Task one 1a question “Describe the ways in which your production work was informed by research into real

media texts and how your ability to use such research for productions developed over time”

You have 10mins to answer the following questions: a. In the following exam question you need to highlight the key words. What are they asking for? b. Use the crib sheet to identify what areas you need to? c. Using the crib sheet what areas do you need to talk about? d. What theorists or theories will you use in this question?

You now have 15mins to use the following writing frame to make a plan of what you are going to talk about. You also need to think about what concepts you are going to use and what theorists and theories you might use to support your writing. Writing frame: paragraph 1 should be an introduction which explains which projects you did. It can be quite short.

paragraph 2 should pick up the skill area and perhaps suggest something about your starting point with it- what skills did you have already and how were these illustrated. use an example.

paragraph 3 should talk through your use of that skill in early projects and what you learned and developed through these. Again there should be examples to support all that you say. paragraph 4 should go on to demonstrate how the skill developed in later projects, again backed by examples, and reflecting back on how this represents moves forward for you from your early position. paragraph 5 short conclusion Task Two

1b “Analyse one of your production in relation to genre” Question 1: Look at the handout with genre on, read what you need to include in your essay. What theorists do you need to know, do you know any of these quotes?

Question 2: You have 15mins to write a short plan of what you will cover. Remember the examiner wants you to analyse the finished product not just describe what you did. Once you have done this, we can discuss this with the class. Writing frame para 1 Intro: which of your projects are you going to write about? briefly describe it

para 2: what are some of the key features of the concept you are being asked to apply? Maybe outline two of the theories/ideas of particular theorists briefly

para 3: start to apply the concept, making close reference to your production to show how the concept is evident in it

para 4: try to show ways in which these concepts i.e (genre, narrative etc) work in relation to your production and also ways in which those concepts and theorists might not apply/ or could be challenged in your production.

para 5: conclusion

Task Three

Section B of the exam

Question: “Discuss the need for media regulation”

1. Discuss the need for media regulation? What do you think this question is asking? 2. Which one of the four areas does it most link to? 3. What is the history of the PCC, what is going on with regulation at the moment, what do you think the future is, using argument, explanation and analysis? 4. What is the history of the BBFC, use argument, explanation and analysis? 5. Using the revisions sheets: What are the theorises and theorists and debates you could argue:

Writing frame for this essay (the following writing frame is an example of how to structure it, but make sure this works with the question asked) Paragraph 1: Intro: whatever the question asks you should outline the overall argument in the intro, i.e. the debates in regulation. I.e. if the question is asking how effective media regulation is in your opening you should say: In looking at how effective media regulation is in the country it is necessary to look at the past and present developments of regulatory bodies in this country and the current problem web 2.0 and the internet has on the media specific regulation in this country, and what effects this globalised media has on future developments in regulation. Paragraph 2: Then in the second paragraph you should give an overview of what regulation in this country is like at present i.e. ofcom, BBFC and PCC i.e. it is media specific Paragraph 3: Case study 1 PCC: discuss past, present and future developments. Paragraph 4: Then you would move on to discuss case study 2 by providing almost a compare and contrast of the BBFC, again discussing past, present and future for both. Paragraph 5: Then in your final paragraph you would draw all of this together and answer the question. Again you would probably finish on making a prediction for the future.

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