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She heard the explosion while getting a glass of water.

Always the type to walk
toward what most everyone else ran from, she immediately went for the front door.
The apartment was a joke - tiny, dirty, and in a bad neighborhood. It was the sort
of neighborhood no decent girl walked about at night alone, but the air was
electric, and she liked it.

Peering though the small window on the front door she could see chaos: police
cars, a fire engine, and lots of smoke. Just then she saw him, a flash of kinetic
energy bound in a deep purple suit. She gasped. Is it actually him? She thought
while craning to get a better look. The flush washed over her and she could feel
her skin grow warm. He was taller that she thought, with a sort of swagger. He
looked around, animated but with precision, his moves cautious.

This was not at all the way he had been described on television. There was a
definite method to all this. She sat at the door mumbling, "You better hurry up.
They're coming any second now." Biting her lower lip, she paused. He slowly made
his way up the narrow walk which comprised her street while looking about for

You could hear the police now, even inside her apartment. Splitting up, checking
every building, and leaving no stone unturned. Still, she found herself actually
worried he might be captured. I mean sure, the theatric thing was kind of hot, but
this guy's a criminal. She pondered what he's really capable of when he appeared
directly in front of her door. He had inched his way down the block and now stood
with his back directly in front of her.

Almost instinctual, she threw the lock off the door, swung it open and grabbed the
back off his coat pulling him into her apartment. She closed the door and locked
it just as he regained his balance. "Who are you supposed to be?" he asked,
quizzical expression pouring over his face. "We don't have time for this." she
replied, "They're coming, so if you want to get out of this follow me."

Ignoring his expression, she blew past him and into her room. "This apartment used
to be a gin mill. There's this sort of cellar thing." she began. "Nothing like a
descriptive storyteller!" he replied, mildly out of breath.

"Yes, well, you can hide in there until they stop looking." She moved a rug to
exposed a small latch-lift door and reached for the latch. One good tug and it
lifted to expose a small stairway. "Its very small and there's no light, but in a
pinch it will do. Hurry!"

He started for the stairs. "I'm not afraid of the dark." he responded dryly, "but
who in the Hell are you?" She stopped, and for first time really thought about
what she was doing. With a nervous laugh she replied, "I'm a fan of chaos?" There
was a knock at the door which abruptly ended the exchange. He ducked and she
lowered the door, replacing the rug to hide it. She then grabbed her robe and
walked toward the door.

"Gotham PD! Hello?" The voice boomed from beyond the door. Psyching herself up,
she reached for the door, leaving the chain in place. "Yeah...hello?" She said,
drowsily. She rubbed her eyes and attempted to ham this up as much as she could.

"Yes ma'am, there is a large scale manhunt for the murderer known as 'The Joker'
in this neighborhood and we would like to have a look in your apartment if you
don't mind." She stretched, "It's 3:30 in the morning, and I haven't let anyone

"Ma'am he might be in your apartment without you even being aware of it." The

policeman argued. She closed the door to remove the chain, thinking to herself,
I'd like to thank the academy... Half yawning, she replied, "I highly doubt that,
but feel free to look around." She walked into her bedroom, stopping just on top
of an old fashioned rag rug near the bathroom door.

The police walked through each room, checking under the bed and the closet before
radioing back that section 9 was clear. They thanked her for her time and
cautioned her to keep her doors and windows securely locked. "Ok guys, good luck
finding the Puzzler or whatever his name is." She said, throwing a half-hearted
wave out as she slammed the door.

A smile spread enormous as she made her way back to the rug. She grabbed the door
and lifted as the Joker sprang from the hole. The force of it knocked the already
squatting hoarder backwards onto her behind. "So now all you have to do is hang
out until they clear out, which shouldn't be too-" she began, but was cut off by a
very irate psychopath.

"The Puzzler???" he demanded. "The...Puzz...ler?" He stomped past her and sat at
the end of her bed. "Don't you know who I am?" She was stunned. His pride was
wounded, the man who has terrorized the entire city for months and he's moping
because of something she had said.

This is insane. She thought, but it has to be fixed. First of all, its just bad
manners. He's a guest and all. Second, he's a nutbar capable of wearing my head
like a hat. She chuckled inexplicably at that thought, and lifting her head
noticed he was staring at her.

"Oh course I know who you are. Everyone knows who you are. You're the clown prince
of crime, for God's sake." She purrs, rolling onto her knees and creeping toward
the bed where he sat. "I was just mocking the police, that's all."

"You mocked me." he murmured, licking his lips. "You shouldn't mock people. It can
get you into trouble. Speaking of which, you wanna know how I got these scars?"
She made her way over crawling, having shed the robe and stopped before him,
resting her cheek on his knee. "I'm dying to know." she exclaimed, breathlessly.

He turned his head and began fidgeting with one of his many knives. "You're still
mocking me." he huffed, pointing with his knife, "I don't like it, I don't, I
don't like being mocked." She giggled impishly, "I'm not, I promise, really I'm
not." She straightened and began to part his legs and scoot closer to him. "What
are you doing?" He asked, perhaps genuinely surprised.

"I upset you." she responded coolly, then looking right at him, "Let me make it up
to you." Before waiting for approval she began to unbutton his slacks and slide
down to onto her knees. He sat there incredulous, then brought the knife to her
chin and brought her eyes to his. "I could cut your face right off at any moment."
He huffed through clenched teeth. She squinted, nodding her respectful

"Then I guess I better do a good job then." To show her understanding, she run her
tongue across the edge of the knife, which he then pulled away. He looked at her
and as she smiled, he laughed maniacally. She took a deep breath and went to work,
he closed his eyes and exclaimed, "You are something different. I like it."

It had been three days since he had left her apartment, but she couldn't stop
thinking about him. The smell of him had gone from her fingers and bed, and she

started listening to the news to catch word of him. She even found herself getting
a rush at the smell of gasoline. The worst of it was that since harboring her
madman, something seemed to turn the volume way down of her normal life. Natural,
it seemed, was no longer in it.

On the fourth day, after leaving work early and rushing home, she found herself
again sitting in a long shower lost in thought. Inexplicably, she reached for the
hot tap and began turning right. The water grew colder until it was singularly,
and frigidly so. As the deluge of icy cold water poured over her, her body bucked
and shivered, but her mind sharpened.

It wasn't love she felt for this man. He man her feel alive. It was lust, pure
lust that she was craving and in that moment it all made sense. The water no
longer felt unpleasant, but normal, because anything shocking becomes normal once
you stop resisting it.

Finding him was proving to be a right bitch. After all, it isn't as though you can
look him up in the phone book. Luckily for her, simply asking around for the Joker
usually put people off, so most didn't bother her. She finally got an address to
an abandoned building in Crime Alley, and after a shower and change was on her way
to either confront her catalyst, or die in a lot of pain.

The building was old, boarded up and deserted. The sort of place few would enter,
so perfect for �Gotham's Most Wanted�. She rounded the back of the building and
found the steps to an old storm cellar open. Seems everyone had gone out, so it
was the perfect time to situate herself. It was dark, and smelled of mildew, but
as she rounded each flight of stairs the place seemed nicer, cleaner, and the
smell dissipated. The top floor practically defied belief. It was nicer than her
apartment, a large open air loft style with corner units to cool and freshen the
air. For a sociopath, he definitely had style.

She walked around until she spied his bedroom, and with great enthusiasm went
inside. His clothing was lying on the floor near the closet and his bed was
unmade. She walked over and, hovering over it, inhaled deeply. She then spread
herself across his bed and laid her head lightly on his pillow. It was the most
expensive bedding she'd ever laid on, and it felt amazing.

She must've lulled herself because the next thing she knew she was awakened by the
sound of men loudly coming up the stairs. She bolted off the bed and walked to the
entranceway, leaning against the structural wall as the small mob began pouring
into the room. At the center of it all was The Joker, a very satisfied look on his
face. It must have been a good night.

"You are a hard man to find." She exclaimed over the ruckus. The group fell silent
and the Joker looked on in disbelief. "You know, you might be beautiful, but
coming here." he scoffs, "That wasn't smart. How did you find me?"

"You'd be surprised how far a determined woman can get." she replied, "People all
over seem to know you. talking to the right people."

The Joker was nonplussed. He watched, anger mounting as she walked to the center
of the room and closer to him. "Don't overreact. I didn't mean to intrude, but I
wanted to talk to you. I could be good for you. We could be beneficial to one

She surveyed the group of men who all stood staring at her. Without speaking, the
Joker crossed the room knife in hand. He grabbed her by the neck and held the
blade to her just at the collarbone. "Now I want you to listen because I'm

speaking very softly." he began, "Give me one reason not to rid this place of an
intruder. Make it a good one." He heckled her, but he was anything but jovial.

"You thinking about carving me up?" she responded, in the sweetest tone she could
muster, "Go for it. No really, go ahead. I want you to." He gaze met his. "Do it."
She ejaculated, in a tone that echoed in the space of the loft. "This is all your
fault, Joker. You've changed things. I can't go back, and I'm not afraid to die,
not in the least. I finally get the joke, and it�s funny because you want to
frighten me but that isn't going to happen. So where do we go from here?"

Her voice lowered and she took a step toward him, "If you think it feels good to
watch someone cower before you, try watching them tremble beneath you." She looked
into his eyes for what seems like ages, certain he was listening, yet his blade
was still as her throat. "Why don't you humiliate me? Punish me for breaking in.
Make me crawl on all fours or keep me completely nude in front of your boys here.
Teach me a lesson, hmm? I'm sure you can come up with something far more depraved
without even trying."

There was a sparkle in his eyes, and she smirked very subtly at it. "Of course,
you're right." she exclaimed loudly, "You should just kill me. Come on, I really
want you to." She leaned into in his knife and looked up.

"You've taken the fun right out of this." he added flippantly. He removed the
knife, but while rocking back on his heels his hand inadvertently caught her
shoulder, leaving a one inch cut which was now bleeding lightly down her arm. She
closed her eyes, acknowledging the pain with an expression of gratitude. From
behind them one thug muttered to another, "What a freak."

Without breaking his concentration on her, the Joker casually pulled a gun and
shot the thug right between the eyes. The small mob all scattered from the body
now on the floor. "When will you all learn? That's no speak to a lady!" he
says, still fixated. "Now one of you go an get a bandage, she's bleeding over
here." He adds, directing with the gun.

"I'm fine." She sighed, a bit shaken. The Joker tilts his head and smiled. "Oop."
he began, "Don't speak. You get in too much trouble when you do. I think, you
might be right, a punishment is just what you need." He scans her over slowly,
"I'm gonna give it to you, but I gotta think up something just... right. Go and
sit on the edge of the bed, like a house cat, while I think of something." She
smile coyly and began walking toward the room. "What's... uh, your name?" the
Joker asked.

"It's whatever you'd like it to be, sir." she replied. "Good. That's good." He
mumbled, laughing to himself.

"Now," The Joker began as he entered the room, what must've been hours later.
"What to do with you." He surveyed her as she lay curled at the end of the bed
with her head in her hands. Like ...well, a cat. She does take direction well, he
had to admit.

He stood silent for a moment, then clicked his tongue as he brought his hands up
as if to describe something yet falling short. His eyes narrowed. "Girls, pretty
girls like you don't just wake up and decide to be anarchists. See, you come here
saying you could be good for me?" He asked, sort of rolling his eyes as he did it.
"Well, I think maybe you should think about what you're getting yourself into."

" As if completely raptured. almost singsong. But this is different. The Joker tightened his gloves and knelt beside the bed." He seethed. um. and was immediately ashamed. "We have a winner!" he announced. You pick. the Joker replied.." His expression vacant. "Not as long as I keep you pleased. She smiled and laid a hand of his knee. well I have it coming right?" The Joker laughed maniacally. to her thinking. "Who cares? Anybody. Her hand went limp on his knee. "Anything. we're going on a field trip!" then he turned to her. "If you're not afraid of me then you should be. time-a-wastin'. It was obvious he had not seen his bed that night." Looking as though he didn't get it. It's a company joke how easy it would be to rip it off. She touched her nose and examined her hand.. "Boys. By the way. in strolled the Joker with a giddy high about him. "Who. she hazily responded. "So you could accomplish this?" She smiled. her eyes meeting his. amazing that sleep washed over her at all. While she was lost in thought. "I guess you're just rubbing off on me. putting barely an inch between their noses. Yet even with her mind pregnant with worry as to whether or not she had the nerve to go through with this and what might happen if she did not. the Joker stood and pulled her to an upright sitting position. Just one of the herd." she responded. distracted."I can handle it." was all he said. Once the howling subsided." Of course her immediate thought was Larry Haskin.... This only made the Joker laugh harder. She thought. and he hopped up gleeful." he said in a merry tone. she began to wonder why exactly impressing this man seemed to mean so much to her. "Gotham. "Tomorrow. Why was she doing this? she . "I have to quit my job tomorrow. If I fail that. "Gotham Armory." she shrugged. "Go shower. She always took as a fact that he killed people." she said. This must be what he thinks of me. and to be honest. "Easily. she shook awake some three hours later at the foot of his bed. "Oh. We have things to do. She pulled back." He said. The Joker shouted." she replied. He just stared at her. I'm a bookkeeper. and noticeably more muted than anything else in the building. he responded "Would you kill for me?" The question took her aback. Five hours. "So you'll do anything I ask?" he asked. She sighed and looked at the clock." He was staring at her now." As the cool water cascaded over her body.Armory?" he asked. "Yeah. She leaned forward. It was. its sad really. "You better hurry up. It was black. "Larry Haskin. I'm supposed to kill someone in two hours. Then it occurred to her. Larry. She immediately said out loud. brushing her nose across his. A magnetic security lock keeps everything. what kind of security does this place have anyway?" Snapping out of it and turning to meet his gaze. Hanging from the closet door was an elegant woman's business suit with a pleated skirt. "Oh. 7:15 AM.Gotham Armory. If she had a nickel for every time he had grabbed her ass in that office she could buy out Bruce Wayne. still enjoying how upset she seemed. her middleweight boss and without doubt the busiest hands in Gotham. and big smear of white grease paint left where the noses met. but she hadn't thought she might have you want me to kill?" she asked quietly. licking the corners of his mouth. she had more than once imagined just grabbing a paperweight and wailing on him. pacing while off in his own head.. "Where do you work?" He asked.

