Pall’Ushan Peet
Class: Botanical Preservative Origin: Peet Moss from Tor’Gramjal’s Fenn Container: Any Cost per Dose: 3 Staropha Shells Pall’Ushan Peet is a soft moss which grows in the Fenn. It is incredibly soft, and is likened to velvet. Some use it to weave a soft cloth which is used for clothing and small garments. Clothing made from the Peet is considered a luxury item, and costs upwards of double to triple the cost of the normal garment in shells. The Peet floats on top of still watery areas in the Fenn. This makes it exceptionally difficult to harvest, as many are scared of what may lurk in the waters of the forgotten Fenn. Once it is gathered, someone will grind it up into a fine powder. This powder is then mixed with water (salt or fresh) to create a brine which will render additives to the water inert. This is allows for biological matter to be preserved indefinitely. Any ill effects that submerging something would gain still occur. Jlull are not outwardly affected by the Peet or the Brine. If the brine is ingested it renders they’re stomach acids inert. As such within 1D days, that Jlull will die of thirst and starvation since their body cannot gain sustenance. Mixtures

Hoolian Eyes
Class: paste (gel) Container: Jar Doses: 2 Reagents: 1 gemstone powder, 1 carn matter, 2 Pall’Ushan Peet (powdered) Critical Fail: blindness for the difference between the failed roll number and the applicants END in minutes. Hoolian Eyes when combined turns to a soft gel colored the same as the type of gemstone powder. When this is rubbed in ones eyes their eyes become colored the same as the gemstone powder. Upon submerging oneself under water the gel turns to a slime that lasts for either eight hours or until your eyes contact pure air again. While underwater, this slime allows one to see underwater as if the water were air. Things in the water, darkness, debris, etc will still affect visibility.

Pall’Ush’s Font
Class: liquid Container: Jar/Wineskin Doses: 1 Reagents: 1 sweet water, 2 greyleaf, 1 Pall’Ushan Peet (powdered) Critical Fail: stomach will begin to pump itself clean; fatigued for 1D days while diarrhea and vomiting ensues Pall’Ush’s Font is dangerous, and only used by those who know they have a high chance of contracting illness or disease. When ingested this pale green liquid will render

the drinker immune to all disease (even Mhirrin taint) for 1D days. This is used mostly by those venturing into Tor’Gramjal’s Fenn to gather more Pall’Ushan Peet.

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