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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

PANEPIROTIC December 2008

Volume 1, Issue 4

Newsletter of the Panepirotic Federation of America

Panepirotic Federation of America, PO BOX 56046, Astoria, NY 11105 E-mail address: tel: 718-352-1388


Message From our President
Message From our President 1
By Φωτης Γκαλιτσης
Village of Pyrsogianni 1
Συμπατριωτισσαι και
Συμπατριωται Σας ευχομαι για University of Ioannina Program 2
Demetri’s Corner 2
της Αγιες ημερες των Lazaros Yiannos Speech in Worcester 3
Χριστουγεννων, Χρονια Πολλα, Names and Faces – Photos of Worcester Dance 4
γεματα υγεια και ευτυχια και Sotirios Boulgaris 5
το Νεον Ετος χαρουμενο και Epirus Related Sites 5


Με απειρη εκτιμηση
Mr. Fotios Galitsis,
Φωτης Γκαλιτσης
President Προεδρος

The Village of Pyrsogianni

Pyrsogianni is one of the most renowned villages of
Epirus. It is located in the Grammos National Park that
expands from mount Grammos to the Sarantaporos
River, 27 km. from the town of Konitsa.

The village is so famous for the skills of its

stonemasons that an old saying of Epirus mentions that
God must be from Pyrsogianni because the world was
built so beautifully.

From this village, the stonemason troops departed to

work in other parts of Greece, as well as
Constantinople (Istanbul), Romania, Sudan, Persia and
even America.

In that part of the Greek land, the masons' work

complement harmonically the beauty of the scenery:
rare birds, and small churches, stone bridges over the
river that runs through verdurous slopes.

The area is a paradise for the worshipper of alternative

tourism, which pursue the ecological, architectural and
cultural life of the area.
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The University of Ioannina International Center of Hellenic Education –

Culture and Vocational Training (Stavros Niarchos)
Center for the Study of Greek Language and Culture

A Call to All Young Epirotes ages 17 – 32,

If you would like more information on the
program at the University of Ioannina to be held
the month of July, 2009 please contact:
Demetrios Koutoulas
508 317 6478

Demetri’s Corner
Students at the University of Ioannina program Summer 2008
Dear Members,
I would like to wish you all a very Merry
Christmas, and a healthy and happy New Year. Hope to see many of you at the next POA meeting
Our first year of the “Panepirotic Messenger” was a huge in Florida
success. We hope that we have kept you informed with our Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous
news, not only here in America, but also with happenings New Year!
form Epirus. We feel that we have accomplished a lot in a
short time. Our mailing list has reached over 900
members, and our email list over 400 and both continue to
grow daily.

Our younger Epirotes did a wonderful job at the SAE

conference, Congratulations to Stavroula Kotrotsios, Stacy
Koumbis, and Lazaros Yiannos.

The Panepirotic Federation of America will be holding a Demitrios Koutoulas, Secretary of the Panepirotic
Federation of America
meeting for our young adult Epirotes on January 10th. This
meeting will be held at The Epirotic/Anagennisis House in
Astoria, NY at 10:30 AM. This is an excellent networking
opportunity for our young adults. If you would like more
information regarding this event, please contact me either
by email or phone: 508 317 6478
The Address is:
25-14 Broadway
Astoria, New York

Mark your calendars! The Panepirotic Convention will be

held June 19-21, 2009 in Annapolis, MD. More information
will be available in our next newsletter.
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Lazaros Yiannos Speeking at the Annual Thanksgiving Dance in Worcester
My name is Lazaros Yiannos. I was born and raised in Fitchburg, MA,
the son of Cosmas and Dimitra of Variades, Ioannina. I graduated from
Connecticut College in 2007 with a B.A. in Cell and Molecular Biology. I
currently live and work in Boston and will be applying to medical school
this coming spring.

This past July, I studied at the University of Ioannina through the Greek
Language Program offered at the newly built Stavros Niarchos Center.
The program takes place every year in July and is free for anyone of
Epirotic descent, ages 17-32. This summer I studied with fellow Epirotes
from Germany, Sweden, Albania, and Belgium. Students lived on campus
Lazaros Yiannos

in newly built dorms and had full access to all services offered by the university. Language classes were held
weekday mornings, and afternoons and evenings were spent, in dance classes, on excursions, and in lectures.

The excursions included trips to Dodoni, Lefkada, Zagori, and to local paniyiria. One trip in particular that
stands out in my mind was our trip to Tseritsena, a small village an hour outside of Ioannina. When the people
of this village in Laka Souli heard that there were young Epirotes from abroad studying at the University, they
invited us to their village as guests of honor for one night. The village mayor told us about the local area’s
history and took us to their medieval church. They served us drinks and food and had a big celebration full of
music and dancing all night. They would not accept a dime from us. I had never before experienced such
selfless generosity and hospitality. They did it to celebrate the homecoming of their fellow Epirotes, as if we
had lived there all our lives. Not one person from Tseritsena knew any of us, but it didn’t matter. We were all
bound together by the history and culture we were celebrating that night. It was my favorite night that summer
and is what I will always remember and cherish when I think about Epirus.

This program brought together young Epirotes from all over Europe and America and gave us the chance to
study that, which defines us as Epirotes: our language, history, and land. For the many Epirotes who live
abroad, it has become increasingly difficult as time goes on to maintain ties to our homeland, and to keep our
culture and language alive. If we don’t actively work to teach each successive generation these things, our
identity as Epirotes will be lost. This program seeks to prevent this loss by bringing Epirotes back to our
homeland, showing us the monuments of our past, teaching us of our history, and most importantly teaching
us our language, which is central to our identity.

I urge everyone, who is interested to take part in this program. Do not let this opportunity slip by. If you have
any questions you can contact me.
Lazaros Yiannos
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Names and Faces: Photographs from Enosis and Horos Tou Zalongou
Thanksgiving Dinner Dance

Mr. and Mrs. Panagiotou Olga Fotos and Aris Felis

Joy and George Rapsomanikis Maria Vassiliadis and Chris Lekkas

Fotios Galitsis, President of POA, Menelaos Tzelios and Dance Troupe, Alexander the Great from Worcester
Nick Gage performing regional dances of Epirus
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Sotirios Boulgaris of Paramythia, Greece

Sotirios Boulgaris (Sotirio Bulgari, Σωτήριος
Βούλγαρης) began his career as a jeweller in his
home village Paramythia, where his first store is
still to be seen. In 1877 he left Greece for Corfu
and then Naples. In 1881 he finally moved to
Rome, where in 1884 he founded his company and
opened his second shop in via Sistina.

The current flagship store in via dei Condotti was

opened in 1905 by Bulgari with the help of his two
sons, Constantino (1889-1973) and Giorgio (1890-
1966). The store quickly became a place where the
world's rich and famous came for the unique, high
quality jewelry designs combining Greek and
Roman art.
Sotirios Boulgaris, famous jewler from Epirus

During the Second World War, Costantino Bulgari

and his wife, Laura Bulgari, hid three Jewish women
in their own Roman home. They were strangers to
them; the Bulgaris opened their doors out of
outrage for the raid of the Roman ghetto in
October 1943. For their generous action, on 31
December, 2003, they were awarded the title of
Reighteous Among The Nations at Yad Vashem in

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