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*********************************************************** Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Printers Color Table Update/Download Release/Installation Notes *********************************************************** Readme File Contents: I.

Description --Purpose of this Readme File --What is included in a custom color table upgrade? --Tables provided with this update II. Enhancements III. Fixes IV. System Requirements V. Upgrade Instructions --Upgrading the Custom Color Table to a Single Printer --For Windows Systems --Using FTP From Internet Browser --Using FTP --For Macintosh Systems --Printer Messages During a Normal Upgrade Process --Troubleshooting a Custom Color Table Upgrade VI. Technical Assistance --Customer Support --Internet --HP Software and Support Services - Additional Information VII. Legal Statements --Trademark Notices --License And Copyright *************************** I. DESCRIPTION *************************** PURPOSE OF THIS README FILE --------------------------This Readme file provides specific installation instructions and other information you should know before you perform a custom color table upgrade for your Color LaserJet printer. Installation instructions are provided for Windows and Macintosh systems. This file provides specific installation and troubleshooting information. For additional information on the printer features, refer to the online user guide found on the Windows Printing System Installer CD-ROM that came with your printer. WHAT IS INCLUDED IN A REMOTE CUSTOM COLOR TABLE UPGRADE?

-------------------------------------------------------The CLJ Custom Color Table Remote Upgrade file available from the HP web site contains a custom color table. When the Remote Custom Color Table Upgrade file is sent to the printer, the printer's custom color table is upgraded. The printers firmware and all paper handling accessorys firmware is not modified. TABLES PROVIDED WITH THIS UPDATE -------------------------------clj4730mfp_Reset_1_1.rfu -- Use this table to return the printer to its original state. Files names are constructed as follows: clj####_{what}_{ver}.rfu Where: clj#### is the printer model number the color table is for {what} is a one word description of what the table will do {ver} is a two part version number consisting of a major and minor value ie. clj4730mfp_clj9500_1_1.rfu is an HP CLJ9500 emulation for the CLJ4730mfp version 1.1 Note: Ensure your printer model matches the model described in the filename. Note: This update affects both the RGB and CMYK custom slots of your printer While every care was taken to ensure a close match was made during the creation of these tables, there are several factors that can affect the outcome of the match including, but not limited to, differences between printers within and between a given model line the media type used the age and state of both printers being compared the use of non-HP supplies environmental conditions

To access the new table, be sure to select "Custom Profile" from the RGB and/or CMYK color options. To check if a custom color table is being used, refer to the configuration page for a "@" mark next to the "Last DMax/DHalf:" line under the "Calibration Information" sub-section. ************************************ II. ENHANCEMENTS ************************************ ************************************ III. FIXES

************************************ ************************************ IV. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS ************************************ ************************************ V. UPGRADE INSTRUCTIONS ************************************ NOTE: Please be aware that an upgrade in some circumstances may require approximately ten minutes to complete.

UPGRADING THE CUSTOM COLOR TABLE TO A SINGLE PRINTER ---------------------------------------------------You can send an .RFU upgrade to a printer at any time; the printer will wait for all I/O channels to become idle before cycling power. NOTE: If the custom color table upgrade involves a change in the format of NVRAM, the NVRAM settings will be lost and must be set again by the customer. The elapsed time for an upgrade depends on the I/O transfer time as well as the time that it takes for the printer to reinitialize. The I/O transfer time will depend on a number of things including the speed of the host computer sending the upgrade and the I/O method (FIR, parallel, or network). The re-initialization time will depend on the specific hardware configuration of the printer, such as the number of EIO devices installed, the presence of external paper handling devices, and the amount of memory installed. Finally, any print jobs ahead of the .RFU job in the queue will be printed before the .RFU upgrade is processed. NOTE: The printer will automatically restart after processing the upgrade. FOR WINDOWS SYSTEMS --------------------- If the printer is shared on the network, then the following command can be issued from a command prompt: copy /b <FILENAME> \\<SHARENAME>\<PRINTERNAME> where <FILENAME> is the name of the .RFU file, <SHARENAME> is the name of the machine, from which the printer is being shared, and <PRINTERNAME> is the printer's share name (do not type the angle brackets). -- If the printer is on the network with an IP Address, then the following command can be issued from a command prompt: LPR -S<IPADRESS> -Pbinps <FILENAME>

