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Focus of Review Organisational Plans Strategic Plan Operational Plan Annual management and staff planning day Management Committee and Staff Month due/date (annually) Course of Action Accountability Timeframes

Policy and Procedures Existing policies and procedures Review for effectiveness and currency. Re-endorse during annual planning Policies and procedures in conjunction with strategic and operational planning process Committee and Staff Month due/date

Staff Performance Staff Performance review process Staff Satisfaction surveys Manager All Staff Month due/date (half-yearly) Month due/date Month due/date Manager Month due/date

Service Quality and Improvement Clients Client surveys to assess awareness of their rights, satisfaction levels and suggestions for improvements. Self-assessment against the Community Service Standards and service agreements Review Monthly Service Complaints Register for patterns/trends emerging, and actions taken for continuous improvement Program officer All Staff

Reporting Accountabilities Service delivery Financial Preparation and submission of reports against service agreement requirements Manager and Program Officers Manager, Month due/date

Governance and Accountability Organisational Governance Organisational Audit Schedule

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Quarterly and annual acquittals and financial reporting to funding bodies

Bookkeeper and Treasurer

Month due/date

Workplace Health and Safety Staff and client safety Standing agenda item for staff and management committee meetings for review of accidents/incidents of harm Safety compliance audits against documented procedures, e.g. fire safety, electrical equipment, threatening/aggressive behaviours Management WH&S Officer Fire Department Electrician Month due/date Month due/date

Assets Management Assets Review of Assets Register Updating of warranty details and depreciation Audit of maintenance schedules for continuing value and usefulness Administration Officer Administration Officer Manager Month due/date (prior to AGM) Month due/date

Records Management Financial and client records system Random survey of financial accounts client records against policy-stipulated content requirements, clarity of entries, accuracy appropriateness and completeness. Manager, Treasurer or delegated officer Month due/date

Contractors/Suppliers Quality monitoring of suppliers Review preferred suppliers register Review supplier contract details, performance, costs and quality of service over the period Manager Month due/date (quarterly)

Governance and Accountability Organisational Governance Organisational Audit Schedule

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