producing a clean and wrapped hand. There. She had to abandon all of that and learn how to be someone new.. "Maybe if you had been a little friendlier to your boss this wouldn't have been such a big deal. I cannot lose my job. It was. I stay late. admiring his handiwork. so sharp that the first time she opened it she cut herself deeply. "Working on it. but what can you do." and walked out. the only real security to the Gotham Armory is that so few know the previous two facts." The Joker muttered. If you ever want to get good at this line of work you better stop falling on every knife you see." Embarrassed. she whispered "Meet me in the alarm room in five minutes?" The magnetic lock that basically kept millions of dollars worth of weaponry secure was installed in 1972. Never forget." he placed a hand at the small of her back to emphasize his point and all at once any amount of apprehension was gone.. her hand hovering over the sink. looking about and locked the . however." she whispered. You have a plan yet?" he asked. She couldn't pretend it had never happened after today." "I don't care if you ran away and joined the circus!" he snarled. "Let�s get you cleaned up. ta-da!" he exclaimed. sitting on the counter was a plain white box with a crimson sheet of parchment lay on top. the greatest joke ever told will still offend someone." She said sheepishly. "Wetherby has given me the authority to terminate people. She picked up the parchment and written in the darkest pigment she had ever seen: You never forget your first. "You will not believe the night I had. "Listen." she interjected. Its operated by electricity. It wasn't an especially large knife. If you trip both. "Luckily for you in my line of work you get pretty good at cleaning this stuff up. In essence. she simply sat on the toilet. she stammered. Larry met her at the door." He straightened." he mumbled while pulling gauze from the pantry. . all the doors open.J Inside the box was a black butterfly knife." Shocked." She replied. "It was an accident. "What do you have in mind?" With desperation in her eyes.thought. "Women. every aspect of that life had to die also. "Fetishist or Emo Kid?" he said dryly. there was no going back. She wasn't only killing an asshole at work. and examples must be made. "I sure hope you do a better job with whoever at the Armory. "Yeah yeah. "I've never been late before. "We can work something out. You're firing me?" A smile spread across his face. When she emerged from the shower. I know I'm late. She just stood there watching the blood spill thickly like wax down her hand until the door opened. She was sitting up on the counter when he entered. "You're late!" "I know. and has only one standby. Acknowledging that after this. The blood spilled out across the sink and stained the already redder-that- red parchment. "Maybe I'll just ask him if he wants to know how I got these scars. Have fun out there.

"Yeah. The only joke more sad than the believed presence of justice is the concept that these people supply it. her hands covered in blood. "Oh. He pressed to her. what are we doing in here?" he asked. "Do you have any idea.. But. Panic washed over her until it opened to reveal more of the mob. She thought. For example.. I never thought for a second you could just kill somebody and walk away in broad daylight. stepped over him to pull out the circuit to the locks." At that moment. neither do I offhand. gunfire.I've only been arrested once and that's be-cause I wanted to be. "I just need you to understand. There waiting was a large black Gotham PD panel van.. "So. I think you and I are going reach a mutually beneficial agreement. yes. and a mob of clowns rounding up as many firearms as could be carried out. DesdeMONA. The Armory then erupted.did something like that. "Damn it. Exhilarated. I don't keep a count. mock swagger as he unbuttoned his coat and approached her." The Joker bit the inside of his cheek. She has an unorthodox relationship too. I don't. That they dropped down form the ceiling or something. "What? Oh. "I always imagined. It�s from Shakespeare. pulled out her phone and pressed send. she grabbed his tie pulled it close and quickly stabbed him. her relationship?" "Her lover strangles her to death because of a rumor of her infidelity. we do kind of favor. whose eyes immediately fixed as she emerged from the back breathless." She nodded. ." He says as he lightly stroked the inside of her thigh. He pulled away. Desi leans back onto a large canvas bag and sighs. "Desdemona. Standing in the center of it all was the Joker. searching for the words. we're not that different. their arms outstretched to pull her up.. What is 'Desidera'?" The Joker shook his head. no. he grabbed at his midsection and gargled at bit before panicking. I do understand. "What?" He stretched and brought both hands up descriptively. "The point is. "That's what we want to hear!" the Joker cried as he and the rest of the mob loaded into the van with the take. she looked around at the boys and suddenly she realized she had their respect. "You know. stunned as blood seeped slowly across his shirt. "I bet you're barely gonna feel it." She laughed in between gasps of air." The Joker blinked hard and looked right at her. It's the name I want you to have. Terrified.. After calming herself and on the way man people I have killed?" She smiled nervously. the police appeared. Smoke. "Point." the Joker replies dryly." She pondered for a moment.. asking." she said to no one in particular... stabbing at least three more times before he collapsed in the corner. did 'ya do it?" one asked. she hopped down and rushed him.. "that the second you. and responded "I was gonna quit today anyway. "Why?" She leaned down." said another." She said desperately. "So.. She fumbled with her purse." He waved his hands around in a very animated fashion. I owe that bastard $100 bucks. "No. "Does it work out." With that she sighed." She tilted her head and pursed her lips. "No." was all he said.door. "I like it. almost high. She looked around. A smile stretched across her face and she made her way out the back door. She was one of them." She rolled her eyes... you know." she nodded. "No. "Somebody owes you money. and as relief washed over her she began to laugh uncontrollably. The Joker had bet in my favor. you and I.

. Exactly. Hell. Does that make me crazy? Before she could really commit to that line of thinking her eyes would fall on him." He continued. "You made a very good student. several might. to some effect. kissing each side slowly." Rain was beginning to fall lightly of the streets of Gotham as the gang returned home. I'm sure any one of them would take care of it for you. He looked at her. uh.. ". her legs now open on either side of him. He was so powerful. trying to stifle her excitement. he grabbed her wrist and pulled it away. I'm . and I really liked're telling me you aren't even the slightest bit 'charged up' from today?" she stammered." He responded flippantly. narrowing his eyes as if struggling to read something written on her face. speechless. She found herself incredibly turned on by the slightest example of his swagger or tone of voice. Thin green boxer shorts was all that separated them. crossing the room toward him." She sat on her knees." "Yes?" she asked. She began to idly bite her lower lip. He was sitting on the end of his bed. Desi had no idea there was so much method to the crime she saw nightly on the evening news. "You're turned on. excited after the long day of mental masturbation. Desi followed. "You." He responded. "Oh. watching over everyone. He chuckled softly." He dropped the other shoe and sat up to face her. is that it?" She rolled backward off her knees and onto her backside. incredulous.." A smile exploded across her face. want to make me happy. Most of the mob had dissipated little at a time throughout the day. "What?" He asked. "So. "Yes. She had spent the day oscillating between two major thoughts. The Joker went straight in and made his way to the bedroom." she purred..I'm going by Desi. dropping equipment off and swapping cars several times before finally coming home. "What good are they to me if not at top performance?" He replied. "Well. "I was thinking today.they're beautiful." She spat.. "Besides. "Well. unbuttoning his cuffs. "I want you to go and cook something for the boys. suddenly excited. Is that the same feeling the Joker has? I killed somebody. and I think I really want to know how exactly you got the scars." She just stared at him as he removed his pants. She stopped uncomfortably close to him. certain she was being set up. "Today was amazing. I am tired and I want to sleep." She said.." The Joker began removing his pants. throwing his shirt into the pile in the corner. directing equipment or standing silent." His expression crestfallen. resting a hand over his genitals. the few regulars headed up with she and the Joker to the top floor. noticing her stare. I get it. "But. One was the giddy high she felt watching the terrified look on Larry's face. It was." he says. "I want you.." She began as she sat down to the back right of him. bending to remove a shoe. "What?" She asked. lost in thought until the arrived back at his hideout. almost hovering above his head. slowly entering the room. all the more reason to feed the boys. She found herself wondering. a bit of a buzzkill to travel around.. and stood to finish undressing. "Then I want you. "I don't want just anyone. "Because I think. She look around.

and we never will be. Moments later he emerged from the bedroom. "Oh and the coffee. You and me. You." But it was Desi who laughed. For the first time all day she felt just awful. "At least the boys out there are as predictable as they are expendable. it was obviously lived in. don't make me laugh. I mean. we decided to go out and grab a bite together. Maybe he'll sleep it off." Desi felt dizzy. "and now that you're paid. "I like it stronger than this.. "You think we're together? Like we're supposed to 'make love' and cuddle like lovesick teenagers. and your help with the Armory" He said. "Actually. With dread in the pit of her stomach." He said flatly. and faking ok better that she ever had before she asked. you could feel the rage building." He started. she examined the loft. "What?" she asked.I didn't mean when I said. Desi even began to grow a little scared. and began picking up the sheets of newspaper and ashtrays that were scattered about. throwing her head to one side." Desi nodded her silent understanding." Lowering his voice barely above a whisper he added. She turned to the crowd. A man in your position really ought to. know the difference. We're not. it just safer to make yourself scarce. She entered the main room and received looks that told her the acoustics in this loft were damn good." he fidgets to demonstrate what she was wearing. "So. "You know what you are? You're just a fangirl. whatever. removing a few bills from the stack. By morning. taking a sip and throwing a single dollar on top of the stack. Desi rose and went to pour the cup while Joker paced around in his bedroom.tired. babe. You're just hanging on to my coattails. "GET OUT!" With that she turned slowly to leave as he climbed into bed. "Get out. Her thinking was interrupted by the telltale sounds of someone stirring awake." he seethed. "I said I wanted to fuck you.. Desi asked "Would you like some coffee?" "Why not?" He responded.... Smiley. This is lust. still hazy. With his back still to her he muttered. He stomped past her and turned back." he continued." Though the Joker sat silent. and needed a thorough cleaning. not 'make love' or. counting out money on the counter. the place looked amazing. "What?" she asked.. and watched as they all filed out together. "I'm tired. Who would've thought he owned a suit press? She sat down with a freshly made cup of coffee and waited. Though neat. inching toward him." he says. there's the cleaning. "Don't flatter yourself. his expression full of hate." Desi began. then turned away from her. noting its improvement. but he didn't kill me then. you can be on your way. He returned with the largest stack of money she'd ever seen." he said finally." She said aloud. its not like you're getting any sleep tonight anyway. "When he gets upset like that. He scanned the room.. walking back into the bedroom. the laundry. With a voice that shook her to her core he thundered. "I. She thought as she sipped her coffee. that's gotta mean something. "You owe me for the suit you're." He replied sternly. "You've been busy. even his laundry had been hand washed and pressed.." she snarled. Nervously. "Just what do you think this is?" he demanded. "Well. last night was ugly. "Are you boys hungry?" The oldest of them answered. and I'm going to bed." She took another step toward him. He brought his hand up to point at her. placing a hand on the counter .

I need a gift. tears still streaming down cheeks. I can't just walk in. and something in her stare spooked him and he backed away silently.. and she'd never felt so cheap in her life. she couldn't stop the tears from pouring down her face. A few beers later. leaving her in her underwear. I have to show him that I'm more than one of his thugs. . scattering a stack of junk mail across the floor at her feet.. not realizing she was carrying herself to her apartment. She walked aimlessly. "But I was. The glass had cut her feet and she was tracking blood across the apartment resembling one of those crime scene charts you see on Court TV. She felt numb. Well. Won't you join us this and every Sunday at both 7 and 11:30 AM. bye bye now. and corruption in our government can make even the most hopeful of us feel unsafe. She wasn't expecting him to fall in love with her. she sat in front of the television without really watching it. Her thought was interrupted by a local commercial that was twice as loud as the broadcast. she whispered "I killed someone for you." Finishing his coffee. "We're done. "Miss.. "Yeah. drugs on our streets.If this is about last night." She could feel the bile rise up in her throat. God Bless You. and although not really sad. he rounded the counter and grabbed her by her elbow. are you ok?" a passerby asked. shattering any that could be broken." He exclaimed as he her shoved her across the threshold and slammed the door with a deafening thud. She gasped and laughed standing on the street. I'm not going away that quickly. She passed the main wall of her living room and noticed all the hanging achievements. I didn't know him at all and I'm expecting things from him. all with her old name. She felt empty.." The Joker made a motion with his hand toward the door and took another sip of his coffee. This only made her laugh harder. Why didn't he just kill me? She thought. In her hand was easily ten thousand dollars. It was a middle aged man sitting behind a desk addressing the viewer directly: Hello friends- We are living in dangerous times. Desi just stood there shaking. What an idiot I am. Rage overcame her and she ripped them all down. and started down the steps with not a clue in her head of what to do. He just threw me away. but she hadn't fathomed he'd do this." he said. "Ok. She pulled at her clothes until they fell away. here at New Gotham Church of Christ you can receive hope and the security of the word of God. and with first good feeling she had all day. All from a life she could no longer imagine. Suddenly realizing where she was.. I have to impress him somehow. an offering.for support." He pressed the money into her hand as he pulled her to the door. Violence to our brethren..this is. Desi looked up at him. She looked around at the complete mess she had made. and the home she once loved now seemed depressing and false. She placed the money inside her coat pocket. She thought. Choking back. she switched on the television and walked into her tiny kitchenette for a beer. "So go. something that will stun him. But this time won't be so easy. she fished her key and let herself in. and now that that's done you can move on to something impressive.

