Electricity and magnetism 1. A rectangular loop of wire with length a = 2.2 cm , width b = 0.8 cm and resistance R = 0.

4 mΩ is placed near an infinitely long wire carrying current i = 4.7 A . The loop is then moving away from the wire at constant speed v = 3.2 mm / s . When the center of the loop is at distance r = 1.5b , what are (a) the magnitude of magnetic flux through the loop and (b) the current induced in the loop? In recent years it has been possible to buy a 1.0 F capacitor. This is an enormously large amount of capacitance. Suppose you want to build a 1.0 Hz oscillator with a 1.0 F Capacitor. You have a spool of 0.25-mm-diameter wire and a 4.0-cm-diameter plastic cylinder. How long must your inductor be if you wrap it with 2 layers of closely spaced turns? A solid non conducting sphere of radius R = 5.60 cm has a non uniform charge distribution of volume charge density ρ = (14.1 pC/m3)r/R, where r is radial distance from the sphere’s center. (a) What is the sphere’s total charge? What is the magnitude E of the electric field at (b) r = 0, (c) r = R/2, and (d) r = R. A proton orbits a 1.0-cm-diameter metal ball 1.0 mm above the surface. The orbital period is 1.0 µs. What is the charge on the ball?




Mechanics 5. A 2.0 kg wood block hangs from the bottom of a 1.0 kg, 1.0 m long rod. The block and rod form a pendulum that swings on a frictionless pivot at the top end of the rod. A 10 g bullet is fired into the block, where it sticks, causing the pendulum to swing out to a 30° angle. What was the speed of the bullet? You can treat the wood block as a particle.

Optics 6. Alight consisting of two nearly equal wavelengths λ + ∆λ and λ , where ∆λ = λ , is incident on diffraction grating. The slit separation of the grating is d. a. Show that the angular separation of these two wavelengths in the mth order is ∆λ ∆θ = 2 ( d/m ) − λ 2 b. Sodium atom emits light at 589.0 nm and 589.6 nm. What are the firstorder and second-order angular separations (in degrees) of these two wavelengths for a 600lines/mm grating?

10. where Eo is the 2. Show both on a single pV diagram. on average. does an electron move between collisions? Two cylinders each contain 0.7 eV work function of sodium. If the focal length of the mirror is f then Show that f = R/2 if φ = 1rad Modern physics 8. A spherical mirror is having radius R.10 mol diatomic gas at 300 K and a pressure of 3. a. What is the rms velocity of electrons in room-temperature copper? b.0 atm.0 atm. How far. How does the distance compare to the size of an atom? Thermodynamics 9. At what distance beyond the surface of the metal is the electron’s probability density 10% of its value at the surface b. A typical electron in a piece of metallic sodium has energy − Eo compared to a free electron. . A ray of light is incident on the mirror parallel to the axis of the mirror with an angle of incidence φ at the point of incidence on the mirror. Assume the conduction electrons in a metal can be treated as classical particles in an ideal gas.7. Use an appropriate scale on both axes. What are the final temperature and volume of each b. a. Cylinder A expands isothermally and Cylinder B expands adiabatically until the pressure of each is 1. a.

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