where <FILENAME> is the name of the .RFU file (For EXAMPLE, LPR -S192.0.0.192 -Pbinps C:\clj4730mfp_clj9500_1_1.rfu It is very important to keep the correct spacing and capitalization. -- If the printer is attached locally, then the .RFU file can be sent directly to the printer with a COPY command from a command prompt or DOS window: copy /b <FILENAME> <PORTNAME> (FOR EXAMPLE, copy /b C:\clj4730mfp_clj9500_1_1.rfu LPT1) where <FILENAME> is the name of the .RFU file and <PORTNAME> is the name of the appropriate printer port (such as LPT 1). Setting the following on the printer's control panel may help if a timeout message is seen on the computer monitor during an upgrade: Change the timeout in the control panel a. Press 4 (Configure Device Menu) b. Press 5 (I/O menu) c. Press 1 (I/O Timeout setting) d. Enter 300 and press select (Sets timeout to 300 seconds) e. Press Resume/Start The following can also be set on the computer to help address a timeout message that is seen on the computer monitor during an upgrade: From a command prompt or DOS window type the following command and press the enter key: Mode lpt1:,,p If the printer is attached to a parallel port other than LPT1, then substitute the proper LPT port number in the MODE command. Once this command has been set, the file can then be copied to the printer with the above mentioned COPY command. *You can also send the file via a Fast Infrared (FIR) port. USING FTP FROM INTERNET BROWSER ------------------------------"Folder View" Option Required 1. 2. 3. Take note of the TCP/IP address from the Configuration page. Open a browser window. In the address line of the browser, type FTP://<IPADDRESS>, where <IPADDRESS> is the TCP/IP address of your product. For example, if the TCP/IP address is,

type FTP:// 4. Locate the downloaded .RFU file for the product. 5. Drag and drop the .RFU file onto the PORT1 icon in the browser window. NOTE -- The product automatically turns off and then on again to activate the update. At the end of the update process, the READY message appears on the control panel. USING FTP --------Remote custom color table update using FTP on a direct network connection If your HP LaserJet product uses a direct network connection, you can use file transfer protocol (FTP) to update your HP Color LaserJet custom color table. Complete the following steps: 1. Take note of the TCP/IP address on the Configuration page. NOTE: Before connecting to the printer, make sure that the printer is not in Powersave mode. Also make sure that any error messages are cleared from the control panel display. 2. Open a DOS command window on your computer. 3. Type FTP <ADDRESS> (for example,if the TCP/IP address is, type FTP 4. Press ENTER on the keyboard. 5. When prompted for user name and password, press ENTER for each. 6. Type BIN at the >prompt. 7. Press ENTER. 8. Type PUT <path> where <path> is the location where the .RFU file was downloaded from the Web. For example, type: PUT C:\CLJ4730mfp\clj4730mfp_clj9500_1_1.rfu and then press ENTER. 9. Once the download process begins and the firmware is updated on the printer, you can type "BYE" at the command prompt and then press ENTER to exit the FTP session. FOR MACINTOSH SYSTEMS ---------------------Mac OS 8x & 9x Systems -- The first step in upgrading the Color LaserJet 4730mfp custom color table is making sure you have the tools and files necessary for the

update. You will need either Netscape or the LaserJet Utility and the .RFU file that you downloaded with this ReadMe. The .RFU file is the actual custom color table file for the LaserJet. -- Once you have the firmware file, Netscape or the LaserJet Utility you are ready to begin the upgrade process. Upgrade using Netscape: 1. Launch Netscape 4.7 or newer. Disable FTP proxy setting if you are using a proxy connection to the internet. 2. In the url address box type your printers IP address FTP://<IPADDRESS> (example - FTP:// press the enter key to connect to the printer. 3. The browser window should show porta1 as a directory. Drag and drop the .RFU file into the browser window. 4. A message window will appear "Are you sure you want to upload the dragged file?...." Click the OK button. 10. Once the file is completely downloaded to the printer, the display on the LaserJet will show the message "Performing Upgrade". 11. When the upgrade process has completed, the LaserJet will reboot. Update using LaserJet Utility: 1. 2. 3. Launch the HP LaserJet Utility. Click Select Printer and locate the printer you would like to upgrade on the network. Select the printer on the right side of the dialog box, and click OK. An information dialog box for the HP Color LaserJet 4730mfp printer appears. On the left side of the information dialog box, click Files. A dialog box appears that allows you to choose a file to be downloaded to the printer. Click Select File. Locate the .RFU file on your hard disk and click the file name to highlight it. Then click Select. The Files dialog box updates showing the .RFU file under File to download. Click Download. The HP LaserJet Utility starts downloading the file to the printer. A progress bar keeps you updated on how much of the file has been downloaded. While the file is downloading, the RECEIVING UPGRADE message appears on the control-panel display on