still pulling materials from the van.. "Hell. She thought. she was standing on the corner when a van drove up and two guys hopped out. Desi laughed. "We don't do favors. She hit the door with a spring in her step. "Can I buy you that drink?" He looked over. "it's a surprise!" To further her point. "That's not bad.. tapping on the screen. breaking the silence. a big smile spreading across her face. "Exactly. "Okay. "I'll come to my point then. "Oh.." As she hopped up and walked out.. I am however. she pocketed the money from the suit. "The. "Oh please! Like there's an appropriate time to blow up a church! Come on. "to send a message." she said. the two playing pool scoffed. I'm not doing it right now. unless they're. smiling. you flatter me. who's gonna be able to help me." she says." she answered. Sitting down beside him. followed by several cheers of agreement." The older man says. a plan already forming in her head. most wanting nothing to do with the Joker." This apparently gathered a crowd." he comments. "The freak?" one asked. "This is my cousin." She gazed at the expressions coming her way. hugging him. "It's a pleasure. "I'll do it. "What I need is gasoline." The crowd fell silent. she offered. I'd do it for thirty minutes in the back room with you. "Sorry." she responded. "He's. The criminals looked at each other. "I understand gentlemen. That was exactly why she was headed there. obscenely handling a pool cue. "In God's name." Several of the men looked around." At midnight." "Who the Hell are you waiting for that would let you out to a place like this on a Saturday night?" He replied.." he says. the state employment office didn't hold a candle to Maroni's on a Saturday night. the Joker. not a freak. so I need ten 50 gallon barrels of Gasoline delivered to 1701 47th St by midnight tonight. The biggest Church in all of Gotham. So..returned" one man said. Throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. let's get this over with. map gas igniter?" she shrugged." The old fellow at the bar answered low. why?" Asked the older criminal. "Great!" she replied. "Boys. puzzled. "Here's the direction and everything you should need.Desi just laughed." She responded. uh. There's no justice in the world. extending a hand which goes ignored." Desi happily replied." She said. hopping to her feet. Something Impressive. um. She walked in looking fresh faced and esprit. he's an expert in demolition. "Why can't you get your boy to do it?" Asked another from the crowd. "That freak getting a girl like that. and tucked her hair under a cap. part confused and part scared. "I need a favor. huh? That would turn a head or two. "Because. pulling the first barrels out. "Twenty!" said another. several of which balked at her comment. she brought her finger to her lips and narrowed her eyes. "You're gonna want to put some distance yourself from the building before you light it up. "Which is why I'm prepared to pay $5000 to the man who can help me. "How are you setting this up?" he asked. If you're looking for knockaround guys." The crowd shuffled." She rolled her eyes and started. and spied the same older thief that had warned her the night before. "Oh." . She looked across the bar. "I'm doing it tomorrow." Said one man. reserved for someone else." she said with a shrug." She volunteered. Desi chuckled.

" she said. Once done. "You'll never guess where. "I just can't thank you enough boys for all your help." The Joker stopped laughing and began to catch his breath. Get. ." There was a long silence while their eyes locked. It's not about the money. "You owe me $1. and he immediately pulled his favorite knife and rounded to her back. "This is more than you owe us.00 for gas. and brought one hand up to wag at her. He entered." His expression was almost maniacal as he approached her. stifling a chuckle. She then pulled the remainder of the money given to her by the Joker from her pocket and handed it over to them. Desi still felt a little high from walking through town wearing her new coat with nothing on beneath it. Without so much as blinking. She shed her coat and threw herself across his favorite chair. "Get out. she saw the news report about the package found at the scene with joker cards and a chilling note inside: You Seek Protection Sacrificing your freedom for the illusion of safety But there is no escape There is no Place Anarchy can't reach You Even Your god is Susceptible to Chaos. It wasn't long before she could here him pounding up the stairs." he called out after her." she replied. "Way I heard it. he turned to the mob and said again. "You blew up a church full of people?!?" he asked incredulously." He said low. clutched his sides. "Desdemona." he muttered. and draping her crossed legs over one of the chair arms she waited. "I don't want it. By the time she bought the trench coat." Come the next morning. She called back. "I flavored part of my body with mint leaves. "Hello boys. the amazing arsonist!" he said gruffly." she uttered. "I want you inside of me. While getting waxed. The city seemed to grind to a halt. talking wildly about the events of the day. she fired back. While getting her pedicure. there was panic on the streets of Gotham. the Joker did that. and stopped cold as his eyes fixed on the cool loveliness of her pale skin." She beamed. Desi pulled a large manila envelope from her coat and placed it in the mailbox. She excitedly uncrossed her legs and rose to meet him. tilting her head back and looking up at the ceiling. it was empty. The older man scanned the stack of bills as she began walking away into the night. a maniacal smile creeping across his face." She addressed the mob who were in full stare over her nudity. "Look at you. "You heard me. Out. Yet when she arrived at his hideout. the one no one was allowed to sit in. The Joker laughed hysterically. you couldn't even hail a cab in Gotham. After a moment.They set to work setting up a huge charge and setting the timer for 7:30 AM. Desi heard all about the horrible explosion at that huge church and how so many people were injured.411.

He inhaled the entire time. Tracing his fingers along her soft and slightly moist folds." She walked forward and cut him off with an abrupt and very passionate kiss. slowly drawing her in.. he clutched her buttocks firmly and began to feverishly kiss and lick her inside and out. Just as she though she might lose her balance completely. He then pocketed the knife and. The response was immediate. "That depends I guess. He then placed a hand on her stomach and slowly ran it up her body until his thumb was directly between her breasts.. Within moments. running the blade across her neck as he ran his nose up the back of her neck inhaling. leaving her legs limply hanging and her small toes lightly brushing the floor." she replied immediately. He removed his that this night is going to end without you putting your mouth on this body. is people who take direction. Turning her head to match his gaze. and the Joker brushed her hair from her shoulder and rested his head there. he pulled away from her completely. he slowly penetrated her. He stopped just at her hips and sniffed a few times. "Do you plan to do anything else?" he asked. "What I want. alternating between slow thoughtful strokes and quick frantic ones. ." he said with a laugh." He said. "I." She began.. He turned her around. "Nope. She stammered.. She was starting to catch her breath and he watched her closely without saying anything. not here. Desi quietly gasped. he was standing beside the bed facing her. He wasn't wearing a vest. I can't work with people who freelance. she was following him. Desi's eyes immediately widened and she looked down as to make sure she was still standing on her own two feet. feeling unsteady. "But we don't work together. "Because there are ru-les."Let's see. resting his hands on her hips. and as she softly gasped." "Okay!" She exclaimed. you threw me out. breathless. Did I?" He increased to two fingers and quickened his pace mildly. he caught her sway and hopped to his feet. and stood behind her for a moment." He turned the blade flat and ran it down her midsection and over her hip slowly. you can't just." He then brought the blade down the inside curve of her right breast. he reached up and grabbed her right wrist and turned her around to face him. A kiss she herself broke my pushing him away and onto the bed.. Before she could think of any reply." With that." she implored.. "The only thing I'm nervous about.. bent her over the card table and ran his hand down her spine. She closed her eyes and began to tremble. he asked "Why a church?" She moaned softly. and his tie and suspenders matched. wanted to impress you. uh. Desi exhaled heavily." she said. Her body flushed and grew warm and she absentmindedly began to lightly stroke his hair with one of her idle hands. As she entered. watching her response to his touch. "I think I've found your secret hideout. almost dizzy from the adrenaline and the realization that this was really happening. ". "What? Oh. She smirked and threw her head back onto his available shoulder." she panted. He pulled her toward him. "Do you want people to be motivated like that?" He slowed a bit. She turned her head to see him going into his bedroom. she replied "Not there. "You want to stay here?" he asked "Yes. obviously split between the conversation and the orgasm building inside her. slowly lowered himself down the length of her body. don't stop. Right as she was nearing orgasm. "Do I make you nervous? Is it the knife?" He asked. while he slowly licked the inside of her neck.

. With her head thrown back. he removed the remainder of his clothes and like an animal he climbs over her." she replied. She could no longer stop her back from arching and bucking from him. rolling over to say good morning. "I want you to. he let out a guttural groan and then stopped. She sighed. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her toes curled. "Tell me how badly you want this. I want it now. "You can sure make a girl go numb. I want to watch you do it. he began to lick and caress her breasts. Desi tried to answer. Please don't stop." He began thrusting with wild abandon. she affirmed. and the Joker rolled to look at her. The feeling in her legs was gone. "I expect there to be an order to. she went for his trousers. too . As she began to grind into him. Digging his nails into her sides.. "Thanks for blowing up a building and killing a bunch of people. Her fingers had began to tingle.." "Have mercy. "I want. the intensity washing over in an awesome wave. As she continued to hold his attention there. "Then you can stay.. I'm just passing the time. "I'll know if you're lying. she dug her nails into his back through the shirt..." he" he said.. He then moved off of her and to the other side of the bed.. Come for me. You can sure make a guy feel special. Maintaining his firm grip on her neck.... While she lay trying to catch her breath." He rolled over. "Please don't stop again. a crazed look in his eye." She climbed onto the bed and quickly cut him off again." He said with a laugh. I want it. "Thanks for the sex. She swallowed hard and gasped." She cried. The Joker buried his head in her chest. "I'm not. "Yeah." she replied." she pleaded." It was after noon before Desi stretched. a cuddle person." he starts. and found that she was alone in the bed." She began to pull at the buttons of his shirt. releasing his grip on her and she crashed into him. Throwing her head back.I need it."See?" he exclaimed. she grabbed his suspenders almost like a bridle to pull herself toward him as she bucked away." He said while trying to catch his breath. He grabbed her at the waist and slammed her body onto the bed. seeking out the fly and unbuttoning it. He brought his hands around her throat and moved his head so that his mouth was right at her ear.this. I'm begging you. "Just like this. "I want you to tell me that you don't love me." They both share a laugh. immediately and forcefully penetrating her." Desi began to shake. He responded to the pain immediately. "Now I want it. She opened her eyes.. he whispered "I want to hear you beg me. "I don't love you.. with another deeply probing kiss. exposing his chest and running her long elegant fingers up his chest. but her mouth had run dry. taking him all into her." Without so much as blinking. followed by uncontrollable moan for what seemed like ten minutes. "Please. This time it's the Joker who broke the connection but he simply looked on as she threw one leg over his waist and mounted him." Just then.. me either. thrust with exceptional force and tensed up entirely. he worked his way up her chest until he was licking and lightly biting her neck.

Her thighs shook at the thought of it and a smile spread wide across her face. After sitting motionless for at least ten minutes. several rolled documents under one arm. when there was a knock at the door. She thought. leaning her head against the door. awesome. ok?" She said. slowly forming a plan in his head. amazing. The Joker returned alone. Attached to the heels was a note: Be wearing this when I see you next. yeah?" She asked. tell him I did good. He handed the box over. searched his pockets for a pencil and began scribbling things on the corner of the blueprint while laughing to himself. hAHahaHAHa Desi immediately looked down at her feet. He was holding a large suit box. She stood beside the table. "Here you go. Puzzled. Moments later she returned.satisfied with the memories of the night previous to care about his departure. a just above the knee pleated shirt. lady. the . The loft was silent. Desi looked down and realized she had no money to tip the boy. Inside was a six button. In fact. and even more wonderful. tapping on the top with one hand. Realizing she had nothing to wear. moaning softly as her mind wandered to the excitement of his touch on her breasts. He was still at this when the door opened and Desi walked in. I wonder if he has Clorox wipes? She thought. I want to be surprised! -J PS . carrying a heap of bags. "I'll tell him you did great. she stretched out on the couch. but when she turned. And buy yourself some underthings. but inside her head was." she said. and a pair of Manolo heels. exciting. "Please. He didn't look around for Desi. wonderful. Shaking her head. all a deep red color. Custom clothes. whistling "Dress you up" all the way." he said to no one. he seemed completely disinterested in her completely. she stood and slowly walked to the door. "Um. It opened to reveal a boy of perhaps twenty. who jumped nearly out of his skin. having added black thigh high stockings and garters to her outfit. designer shoes. all $100 bills. "Oh. Wonderful. whatever you do. his breath on her neck. turning them in toward each other. She saw he was working and crept by him to the bedroom. and headed out to shop. ok?" Accepting the box. walking back to the counter to set the box down. lifted the top and brushed through the black tissue paper. She reached into the right shoe to find a bundle. Desi examined the box. looking over his shoulder.. the doorway was empty. very form fitting vest. lifting her up to a sit. that's good. she tucked the sheet into a sort wrap and rose to walk into the main room. He sat looking over the blueprints for the better part of an hour. "Just a sec. He headed to the table and dropped them down. incredible. After a few silent moments. wonderful. threw her black trench over herself. She collected up everything and headed for the shower. She kicked her feet free from the sheet and threw them off the side of the bed. She emerged an hour later. She crossed the card table and ran the tips of her fingers across it.. he sprung up. his hands shaking.You have big feet. She pulled the rich purple sheet over her head and stretched." he rattled. She shrugged... The man has taste.

