Two Year’s Worth

or just over two years I have been working for 13thFLOOR and touring with The FLOOR. I’ve learned so much. • I have learned how to produce, record, edit, mix and master an entire album in the comfort of my living room. I know I will only get better, but for a first try from this amateur I can can truely say I am proud of it. Now I just have to design the album cover and package the CD. Thank God for the means and the oppurtunity. • I have succesfully redesigned two job portfolios for 13thFLOOR and handed them over to two new staff members. It’s both a comfort and a little sadening to know that the music and technical machine can continue without my inputs. • I started to play golf. I realized I am not good at all, but not that crappy either at it. • I learned that I’ll never get tired of writing music. • I learned that my wife is truely my best friend, always supporting me in my good choices and bad. Those are just some of the things I learned but one that I would like to share is one I learned recently: I realized after two years that just loving is NOT enough. I even wrote a newsletter a few months back about spending time with people without agenda and how I thought that was the best way of Jesus. I was some extent. There is a reason why Jesus commands, “Go and make more disciples.” I realized that intentionally starting friendships with the intent of sharing the Gospel that my friendships, my thoughts, my LOVE for these friends were deeper and more real than the ones where I had no agenda.


I realized that unintentional friendships were built on a foundation of selfishness. I would only spend time with people who made me feel good about myself and my ego. The friendship was based on MY desires, MY hobbies, MY wants, MY needs, etc. But the Jesus intentional friendships are founded on Jesus, thus more selfless, more liberating and more sacrificial. I would give more of myself in those friendships and in the end I can count my best friends amongst those founded on the basis of this “Jesus Agenda”. Funny enough I saw the results in the churches we served the past two years. The churches who preached only ‘Love’ tended to have only philosophical debates on what this ‘Love’ is, but the action rarely practiced. Churches who preached discipleship only, tended to alienate its members because of the number, formula and statistically driven mindset. Then you have the congregations that preach both. Discipleship on the basis of intentional love. These churches tend serve the community and each other on the foundation of Christ. They tend to have a more intimate relationship with God. A true sense of dependence on God. This is what I have seen and learned, with my own eyes and ears. No person convinced me of this. It’s based on my observations of the past two years. The question is: Who is discipling you and who are you discipling? “Go and make more disciples”. It’s in your DNA.

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