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Out of the main seven body energy centres third eye chakra is one of the most important chakras. Your third eye gives you an opportunity to experience different dimensions without having to leave your body. This is the easiest way to see other dimensions which your physical sight cannot perceive. You see through your eyes the physical world and you also have the ability to see the spiritual world through your third eye. Third eye chakra has the purple/indigo colour, however some people even see very dark, almost black eye. The eye does not even have to be shaped like an eye, although this is the most common shape. Some people see the third eye chakra shaped like a book or a star. You can see a realistic eye or just a shape filled with indigo or purple colour. If you do not get enough universal energy it will be quite hard for your to see your third eye. You can get an abundance of universal energy by meditating. When you meditate you get universal energy through your crown chakra into the whole of your body. Usually people experience their third eye when they meditate, and that certainly happened to me too. Because meditation is very spiritual, you get many experiences which include the awakening of kundalini energy, nervous system cleansing and the opening of the third eye chakra.

When you concentrate on your third eye area. you should not focus on this area too intensely. no matter how small pressure/vibration you are experiencing. However. but that does not happen often. This way you will get the glimpse of other worlds because you will be sucked in to the fourth dimension. The more you meditate and practice.When you meditate your third eye may show itself to you without you even trying. You just have to be aware of that area. Usually people start seeing blurry shapes and colours of grey. When you see your third eye. you should concentrate on the middle of it or on the most intensely coloured part of it. Therefore in this life you do not need to try hard to develop spiritually – everything happens very quickly and naturally. However. After some days. that means your eye is already awakened. If you do not feel any vibration when you concentrate on the third eye. This usually happens to people who were very spiritually advanced in their previous lives. if you consciously want to see it. or even the same day of you trying to see the third eye. but you see colours of your third eye straight away. This always means that the third eye chakra is awakening. the stronger colours get and then you finally will be able to see your third eye. You may straight away become aware of your third eye. white. purple and indigo before the actual sight of the third eye chakra. during meditation. you may start seeing the colours of it. concentrate on your third eye area (between your brows). you will start feeling tingling sensation or slight pressure/vibration in that area. you should. .

you are travelling and visiting different worlds in different dimensions to yours. When you are getting sucked in to the fourth dimension. I was being sucked in very fast and I would constantly emerge from different tunnels. Your character features will not change. or you may feel vibration/pressure in your body. but you will have greater knowledge of this world and others. therefore you only see a small picture of the real world. With time you will be able to strengthen your energy so that you would be protected from the harmful energies of others. you may experience your journey as going through a tunnel. Your third eye does not have any filters. With the opening of your third eye chakra your sixth sense sharpens and you become more in tune with the universe. therefore you see the reality as it really is. Your eyesight lets you see the world through the filters – limited beliefs – that you have. you may feel being physically drawn to it too. Your sixth sense will sharpen therefore you will become more sensitive to what is happening in your reality. Do not get scared – this is perfectly normal. When you open your third eye chakra you become more spiritually protected because your aura gets purple colour. When you concentrate on the light at the end of the tunnel. . You will also become more present in your daily activities which will lead to them being completed in a much more effective way. Conclusion You will benefit in many ways if you decide to awaken your third eye chakra. I personally saw a black tunnel and a beautiful purple light at the end of it.When that happens.

Some of the experiences you may get are pleasant. When you open your third eye chakra you will be able to see other dimensions whilst being in your physical body.You will also understand that there is no such thing as death in this world – after the end of your physical body your soul becomes connected to the whole of who you are. some are not. If. This will give you better understanding of who you are and what the purpose of your experience of this world is. Finished reading about Third Eye Chakra? Click here to read more great personal development articles. Experiences After The Third Eye Opening By Simona Rich in All Articles. you think that you are ready to open your third eye. Spirituality After the third eye opening you may get some unusual experiences which you may want to know about before the opening of this chakra. you should read my first article explaining how to do that. How to know that you have awakened your third eye You can be assured that your third eye is awakened if you close your eyes and can see: White/blue/purple colours Intense white dots Black sky with numerous stars The shape of the eye/square/circle/some other shape filled with blue or purple colour These are all signs that you have awakened your third eye. after this article. .