" He shifted his shoulders and continued. "She said this was the price I paid for disloyalty. "Will it be enough?" Desi asked. "What do you think?" she asked. "One thing. finalizing and ensuring everything was to her satisfaction.." He continued. "Well. "Not in the same one each time." she began. silent for several minutes. The Joker looked up and squinted. Des-de-mona." He replied." His eyes widened. This is a map of all the franchise coffee shops in the financial district. "What should I destroy?" she asked. ignoring her. as he stood and walked from the table." He sat down and she sat across from him. it must look like no one's been there. like you. why the name Desdemona?" she asked him." She swallowed hard. Mona found out about this just went wild. so that gives you roughly five hours to pull it all off. "Probably not. "I think you should blow something up too. a look of satisfaction upon him. as if in a daydream." he responded. are going out tonight. but I was young. pointing an instructive finger at Desi. "into the flavor syrup. happily exclaiming. I'll have to work quickly. and cocky." He turned. Desi leaned across the table. he turned back to what he was doing. kneeling down to eye the vial now sitting on the table. adding the poison. with her at the end of it all." She said. snapping out of it. "We were amazing together. Desi organized everything in a 'round robin' fashion. "Oh my god. I have the tools and equipment." he said. you see. "I have mo-re" he said." The Joker shifted around. Everyone was doing something. "What do you take me for?" He snatched the small vial up from the table. When I was just a hoodlum. "Remember. Vary it up. and I liked to play around. licking his lips but not looking at Desi. placing the hidden playing card somewhere in the store. she was beautiful but crazy. "A school. obviously pleased with himself. Tonight I want you to break into each of them and put this" he said. "A gruesome twosome. Making a that true?" The Joker met her gaze. Besides. even if just the name. Maybe I thought I could reclaim something from that.Joker turned to look up at her. thinking. He grinned. Desi dropped her shoulder's and nodded. talking to Desi without really acknowledging her. and locking each place back as . "I want it all done by 5 AM. "Is. which included the stockings and a black headband with red polka dots." He said. pulling a vial from his breast pocket. No messes. in a Mexican girl gang. The Joker just rolled his eyes. "What is it?" Desi asked. "This one's mine. She attacked me one night. and with the other girl watching did this to me. After loading everything into trucks and meeting her boys. You can't learn without being tested. "Really. I'm expecting big things from you. and he wagged his eyebrows at her." He turned back to his map. He clicked his tongue loudly." "That doesn't leave much time. At any one moment there would be someone picking a lock. In and Out. did a complete turn stopping quickly to let the skirt twirl around her. her eyes scanning as she tried to visualize. She was a Chola." She stood. contemplating. gesturing to the scars on either side of his face. She killed the other girl. "I have my own tasks tonight. "Cyanide. and answered. She said she'd make so no other girl would even look at me. I had this girlfriend. "You. "Homework assignment!" He stopped to notice her accessories. "You won't be there?" He paced around the table. anarchist in training.. it has to do with these scars." He replied flippantly.. and your help will be here at 11. my dear..

began again: "Ma'am. let's go. incredulous. hoping to one day learn to do it herself. we'll get this sorted out. "What are we doing here?" asked one. The first cop took a step toward her. "Come on.. she found it eerily easy to slip in an out of a building without detection. She reached the school at 3:45. an older man who was obviously disenchanted with his new partner. her finger slipping over the detonator in the palm of her hand." The second cop began. I'm not going back to base without her. "What do you do?" he asked. walking toward her. "Is that what they're calling it now? Very imaginative." she replied. the boys urged her to leave with him. Desi bit her lower lip tentatively.though no one had been there. What I do requires. "Ma'am. I worked here tonight. do you have an explanation for what you're doing here at 4:30 in the morning?" Desi gave one affirming nod. "Well. pushing the button. "You think I'm a hooker?" Desi asked." As her sentence ended. "Absolutely not. "Sort of a freelancer." she said. "We're keeping an eye on her. you're either on your way to Comic-Con or you're a prostitute. right?" Across the street a van sat silent in the dark.." she responded. watching Desi twirl on the swing. in that outfit. only to conclude that there must be some sort of bug in the system. The first cop. "Okay honey. dear. ". plenty of time to rig the charge and get out no problem. The final crew consisted of just Desi and the first two boys she worked with.." he shifted uncomfortably." Desi protested. "I'm not a prostitute." Desi didn't move. his arm still extended." The first cop put his hands on his hips. "I get a phone call. "Just what is it that you think I do?" she demanded." The policemen looked at each other. the two thieves looked on puzzled. Puzzled.a little more oompf. Inside the van." The second cop scoffed. laughing to herself and security crews showed up to each location. Other than the exhilaration she felt at the worry of being caught. she took the detonator and sent the boys home.. She was outside on the swing set admiring her work when a police car pulled up. She even asked a few questions. The other leaned back and replied. They were going to work on the school. She watched eagerly as her crew attached wires and set charges. "Let me assure you. I love to swing." The second cop spat. but she declined. She even hung back. "Oh. Really. "I was admiring my work." she says. and stood to meet their gaze. the night lit up as the school behind her blew sky high. When finished. The blast blew her hair forward and knock the cap off the younger policeman's head. and swinging. shining their spotlight on her.. have you been drinking this evening?" Desi straightened. deciding to hang out and detonate it herself. 'Honey?' Desi thought." The first cop extended a hand toward her. "Let her get this out . "I'm self employed. "Come on. They both turned and looked at her. There was also and crew for the police and for Batman to give warning..

'she fell behind'?" He demanded. a police car pulled up with its flood light on Desi." he said solemnly. Joker rounded the counter he was standing behind and approached the two men. it�s gone. Some decided it wasn't worth sticking around and backed out quietly. unsure of what to say. arresting her. The second thief swallowed hard. They looked on as she talked with the police for what seemed like twenty minutes. The older of the two nodded "Yes sir. "Sir. "So. The mob began whispering among itself. and include phrases such as 'Why does anybody still live in Gotham?' and even more disturbing. "Morning. "Yeah." Just then." Just then. believed to be left by The Joker. that's what happened" he lied." said the first hood. Desi would never do that.. The Joker sat. "She fell behind Sir." The Joker furrowed his brow." He said. The younger spoke first. As they reached the Joker. reporting their duties accomplished and getting paid. They showed up and she was arrested. They just looked on. All the crews were returning. "Jesus. but she wasn't?" He asked. sitting up to see through the windshield. "Look at this. Many signs include his now trademark smile insignia. did Wayside School fall down?" he asked. his eye repeatedly drawing to the news playing in the corner. Wait. alternating so as to point at each of them. sending tiny pieces of the schoolhouse flaming into the night. boys. and was then silent for an uncomfortable amount of time. She'd die first. Breaking news on this Tuesday morning." The thief began." He said. specked with red paint. "How could you let this happen?" He said. but was interrupted by the morning news.of her system. potentially threatening graffiti.this just in: Gothamites are falling prey to what doctor's are . 'It the start of any important day. making their way to the back of the line. "She's getting in way over her head.' Commissioner Gordon has assured the public that the police are doing everything they can to track the criminal known as The Joker. he looked at the and then looked about for Desi. "What do you mean. "Shit. "She could be bringing them here right now. what is she doing?" the second one asked. a spectacular explosion rocked the neighborhood." The second one commented. "Let's go. squinted slightly and turned his attention singularly to this thief. and will address public concerns in a press conference this afternoon at four. then we can picked her up and go. Others shuffled about. The Joker began pacing about the room. The Joker brought his knife up as if to make a point. "We better go tell the freak. "It was the police." The Joker ran his tongue across his back teeth slowly. The thieves looked on helpless as the cops swarmed on Desi. "Where is Desdemona?" He asked cautiously." The older thief spoke up. "So she could be telling the police anything right now?" He asked. The Joker cocked his head. It was a raucous affair at his home that morning. "So you were able to get away. The second thief interjected. Citizens are shocked and police baffled as billboards all over Gotham now display bizarre. his tone bordering maniacal. watching the police car drive away." The Joker pulled his trusty knife and began pointing with it. The first made a face.. cheery as ever. reading the situation. They cut a nervous eye to each other. distancing themselves from these two guys. The two thieves walked in slowly. That's what she's doing.

"So. you'll probably go to heaven Please don't hang your head and cry No wonder why My heart feels dead inside It's cold and hard and petrified Lock the doors and close the blinds We're going for a ride Bullock entered the room and looked around at all the police. Gordon had yet to arrive. Understand?" Both men nervously nodded. noting the Joker's Church bombing just days before. took a step back." he continued. "When someone entrusts you with something that belongs to them. at major case unit. Several cops resigned that she was simply a copycat." he started. and began singing loudly. no one knew quite what to do with the new arrival. Bringing himself upright. "Maybe." he mumbled." he began. and with the sudden panic over poisonings in town. blood pouring out of him. you should take extreme care of it. Bringing the knife up again. and howled with laughter. "My God.. The Joker. "It was my operation. The young man collapsed to the floor. The Joker sighed. realizing his had blood on his hands. while cops gathered in the corners of the room to get a look at her and gossip about just how she'd gotten there." he said. "I'm not a copycat." she said. "I'm just gonna walk in and take her. and the Joker returned one. Waiving his hands. I should take the responsibility" The elder said. The older criminal went to his knees. Joker jumped up and down a few times to shake it out and refocus. She sat in lockup. no one knew when to expect him. hovering over him as he died." He said. "Now. "Tell me." He then cut the younger criminals throat. "all the good commissioner needs is a cup o �joe. but are urging citizens to consume only things they are absolutely certain of. he asked instantly serious. his knife on the man's throat." she continued. giggling. "Aren't you cousins?" The Thief nodded. The Joker turned. The Joker lowered his knife. wide-eyed with enthusiasm. "Is this the exact same cell The Joker was locked in?" The cops made a disgusted face and backed away from the cell. Joker rolled on his heels. "it appears that we have to go pick up Desdemona this afternoon. "I can't decide Whether you should live or die Oh. Police are unsure of the sources of the cyanide. Desi rested her face against the bars and merrily addressed the crowd of onlookers. More details of this despicable crime as they are made available. Meanwhile. "Why are we standing . "How are we going to get her out of MCU?" asked one of them. "Good." The remaining mob shifted about. his eyes moving between them. as a helpless and panicked look overcame the older. began to walk toward the bathroom. A few of the mob even chuckled a bit. he gasped for air as his laugh filled the room. disappearing from sight. his voice trembling. Thank you for watching GNN Good Morning." The threw his head back and just laughed. "That's very noble of you. "Let this be a lesson to both of you. choking back laughter. He then pounced on the other thief. looking down on them as if mildly annoyed at the sight. She just smiled back.describing as a massive cyanide poisoning. which of you left her?" The two criminals looked at each other knowingly.

At 5'5". But I don't think that. the general consensus around here is that you're a copycat." She said. "I highly doubt that.. "No dear." She replied.around with our collective dicks in our hands?" He cut an eye to officer Martinez. and it was only just after noon. Jim leaned in.. "I didn't think pathetic loser criminals made friends. "This girl is just crazy. "Do you really think you're in a position to be turning it down?" she said laughingly as Jim Gordon walked in. pointing to the security camera." he replied dryly. Is it that obvious? She thought. No he just didn't" Desi thought. calm washed on her. this officer has been very inappropriate with me.protect me?" she asked low." she began. removing his glasses and rubbing his eyes. grabbing her arm. I'm already handcuffed. on this table. "Quiet in there!" he shouted. except you Martinez. "You are involved in some way with the Joker." Jim started." She said." Desi said with mock sincerity. "That's why its so important that you work with us. "You know. "So that's what you're into. Desi rolled her eyes and walked to the table to sit down. Bullock sneered and rounded to the door. She laughed. "Oh." The arresting officer spoke up. resting a hand on top of hers." She responded flatly. just above a whisper. "I think. very matter-of-fact." she replied. "Why not?" she shrugged." Gordon interrupted." Bullock spat." He said. "Does that camera work?" she asked. "Why is that." He walked over to the cell and began tapping on the bars. or giving you something we can help you. I'd like a few words with you. you're only chance of getting out of here is cooperation. is it?" He scoffed. "Oh. you can take me right here. Jim just looked her over. "Gordon's on his way in. "Come on. that's you. "Bye daddy!" Desi called after him. "Hi daddy. "I'll pass." Desi lit up inside. It had already been a long day for Jim Gordon. Tears welled up in her eyes and she covered her mouth. he didn't see the threat. "And what's with all the chauvinistic nicknames around here? Are you guys nomenclature deficient�s or what?" Bullock responded by shoving her into an interrogation room. exactly?" He asked. . "Sweetie. "You look tired. "Because I have friends. and he was already tired of it. "If he is forcing you in some way. and continued even louder: It's a bitch convincing people to like you If I stop now call me a quitter If lies were cats you'd be a litter Pleasing everyone isn't like you" Bullock turned to the other officers. Desi stretched on the tips of her toes." Desi responded seriously." She said." She pursed her lips. I am so sure that your Ned Flanders-lookin' ass in going to condescend to me! But just then. thank God! Commissioner. suddenly warm inside. "Tell you what. tapping on it. "Look.. and responded with a telling moan." he commented. "That's because you a lot smarter than most people here." she said. "Yeah. and before I go." Bullock looked over at the girl in the cage. He now sat across from the demented Goth sister of Sailor Moon. Bullock watched from the door. We can protect you. anger welling up inside her. who knows. hopping up. Desi leaned in his direction. "I bet. "Let me out of here." She waved the handcuffs at him. resting her head in her hands. and Desi roared with laughter. "Wasn't last time. "You can. and Bullock left. I'm processing her.." He said. Desi placed her elbows on the table between them. Desi scanned the room." He turned to Bullock and nodded.

Judith." As he when to the door. "It must be tough on you. confused. Or Vivianne. handsome man like you? It won't be long. and sparing the few thugs making lewd comments at Desi. He's downtown right now talking to the city about The Joker and his plans for the city.. It had grown very quiet in holding. "I don't have a girlfriend just yet. The young cops said. Bullock walked into the room. and immediately remembered it from her days at the armory." Desi blinked a few times. Damn you Barry Mannilow. like the good guys should. what does your girlfriend think of you working in a building that still hasn't been repaired after a psychopath blew it up?" The young man blushed. "I mean. From there she felt the rumble of the explosions and heard several items fall hard onto the metal frame of the cot.. Jim nodded affirmatively." She commented sweetly. I won't. It's just tough with there being so few of us to go around. which Desi found odd but also comforting. Even the cop standing watch dozed lightly. "He was just bringing me a drink of water. "Okay. A pathetically clean-cut rookie came over with a paper cup of water and offered it to her." She smiled as the look on Gordon's face melted away. looking out at the open room when she noticed it. came his voice. smugly remembering that it was the Joker who had destroyed it." She shot an earnest smile at the young cop. Or maybe it's Andrea. "Wait. amplified. Helen Scott" she whispered. she reclined on the bed." Desi said. "You have something which belongs to me." Desi looked around. two grenades came bouncing into the room. her ears hurt. Bullock ushered him away and gave her a warning glance before leaving the building. Desi laid on her stomach. I don't think that's right. blowing out all the windows on the floor. it was peaceful. Yet immediately following the blast. She had no idea lockup was so boring. "Oh. or Amber. Thanks." Desi wiped her streaming tears and swallowed hard. Just don't let the Commissioner work you so hard that you don't get any time to meet that special someone. "Why is the 'probie' talking to the dangerous criminal alone?" he shouted. Desi called out to him." she added. A small object rolled across the floor and then came to a stop. From outside. "It's 4:15. Guess you guys have a big mess to clean up and all. "Of course." Desi nodded understandingly.. laughing as he bolted from the room. he opened the door and instructed the officer to lock her back in the cage. "No ma'am. and for reason Mandie seems right. There weren't many people in the building. No one seemed to notice the single pane of glass breaking out across the room. I'm sure. "Could be Amy." Desi gasped. kneading her now bare feet. it could be Sarah." He said in a reassuring tone. "I just need your name and some information from you. "Its um. "It's ok. "That's great." . The cop smiled and looked at his shoes." Jim smiled. winking at him. take your time.I'm sorry. come on.It Helen. "Re-laaaaax. she asked what time it was.we can. Then she heard what she had been waiting for all day. And with the Batman being public enemy number one." She nodded reassuringly.. and responded. Desi quickly grabbed the mattress she was laying on and rolled under the metal cot. Commissioner Gordon's a great boss. Even plugged. She thought. She let her left leg dangle off the cot lazily. waiting patiently. wait! Maybe I'm a Barbara! Or SUSANN!!!" She shouted. you know. "Wait.. as Det. Taking a sip. "That's good. Judith! I'm Judith Ryerson!" Gordon stood to go run the information." Shaking his head at her.. it's Judith. She immediately plugged her ears as the small device emitted a frequency. Back in her cell. She looked around at the damaged building.

"I wanna know who I'm killing. but when she turned she noticed a distant look on the Joker's face. and turning back to sit.The voice boomed. He patted the guy on the cheek and said." He interrupted. slowly shook her head.. The Joker brought the knife up with a jerking motion. it's already here and gone. she swallowed hard." He started. and grabbing after his hands. "Now that is how you pick up a lady. and could you please kill that guy right there. She looked out the back window until she could no longer see him. it's so. "It was stupid?" He asked. The Joker gave one affirming nod and clicked his tongue. placed a grenade in them." She gestured to the lewd commenter who now stood petrified. "People give themselves away when they realize the end is near.. She searched that phrase for the tiniest example of humor. "Accident. She looked around. a single panicked breath escaping her." Desi responded. I don't like. "I am." He cut an eye to her. "I don't like it. "I'm not.what's going on between us. and for intimacy. "Do you know. he approached her without looking at her." The Joker tilted his head to the left and took a step. panicking. Rescuing you. who began skipping out of the now destroyed room. "Don't let go now!" before laughingly turning back.banal. Pulling his knife. laughingly. He grabbed Desi's hand. and it moved back cutting into Desi's navel. "That you're so amazing. Wh-what I mean is. and unlocked her cell. It hit the floor of the loft with a resonating tap.. "Staying behind. enveloping any personal space and bringing his knife up to the bottom button of her vest.when other people touch my things." she added. "It was an accident.and can we afford to have stupid people around?" Desi shook her head and took a step back. "Are you nervous? I thought you weren't afraid to die. her body almost rigid with the cold steel so near it." The Joker responded by cutting off another button." He stopped a step from her." The Joker asked. "Oh. The Joker brushed his hair away with his free hand. "Is that what this is?" he demanded." Desi closed her eyes. he was very rude.." she said. and a single tear fell down her face... but broken breath. Suddenly nervous. "I don't like it. and clever." she started.. With a gun the end isn't near. The Joker walked over. hoping to get a read from one of the other guys. only to find that she was now backed to a wall." This was followed by the sound of an explosion which must have been on another floor.why I use a knife?" he asked. "What?" she asked. a . and. cutting away another button. He calmly grabbed the keys from the desk with the now dead policeman..." Desi entered the loft exhilarated. Desi took a deep. "Do you have anything to say for yourself?" He took a step toward her." she said. "I thought I told you to wait in the car. ". it was stupid.." she quietly pleaded. She took another step back.. nothing. "Oops. "No. which was immediately followed by the Joker.. and finding none.. The Joker said little to her and in fact put her in a separate car with instructions to take her straight home." the Joker exclaimed... nothing beats the knife. remarked. "I was stupid. She trembled. pushing Desi back another. Desi peeked from the mattress to see the Joker walk confidently from out of the smoke.. She crawled out and stood to meet him. "I'm just having so much fun. pulling up suddenly and cutting the bottom button away from her vest. sure she had signed her death warrant. "And you are?" She exhaled deeply. It won't happen again.

" He brought the knife down. He freed his hands and grabbed her ass. sending her bouncing down the length. As he returned his gaze to her. They continued to the sofa. knife removing the final button and wrapping his long right hand around her neck. he lifted to reveal lace boy shorts and her garter belt both a bright. I should be listening.. Desi held to him as best she could. "This could be the last thing I ever hear and yet. "I'm empty. "I'm worthless. still connected. He laughed. shortening his stroke." Lacing his hands inside her garter belts. "All of it.inconstant. pulling the knife away and doubling over beside her." He slid the knife into the boy shorts. he was back against her. but it also felt amazing. His eyes locked with hers and he asked her. Even now. pulling them around him and bracing her weight. "Don't stop. "What are you?" she smirked back. and brought her head forward to let the small of her back brace her weight. Compared to you. is a bit of a buzzkill. He pushed into her. I'm less than nothing. carefully bringing it around to the crotch. barely covering her. I gotta admit the truth. "your timing is flawless." She smiled. and sighed. watching him release her and pocket the knife. almost pulling out before thrusting forcefully into her. He hastily began to unbutton him pants and grabbed her thighs. the part where you're probably gonna kill me." she continued. She ran both hands through his hair and pulled gently as his pace quickened. she continued. Neither seemed to notice the mob still across the room. knocking several canisters over and sending broken glass flying. The Joker began by dropping low. Being slammed against the brick hurt." She answered nervously. chuckling softly to himself. where he tossed her down.. "No!" she squealed. dropping her shoulders. Goddammit!" He laughed so hard he ran into the counter. plunged into her. With the vest now button less and hanging open. looking up at the ceiling. Seeking to calm herself. .. squeezing it hard as she wrapped her legs around his body and hooked them behind him. he traced the knife down her skirt and used the blade to lift it. and she inched up partially onto the windowsill. I'm. nor did either seem to care as she cried out in ecstasy. The Joker exploded with laughter.sealed windowsill behind her. pursing his lips.. He wasn't looking at her face. "It's all for you. he pulled her down and pinning her against the wall." she exclaimed. Des-" he howled." she replied solemnly. "Well. It was boarded up from the outside. "Compared to you. vibrant green. She gasped at the force of him. "I'm nothing. "That's what I love about you. cutting of two of the remaining buttons in one swipe. as if to kiss her and said.. "Only part of it?" he said. Peeking beneath. "I'm just." she faded. She wrapped her arms around his neck and he grabbed her waist and swung around. "Are those for me?" he asked jovially. instead focusing on his knife resting under her last three buttons. Desi took a deep breath. The force of it made Desi tremble and take a panicked breath. part of this is turning me on. Lightning fast." The Joker looked up quickly. cutting away the underwear in its path. He leaned very near her face.

poised before her. and figured the mob must be back." She asked. he shrugged. in fact the loft. He slowed his pace and lifted his hands. What did I say?" Desi shuddered. "Nothing. about the heist and the escape. "I won't. don't let that happen again." she said. "Yes sir. She thought. trying to regain the feeling in her legs. She heard the television on in the main room. "Please!" she said. and began thrusting with a crazed pace. while she lay in bed. Part of her wondered if he wasn't going to change his mind and burst in on her in the shower." he uttered between deep breaths. "Again. he looked around to see the mob has cleared out. Do you understand?" Desi nodded slowly. "Oh please. dropping the clothes into the large waste bin. letting Desi work at a natural pace. How did I go from last rights to quickie sex? She pondered. "I'm going to take a shower if that's alright. "You're going to turn around now. Desi threw herself on the bed." She rose slowly. with more force. He responded by taking control of her head and pacing her strokes. She looked around the walls of the bedroom. to which the Joker just waved his hand dismissively.. but bored and she knew she should get sleep while she could. Desi quickly turned and began crawling on here hands and knees toward him." Desi screamed and threw her head back. as she stepped into the shower. turning around. again?" he asked. Desi pulled herself together and rolled around to sit on the sofa facing him. Desi was still mildly shaken over the experience. "Oh. pleeeeease." The Joker loomed over her powerfully. He entered her again. trying to stifle the dread that she had ruined things with The Joker. . she stepped out and dried herself realizing she now had nothing to wear. "and the only word I want to hear from those lips is 'please'. The news was left on the television. Then the Joker began making strained sounds of pleasure as he slammed into her. "Uh-uh. Putting himself away before he sat down beside her.It won't happen again. God!" The Joker pulled from her momentarily. "I'm going to need clothes. She admired herself smugly. His hands rested on her hips and his rhythm grew erratic. and looked on panting as her body went limp from exhaustion. throwing her head back and breathing hard. At least I've got lots of really nice intimates. making small counter-clockwise circled with her tongue. He joined her moan." she called out. was empty. a wound she had completely forgotten. She wasn't sleepy. Clicking his tongue as if confused as to why." He ordered. really. Finishing her shower. She hungrily took him in her mouth. Desi cried out. She wondered what he was doing now. "What are you. moaning the intensity of her climax.. She collected up the fabric that once comprised her wardrobe and ventured into the main room. "I'm nothing.The Joker stood at the end of the couch looking down at her. Would he ever trust me with something important again? She wondered." she panted. She noted the blood on her stomach. He was gone." But the room. He then pulled away and lifted her chin to face him. "My point is. breathless. Boring fare for those who had been there.

"I'll have to show you.. It was gray. and wished he had a cell phone number.. is there anything I can do for you. hear anyone else. "No." His gun now in many pieces on the table. you know. "You need more instruction." he began. "The hardest working man in anarchy. Desi stirred in the bed. for the first time his attention on her. The Joker slowly turned to face her. loose fitting. or anything." Utterly defeated. the box between them. Luckily for him. "the boys will be here soon." he responded. "I have to wear this?" she asked. "There are dishes. however. she scrambled out of bed and to her feet. "Yes?" Desi asked. She turned to face him. "Oh. Working hard to gain her composure. Positively giddy.around?" The Joker. Desi swallowed hard. He looked at the destroyed bat signal. "Like. walking past her and to a large canvas bag. Desi's eyes went wide. Stepping out of the darkness. "Well. before they get here. She rolled up in the sheet. now thoroughly pleased with himself. her life just one week ago. waving the finger up an down her form." The Joker wagged a finger at her in protest. "Besides. Desi admired herself grinningly and replied." He pulled back. "The poisonings. Batman usually stopped by during his rounds." he said. grabbing her hands and placing them on his hips.. much .She was now in a matching bra and panties of vivid blue. you won't be working.this" He said. asked. or a direct line. reveling in her stunned silence. "When I allow you to." The Joker turned to her. and the memory of Him walking out of the destruction to collect her." Desi bit her lip." Desi stammered. Desi stopped at the bedroom entrance confident in her frilly underthings. "Well well." Joker looked up momentarily. He was sitting on the couch disassembling a gun. Jim Gordon sat on the roof sipping a cup of coffee. She rolled over and sighed. "I should get dressed then. Desi stood with the dress. pointing with his head toward the sink. she heard him somewhere in the loft. how many are there now?" Gordon cleared his throat. fell asleep. returned to his gun. The Joker threw his head to one side. actual alone time with him." he said. "Thirty-four. he swaggered over to her chuckling softly to himself. Desi hopped and came over and sat on the couch. laid her head on his pillow and taking in his scent. Across town. bringing it right near her right ear before whispering. the Joker stood. Batman commented. "That's a different look for you." He said." she purred. Even before she opened her eyes. "Yeah. I quite like you like. her excitement obvious. "What is this?" she asked. Oh my God she thought. rolling his cuffs to the elbow. "Do you like it?" He tapped on another large suit box sitting beside him. so I need you to make dinner. Excited. "Probation!" He exclaimed. "Well I can't very well work in this. and itchy to the touch. and forcing a smile. wondering what to do." He whispered. She didn't. people she killed. she pulled the top off the box and sifted through the tissue. doing one good stretch before walking out to see him.. his coat draped over the back. He looked great. she brushed her hair and washed her face. uncovering quite possibly the homeliest muumuu ever made. and as the smile appeared on her face. Her mind was full up with buildings burning. "Its getting worse.

