North Suburban Law Enforcement Agencies

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Bulletin: 1-12

The NATO Summit is planned for the City of Chicago from May 19-21, 2012. It is unknown at this time the impact that the summit will have on northwest suburbs. It is probable that hotels and other residential sites in the downtown Chicago area will experience full occupancy. This means that surrounding communities may be used for their hotel/dining needs. We are also expecting international media. Please be assured that the North Suburban Police and Fire Departments are well aware of the coming event and have been involved in planning for it during the last 7 months. Our public safety officials have been planning on how to best respond to many contingencies and ensure that our communities continue to have the same level of security and protective services that they have come to expect. However, we do expect the publics help, as you are also the eyes and ears of our community. You have the opportunity to make observations of potential problems or suspicious activity. We encourage you to notify the Niles Police Department if you come upon anything of a suspicious nature. Call 911 immediately.

Examples of graffiti to keep an eye out for include:

Other items to be mindful of and call 911 if something does not “feel” right include: •Vacant/foreclosed properties and buildings that were once vacant and are now occupied •Person(s) taking pictures of buildings, churches, structures etc •Continuous questions on operations, hours, security for your job or business •People camping in parks & forest preserves etc. •Abandoned/unusual vehicles •Anti-Government/Anti Military/Anarchist Flyers •Suspicious packages Peaceful protest is a valued right and protected by the First Amendment, however there may be those that seek to incite violence or put out a call for unlawful activity. It is imperative that our Police Department is made aware of any potential areas of conflict and if certain symbolism is showing up in the Village. One of the most basic indicators that extremist groups are making an appearance in a city or town is the presence of graffiti or flyers, advocating “direct actions” (i.e. criminal activity) against government, business or other societal institutions. Their inclusion in this document is not intended to directly or indirectly associate the protected activity with criminality or infer that such protected activity itself violates the law or presents a threat to national security. However, based on intelligence and historical observation, it is possible the protected activity could invite a violent or otherwise incendiary reaction to stop the protected activity from occurring. The information that has been provided in this bulletin is included for the limited purpose of providing examples of indicators that should be reported to the Police Department immediately. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING PLEASE IMMEDIATELY REPORT IT TO:

Niles Police Department Call 911

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