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Queer Theory

Hommage a Judith Butler

Matthew Lee Knowles

May 2012

Mad. I travel. I dont know. Good kind heart. Get out there. Can we meet. I must ask that. There was no term. Hands on discipline. I would rather die. Expressed on purpose.

Orange must begin. That has been delayed. One of my friends said. This is one passage. I started exposed. To debate a mess. For young men who lived. City guides that side. I saw them I think. Im gonna call pa. Perfect extra large.

Well I think of that. This kind of challenge. I do have a name. Condemned by the court. Its not a system. The dead traditions. I do because of me. Im sure but I think. You can feel it. For instance, I have friends. Some of them are women.

I would say, yes its true. So Im looking around. This started to come here. It was by accident. Compared to the clearest. Killed for the way they walk. Right now at times excess. Its been missed so I think. But never from the place. Its for others to judge. Marriage does have to go.

I should ask that question. I did terrible things. It seems to me, I travel. A loss of identity. I think I grew up with them. I can see contemplation. I have great respect for her. Lets be honest with you soon. My dog could have got a friend. All the best I cannot go. Legal entitlement in Israel.

I dont really understand. Do you have to have happened? How do you have to agree? Is it just the two of you. It wasnt so you could be. I had fear of the word. Ask that question differently. Idealist philosophy. I love my shoes, I love my clothes. The Hollywood comedians. Sad gentlemen was exploited.

The demand for the instructed. Funny picture from the meeting. Part of what produces alone. Eight killed so that I have to ask. European job candidates. You know how I got it untaxed. They dont belong in any state. I want to know explicitly. Who has rights to citizenship. Do you think that he would send some? You can have a real effect.

Morocco weakened gleefully. I have personal needs to grieve. The condition of human life. Hard to make a bunch of lawyers. Its not the only identity. Night was born to a Jewish family. Very often I love my grandson. Compared to the inconsistency. Tonight orange is probably best. Fished for rights, for life of condition. Discovered the city is absent.

One is born male or female. Bill Clinton slits his own assistant. Rights are not just images I have. At the gas attack on Saturday. Cut this piece and cooked up and crop up. Destroyed default and help us to death. I dont think Ill ever find a place. More profoundly, who has rights to man. To place in the hospital setting. How is this the name of my passion. The word came from elsewhere and it came.

Thank you solicitor general. I didnt understand myself as smart. I understood myself as strategic. Drowned genesis on the television. You know more the depths of the things you know. Extremely exaggerated notions. Poisoning to eliminate the need. Please send us tonight the pornography. To be in graduate school by virtue. A new job reduces that prince of peace. Now handle anything for this offer.

Strike down three times to get out of the shops. Marriage does change but you can always change. Sometimes it becomes almost tradition. It would be part of a diagnosis. No media events covered these things. In the specifics is doing something. This is shared across national borders. It seems, it seems important, it seems like. To arrive here, subscribed to everything. Of course we know that they are not really you. Got started up in the twentieth century.

This mechanism described me as you know. I was asked to say something academic. The central argument of gender trouble. Feeling pretty good imposes on TV. That is to say theres a story that came out. I know many people not gone to dig deep. Lets hope that these are marriages they believe. Lets hope that marriages that are more open. Its true, its a little bit like my mother. To gender and season I ask it again. Different basis for certain politics.

This is what happens, this is what convinces me. It used to have a certain sexuality. Something like this so I grew up with these people. I went back to before and it wasnt sexist. And then I thought, maybe you could see the singers. The same objector fortunately was not born. Formulate complications that would leave her be. If we think of him, hyper masculinity. It seems to me we have to look at what is mean. Did you have to come on some sort of Easter fun? There are no heterosexuals actually.

There is no movement, there was no community. I wrote undesired in Haiti one night. Theres no possibility of overcoming. Because Im persuaded at the way this is laid out. Maybe gender trouble is actually a theory. I was very involved from the States, so I would read. And it seems to me that this notion of becoming. Technologically possible to understand. This maybe, its a possibility for others. I dont excel I think if by thinking about this. I didnt know anyone who is a lesbian.

A question of grief and mourning now in Korea. I wasnt sure what shes saying since it was the first time. Could lead to constitute any number of directions. So much of the reason that you and he wanted to talk. But I think these have to be linked very explicitly. Question directly but Ill be tempted to take this one. Social stigma entered into my thinking and I thought. I understood she had died a very long time ago. Theres no possibility of becoming vulnerable. My father slowly but surely educating convention. Of becoming without end above the coming that doesnt.

Im not also somebody who happily transcends the ball. Happy transcendence for me and gender is a fuel to that. It just feels too radical for most people to say more. Marriages that are part of our own broader social fabric. So Im gonna miss you guys, I dream about you already. They will open Israel to an anti-Semitic right. Talker on feminist theory should read well from the red spirit. The situations in which gender as a door is exercised. The possibility of that person ever walking again. You know they tried to buy them and then there was some way which they could. Slide against by the senate assistance to get to the deficit.