Gordon dumped the remainder of his coffee off the side of the building. I'll do the grunt work. "I just don't get it Alfred. Not everyone is going to court hoping for a white wedding and a home life. "A friend warned me it would get worse before it got better. the girl that was collared today? Twenty-four maybe and completely devoted to that crazy bastard. "Don't get up. you're a good Commissioner. This all lost its charm when the crowd of lecherous . Now I'm the commissioner and I don't know what to do. You can do more than apprehend this girl. I never said he loved her back." Batman turned to look out over the same scene that Gordon was. You be careful out there. You could save her.. Alfred looked over his shoulder at the mug shots of a fresh faced twenty-something with jet black hair and bright green eyes. "You're confusing love. Tapping on it. so we have fingerprints." Bruce responded." he started. "What do so many people stay here?" Batman replied. Master Wayne. "Why do all good girls want bad guys?" Alfred asked. it�s your similarities. She didn't mind so much the cleaning. I mean. "You think people like this are capable of love?" Alfred stood continuing to clean and put away each piece. "Jim." He said into the darkness. while cleaning weapons. which was basically a civic achievement folder with a newly typed arrest record laying on top. "Maybe she loves him. "Because its their home. Bruce sat in the incandescent light reading from the stolen file." The darkness replied. "do you have anything on her?" Gordon looked down at his cup of coffee. well." Bruce shot back a hurt look.worse. "I'm going home to my wife and kids. You have the opportunity. he continued." Bruce leaned back in his chair." "What's to get?" Alfred responded." Night fell on what must've been the worst Wednesday of Desi's life." Batman said." Batman took a step toward him. It's a child. "It isn't your differences that are going to help you now. Bruce announced." he sighed. "This isn't a hardened criminal. Don't lose hope. Besides. but she was a city employee. mildly sickened at the idea of their similarities. Its all in her file. After a long silence." Gordon scoffed. in fact there was something about scrubbing the floor in her underwear while the Joker sipped his drink and pretended to not be watching her that really turned her on. I sat across the table from her. She didn't have any priors.. "The same way Rachel loved you despite. and its worth fighting for. "How a girl like her winds up with a man like him?" "Exactly. Alfred wiped his hands on his polishing cloth and walked over. Gordon shifted. we booked her." Bruce immediately made a confused face." Bruce sighed. "How could anybody love a man like that?" He asked. to which Alfred replied knowingly. I'll take care of it. disappearing at the hands of a skilled manipulator. "I thought I had a handle on this job. and. "This girl. Some people just want somebody to cling to while the ship is sinking. "Yeah." "Is that file in your office?" Batman inquired. You take the strong leads. all of this. Master Wayne.

. How like the sun he could be. halting her. "Hey. She wasn't even in the room as she sat on her knees on the floor. She stood to walk around to the other hand. "Wonderful. one even gave her a light pat on the ass. "Did you say something?" he inquired." Completely defeated." The Joker sat expressionless. she found him already in bed. unsure of why they were being catered to by a nearly naked woman. She dropped to the floor.. trying to keep her voice from breaking as she said "Good night then. but they certainly weren't going to talk about his woman. she walked into the bedroom." she said. stunned. retrieving the hideous tent-like dress and quickly throwing it over herself. want me to do your nails. yet so cold when turned away. Not in his presence anyway. a feeling a despair taking her over. calming herself to the idea that she was at least heading to bed with him. each time looking for the slightest look from him. "Yes. Each stroke over the nail sent her further away. going to retrieve a soda. I am serving casserole to felons in $200 worth of Dolce V lingerie. and if you don't mind. He turned to her and privately commented. licking his lips before replying.. "I'll go get my stuff. as if to convince herself.criminals arrived and she was expected to serve them all dinner without getting dressed. . I'd really like to go and take a -" She began. "All done?" he asked as she approached. He hadn't even looked at her in an hour. "No. uh. waving her over. "You. Desi went to turn down the bed. wasn't it boys?" He interrupted. "Yeah. "No sir. I'm swell. As she finished the first hand." Joker looked up as Desi leaned against the stove. Her pillow and a small blanket were on the floor beside the bed. make mine look like yours. but she barely noticed it. Leaving the closet. One more soft spoken criminals followed her.a heist with them." She said. "Was I unclear?" Desi's eyes grew wide and she stood upright quickly. She went to the closet to hang each piece up. brandishing one of his many knives. "she is here for entertainment only. you all right?" he asked low." There was no reply." She replied." Desi stared." he trailed away smugly." she spat. It was immediately uncomfortable. examining his hands. And that soon it would be over." He swept the crowd with the blade as Desi made her way to the kitchen." Desi stammered. Desi's heart sank. The boys all agreed. "Good. opening the small fridge. the boys finished their session and began filing out of the building.. nothing. so warm when shining on you. She accepted each item as he removed them. Keep your hands to yourselves. Momentarily turning from the gang he looked up at her and said quietly." He announced. "Let's not misunderstand. shaking her head. she tried to remind herself that it had only been one day. sir. and began massaging oil over his hands.. One awful day." He smiled. "While you plan. "you know. Many averted their eyes. Amazingly. and met him at the entrance of the bedroom. which the Joker interrupted abruptly. "We boys are gonna talk some business now. She was so grateful to be wearing clothes that she happily returned to her knees to begin his other hand. As she cleared the plates. and he grabbed her forearm.." She nodded thankfully and went to the bedroom. slowly filing his nails. Each time she heard the crowd noise rise she filled with the worry that it would never again apply to her. "Go get dressed. "Best day of my life. "I was thinking you could.

no one was there. Tears fought their way down her face and as she made eye contact with Joker she went immediately for the bedroom. When she arrived at home. "Pardon me boys. curious for her answer. "Why now?" He leaned in. She couldn't bring herself to look him in the eye. She walked home slowly. "Look. the door flew open and in poured a group of criminals. Joker picked her pillow and blanket up from the floor and laid them back on the bed. She walked around the spotless loft trying not to imagine the worst. not wanting him to see her. She sighed and began putting groceries away. "I'm sorry. As he entered the room. but his expression was puzzled. Desi stood speechless as she watched them enter." "And before. I can't just go to the store and cook dinner and. and Joker turned to them and said jovially. I'll do anything you want. She turned away." She trailed away. Desi stood by the bed. Desi wiped her eyes and took another deep breath.. Tell me you're gonna touch me again. Anything. I swear just. He then motioned for her to sit. she stood behind a lady that had a coupon for every item in her buggy. between gasps of air. trying to speak through her tears. Well. very amused by her answer. "If I know that the excitement is coming. after hours of waiting.. nearly hysterical. While in line to check out. To deliver them from the perfect misery that they didn't even know they were living. anxious for her next response. "I can't do of. Desi took a deep breath and replied. She even began maybe to feel normal as she cleaned and pressed his very sorry I screwed up. She thought.. "I didn't get to go to the party. instead drawing up her legs and fidgeting . looking at each person who passed her." She looked to him for assurance. She looked around at all these people comparing prices and consulting lists and it was like they weren't even human.The next morning. She remembered the guys just yesterday mentioning the Batman. you didn't cry. She wanted no one to escape. He cocked his head. looking for a way to express herself. the Joker valiantly following. She wanted to end their normalcy." He said as he paced about in front her. almost no one. "You know. She was trying desperately to stop tears from falling down her face. I promise I'll never do it again.. studying her expression for a long time." She started. She chuckled to herself. "when I asked you to kill a guy. Just as her worries reached a fever pitch. Tell me. "I'll be right out to take. She smiled at the thought of it. she even saw a lady in a dress not unlike her 'punishment' dress." He said. She wanted to kill them all. All she could muster was. She cleaned the entire loft without thinking of it. "I am. Maybe everyone in the store. Desi wanted to kill her. Tell me I'm gonna get to take this God-awful dress off someday!" She began to maniacally tug at the dress." Desi nodded." She pleaded with him. I can do the grunt work. The crowd went quiet." she started again. gotta go handle the missus. I feel like I'm crawling out of my own skin. laughing as he walked slowly to the bedroom.. However. then fell silent.. Yeah she thought. Desi began to worry." The Joker continued. The Joker looked at her. Maybe burn it down too. when I had a knife to your neck? Nothing. "Tell me I'm gonna get to go out again. To her horror." The Joker looked around and then began laughing. "Normal living." she said. Desi thought she might vomit. Desi stood in the market like normal people. But the not knowing. "Is that all?" He asked.

that doesn't wash. the old lady cried. breathing heavily." Desi nodded. Good friend of mine.." Following the silence. This dress is the death. and the Joker nodded happily. "Not much of a talker though. "Well. he looked down at her. Joker looked back at her and again to Desi. "Who. "Well. "Tomorrow I show you what's in the basement." he stated matter-of-fact. "That's Immelda. Blood collected at the corner of her mouth and she sobbed quietly. she enjoys knitting. Desi stopped hard. was a little old lady. "Where are the others?" she demanded. Standing in front of someone and coming up with things to do to them isn't as easy as Desi always imagined it would be while standing in line at the DMV. what are we doing?" she whispered. The Joker turned on his heels and licked his lips. "I don't know what you mean." "Ta-Da!" The Joker exclaimed as Desi slowly descended the staircase to the cellar. She's having a baby soon. "Please. torture isn't as easy as one might think. and stood a few feet from her. and as the blanket fell over her asked. and has seven grandchildren.. she's here for you. "People think you can avoid tragedy by being a good person. pulling the blanket up for Desi. As her hair fell around her shoulders. Desi turned back to the old woman." He replied seriously." Desi scratched at her dress and leaned in. The worse to her.who is that?" she asked laughingly." Desi responded by slapping her harder. does it Immelda?" When she failed to respond." The old lady trembled. The Joker clicked his tongue and replied. "I do. Desi struck her again. The Joker walked up behind her. "For real.. whimpering softly. slippers covering her orthopedic socks. "She's 79 years young. Don't let the military fool you - they have think tanks." he began. The Joker watched from behind.with her feet. "This is Immelda Weston. Desi took a step forward. but we'll find out for sure tomorrow. the better loved by me. and ushered her to the task at hand." he started. He walked toward her and without saying anything pulled the dress over her head and off her body. See. "Say hello. "Don't toy with me!" she yelled. "What is Immelda doing here?" She asked. hmm?" The Joker said." Joker announced excitedly. The old lady just sat there. his excitement mounting." "Then impress me. . and hope filled her that today would end the whole awful business. Desi laid down on the pillow. and whispered. The woman sat blindfolded in her housecoat. "I think you learned your lesson. unsure of what to do. Desi pointed at herself. I have a daughter. Desi walked forcefully to her and struck her hard with the back of her hand. Confused. "Hello Immelda. She stood there examining her.. Her spirits was incredibly lifted from the night's rest. leaned down and said. Desi wondered if she had prayed or not." she cried. "I though you wanted to be forgiven. "Please let me go." Desi chuckled softly at the presentation. Immelda. "What's tomorrow?" The Joker dropped the dress onto the floor and replied as he turned off the light." He stepped back. "There is your canvas. Without warning." Desi hopped up and walked back to The Joker. In the far corner. Immelda sobbed harder. he replied.

"Just thank God Immelda. watching his creation at work. Excited. ". "I wanna strangle her. its very self indulgent.. letting the sharpness of the blade split the skin without going deep. that's how accidents happen. The Joker looked hard at her. Before he could stand or say anything. licked his lips and said. "Get to it then. He started up the stairs." Desi came through the door without slowing down." The Joker stopped beside Desi and grazed her breasts with one of his hands. Or one of those beautiful grandchildren. everything falls to chaos in its own way." Desi stopped and looked up at the old woman as she bled. finishing his sentence. She slipped the knife between the blindfold and the old lady's face.." He responded when she finally opened her eyes. and rested them around his face and head. she stood and walked to him. Immelda. "What are we doing next?" As if intoxicated. you know. There's no confusion then. "So we're not gonna want to move around a lot.. "Are you pleased?" she . It's just part of the plan. His smile spread enormous and he took a step back as Desi approached the old lady. In the end. Desi stood." She slid down to the floor. Can I?" She asked. that's good. well. a feeling nearing the intensity of orgasm surging through her.might say to you: Here is a girl who gives two shits about your daughter or her baby?" Immelda shook her head briefly. We're just one of those ways.that there is no such thing as justice. her hands sliding down to his thighs and her cheek resting just above his knee. looking over plans. "The thing about tragedy is. none of it's tragic. "See you when you're done. Desi exhaled shaking. contemplating what to do." she started. do you see anything on my face that. She brought her hands up his chest to his shoulders. Immelda. "I did. Desi commented. he slowly." he stopped." she replied. Desi got so excited she nearly dropped the knife. Bye. "Its the presence of random injustice that makes proof. a look of satisfaction washing over him. "So we can get this out of the way. "Did you accomplish your task?" he asked." Desi interjected." Desi brought the blade to her nose and tapped it a couple of times. "Now. "Okay. The Joker sat at the table. asking. When she broke with him." Joker sat back. "Random injustice proves. Well. then brought his hands around her face and saying nothing. Its largely a matter of perception. kissing him hard. The Joker continued his point as he walked around the basement. he looked up at her as she caught her breath.. I mean one person's tragedy is absolutely nothing to another. turned to meet his face and brought her knife into view. "Damn it takes a long time to strangle someone. She went to the old lady and began carving things into her legs. Immelda. I'm kind of a novice at this. she crossed the room and grabbed him. As she cried out in unbelievable pain.pressing his body into hers and smelling her hair. Remind me not to ever choose that again." She concluded. "To people like us. warmly kissed her on the lips.." He cut away her blindfold and fixed her eyes on the terrified old lady." he said as she worked. Desi stood with her eyes closed for a long time. "No. this could be your daughter. He brought his head down and licked the side of her neck..

biting her lower lip. motioning to the couch. too. She emerged a new woman." He said. there we are. "Wow. sat on the couch watching the television." He commented. "Everything I owned in this world. "It isn't even my birthday!" she exclaimed. Just then she noticed it - it was her home. "No underwear. "Now. "Look familiar?" The Joker said merrily." Desi said. happy in a way she couldn't really describe. liberating her. "Why don't you go take a shower?" He asked. pointing to the flames on the screen. you'll put me off. I drive. amused. again down to her underwear. picking up the remote." Desi responded. you're right." She said defiantly. "Good thing didn't have a girlfriend. but was cut off. She rinsed her hair and let the water pur over her body and felt completely right with the world. Desi. He pointed and turned on the news. "Besides. She stood. The Joker cocked his head. rubbing her left calf with her right foot. Desi took a deep breath. "Then why are you so hard?" She asked." He replied over his shoulder. "New underwear. his head still cocked to one side. He turned to see a Desi looking on and waved to her. "I reek of Jean Nate and death. standing and stepping over her. "Boom. "Desdemon-" The Joker started. she felt the breeze as he cut down the back of her dress." . "Don't talk darling. "No no no. Slipping her feet into her heels. All the things she had done didn't weigh on her at all. She felt new. She applied some lip gloss and listened for the sounds of visitors.asked. Instead of answering. "New outfit. and watching as firefighters struggled with the blaze she turned back to the Joker. "Ahh." She said. She didn't even wonder about his getting it there without her seeing." "Who was killed?" She asked. "My god. Desdemona." She whispered." Desi scoffed. "I wanna drive this time." She walked up to him." Desi smirked. She walked over to him. "That's my old apartment." she replied. Thought I'd let the girls out. clicked his tongue and said. I have work to do. Over here. and he sniffed about her. still showing the fire." She pointed at The Joker and squealed. The Joker shrugged. she stood before the mirror feeling free of everything connected to her previous life. opening his pants and reaching into them. a look of mild annoyance on his face. Desi hit the shower feeling completely renewed. brushed herself off and said. cupping his groin with her right hand and pacing her left of his shoulder. and turned to shower." He leaned in. "Please tell me its clothing." She stood and walked toward the huge screen. The Joker looked at her. Desi shook her head slowly. thems' the rules. The news was breaking about an explosion that apparently killed one in the lower Gotham area. "I do have something for you. "Thank you. I assume?" The Joker asked. which he pulled apart. stopping just in front of the screen. "Some rookie cop. When she pulled the shower curtain and saw the black skirt and halter top waiting for her. Hearing none." "Better. Let's not go getting ourselves in trouble just as we're getting out of it." She turned and began walking toward the shower. she smiled. which was aglow with some sort of breaking story." Desi said. she strolled into the living room to confront the Joker.

