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Coca cola happiness truck 11 Commandments In advertising it is essential to have a good strategy and then and only then

should one think about how to convey it. The strategy must be a good one as it acts as a pillar supporting the whole campaign. Without a good strategy the whole structure of the campaign will sink. The coca cola happiness truck incorporates a sense of magic, happiness, and hope. These elements make up for a powerful core which makes for a campaign that will prosper. David Ogilvys fourth commandment refers to boring people into buying, yet coca colas campaign is everything but boring. Their advertisements are lively, spontaneous and entertaining depicting people bonding and having a good time. The brand name is omnipresent everywhere in their advertisements from their truck to their goods distributed hence; they intelligibly make the central focus the people and their happiness. The advertising campaign is not only repeatable, but is also family friendly which pertain to Ogilvys requirements. Furthermore, coca colas campaign is extremely unique giving them a considerable differential advantage. Bill Bernachs beliefs The coca cola campaign is what Berbach describes as simple, swift and penetrating. Their idea (execution) is straight-forward: Drive a cola truck through rural areas and distribute goods to people for free and at the same time impactful not only for the people, but also for viewers of the ad who are immediately drawn by the pleasant and fun atmosphere. In this way the viewer is rewarded by this entertaining media. Leo Burnett The campaign is self-explanatory and nothing needs to be orally explained for the viewer to comprehend what is happening. Moreover, what makes this campaign a good one is its ability to touch

people in a sincere manner. One cannot help but smile when watching this advertisement, making the peoples happiness contagious. The ad is based on the genuine footage making it believable/credible as the peoples emotions are directly transmitted to the final product. 7 standards of creative excellence The genuine and sincere emotion expressed by the people makes the campaign impactful and gives it meaning. This campaign is relevant to prospect and will further strengthen brand equity due to colas depiction as a generous and benevolent brand delivering happiness to others ultimately making it more likeable in the eyes of the people. The product is the hero and the central focus of the campaign as it can be seen everywhere from the truck to the distributed products. SCORE It is interesting to note that the coca cola campaign combines all elements of SCORE. It is surprising for both the participants and for viewers. First of all, the participants were never expecting a truck to come along and distribute products from coca cola bottles to other obsolete objects causing so much happiness- such a thing seems improbable and almost crazy. The same can be said for the viewers who are delighted by the spontaneity of what they are seeing. The campaign is original and relevant as the brand is used in a positive manner: to create joy and bring people together. A great sense of empathy emerges from the campaign as viewers can put themselves in the position of the people and imagine how exciting and fun it would be to press the famous button and see whats in store for them.