not intended for grading purposes NOTE: it is assumed that all lab reports will be word-processed

1 Beginning or incomplete Abstract/Summary Several major aspects of the experiment are missing, student displays a lack of understanding about how to write an abstact Very little background Introduction information provided or information is incorrect Experimental procedure
Missing several important experimental details or not written in paragraph format Figures, graphs, tables contain errors or are poorly constructed, have missing titles, captions or numbers, units missing or incorrect, etc. Very incomplete or incorrect interpretation of trends and comparison of data indicating a lack of understanding of results Conclusions missing or missing the important points

2 Developing

3 Accomplished

4 Exemplary


Results: data, figures, graphs, tables, etc. Discussion

Abstract misses one or more Abstract references most of the Abstract contains reference to all major aspects of carrying out the major aspects of the experiment, major aspects of carrying out the experiment or the results some minor details are missing experiment and the results, wellwritten Some introductory information, Introduction is nearly complete, Introduction complete and wellbut still missing some major missing some minor points written; provides all necessary points background principles for the experiment Written in paragraph format, still Written in paragraph format, Well-written in paragraph missing some important important experimental details format, all experimental details experimental details are covered, some minor details are covered missing Most figures, graphs, tables OK, All figures, graphs, tables are All figures, graphs, tables are some still missing some correctly drawn, but some have correctly drawn, are numbered important or required features minor problems or could still be and contain titles/captions. improved Some of the results have been correctly interpreted and discussed; partial but incomplete understanding of results is still evident Conclusions regarding major points are drawn, but many are misstated, indicating a lack of understanding Occasional grammar/spelling errors, generally readable with some rough spots in writing style Sections in order, contains the Almost all of the results have been correctly interpreted and discussed, only minor improvements are needed All important conclusions have been drawn, could be better stated Less than 3 grammar/spelling errors, mature, readable style All sections in order, formatting All important trends and data comparisons have been interpreted correctly and discussed, good understanding of results is conveyed All important conclusions have been clearly made, student shows good understanding All grammar/spelling correct and very well-written All sections in order, well-


Spelling, grammar, Frequent grammar and/or sentence structure spelling errors, writing style is Appearance and

rough and immature Sections out of order, too much

very readable .formatting handwritten copy. formatting is rough but readable generally good but could still be improved formatted. sloppy formatting minimum allowable amount of handwritten copy.

and one summary spreadsheet containing the totals for the entire semester Students Item from rubric Abstract/Summary Introduction Experimental procedure Results: data. graphs. etc.ABET Lab Report Rubric Assessment Data Report Format Title of Lab:________________________ Submit one spreadsheet for each lab report. sentence structure Appearance and formatting TOTAL for each student 1 2 3 ……etc. figures. grammar. tables. Discussion Conclusions Spelling. Average % of students with 3 or 4 .

*Homework 1. . problem 4 etc. problem 4 etc. problem 2 *Exam 2. i. % of student answering correctly Overall % correct here *Include a brief description of what each item is intended to test. assign “0” if not correct. **Assign “1” if problem is essentially correct. glass transition”.e.Exam/Homework Problems for ABET Assessment Data Report Format Submit one spreadsheet for each ABET outcome ABET Outcome being assessed:_____________________________________________________________________ Item *Exam 1. % correct for each student Student 1 1** Student 2 0** Student 3 1** ……etc. problem 2 *Homework 2. “Structure-property relationships .

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