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The Cast of Roro Jonggrang Drama Narator Roro Jonggrang Bandung Bondowoso Nanny Genie : Indra Hermawan : : : : Kartika Yogi Swara Esa Putra Okta

Once upon a time there was a kingdom named Prambanan. The King named Prabu Bhaka, an evil king. No one can defeat him. But One day, a handsome young man with super natural power, named Bandung Bondowoso, defeated and killed Prabu Baka. Prabu Bhaka had a beautiful daughter named Roro Jonggrang. On seeing Princess Roro Jongrangs Beauty, Bandung Bondowoso felt in love and wanted to marry her. But Roro Jonggrang refused, making Bandung humiliated and offended. In the Palace Bandung Bondowoso saw Roro Jonggrang ran out of the palace and intended to catch her up.
Bandung Bondowoso : Roro Jonggrang wait me! Roro Jonggrang : What? Im sorry Sir I dont have time for a person like you! Bandung Bondowoso : ButWhy? Roro Jonggrang : Its very clear Sir, you have killed my father Bandung Bondowoso : But Roro Jonggrang are you didnt realize that your father is an evil king? He was cruel

Roro Jonggrang : Excuse me, He is my father! If there is ten, I will give his ten and zero for you. Im sorry Sir I have to go now

Roro Jonggrang left Bandung Bondowoso, but Bandung Bondowoso try to stop her. Bandung Bondowoso : Please Roro Jonggrang would you mind forgive me?! Roro Jonggrang : What impossible! You know what Sir.. when my eyes close I see you truly are which is savage Roro Jonggrang ran to leave Bandung Bondowoso, but Bandung Bondowoso stop her again Roro Jonggrang : Would you mind to not disturb me again Sir, you are very annoying! Bandung Bondowoso : Im so sorry, but this is the truth, I love you since I saw you and I want you to become my wife Roro Jonggrang : Are you doing a joke? Bandung Bondowoso : Im serious, I can do everything for you Roro Jonggrang : Make my father alive and go away from this kingdom Bandung Bondowoso : No, I cant, there is several thing that I cant do Roro jonggrang : Well, this is most unsatisfactory. Ive supposed that you are a big fat liar Bandung Bondoso : But I can do another request Roro

Roro Jonggrang : Ok ok, you already make me tired Bondowoso. I will marry you, but you have to present a big wonderful palace with one thousand sculptures in it. And you have to finish it before the sun rise Bandung Bondowoso : I will.. Your majesty Bandung immediately called his invincible friends for help. Genie : What I can do for you my lord Bandung Bondowoso : Would it be possible for you to make a palace with one thousand sculpture in it? Genie : Of course, it is quite easy my lord Bandung Bondowoso : Ok, good. Finish it before the sun rise Genies : But what for? Bandung Bondowoso : Its Roro Jonggrang order. I have to do this to become her husband Genies : Ok. dont worry my lord. We will finish it soon before the sun rise.

Knowing that Bandung Bondowoso used his supernatural power, Roro was worried. It appeared they would finish the work before morning, and would not stop. Suddenly she had an Idea. She awoke her maids and nannies, and asked them to do their daily routines as if morning had come. They also make shadow as if there was a sun in the sky. Roro Jonggrang : Nanny please help me! Im in danger

Nanny : What, I dont understand what do you mean? Roro Jonggrang : There is no time to explain, just do my order ok? Listen! all those genies are building the temples, right? So we have to stop them Nanny : Ok, but how? Roro Jonggrang : I know! Lets We stop them by burning the straw and make some noise by pounding the mortar. The genies will think that sun is going to rise and they will run away Nanny : You right! Genies are afraid of sunlight Roro Jonggrang and nanny succeed. All those genies thought that sun rose. They did not know the light was from the fire that burning the straw. And the noise from pounding the mortar was like the start of a new day. Bandung Bondowoso was angry. He knew Roro Jonggrang just tricked him. Bandung Bondowoso : You cannot fool me, Roro Jonggrang.! I already have 999 temples. I just need one more temple. Now, I will make you the one-thousandth temple. With his supernatural power, Bandung Bondowoso made Roro Jonggrang become a statue. Until now, the temples still standing in Prambanan area, Central Java. And the statue named Roro Jonggrang statue. ~ THE END ~

Kelompok 1. Indra Hermawan 2. Gineung Pratidina 3. Kartika surya ningsih 4. M. Ocka Dwi. S 5. M. Okta Guru Pembimbing : Mrs. Sundari S.pd

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