. some of them will be very vivid. This. so they stay between this world and higher dimensions. All I can advise is for them to try to raise their vibration. you will start getting unusual experiences. is not the best dimension to choose to see. What to expect after the third eye opening Do not be surprised that when you awaken your third eye. you should understand that you offer the vibration that attracts such sights. By ‘restless souls’ I mean the souls of people who committed suicides and could not forgive themselves for having done that. Higher vs Lower Dimensions If you offer a low vibration. because only then you will be able to get the sight of higher dimensions. The higher vibration you offer. They are afraid to be judged by someone. In general. When you are tired or you are about to sleep or just relax and close your eyes. you may suddenly get all kinds of images in your mind’s eye. others will be blurred… There are all kinds of dimensions out there and with your third eye opened you will be able to pick up on them. some people who saw them became scared and started regretting their third eye opening. you may get to see the dimensions where restless souls stay. you should become more positive to raise your vibration. of course. that means that your third eye is being awakened and soon you will be able to see it. Although I have never seen lower dimensions. Such people contact me asking what to do because they are scared of these sights. That especially has to do with your sight.If you feel the pressure or some activity in your third eye chakra. The article that will help to do that is the one I wrote about your thought vibration. Some of them will not make any sense to you. but if you find yourself viewing such dimension. the higher developed worlds you will be able to explore.

different images may pass through you every second. But do not be afraid when that happens because all you should do is to open your eyes. Sometimes it may seem to you that you get information overload. they will keep shifting through your eyes. It is beneficial to pick up on good energies that others are offering. However.If you offer a very high vibration (that of peace. love. The golden/white colours will be the main ones in these dimensions. You can also listen to the music before going to sleep and that should turn off this sight. you become more sensitive to such energies. For example if some person is angry and she looks at you. you will be able to see more developed worlds than even the one in which we live. sometimes really fast. . Sensitivity to energies After your third eye awakening you will become more sensitive to the energies of other people. gratitude and happiness). you may not know how to switch off the third eye sight. There are too many bad energies out there. You will know that you picked up on this dimension if you see very vivid light colours and when the air seems to be full of golden light. and when you become more spiritual. and you may not be able to tune out of these dimensions. so that might scare you. because they affect you positively. Because you are new to this experience. you will pick up on bad energies too. You will be able to pick up on both good and bad energies. you will get some of her anger. That is why spiritual people sometimes get drained after spending some time in a crowded area.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the harm of such energies. Such protection can be imagining that you are surrounded by white or golden (or both) light and imagining how their negative energy cannot get through that light. work and state of mind will improve to a great extent. but not as warm as you are used to. sleep. Your health will improve significantly and your life quality will improve in general. That is all the result of removing negative energies from your body. Not too cold. try to shower with cool water. Other third eye opening experiences After your third eye opening you may get very strong vibrations in your body that may really scare you. You can use some protection when you feel that you are amongst negative people. You can also use another great technique that will benefit you in numerous ways. Now imagine that the water that goes on you is washing away all the bad energies that you picked up today. you will feel a huge relief during and after the shower. When you do this exercise for a couple of days in a row. You should try doing this activity every day for you to feel the full benefits of this technique. Your relationships. That always saves me from getting drained off my energy. When you come home and take the shower. This is a very very useful technique which I personally use. When you do this every day you will notice the huge difference in your daily energy levels. The time you spend in the shower may become the most pleasurable one. Do not be surprised if after the shower you will become extremely happy or inspired to do something. You will be much more energetic and focused throughout the day because there will be no negative energies disrupting your routine. I had no idea what is happening to me and I suspected that I am about to . See in your minds eye the water picking up such energies and taking them down with it. It surely scared me when it happened to me for the first time.