5. 6.


the printer. After the file has downloaded to the printer, the PERFORMING UPGRADE message appears on the control-panel display. Note -- The printer automatically turns off and then turns back on again after processing the upgrade. Mac OS X System 1. Open the Terminal application found in the Utilities folder; a terminal window will appear. 2. After the % symbol, enter your printers IP address: FTP <IPADDRESS> (example - % FTP 3. The terminal window will list that you are connected to the printer and the JD FTP Server is Ready. 4. Press enter once since the JetDirect Print Server will accept a blank for the User Name. 5. Press enter once since the JetDirect Print Server will accept a blank for the Password. 6. After ftp> enter the following information: PUT <path/CustomColorTableFileName.rfu> (Example - ftp> PUT /users/computername/Desktop/clj4730mfp_clj9500_1_1.rfu) ------Note: To ensure that the entire proper path to the .RFU file is placed in the PUT command, type in PUT and a space, then click and drag the .RFU file on to the terminal window. The complete path to the file will be placed after the PUT command. ------7. When the upgrade process has completed the LaserJet will reboot. PRINTER MESSAGES DURING A NORMAL UPGRADE PROCESS -----------------------------------------------The printer displays three messages during a normal upgrade process: Printer message Explanation --------------------------------------------------------------RECEIVING UPGRADE Displayed from the time the printer recognizes the beginning of an .RFU upgrade until the time the printer has verified the validity and integrity of the .RFU upgrade. UPGRADING PRINTER Displayed while the printer is actually reprogramming the DIMM with the .RFU upgrade. Displayed from the time the printer has finished re-programming the DIMM until


the printer reinitializes. TROUBLESHOOTING A CUSTOM COLOR TABLE UPGRADE -------------------------------------------The following table lists causes and results for possible interruptions to the custom color table upgrade. CAUSE RESULT ---------------------------------------------------------------Job canceled from printer No upgrade has occurred. control panel Resend upgrade. Break in I/O stream during send (for example, parallel cable removed) Power cycle during RECEIVING UPGRADE Power cycle during UPGRADING PRINTER Power cycle during WAIT FOR PRINTER TO REINITIALIZE No upgrade has occurred. Resend upgrade. No upgrade has occurred. Resend upgrade. Resend upgrade. Upgrade completed.

Print jobs sent to the printer while an upgrade is in process will not interrupt the upgrade. The following table lists possible reasons for the failure of a Remote Custom Color Table Upgrade and the corrective action to take for each situation. -----------------------------------------------------------------REASON FOR FIRMWARE UPGRADE FAILURE ---------------------.RFU file corrupted CORRECTIVE ACTION -------------------------------The printer will recognize that the file is corrupted and will reject the upgrade. Download the image again from the Web site and send the new file to the printer. The printer will recognize the model in .RFU file mismatch and will reject the upgrade. Download the correct image from the Web site and send it to the printer. See previous table.

Wrong printer model

Upgrade interrupted

*********************************** VI. TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE *********************************** Some of the services below are provided for the United States only. Similar services to those listed below are available in other countries. See your printer's user guide or call your local authorized HP dealer. CUSTOMER SUPPORT ---------------See your printer's user guide or call your local authorized HP dealer. INTERNET -------An anonymous FTP library service is available worldwide for around-the-clock-access to drivers and technical support information for HP peripheral and computer products. Please note that paths may change without notice. Access the Internet or FTP address and use the menus to locate the software or support of your choice. * URL for HP LaserJet 4730mfp Series Support: * URL for Software and Support: * URL for Access HP: * FTP address: Login: anonymous Password: your Internet email address HP SOFTWARE AND SUPPORT SERVICES - ADDITIONAL INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------------Refer to your printer's user guide for additional methods of obtaining software and support information, such as printer driver distribution centers other online services, fax services, and other online support. *************************** VII. LEGAL STATEMENTS *************************** TRADEMARK NOTICES -----------------MS-DOS, Windows, PScript and Internet Explorer are registered trademarks of the Microsoft Corp. -OS/2 is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation. -Macintosh and Mac OS are registered trademarks of

Apple Computer, Inc. -PostScript is a registered trademark of Adobe Systems, Incorporated. LICENSE AND COPYRIGHT --------------------(c) Copyright 2006 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. The only warranties for HP products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein.