Creative Research The Big Six Here’s a quick guide on the ‘Big Six’.

Business, Lifestyle, Nature & Wildlife, Sports, Ideas and Travel are key subject areas for both our commercial and editorial customers. These subject areas are huge, so please use this brief as a starting point to fully explore the finer points of each subject when planning shoots and preparing submissions. We want well composed and well lit images, using relevant styling, representing a relevant choice of models (age, gender, ethnicities and body types). We will also be continuing to put out separate monthly briefs on more specific topics, so be sure to check the Contributor’s Site regularly . Click here to see it! Getty Images Contributor Community Things to Keep in Mind Keep it up-to-date: Outfits, equipment and technology need to reflect current trends and fashions. Use the highest production quality you possibly can. Keep it authentic and natural: We are constantly asked for images of people that look authentic. Please try to avoid stiff poses and forced smiles. Instead capture genuine interactions and moments between models whenever possible. Keep it local: Our customers have a great need for local content and we always need our shoots to show people of diverse backgrounds. Authenticity and diversity is essential for every region! The legal stuff: Be sure to check site locations for commercial shoot policies, and acquire the correct releases wherever necessary and remember that model releases are required for all models.

etc. Our customers are frequently requesting images taken from the same shoot. Think about copy space when you take an image. Taxi Ryan McVay . and will be seen alongside copy. Think about the whole business day from the alarm going off in the morning. Stone . Stone Ryouchin. Simon Winnall. Digital Vision Thomas Barwick. Avoid dated or cliché business visual styling Make sure technology is up to date! Cast a variety of models and characters. We have clients worldwide who are looking to see a variety of ethnicities. the working day and after work routines. Stone Olaf Tiedje. a brochure. Stone Zubin Shroff.Business Be sure to make your business shoots feel real and authentic. ages. the commute to work. Consider all variations of modern work environments and not just office scenarios! Consider a series shoot. Remember images may be used for a cover. a web site front page. a billboard.

Taxi . and that this content have a more candid. We always need our shoots to show people of diverse backgrounds and a range of ages. Authenticity is essential for this content. taxi Japan Gillian Laub. Remember active lifestyles don’t stop for people over 45! Please represent and reflect your own region. reportage feel when possible. and natural. Think about key ‘lifestyle’ concepts. Stone Artparadigm. Go to real places and real groups. Images that convey milestones and celebrations are always needed! Jose Luis Pelaez. Stone Zubin Shroff. Most clients are requesting that models are not looking at the camera. slice-of-life moments whenever possible. Stone+ Roy Mehta. Taxi Kei Uesugi. Consider a series shoot. Think about activities in autumn and winter not just summer and spring. rather than shooting generic “could be anywhere” scenarios.Lifestyle Try and capture genuine interactions.

team spirit. Stone + Adrian Burke.Nature & Wildlife Imagery must be unique and exceptional! Consider the versatile communicative power of nature and wildlife imagery. energy. Think about concepts that could potentially be sold to the communication and commercial sector such as success. Stone+ Michael Duva. performance. Stone Sue Flood. The Image Bank . Stone+ Diane Cook and Len Jenshel. protection and loyalty. Tim Flachm. growth.

equipment and choice of sports and exercises should reflect current trends.Sport Imagery must be unique and exceptional! Look at what is already available. Finishing lines and starting blocks have already been covered in many different ways. success. Imagery should deliver strong concepts -focus on concepts such as determination. Stone+ . Casting is essential . Stone + Henrik Sorensen. Stone + Brian Bailey. How will you do it differently if you choose this subject? Movement and emotions must look authentic and natural. Stone+ Mike Powell.real athletes should be used and the outfits. Stone + Peter Beavis. Stone+ Kai Wiechmann. performance and team spirit etc Mike Powell.

You may want to raise an old classic to a new level or take it in a whole new direction. Brand New Images.Ideas Imagery must be unique. Stone + Adrianna Williams. Stone . The simpler it is. Stone Chris Stein. well shot individual objects are what our customers are asking for. Stone Chris Turner. the better it is. Please be sure the image delivers a clear and comprehensible message. other times. Start with a concept and work upward from there. stone+ Chris Turner. up to date. Still life images focusing on concepts are sometimes key. Both our commercial and editorial customers are always looking for a choice and we are always looking for fresh content. Stone Paper Boat Creative. Digital Vision Phil Ashley.

Capture images of local people that show that they are friendly and approachable. Martin Puddy. Visit gettyimages.Travel Our research and customer feedback show that there’s a huge need for truly local imagery. Stone+ . Stone+ Asger Carlsen. Avoid shooting the same and have a look at the images that “represent” different regions. Stone+ DKP. Stone+ Roger Wright. Remember to get releases whenever possible! This is crucial for clients to license your pictures for a commercial use. The image Bank Jorg Greuel. Photonica David Lees. but think about what might be missing or needs to be refreshed.

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