Teach me a lesson. and in doing so seemed to really upset the Joker. Desi shivered. "Um. As he wrestled it from her. He had abandoned her breasts and was now buried in her neck. He grunted his acknowledgment as he pressed his forehead into her back. He lightly drug his teeth over them in between licking and squeezing them. She felt moisture at her lips and parted them to accept his fingers. let me. "Yes sir. sucking with increased intensity. while he responded in kind pulling her by her hands back down to him. As she writhed at the sensation. She closed her eyes and bucked one long slow time. she heard him. settling in his hair. lost in the darkness. and she realized he had honey on the tips of his fingers." She shifted her weight to her feet and rose.Desi bypassed his erection to fondle his testicles. the Joker asked her." she challenged. She smiled at him." she cried. Breathing heavy. They tasted sweet. That's when the numbness came. then forcefully. "J-" she said as he lightly bit her shoulder. bringing the ice to her vagina. He then grabbed her hands again and pulled her down hard onto him. Desi stretched and moaned. "Take me to the bedroom. They both immediately sighed from the pleasure of it. Desi cried out from the pain of his grip. unable to stifle her excitement. He sat and then pulled her slowly onto his lap." Desi replied mischievously. She then felt cold wetness around her nipples. As Desi looked about the room. waiting for him. grinding into him as much as possible. Bringing them up. Must've rubbed some. still pinned to him. Desi chuckled. with him inside her. Desi gasped. his nose pressed to her neck." She slipped along his body. He countered by penetrating her slowly at first. feeling her as he thrust ever harder into her. he turned her around. He released her hands and clutched her breasts tightly. The Joker responded to this by carrying her. He took her right leg in his arm and used the extra space to grind ever closer into her. He looked into her eyes with growing anger in his eyes. Please. She stretched and reached for him. clutching the bedspread and turning to bury her face in a pillow. she leaned back into him with the occasional moan. to the chair he was sitting in. "Oh. "Do you really trust me blindfolded?" "Would I be able to stop you anyway?" She asked in return. "Not quite. gasping. he came up behind her and blindfolded her. In that moment she was lost in an oblivion of him. she pulled away as he grabbed her other arm. while his mouth went to work on her breasts. "Because you are a better lay when you're mad. "Why do you do things you know will upset me?" The Joker says through clenched teeth. she laid her head back on him. She laid on the bed. Please. sucking them lightly. she thought. Everything she did was for this moment. moaning loudly.. crossing her arms under her breasts and held her tightly to him.somewhere. J." Desi said. As their pace quickened." He lifted her from him and she excitedly skipped to the bedroom." He responded.. enveloping her. "Take everything off. He grabbed her arm at the wrist and pulled it from his pants. After a few minutes." He released her and she straddled on of his legs and slipped down over him. She moaned loudly as the first waves of orgasm began building." He ordered. moaning. "Good point. "Do something about it. "See? I told you. and then looking back replied. Joker brought his hand down her face. Desi gasped. .

Desi took the hand in hers and began the playfully bite the thumb." she replied. Covering herself." he started." The Joker called out before falling asleep. What if I screw up again? she wondered. spining her cup of coffee around the kitchen counter as she watched him. letting the cool of the sheets comfort her. Would he forgive me? What might the punishment be? Desi grabbed his pillow and held it over her face. The Joker rolled away. extending his hands out to her. Drawing her hands up as she scratched." Desi smiled big." she added. She spread flat across the bed. "You want to do it?" she asked. he tilted down the scetchbook. "And you have. Joker was making animalistic grunting noises and laid his head on her chest and seized up. "I have an idea." A rough hand gently shook her awake in the darkness." She got dressed and went toward the main room. "The boss said I should wake you. opening her eyey to look up at the strange man standing above her. anxious for his response. but not easily to Desi. Desi stopped hopping and caught her breath giggling.At this point. nodding as he walked toward her. The Joker sat at the table. onto his pillow. "You need to go to bed." Looking up. Desi watched nervously.. shaking them back and forth. "Of course. After what seemed like forever. trying instead to focus on his demeanor that morning. "We're gonna need a crew." He ran his hand through her hair. his orgasm only intensifying hers. less. their moist bodies heavy from exhaustion. "I can't wait to do it!" He exclaimed. Her eyes snapped open as she spat his hand from her mouth. "Don't get yourself arrested. They lay together for a moment.." he replied. "A perfect ending to a perfect day. part confused and part honored.." he said in between breaths." Desi sat up. throwing her black hair over her shoulder. thrilled with his response. Desi stopped short. dug her nails in. his upper body hidden behind a large scetchbook. "It's just.nothing. kneeding little circles into the floor with her feet.. I'll do it.. "No. hopping out of bed.. returning to task. "it's wonderful. "Worthless. "This plan is amazing. "Yes sir. empty. she whispered. "Yes. keeping her eyes on him as long as she could. Desi bit her lip.. but she was plagued with worry.than. "I need a girl on the inside. "Who are you?" The thief loomed over dumbly. "Hmmm. she inquired. occasionally reaching out to collect his cup or to return it. He hummed softly to himself. "I can come too. She ran her hands down her body and reaching the inside of her thighs. Her eyes still closed. then looked down." he said." He called out as she walked away. and Desi began to hop merrily around the kitchen.right?" Joker looked up at her. The Joker turned away from her and returned his attention to the book. "Thank . "I'll wake you whe the boys arrive." Desi said.hello. Sleep came." She began walking toward the bedroom slowly. "Not for me.." Desi smiled sheepishly. He then jumped up and with incredible enthusiasm rounded the table. and looked across at her. You make Papa so proud." The Joker said." She moaned.. "Want me to arrange that?" The Joker clicked his tongue while looking over the plans." Desi bounced at the review. licking his lips. a confused look on her face. Someone is going to need their beauty rest if they plan on crashing the Miss Gotham pageant. he ordered. "Yep..

"Relax." she asked. Seeing that he was alone. facing her. she cleared her throat." Desi said with a laugh. mildly annoyed with explaining herself to a group of thugs. hugging the back. who was going to have some trouble making it to the ampitheater. "How do we do it?" The plan was shear genius. The Joker snapped his fingers a few times. She represents perfection. The Joker pointed to him and turned his eye to Desi. gagged and tied to the chair crying.. that's all. The Joker squinted one eye momentarily before aswering. for one. "Soon as I get those. Desi was going to stand in for the costume mistress." Desi clasped her hands behind her nd looked among the men. keeping everyone in their seats for the main event. it's torture. Desi nodded understandingly. "Who doesn't love a bit of that?" The crowd fell silent. Desi walked to it. Desi cut an eye to her. She found herself wondering how many of the previous men were still alive. hearing howls of an amused psychopath echo from the next room. except for the Joker who raised his hand while looking around." The girl nooded toward the dresser with her head. Desi straddled the chair. "More to the point I guess is that Miss Gotham is a symbol. I'm outta here. "What about the girl?" another of the men asked. and started. Across from her sat the resident of the apartment." He left and she stood to dress. "Desdemona here has etched out a top notch plan for us. "It's the fear." She cut an eye to the Joker. powerful hands of her sexual. After a brief silence. "I just need the lamenants and keys for the pageant. hmm?" she asked solemnly. absorbing the concept." He raised a single finger. waving the finger about. dropping it." The Joker said." He walked around the crowd. The crew would then move into the audience." she laughed. The girl sat silent. She had not seen any of them before. Desi shifted. The room had about ten new men in it. The crowd shifted about. Desi cleared her throat. She didn't relish being the center of attention." The Joker announced. displeying his impatience. who sat backwards in his chair. "Well." Desi assured her. she walked past him and sat in his chair. Desi smiled knowingly at him. narrowing them as she or the illusion of the best Gotham has to offer. Walking to the door. awaiting explaination. The girl closed her eyes thankfully. "Why the tears. she looked on as he continued to laugh. she .. taking over as he stood. realizing she was now the focus of a room full of career criminals. Desi walked around the small apartment looking at the knick knacks and pictures. and Desi immediately disliked it. Desi swallowed." "Exactly. "Cutting the pretty off of that face would hurt her worse than if we killed her. "Ok.." he added. ensuring they were listening. "Why?" asked one of the men. he shrugged. and it the second drawer was a bundle containing her materials and keys. Her arms still behind her. I have drawn up plans to disfigure the newly crowned Miss Gotham. "The girl is incidental. sighing to herself. "So let's all give her our attention. so in the vein of being a greater perponent of chaos. I'm not gonna kill ya. when the Joker would take the stage and take care of the beauty queen. "So boys. She would then simply let the Joker and his crew in after dispatching the single guard at the stage door. Lifting it. It looked like her old place. and would rather be among the crowd or in bed at the strong.

Desi leaned in. and adding from the small vial of cyanide. "my girlfriend had this party last night and I stayed up way too late. Desi walked along the street. covering her mouth as he walk by her and to the stage. "Listen. placing a hand on his forearm. As the imposter cops quietly filed in. She girls clutched each others hands and the master of ceremonies opened hie envelopes. "She's all yours boys." Desi rolled her eyes." she assure him. She offered to the guard smiling. Desi instructed. pinning the tags to her clothing. Desi looked to the door as the Joker emerged from it. these girls are not going to squeeze into these dresses all by themselves. forming a garrish line of sequin glow. they headed to the van they had to arrive at the ampitheater. and thought to herself. and nightfall was soon. "Okay!" she said excitedly. you'll pardon me if I'm not interested. As she disappeared from sight. With everyone watching the show on the stage. it was easy to open the door and let the henchmen pull the dying guard outside and replace him. The stage manager started toward him.. Luckily. This might bother me if the weren't so damned easy to kill. have you ever played 'beer pong?' It's like the most fun ever. reached the corner and gave a knowing wave to the Joker's men watching from the adjacet building. have fun with her. took it to the guard. Let's get to work." Looking to the boys. "Looks like she's solid.. "Is this everything?" The girl nodded quickly. "I really wouldn't. He turned. The house lights turned down as the police began to change guards. Girls stepped back until there were only two. Bruce Wayne sighed and looked at his watch." The man scoffed." she said. my morning has been unbelievable. looking at the paperwork." The girls eyes grew wide as Desi left and the men encircled her. "I wouldn't do that. Thank you. "Tiffany. As the swimsuit event drew to a close. The Joker walked among them as if gearing up for the homecoming game. she retrieved the soda. Close inspection would show them to be lacking nametage and badge numbers. The audience sat patiently." The guard made a face and opened the door." . looking more coiffed than usual." Desi said sweetly. few looked that hard. "I know. Desi arrived breathless at the back door of the theater. "I'll come back and bring you a soda. Desi dashed back to get the final gowns ready. "That's me then.asked." one henchman said as Desi flagged a cab and climbed inside. He hated these events. She snickered. unaware of the conflict slowly building backstage." The guard grumbled. "Tiffany. "You're late. Oh my god. waiting patiently for the final event. ok?" She turned and entered the room. which was a blur of Aquanet and chiffon. "Well. "Sorry. giving his date a reassuring smile and shifted in his seat. Desi straightened. thank you. humming to herself. only for Desi to stop him with one finger to his chest. Finalists began to walk confidently onstage. "Where have you been?" He looked at her name tag. A thin and annoying ly effiminate man stormed up and demanded." Desi dressed all the ladies. his mind wandering to all the destruction going on in Gotham the past few weeks. his mind quietly working five moves ahead of the game. the men with him continued dressing in the police uniforms they had stolen that morning." she said breathless. When the boys finished. He said nothing.