Providing for mom but they pop up to trade in Holland a lot. First of all how do the norms they constitute gender unto us locks? Freedom of expression to sexual rights to rights of partnership. You know the word homosexuality was a medical word. But it becomes clear to the content if they had to conduct people. I have somewhere I know that is possible to lose the identity. I wanted to know, does one actually ever become one order. The relationship between personal life and property relations. The necessity to protect him and perhaps also understand that. Overflow of Hollywood gender that came through Jewish assimilation. A fact of social relations that have become naturalised over time.

Began his eulogy constant and he could also be set the transaction. So upsetting to those other boys that they would feel that they must begin. Another wave of leaving gender, trouble agenda, trouble was taking. Sometimes theres almost a weak resurrection of our traditional marriage. Had to struggle with the work in order to continue to fuel what I felt. The struggle for recognition lights on the part of sexual minorities. It has to open to any two people who may want to join in a marriage. Problems again and again in different ways in a different context. We have to start to question what the relations between complying with gender aims. The ways in which people see it engendered describe gender as a kind of doing. Homosexuality was magical and lesbianism was magical. No transsexuals before there was the legal category for transsexuality. Its because Im always slightly decided to fight for many different positions.

We dont want to say hello, we never want to be undone again, we only want to do. Keep in mind that marriage is only one way organising our sexuality. It is very difficult to criticise Israel for fear they will be seen as suffocating more. You can certainly be of women and be heterosexual or bisexual or no sexuality at all. That is to say they make us buy, they also prevent us from what we would have ourselves. Will this, will this condemn me to social exclusion, will this destroy my passion at the beginning? Mind you, gender is always a failure, everyone fails and its a very good thing that we fail.

We are inevitably undone, done in our relations with others, we dont always know ourselves. Public mourning gives value to lives, brings us into a kind of awareness of the precariousness. Theres no possibility of engaging in cash so its not gonna happen, its not gonna happen. My question is whether you can have a struggle for the rights of sexual minorities in Israel. Male bodies to male bodies and how these have become configured over time, protesting estimation. Skill is our something that I care about philosophically but I dont, I dont try to reconcile.

Publicly mourned those who, who died of Aids during this time, so for me you know, public mourning is not just something. My conclusion was that, that anyone who strives to protect them also perhaps fails in some ways that are more interesting. Lets hope that some of the new ones that have needed management in the role and restrictive institution can and will change. Our capacity to understand who has been lost and what violence has rocked and what the value of human rights are. We learn something new about ourselves, we have certain conceptions of ourselves challenged in the course of violations. Part of what it means to be self-taught is to be open to a future that one cannot cease to be open to our future. Activists in the map in the nineties, in the late eighties was whether there was sufficient or adequate public recognition. Those who have disappeared without, without a trace, it seems important to make a trace to make a sound to disrupt the public sphere. Implicitly arent talking about relations between masculinity and femininity, masculinity, femininity. You know there are many people who argue that we should all have a place gendered place that we should feel at home in our bodies or at one with ourselves. Im interested in maybe doing something on the twentieth century Jewish philosophy and its relationship to the state of Israel. Was there a way to publicly acknowledge those who have died or was there so much shame attached to the disease or perhaps to being gay that it was difficult. That notion of the public sphere that wouldnt make certain kinds of images, certain kinds of noises inaudible, make certain kinds of words unthinkable. It seems to me we have to look at what is culturally in art distinctly made possible through a diverse number of representations and artistic practices. Now some people argue all well if we start talking about the occupation that will be politically divisive, but the problem is, is that the occupation is for those struggles. They belong to Jewish community but theyre also Americans and they were both for leaving their community lives but very much wanting entrance into American society. An extremely deep cut panic or fear, an anxiety that pertains to gender norms ends if someone says you must comply with the norm of masculinity otherwise you will die or I kill you now. The questions become deepened and more complicated as I repose but I dont have a system, I dont try to reconcile my various works, it doesnt interest me, I dont think theyre contradictory but I think they are a process. Its the one that the US foreclosed quite quickly, ten days after 9/11 and its the one that they do not permit by putting a stranglehold on the media so that we cant understand the precariousness of those lives and the value of those lives that wed damage or destroyed. They didnt think of myself as heterosexual or homosexual, but as I became more passionately involved, especially with one or two young women, girls at the age of fourteen, it dawned on me, occurred to me that there was a word for this, when the word occurred to me, when the word about lesbian occur to you. He walked down the streets of his small town where he had lived his entire life and he walks with what we call swish, the kind of, his hips move back and forth, fed as he grew older, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, that swish, that walk became more pronounced okay and it was more dramatically shot and he started to be harassed by the boys in the town and soon two or three boys stopped his walk and they ended up throwing him over a bridge.

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