It is as though I am looking through a telescope. For example I may see a detail of the house (eg. I suspect that it is because I am simply not ready to view very different worlds to that of ours. If you get such view it means that you got into the 4th dimension and that you may get into different worlds from this place. it may . two windows of the house and an edge of the roof. I cannot be any more clearer than this because I still did not manage to clearly get into different worlds from this place. As I mentioned earlier in this article. you may also get a sight of a black sky with many stars. and the sky). When I get smoother transition I will definitely write an article about it. like houses or people. or were trying to advance spiritually. How long it takes to experience the third eye opening The time it takes to open your third eye is different for everyone. During this vibration you may be able to see your third eye or (if you still did not awaken it) this experience may open your third eye. and in the middle I see some sight. However. with beautiful houses and golden sunny days. I am not sure why I get only these experiences. The view that I get when I look through my third eye is a very interesting one. So people are similar and where they live is similar to where we live. creatures similar to people (nothing scary. I usually get a glimpse into the worlds that are very similar to that of ours. trust me). it will pass. There is a pitch black colour on the edges. I was able to get a glimpse only into very developed dimensions. if you stay calm and just let the vibration overtake you.have an OBE (out-of-body experience) because I read that something similar happens before such experience. Usually I see still objects. If you were spiritually advanced in previous lives.

It’s time to deal with a more negative side of meditation – meditation dangers. non physical contacts or even insanity. For me it took only around a week to do that. Therefore you should stay as positive as you can every day and if you do that you will definitely enjoy the sights that you get from your third eye. Just try the techniques that I gave in my first article and if you persist you will succeed in your third eye opening. if you keep your vibration high you will not see anything of negative nature. in no particular order. deep meditation experiences and how to meditate. are the dangers I encountered from my own meditations and those of others. Meditation Dangers: Things You Should Know and Prepare For By Simona Rich in All Articles. So here. Everyone who meditates or is thinking of doing so should know the dangerous side of meditation. Conclusion I hope that I did not discourage you from the third eye opening. You may need to wait from a week to two months for your third eye opening experience. Spirituality Enough of me said about meditation benefits. Meditation Danger #1: Getting attached to meditation experiences .take a very short while for you to experience your third eye opening. If you are not aware of the dangers. they can unexpectedly come and cause many troubles in your life. but I strongly feel that it is because I was very spiritual in my previous life and I had many lives before this one. Although the experiences that you will get after your third eye awakening are quite different from what you experience in this physical world. Psychic. such as frightening visions. sometimes even longer.

If you get attached to these experiences and keep exploring them and forget about the path to self-realisation. There is an even bigger danger if you lose the path to self-realisation by enjoying the meditation experiences. It was like a slap on my face. But don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. It’s believed in Buddhism that those who lose the path for meditation experiences are reborn in lower than human realms. and so forth. I mainly see the colors though. your spiritual progress will stop. For example. see certain events from this and other worlds and see different beings. in the animal realm. Those experiences will also likely to stop after some time. for example.When you meditate you may get many interesting meditation experiences. after all. I told the teacher about this amazing experience and she just said: ignore it and keep meditating. when I meditate. Some people report seeing mandalas (sacred geometrical paintings). Meditation is for self-realisation. especially the Blue Pearl which some meditators believe to be their own souls. but now I understand why she responded this way. I also see black sky with thousands of swirling stars. It’s even okay if you explore them for some time. I remember during a Vipassana meditation course I was meditating and saw a vision of me meditating alone in a vast desert. Why such meditation experiences can be dangerous It’s okay if you accept these experiences and let them pass. so you may find yourself in a dark spiritual pause. I sometimes hear conversations in different languages. various deities. .