" Bruce looked around for a path backstage. "Ladies and Gentleman!" Joker announced. With every exit guarded. she told me that you girls had no sense of humor. making his way down the aisle. "See that girl right over there?" he said." "Follow it Alfred. he called Alfred. Fishing his cell phone from his pocket. Collecting her up. noting her difficulty even breathing from fear. "Is there a police van or anything like that leaving?" Alfred looked around. appluading. "Let's leave her in stiches. Joker held the woman close to him. realizing the cops were with the Joker. he ran through the stage door and up the stairs backstage. Desi watched from the curtains. Knocking him out. "Welcolme to the real show!" He crossed the stage toward the beauty queen as a lady from the audience screamed. he carried her off stage and to her dressing room to address her wounds. He arrived just in time to see the Joker and his backstage crew leaving.The crowd went wild as the new Miss Gotham was announced. but he disappeared into the group of now panicked patrons. After enjoying her reaction as well as the hush that had fallen over the crowd. "Yes sir. He leaned in to speak to her. The Joker turned to the audience throwing both hands in the air. listen to me. winked and blew him a confident kiss before pulling the door behind her. . they pulled tear gas and set them off in the audience. "Alfred. Call me as soon as you know anything. Desi turned back. Bruce looked around the auditorium. turning her to stage right. ladies and gentleman?" he shouted above the crowd. "It that true?" The beauty queen looked up at him. terrified as tears streamed down her cheeks. "And Alfred. and watched her reaction. Putting them on. "Bruce!" his date called after him. Bruce ran to it. She stepped confidently forward and knelt as the crown was placed atop her head. frightened beyond words. Master Wayne?" Alfred asked. But before she could walk the runway she was interrupted as the Joker stepped. He looked to the stage as the Joker turned to the girl and placed a knife in her mouth." he added laughing. I'm trapped in here. and seeing Bruce look up from tending to the disfigured young woman. onto the stage." Bruce started. "What do you think. She looked at him. Desi laughed from offstage as he let her fall. Bruce took advantage of the ruckus and attacked the guard nearest the stage door. but found it chained from the outside. closing his book. her dress soaking up blood. "Well. Blood poured over the stage and the beauty queen screamed. turning her face as Desi gave a little wave. he made his way to the front through the crowd. After recieving no reply." Closing the phone. and took a small bow as all the guards in the audience pulled out gas masks. Desi sqealed as he brought the knife to her mouth. just lighting up as the joker grabbed the newest Miss Gotham. He noted all the exits covered. Bruce returned to the girl on stage. "Over already. he pulled the knife across the crease of her mouth as he held the back of her head." Bruce said. Joker turned to the panicked audience. and stood. echoing through the accoustics of the theater. be careful. licked his lips. now standing and frantically moving around.

sir.From outside he could hear the police arrive and begin evacuating the auditorium. The Joker and his crew drove away triumphant. turning around. Even the market seemed a far cry from just a few days before. throwing his coat over the couch. Only Desi and the Joker remained. in awe of him. She had lost consiousness and was in some sort of shock. She traced the steps back as her mind wandered. processing both the action and its expected aftermath. Gordon recieved the text and made his way backstage. After a moment." He ordered laughingly. "Are you still tailing them?" Alfred looked on. He turned back to Desi and asked. pressing the top floor. She even bought a bottle of champagne to celebrate the occasion. potatoes for baking. opening the small fridge and finding nothing but drinks. As they made the final switch. "Once more around the park. She walked along these streets as if a barrier stood between her and everyone else. I believe this may be their last stop. and continued to the bathroom as she grabbed her trechcoat. Text me the address of wherever they stop. saying nothing. When she did. She had never been happier in her entire life." Bruce stepped into the elevator of his penthouse. clutching her chest and falling back. an open window let in the breeze. she looked up to find Batman. Pulling her against him. "I guess chivalry really is dead. "You wanna drive tonight?" Desi squealed. "Can I?" From above her face. He towered over her. Desi looked about confused. "You go ahead and take your shower. As the water turned on. taking the keys as he laughed. Bruce called Alfred. the Jokergrabbed her around her stomach. She paid for everything and began walking while planning out to events of the rest of the night. Desi chuckled. "Yes. "Good. turning the engine over." He slammed his phone closed and inserted his key. "I thought you were a good guy. She picked out two large steaks." she said." Bruce told him. "Oh. She turned the last corner and ran right into someone. she headed out to the market. the girl was alone." . Joker climbed into the back. he asked. she looked up to apologize. Nobody noticed the Bentley a block behind them. and all the trimmings. annoyed. and be careful. He let her lay there. and felt completely in control of her situation. Everyone seemed to avert their eyes. and replied. Desi's shoulders slumped. the Joker marched in. Drive. Joker began dangling the keys. dropping her bags." she sighed. She feared no one." The Joker followed her to the bedroom. Desi resting her head in the Joker's lap. "I made it out. She looked up at him as he sat pondering." she said. which parked quietly and waited as they switched vehicles nd dropped off small groups of thugs. Once they reached the loft. but didn't touch her. and then looked over her. Yeah. Above her. As she got into the driver's seat. as if they knew she wasn't one of them. and as they appraoched the car." she said. "Hmm. He instead let his mind wander. Bending to pick them up. Desi gasped. and I'll run out and pick up something. "What's for dinner?" She walked toward the kichen. He pulled his phone and texted Gordon to alert him about the girl back stage. but when he reached the dressing room. "Cocktease. "Guess I gotta go shopping." she said bemusedly.

trying to banish the thought. "You wanna go home?" he snarled.. Look at you." Desi howled. Desi tapped her foot impatiently. folding her arms over her knees. "Don't take it personal. home by five." Batman stared at her. "What should I expect when I go after him?" he demanded.or something. making a frowning face." she shook." Meanwhile." she here? You must be so full of rage.." Batman stopped. Desi smiled wide. Got to attack me. "You're not going anywhere until I find out what I want. Batman came into the lone light on above her. "That's really good. brushing herself off as she stood. Besides. "Where is she?" he yelled. Maybe if you opened your mouth a little wider when you spoke." she are definitely the guy to make that call. quick as a flash. that struck a nerve. the Joker was throwing a fit. charging her in the chair." Desi narrowed her look at him. Desi raised her hands. and looked out into the darkness where he stood.." she said flatly." She shrugged. you need professional care. "I will never tell you where he is. throwing his cape over her as he grabbed her... because you. "The question is: Who loving you.. "The thing is." Batman walked toward her. and sat on her hands." he whispered through clenched teeth. "I don't care really if he loves me. "I don't think so. Batman grabbed her. "Come on. boring men. "Those people are dead.. you pointy-eared freak! What's the matter. Batman stood. placing his hands on either side of the back of the chair and looming over her." She began tapping them against the chair bottom between her legs. huh?" Desi commented. "Then we're going to have to do this the hard way." she pointed to her chest. Desi cocked her head to one side. "What I meant to say was: Fuck. pedestrian sex. The 'bat' thing just doesn't do it for me. many nurses do you think I'll kill in your honor? How many cute orderlies will let their guard down for just a second. pulling her to her feet.." Desi said into the darkness." she uttered silkily. I mean. "Oh yeah." he seethed. he's not gonna love me like regular. Desi grew nervous. It hit just above the thug's head and exploded on impact.cave or whatever for you?" Batman came toward her. turning away and walking out of the light. "Whoa. "Who's." she replied. "Fuck off!" Desi spat. "Work each day. Off. "You need help. I'm sorry. " She rolled her eyes. ". but I can barely understand you. handcuff keys would be nice. let's go. Then.. Desi rocked back in the chair. listen guy. "You really think he loves you?" he asked.. She pulled at her handcuffs." Batman replied. leaning forward to look up into his eyes. "Oh. . Not to mention.who's waiting back at the. "Is mommy dead?" Desi poked her lower lip out. "They'll never keep me.. and I don't want to be 'that girl' or aything."You and I have something to discuss. we just haven't gotten to them yet.. throwing a chair across the room." Batman responded. did mommy not hold you enough as a kid?" Batman snapped. all that was left on the street were the groceries. baby?" She chuckled. "Aww. "Yeah. "You're place isn't in jail." she said solemnly. "I'm taking you to Arkham. "Can't slap me around.

Desi felt relieved to see him. picked the handcuffs. If I have to go collect her from somewhere I really will kill her. Finally one of them stood and said." he began. "This won't do at all. "She isn't a hobby. She turned back to him. but was immediately made uneasy at his demeanor. You could hear the laughter long before you could see the lean purple frame appear in the darkness." Batman replied." she insisted. turning to Batman. "Taking my hobby away from me. placing both hands on his chest. "It's over. letting them fall away to the rooftop. "Desdemona. "I know everything. Joker. This time you're going away."Honest boss. no sense of humor. Batsy. "Check with the boys on the street!" he ordered from the bedroom.. equal parts fear and rage surged through her. Tell him that. He brought me here after kidnapping me right off the street. Tsk. He looked down at her silently. and Joker stopped momentarily. The Joker paced around the room. "Tell him the truth!" she screamed. Several criminals began filing into the building. grabbed his coat and headed up. "How did you know where he was?" she asked angrily." The first thug offered. Desi pulled from Batman and ran across the roof toward the Joker. He turned and continued to pace. looking at batman as he did it. we've looked everywhere." She reached him. "What if the Batman got to her?" An eerie quiet fell over the rest of the group. "I didn't tell him anything." the Joker replied. "He has no mind for frivolity. I wouldn't tell him anything. "What would Batsy do with her?" he asked. all of them heard noise above them. Where could she be? he wondered. Desi stood.. she's a human being. "Maybe we could check the hospital. She turned to face him. Desi held her wrists. she pleaded." Batman said sternly. "Tell him I was loyal!" Tears welled up in her eyes. Desi looked back to Batman." The . The hoods all looked at him." "It wasn't me. Batman stood on the roof in the windy night. Desi was afraid. Batman said nothing. "We even called the police station. about your vehicles and your hideout." He looked hatefully at Desi. He turned again and walked into the main room. and for the first time. "What the Hell was that?" The Joker just chuckled angrily." She said. rubbing them as he spoke. "Batsy playing with my toys. "That was wrong. throwing her notepad and sending scraps of paper wafting through the air. She feared not death. "Well well. Tsk. Extending her hands to show the handcuffs. but the idea that he might not believe her. his hands forming into tight fists inside his gloves." Desi explained. Desi smiled in turn and kissed him on the lips. you know me. Each of them empty-handed. storming off to his room as the thug called." another hood answered. Our contact says nobody fitting her description has been brought in. It's been hours. The Joker lifted her hands and using his knife. Joker looked up as several crooks asked. He pulled away and hugged her. "J." Batman said sternly." Just then. his rage building. Joker grumbled. and watched as a smile crept across his face. who in turn grabbed Desi and held her close to him. "I would never help him. This ends tonight!" Batman took a step toward the Joker." The Joker fumed. their expressions blank.

"Look at that." He continued laughing. "And we are going to commit to making you batter. "That's funny. Desi turned to look at him.. "She dies in the end. stumbled back and clutched her stomach. I get the joke. you piece of trash. We where gonna have dinner and fool around before you came into this. She looked at her hand. and his hair and face were without their color. "Just how exactly did you pull it off while lock in here?" The doctor asked. "Don't you get it?" Joker asked jovially." "It's okay. "And it's funny. "Is kind of plain. now covered in her own blood. I made that. "That girl was a bookkeeper before me. but could do nothing." He answered dryly. "You're on your way to Arkham for a long stay. were now cloudy. so to speak. Desi gasped. He was now dressed in Arkham's standard issue jumper. good afternoon." The Joker rushed him. come on. uneasy from the comment.." She said. slamming him against the wall. "Just one more person you couldn't save. "Well. The orderly blankly shrugged. "Do we have a plan?" The Joker looked into her eyes. looked up. It's funny. but I like it." Batman responded by shoving his nearly hog-tied body into the batmobile. crying out. you're here now. The Joker laughed harder as Batman ran for the ledge. "Well. uhhh. "Security! Help. "She was right. and washing this 'Joker' persona away for good. The Joker looked around." Joker looked convincingly at Batman. The Joker sat in new cell quietly." Batman replied angrily. Why would you target those people?" "It's called a requiem. softly at first but in increasing volume until it was nearly as loud as the Joker's. stumbling backward." he said as they continued down the stairs. burying his knife into her stomach. somebody!" The Joker looked him in the . and he focused on nothing.. Desi backed away chuckling. falling backward off the roof. and I threw her away. amused. the police have sure had a busy morning. Blood seeped from the creases of her mouth." he said again. Mr. "I mean. He licked his lips as he sat patiently in the center of the cot." he strained in between laughter. it's funny. "What is it?" she asked." Joker replies. "Yes. "You know. All left with your card. The Joker's eyes. "Well. The Joker scoffed." she replied quizzically. he turned and grabbed the Joker." Batman restrained him as he continued to chant. "Someone needs to take responsibility for their actions." Batman grabbed him and began to make his way to the street. Desi placed a hand against his face. "Desdemona." he said as Batman climbed in an began driving to Arkham Asylum. "I finally get it. technically you killed her. The door opened. "My clay." Desi said. "Virtually every person in Gotham with the names 'Desi' or 'Mona' were killed last night. The doctor sat back. "She was mine.Joker said. The Joker howled with laughter as Batman tryied to rush to her aid. Talk about starting with a lump of clay. In his rage. The Joker clicked his tongue and said nothing." She stumbled to the ledge." the Joker bragged." he said calmly. twitting his thumbs. and a very stern looking psychiatrist stepped in." the Doctor continued. and besides. The Joker continued his howling." "You killed her." the doctor looked at the paperwork and lifting it to find nothing. The doctor shook.. once so alive." the doctor diverted as he sat down.

"Hello. The laugh resonated down the hall as the doctor walked with the orderly." The doctor initialed the dossier and handed it to the orderly as he walked away. she cleared her throat and with an extremely raspy voice. She was filthy. Could I get a drink of water?" Word Count . "Thank you. she brought it to her mouth and biting down onto it. They threw him on the bed as he laughed and the doctor ducked out of the cell. she reset her shoulder. and had coffee grounds stuck in her hair. "This persona is the good part. a grin spread across his face.eye.24. He should be more than enough of a starter. now." The orderly said. he needs a lot of attention. Let's give this case to the new psychologist that just arrived." The Doctor said. "That one's too far gone." He said. Cracking her neck. the Joker's cell opened and in stepped a fresh faced blond with big eyes. Her shirt was pasted to her stomach with blood. Harleen Quinzel and I will be treating you. Later that day. she whispered. Sitting down at registration.183 . She was missing one heel. Across Gotham. my name is Dr." The Joker sat up. sliding doors opened and in she limped. "Still. We must keep our spirit's up. No one is too far gone for treatment. as security pulled him away. the dumbstruck attendant pulled a clipboard and handed it to her. and her right shoulder swung limply out of its socket. The attendant sat stunned for several minutes. "Nice name. Accepting it blankly." He said. She removed the clipboard and returned it with her teethmarks now etched into it. "Now.

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