Unrequited Love and War: A Perfect Epic Cinema Concoction

An Analysis on the Film: Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind Is a delightful piece of American cinema treasure. a few connoisseurs to the field. a sea nourished with lovers' tears. chauvinism and glamorization of the Souths. the director of the classic romance. purists and historians aside has eyebrows raised. Selznick's epitaph would be "The Man Who Made Gone with the Wind. having common idea about American civil war is enough to make you understand enough of the film. As film critique Hal Erickson pulls it. I didn’t paid much attention to the Civil War element. with romance still on the heights. all will eventually reach a fine closure and each conflict would arrive in its own resolution.William Shakespeare The whirlwind. Being vexed. A choking gall and a preserving sweet.drama hit Streetcar Named Desire. But aren’t these elements what people are looking for? To be honest.Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs. The skeptical director dismisses it as mundane nonsenses. Being purged. a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes. but in the end. (next on my must watch classics marathon list) that the key in making a best-selling movie is to concoct romance with social context or historical background while crafting issues of chaos. for me it is just a rich layer of icing on the cake which invites . Selznick once said to Elia Kazan." Though critically acclaimed and docketed as one of the best films in American cinema. . But what makes this film an unforgettable classic? On an online article I’ve read. considered to be “One of the best American films in history” this garnered 10 Academy Awards including Best Film and Best Director. pointing out politically incorrect elements with topics encapsulating racism. Civil War. What is it else? A madness most discreet.torn epic tale of romance between Scarlett O’ Hara and Rhett Butler in 1939 after the Great Depression set the pinnacle of epic cinema during the dawn of full colored cinema.

(which is politically incorrect and anti. Elizabeth is one bar higher. Scarlett. The perfect romance epic film recipe Selznick is true about his theory as proven in GWTW. (Scarlett’s character build up is remarkably done in wonderful progression towards the end of the film . Vava-voomazing production design Eye candy actors Sweeping musical scoring Explosive and snappy lines (Who could never forget the “Frankly my dear.  Here’s a feisty.flaring.wow to the lanoline cage bloomer dresses. with their once unrequited hopes for the economic pandemonium to end. People embraced this film because they can sympathize with Rhett’s unrequited love.  Now let’s add a little spice somewhere. I don’t give a damn. lovelorn damsel in distress caught up in a love triangle with Civil war on the background. fabulous costumes.” probably the most famous damn quote even to date).tasty and savvy.feminism in the sense . (Here I go again with my visceral philosophical assumptions). same with the other female characters such that of Melanie)  Let’s make sure the audiences’ eyes will feast on the imagery to keep them not minding the 4hour running time: Intricate. Plot. alcohol driven and distressed Rhett Butler WITH SEXUALLY SUGGESTIVE MOUSTACHE ravished his ever resistant wife. let’s put a fiery love scene where the libido.audiences during that time who are in current state of celebration after the Great Depression. let this war do things to this woman and enable audiences to witness this character’s journey to maturity and romance.

Rhett rejects her yearning and leaves with the explosive line. the scene of Scarlett pleading Rhett not to go.Scarlet wakes up gleefully in the morning.bp. for she realized it was Rhett she loved all along in the midst of her resistance and selfish antics.  Now the ending. pulling that “I had the greatest orgasm in my whole married life” face.” BOOM! Then suddenly the stove was turned off and the audiences left gasping for air. I don’t give a damn.)… That men has the upper hand to both sexual and political concepts but nevertheless effective and added that tangy taste to the dish.that the scene suggests that women subconsciously wanted to get raped.blogspot. Now we can put the flames lower. (http://2.jpg) Scarlett: As God is my witness. “Frankly my dear. Let’s turn up the stove again. and let cool. I'll never be hungry again.com/_l_Oz74kNBVU/TUw2Ya1XVRI/AAAAAAAAD4I/ZeluTozDwAg/s1600/ gone-with-the-wind-vivien-leigh. .

not much on the civil war part. that Selznick’s old fashioned. I endured the 4 hour butt cramping running time to witness what happens next to this confusingly engaging love triangle. I couldn’t agree more. Rating: 4. Will Scarlett finally give in to Rhett? Hey Rhett! Show that brat who’s in charge sort of things. people care to the most mundane things.spun plot overpowered any loophole possibly pointed out.5 stars .Putting aside all the arguments and questions about the political context of this pseudo romance epic tale. glorified lip service visuals of a narrative is indeed a timeless epic classic. though it made people initially care about the film. Truth is. For people who would want to sound politically savvy and all. People watch because of these engaging characters and the to. the ingenious romance.some mundane love story. such that of love.

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