such as generating heat and thus not getting cold. It could be for getting rid of stress. This may result in harm to other beings and the disregard of the boundaries and rights of others. In a Vipassana meditation centre during the chanting I found myself to gain the awareness of a sound wave. Rarely does anyone start meditating for the enlightenment of humans. But when you start developing supernatural powers and your ego is still quite big (if you have selfish wishes it most likely is). raising awareness. I became it. I went up when the voices went up. feeling unity or God’s energy and so on. and went down when the voices were lowering. . then your ego will badly want to use these powers. but I could not find out how to distinguish which meditators will be next born where. Why such powers can be dangerous Lets be honest. This happened to me once. You may even be able to become a particle of something and gain its awareness. you are likely to develop some supernatural powers. Or such powers might include seeing what’s happening in your neighborhood. in another country or another world.Some lamas also believe that such meditators might be reborn in higher worlds too. infusing more positivity and wisdom to the world or for the world peace. knowing God or oneself. Most people start meditating for selfish reasons. Meditation Danger #2: Developing supernatural powers If you meditate for some years (or if you meditated in past lives then this can happen very fast). There’s nothing wrong in meditating for selfish reasons as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. I was traveling at an amazing speed and saw a white light mixed with blue all around me.

Some even start believing that God doesn’t exist and so join the “rational people” circle. The dark night of the soul is the inner state when your awareness of God disappears. Some meditators completely get used to the feeling that God is always with them an that their intuitive powers never let them down. never to resume it again in this life-time. because this bad deed invites his “neighbors”. So the person with supernatural powers may start manipulating people and unfairly gain certain advantages. they would continue meditating despite it and experience an even deeper connection with God.For example. if you develop an ability to tune into another person’s thoughts… You see where I’m getting at? Only the most Buddha-like person would refrain from tuning into his spouse’s. as well as a likely negative current life. Meditation Danger #3: The dark night of the soul Some meditators. And suddenly they are left completely alone. This all happens because of the lack of knowledge. . This all leads to the rapid accumulation of bad karma and future births in low worlds. friends’ or potential partner’s thoughts. Those who start using this power soon start taking on more and more evil karma. Why the dark night of the soul is dangerous Some people go through this time with a calm mind. It’s called “The Dark Night of The Soul”. Only if people would know why this phenomenon happens. having successfully overcome their attachments to meditation experiences and supernatural powers. but I would say many more get frightened and stop their spiritual development. come face to face with an even more dangerous phenomenon.

When my kundalini energy awakened I started seeing snakes everywhere: on TV. Read this article to find out how. awakens. you start seeing the reflection of yourself in every living and non-living being and event. Then you no longer feel alone and without the connection to God. causing it to rise rapidly through all the big and small chakras in your body until it goes through your crown chakra. Here is a good video further explaining the dark night of the soul: Meditation Danger #4: Awakening of kundalini Kundalini is the energy sleeping in the root chakra. slow down this awakening as much as possible. . were born in your mind or in the minds of other projections of… the one awareness. newspapers. I would dare to say that this is the last step to enlightenment. It teaches you that all the external gods you knew of. When you can accept this. I heard conversations about snakes and even dreamed about them. You Are the reality. If your mind is weak. it can cause a real havoc in your mind and your life. I felt the kundalini energy moving in me and causing physical discomfort. also called “the serpent force” or “the sleeping serpent”. You feel the universal love and peace and you feel that you are the unity of all things. It’s only You that exists. to connect with God. Why is kundalini dangerous? When kundalini.The dark night of the soul visits those meditators who are very near the enlightenment. Through meditation and yogic asanas you may awaken this energy. I felt pressure and buzzing in my ears and during one night it was almost unbearable. I started even fearing that I would not be able to remain sane.

