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pop music. Since I

started Split Tone it
reggae music; just
something about
that good feel and
positivity that I can't
get away from.
ACTIVE: What artist
outside of your genre
would you most like
to collaborate with?
NH: Tool. e musicality of what
they do makes it impossible to do
what they do, and theyre the best
at it. CW: Drake RC: Jim Morrison. I
liked that he would just ad lib lyrics
live and recite poetry no matter
how weird and just out there they
ACTIVE: What would be your
dream tour? NH: G. Love & Special
Sauce and Snoop Dogg. I was
infatuated & really inuenced by
them. CW: Nate Holley and Ryan
Campbell. Have you heard of them?
ACTIVE: Whats the best piece
of advice youve been given? NH:
Know the dierence between
playing music and putting on a
show. CW: Filter emotions through
principles, not principles though
emotions. RC: Don't cry over spilled
ACTIVE: Is there a song written by
someone else you wish you had
come up with rst?
NH: Hysteria by Muse. CW: Hal-
leluiah by Je Buckley RC: Bob
Marleys ree Little Birds
ACTIVE: Which cover song are
you most proud of or surprised
by? NH: Idioteque by Radiohead
and One Song Glory from the
Broadway show RENT CW: Noth-
ing Without Out by Bebo Norman
RC: Valerie which was originally
written by the Zutons. Although
recently we've been covering "Float
On" by Modest Mouse.
ACTIVE: What type of music are
you most inuenced by? NH: Any
music involving people who are
100% committed to what theyre
doing. CW: Singer/songwriter
because the lyrical content stands
out more to me RC: Started
with mostly bluegrass & country
music until my teens when it
switched to hip-hop, R&B, and
tHAlI6 NAl6
MAN tAMP96ll
Nate Holley proved he is more than just another talented musician and
household name in Jax Beach; hes a pioneer and the impression hes left
on the community will not be forgotten. Nate is truly unique in a way
that I wouldnt change anything about him, says close friend Charlie
Walker. He was the guy that generated his own buzz. His ability to
engage as many people from dierent backgrounds as he has with the
music he makes being just one person is amazing.

As for what Nates biggest contribution to Jax Beach is, Nate set a stan-
dard, Walker said without hesitation. He was one of the rst guys that
approached gigs as an opportunity to move people, and never changed
himself for anyone. He always did what he believed in and it inspired
me to believe in what I do and myself. With Nate, it always starts with
someones heart, not their talent.

Nate passed the torch when he moved on to the next chapter of his
life, but both Charlie Walker and Split Tone front man, Ryan Camp-
bell, have set standards in their own rite. Both are extremely talented
musicians who continue to deliver crowd-pleasing performances every
night. It wasnt until the last few weeks that Ive really gotten a feel for
how incredible these two guys are. Ryans gift of music and ability to
think quickly on his feet is an amazing thing to watch. Most Jax Beach
memories include watching him and the Split Tone Maa bring the
house down every weekend. Charlies warm personality and willingness
to help others in any way are rare qualities to nd these days. His sense of
humor and upbeat energy is contagious and the positive aect he has on
people. is apparent. It was only appropriate to feature these three in May.
ACTIVE: Whats coming up in
2012? NH: A new chapter. Leaving
the comfort of everyday gigs to
venture o to a almost completely
new scene in the Great Lakes
region. Really looking forward
to showcasing my evolution for
people in Chicago and trying
to conquer Detroit. Looking to
record a new album and can't
wait to try out a new avor of life.
It's exciting and terrifying. at's
exactly how I like it! CW: My new
album comes out this year. Its
dierent than my last because
now Im more involved with the
creative process and have more
control over production and the
composition. It was inspiring to do
a lot of compilations with other
artists from dierent backgrounds
who are successful in their own
rite. RC: Well, before the world
ends at the end of this year, I'd like
to get our album out. We've been
trying to do it for years, but will
denitely release a 4 song EP soon.
ACTIVE: Who would be your
female alter ego? NH: Itd have
to be someone who lives on the
edge when theyre on stage. Cant
be too rigid or pre-packaged. Ani
Difranco pops out to me, but shes
WAY cooler than me. CW: Betty
Whiteshe has an amazing gure.
RC: Amy Winehouse.
ACTIVE: If you could steal 1 talent
from each other, what would it be?
NH: Ive always been envious of
Charlies ability to exude his per-
sonality through his music. When
I play, I imagine the sounds and
loops; the energy is the draw. Who
I am may be interesting, but what I
do is why they seem to come. When
Charlie plays, people seem to come
to genuinely invest into him as a
person, and thats just really cool
to watch. Campbell, well, it would
have to be his ability to retain lyrics
to really wordy hip-hop tunes. Oh,
and his voice. e man can sing,
and hes got some great range. CW:
Ryans voice. Nates super sonic
strumming speed. RC: Charlies
openness. Hes good at talking to
the crowd and feels comfortable.
Hes not afraid to make fun of
himself a bit and be a little goofy.
Im not like that at ALL. I hardly talk
besides telling them to put their
drink up. People may think Im an
A-hole, but Im not so if you come
up and talk to me and I seem weird
or awkward, please dont take it
personally! Im working on it! From
my ninja Nate, I would take his beat
boxing, which I know is a bland
answer after what Id take from
Charlie. e biggest thing I admire
about Nate is his unconditional
love for Birdie and his kids. He has
the notes to a song called Birdie
Girl tattooed on his arm; hes also
moved 3x now because of her job.
Hed follow her and the boys to the
ends of the earth.
ACTIVE: Whats your favorite part
about Jax Beach? NH: e willing-
ness of everyone to be who they
are. CW: Hurricane surf!...Oh, and
Ashley Ruizs smooth vlog moments
RC: ALL of it! e good, the bad, the
beauty, and the ugly.
ACTIVE: Nate, youve spent 7 years
living in Jax Beach. Whats one
of your fondest memories? NH:
Playing with Charlie and Split Tone
at Freebird Live. Were the rst
local acts since Lynyrd Skynyrd to
sellout the place. It was a signifying
moment because it felt like we had
made it.

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