Whether we remain unconscious and end up HOME by default or become aware of the awakening of humanity and actively participate, we are all going HOME.

The caterpillar is a perfect analogy. It cocoons for a while in darkness until the day arrives when evolution propels it toward the light and it bursts forth from its tomb -transformed. Before transformation, the caterpillar is a lowly ground crawling bug. After its transformation, it has wings; it can fly. It is awake to who it really is -- one of Love’s most unique and beautiful creations. This is the transformation humanity is going through, from the limited perspective of a third dimensional reality to the unlimited perspective beyond it.

We are born into a world that expresses from the lower densities of wholeness, so we innocently get caught in a belief structure that catches us like a fly on flypaper. We lose our freedom. We become victims of victors; or we become victors with victims. We forget our purpose. We forget we have free will and choice. There is only one way out of this predicament. We must awaken to the truth of who we really are – an extension of the power and presence of God. We must mature

enough to forgive our forgetfulness, then we will rise to the higher densities of our wholeness. We must express love in all our thoughts and deeds. We must realize the truth of where we are – in a dream reality of our own creating. We must wake up!

As long as we identify with ego and a restricted life, we are not free; we are not self-realized; we are not awake to the Truth of who we really are. Until we are fully awake, our perception of reality is distorted, dulled, misinterpreted and false. The truth is we are an extension of God, an extension of Love; we have the potential to manifest love, peace and harmony right here on earth.

There is also the developmental aspect to understanding our journey HOME. We must evolve beyond the adolescent phase. Only as mature adults do we meet each challenge as it arises with love. Only as mature adults do we have an awareness of the consequences of our thoughts and actions before we open our mouth or take action. Our rite of passage from irresponsible adolescent to responsible adult is what motivates us to do what needs to be done to awaken, ascend, and return HOME.

We are collectively awakening from a world of illusion. It is our choice to consciously participate in that awakening or not. For those of us that are participating, we are preparing our body, our mind and our heart for the journey HOME. It requires the same practice, discipline, commitment, and devotion of an athlete in training for the Olympics. We are bringing our awareness into our physical form - our vehicle for the journey – and maintaining strong bones and muscles. We keep our body healthy and functional by loving and appreciating it and keeping it clean inside and out. As a

consequence, our cells are holding more light. We are preparing our mind - our navigation system - to respond to our intentions and stay present in the now. We are digesting and integrating our fear, anger, and grief so we can keep our heart open. When all our submerged emotions are resurrected and integrated, energy moves without restriction and the heart becomes the key that opens the gate to HOME.

We will find ourselves across the bridge and HOME, as we …. • • • • • • • Forgive our forgetfulness and remember who we really are Appreciate what we do have and stop focusing on our lack Understand the big picture by expanding our consciousness Surrender our arrogance and need to be right Embrace humility Have compassion for ourselves and others Use valor to be responsible adults and speak our truth.

It only takes ten to twenty million open hearts to shift the consciousness of 6.5 billion people in the world. Are you one of the co-creators making the shift happen? Or are you doing the best you can with the way things are and praying for a miracle? It probably doesn’t matter. In either case, consciousness is evolving.

Evolution is like the dawn – it is happening with or without our contribution. But if you, the reader, are one of the ten to twenty million actively participating in the evolutionary shift, this paper illuminates some of the pathways HOME. Like Dorothy in Oz, you are on your own “yellow brick road” and each day you have the opportunity to raise your vibration with loving thoughts and deeds.

Our evolution is “a vibrational pattern sent forth by First Source. It replicates itself in ever-increasing efficiency and coherence. Earth is…nearing an alignment with this luminous field of First Source that enables (it) to shift its dimensional frequency. All of us, planets and creatures alike, are ascending dimensionally through timespace. This ascension…is the plan of First Source in action.” WingMakers (2008:section 1,

PDF) and we are part of it. We are the ones creating heaven on earth. We are returning HOME.



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Interview with James – Session 2 (PDF)

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