This should be extremely scary. I resumed the meditation practice with caution. so do others see the worlds of lower vibrations. without any preparation. but now my kundalini energy is moving very slowly. For an unprepared or slightly prepared mind. I also discontinued meditation for some days. Then. So be very cautious if you feel this energy rising in you. some reminded of horror plots. I read some really frightening stories about kundalini. feeling rising kundalini may even cause insanity.Fortunately I read about the dangers of kundalini awakening and remembered to do the grounding activities. . The mind just can’t handle so many unusual spiritual phenomena and may stop functioning because of the spiritual activities’ overload. he might get a glimpse of the lower worlds. after all the havoc ceased in my mind and life. so it doesn’t cause any discomfort. When the kundalini is moving up your chakras. She may see these worlds even when not in the meditative state. The rising kundalini process should be slow because it’s one of the most dangerous spiritual experiences. As some people get glimpses of the higher worlds without any warning. Too quickly rising kundalini can produce frightening visions and you may even involuntarily project out of your body. your whole mental and bodily structure is changing to get ready for a more spiritual energy and finally the enlightenment. Even to this day I still see snakes everywhere (now I’m in Asia so I see real snakes and snake deities too). Meditation Danger #5: Witnessing lower worlds If a meditator has a negative state of mind.

very defined shadows. Completely unexpectedly to me. Fortunately to me. Why is seeing the lower worlds dangerous? The beings of the lower planes might frighten the meditator because of their negative energy and horrible appearances. I have experienced many such phenomena during my meditation years. Sometimes I see a white light or hear some sound with one ear. Sometimes I see dark. For example. Meditation Danger #6: Clear contacts from other worlds Meditation opens you up to perceiving non-physical phenomena. like a sudden shout or a whisper. Why such contacts are dangerous . I never witnessed the lower world. Sometimes I even feel that someone is touching my arm or the third eye area. this experience would be disturbing. which could be much more negative and stronger than the energy of some places and persons in our world. Needless to say. At other times I feel wind when other people don’t feel it. I remember writing about it. but I can no longer remember how Icalled that blog post. my reality was replaced with a glimpse of the world where the surroundings had a very pleasant golden glow and the houses were extremely beautiful. sometimes I see dark energy blobs moving around or staying in one place.I once saw the higher world. to the extent that a meditator: -drops meditation practice -becomes insane -gets frightening dreams Also the meditator will feel the energy of the lower worlds.

Such dreams can even cause you to jump from your bed in sleep. Dreams as though become real and more colorful than they were before. This woke me up andIeven felt the impact of the brick hitting me. Meditation Danger #7: Dreams that wake you up You may get such an abundance of energy during your meditations that it will start manifesting though strong intuition and powerful. I now completely got used to my clear dreams – some of them definitely seem more real than the accepted reality itself. I jumped from my bed and thought long and hard about this experience. That was extremely surprising. I understand how people unprepared for such dreams would start being scared to fall asleep. For example. so real and so symbolic that you may feel a supernatural presence in them and that may scare you.I don’t feel frightened by such phenomena because I am prepared for it. I know that such events caused by meditation can’t harm you as long as your mind is strong and positive. That’s all I saw – a very bright blue sky and a pitch black brick falling into my third eye area. I once dreamt of a black brick falling from the clear blue sky. so you feel their full force. But for people with weak minds or for complete meditation beginners. such experiences can be extremely frightening and may lead to the halt of the meditation practice. but yogic asanas too make my dreams much more real. . very clear dreams. I noticed that not only meditation. Why such dreams can be dangerous Such dreams can be so clear. and hitting me between the eyes. or you may awaken with a puzzled mind without knowing what to do next.

Thank you in advance. but when I tell people about some of my dreams and spiritual experiences. Thus I know that even dreams can get some people way off-balance. As for the rest of the meditation dangers. I hope you won’t be discouraged from meditating. Awareness is all it takes to avoid or not so strongly react to most of the experiences. maintaining a high vibration by being positive should help to avoid them. Conclusion These cautions will prepare you for what might happen during your meditations and so you will react to such phenomena in a less intense way. . Please share this article with those who meditate without guidance or who are thinking of doing so. having read about all these meditation dangers.I like some spiritual contacts and dreams that are very powerful or full of symbols. they get tense and tell me that probably they would go mad if something like that would happen to them.