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Function Request mechanism

Function Report generation and distribution service https XML Name Value Pair

Report Submission

User Interface

Autosys Distribution Both SYNC/ASYNC



Monitoring Formats supported

Web based, only real time Crystal report PDF CSV



Request Handler Collector Formatter Distributer


UI Report engine Application Server Middleware Messaging Security Database

Database Drivers used Cloud Compatibility SLAs Report Size # of users

DES Implementation by Passig the parameters as query string pass the XML name that has the Prameters defined query string Each application using DES will have GUI to fill the report parameters to DES So the application user can select , ReportName, Distributiontype,report Format..etc and can submit a report request to DES through https as query string parameters AutoSys JIL file will be deployed to call the shell script and the shell script internall will have a Java Class posting https request with query string to DES

OSA Reporting

DES will support DistributionType VIEW, applications can pass the distributionType as View to DES and DES will generate a report and sends back the Generated Report URL back to the application, so Application can open or Save a report. SMTP Mail using (SSgAInbound) server. JAVA Mail API used to send e-mails SSgA Fax Server : RightFax API There is a JSP to cmdb_printers.jsp to get the list of printers in SSgA which will internally ueses the unix command , lp -stat JAVA Printer API has been used to send the Print to Printers in DES

Java API, which stores the infrmation like Start of Collector component - End of Collector Component, Start of Formatting Component- End of Formatting component, Start of Distribution Component-End of Distribution component info in a Http Session for each request, and displays the session info on to the screen

Crystal SDK API Crystal SDK API

No XML formatt is supported Crystal SDK API Crystal SDK API Synchronous: Call a DES servlet with query string Parameters and the report URL will be sent as response for Distribution type VIEW Asynchronous : Call DES servlet with Query String parameters and the servlet internally sends a message to MDB to process the report request , and returns a Job-id as response EJB EJB EJB

JSP Crystal Weblogic / Jboss EJBs No Weblogic API is used JMS No Weblogic specific API is used Siteminder is used for authentication today. Are there any data entitlements? Sybase, Oracle are supported Sybase : com.sybase.jdbc3.jdbc.SybDriver, jconn3.jar Oracle:oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver , ojdbc5.jar Low Max size could be 1000 pages 50

JSP Jasper Websphere / Tomcat POJOs / CDT Services ?? ?? ??



DES : All data access is using Stored Procedures