The Thank you Note Ilona & Jerry Heckman Should be writing for the collusion to help create their

Thank you for the honor of throwing the party on the Riverboat the Miss Mallory on September 15, 2011 (cost looks like approx. $100,000.+ party) / (generous sponsors Grenadier, Anderson, Starace & Duffett according to OYEZ). I am very proud of our President my good friend and a lawyer with our firm Heather N. Jenquine who has also represented me in court against the horrid Janice Wolk Grenadier. I also want to Thank Chief Judge Donald M. Haddock, Judge John Kloch, Judge Lisa Kemler, Judge Thomas A. Fortkort, Judge J. Howe Brown, Judge James J. McGrath, Judge Nolan Dawkins, Judge Richard Bowen Potter, Federal Judge Gerald Bruce Lee, Diane Fiske, Juridicial Solutions, Randy Sengel Commonwealth Attorney City of Alexandria, Ed Semonian - Clerk of Court for the City of Alexandria, Megan S. Roberts City of Alexandria Attorney, Donald Curry JIRC, Edward Davis VSB, James Michael McCauley – VSB Ethics, Jon Huddleston Past VSB President, Patsy Ticer Virginia Senate, Martha Kent, David Englin Virginia Delegate, Ben DiMuro, John Tran, Hillary J. Collye, Michael Weiser, Heather Jenquine, Ann Schmidt, The Supreme Court of Virginia, The Courts of Justice (Dave Albo), Adam Ebbin Virginia Senate Thank you for all your help in helping me (Ilona) intentionally, willfully, wantonly & maliciously in collusion with y’all to lie in court, lie in court documents; lie in admissions, your support in my hate of Catholics as you know I am Jewish. Taking away Janice Wolk Grenadier and her girls Religious, Civil Rights, United States Constitutional Rights, Virginia State Rights, her rights to due process and going in front of the Grand Jury. Thank you for allowing me and my law firm to steal from the Sonia Grenadier Trust, her family and lying to all the opposing lawyers. Mr. Nicolson for not looking too far into the conflict with King David, stealing Herman, Herman & Sonia Grenadier’s Garden and donating it as a tax deduction. Such a shame we couldn’t protect Jim Author like you have me! Thank you so much for protecting the Old Boy Network by braking your oaths, losing your sovereign immunity, judicial immunity by braking the laws of Virginia Code, the United States of America Constitution, the Virginia Constitution, ignoring due process, Civil Rights, Fraud on the Court, Perjury. With your collusion together we killed Janice Wolk Grenadier, and created havoc in her girls lives. We should be so proud of ourselves, those horrid Catholics. Cheers to us!!! I also want to Thank Diane Fiske for the lovely mirror to the Grenadier law library; it shows her dedication to corruption and the network. I am so proud to be mentioned in the donation of funds to my mutual “LOVE” Donald Haddocks Portrait Fund, and as an Elite donor to the VSB, along with my very close friend, attorney, who has donated 10% of his estate to the VSB, Ben DiMuro, who with the help of his associates at DiMuroGinsburg I am not held to the same standard as other attorneys. We (The Old Boy Network) will continue to protect our own, and persecute those who get in our way. We have a lot to celebrate all the pain, hurt, and difficulties financially & emotionally we have inflicted on Janice and her girls, oh yes we got celebrate that on the Miss Mallory, Thank you. Special thanks to Judge Donald Haddock not allowing Janice in front of the Grand Jury, the City of Alexandria Police for not giving her a police # to take to the Magistrate. Randy Sengel, Detective Charles Pak, Ben Dimuro for your efforts to charge Janice with Extortion, Judge Kemler for your

silence, Ed Semonian for not doing his job, Judge Fortkort for allowing me to lie to Judge Kloch, Judge McGrath for “Kangaroo Court”, Judge Potter your outstanding job at “Kangaroo Court” keeping Janice and her witness’s out of the Grand Jury, You & Randy Sengel’s collusion worked well, yall should work more often together. Randy special thanks to ignoring the law and the facts. Judge Brown you allowed me to lie in admissions, lie in several papers filed with the court, denied Janice trial by jury, I promise to continue all the free legal advice you could want. Judge Nolan Dawkins for lying in court, supporting my lying in court, supporting Michael Weiser and ignoring the charge for sanctions for his obvious collusion to give ya’ll more time. Ben DiMuro & Michael Weiser for saying in your Motion Janice hadn’t filed a Statement of Facts, even though she had. The Supreme Court of Virginia for ignoring the law, denying the appeal. Edward Davis for accusing Janice for stealing the money from the Sonia Grenadier trust which was stolen through my law firm, Jim McCauley an ethics attorney for scamming her, can you believe she trusted you. Megan S. Roberts coordination your letter to have the City sue Janice with Randy Sengel’s letter to Judge Potter to not allow her in front of the Grand Jury. Ann Schmidt for supporting me in court instead of your client Janice who paid you, for me to get the money she should have gotten. Heather Jenquine for representing me in court in collusion with Judge Brown. Judge Gerald Bruce Lee you got it when you called Janice delusional, malicious & looking for frivolous law suits being fantastic and fanciful nature, can you believe she thought she should get due process? The Old Boy Network should not be held to the standards of the law, expected of others. I promise to continue to buy tables, contribute to campaigns, to have my law firm active with the VSB. May Judge Donald Haddock know we share the same “LOVE” for each other, and I am grateful to him, for letting Janice know she couldn’t get a fair trial? She was warned, you and Patsy Ticer through Martha Kent warned her to move on with her life she was no longer one of us. The Appearance of Justice is something the old boy network doesn’t have to or shouldn’t have to worry about. I want to welcome back my associate John Winkler who has been in Afghanistan fighting for Freedom which in Virginia is only available to us - the Old Boy Network! Special Thanks to Ben Duffitt 2011-2012 Committee for the VSB I’m sure you will do the right thing. Thank you, for your help in the collusion, corruption, illegal & unprofessional behavior. Love to all,

Ilona - Ely Freedman Grenadier Heckman (lawyer, founding partner of Grenadier, Anderson. Strace, Duffett & Kieser & Jerry Heckman founding partner of Keller Heckman of Washington DC. Written by Janice as a Thank you to Ilona ~ For over 23 years David & Ilona have
controlled my life, because I loved my girls. I waited to bring a suit till the girls were older and the power Ilona has couldn’t hurt them. I believed naively when I got to court telling the truth, proving it with documents, I was safe. I was so wrong, so innocent. The truth is I am lucky to be alive today. The great thing about the Thank you party Ilona paid for all these people is – It corroborates the collusion - Thank you Ilona! My elevator speech on this situation has always been to compare it to a soccer field on each side it is a fair playing field – equal players - this soccer field you have ME pro se w/ the truth against 28 Judge’s, lawyers, Va Legislators, there staff, powerful people who are intentionally, willfully, wantonly & maliciously in collusion to protect Ilona one of their own. This game isn’t over.

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